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Chapter 1922: 1922
Chapter 1922: You’re actually such a person! (3)

“Not possible right? Although Feng Xiaoyan indeed has a haughty temper, but surely she wouldn’t be so overbearing and wild right?”

“Right, if this was true, then isn’t she a little too shameless!”

“Young Miss Bai is Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee, who does she think she is? She even dared to go threaten her?”

Hearing these discussions, Feng Zhensheng’s mustache started to quiver as his expression turned exceptionally ugly .

“Nonsense! How would Yan’er ever do such a thing, this is pure slander! Yan’er had already told me the happenings on that day, you’re the one who obviously heard that Yan’er liked Divine Doctor Liu so you intentionally found trouble with her . After the both of you started fighting, Yan’er wanted to chase you away and you triggered the Book Depository’s mechanism, trying to burn her to death inside! Isn’t it this case?”

Huang Yueli heard his truculent interrogation but her expression remained unchanged as she replied calmly, “Feng Xiaoyan actually said such things? With such skill at distorting the truth deliberately, I can only concede defeat to her!”

“What distorting the truth deliberately! How would This President spout nonsense! I’ve already questioned all those Pill Masters and guards around that day and they all said that you’re the one who provoked her first . Moreover before the fire started, you even threatened Yan’er that you will show her some colours! You dare say that this incident has nothing to do with you?”

Feng Zhensheng didn’t believe that his own daughter would lie, only feeling that Huang Yueli was bullying intolerably!

Relying on the fact that Liu Buyan was her diance, she even dared to bully The President, his daughter and still spoke off the cuff!

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Originally he wanted to give Liu Buyan some face and meted out the lightest punishment but now she actually threw dirty water on his daughter… this was simply intolerably to him!

Huang Yueli shrugged her arms, “What I said was the absolute truth, what can I do if you choose not to believe in it?”

Feng Zhensheng retorted angrily, “Fine, then I’ll ask the witnesses to come up, let’s see how you will retort then!”

Very quickly, the attendant brought two people in from the entrance . One of them was a guard while the other was a young female Pill Master .

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These two people were familiar looking to Huang Yueli, and they were indeed one of the people present on that day .

Feng Zhensheng said, “How was the situation on the day when the Books Depository caught fire? Just tell us the truth!”

The young lady looked at Huang Yueli cautiously .

She and Feng Xiaoyan had already discussed this beforehand and she intentionally showed a frightened look as she said, “Pres… President, I… I’m worried . If I tell the truth today, if Divine Doctor Liu blames… me… I’d better not say anything!”

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Feng Zhensheng berated angrily, “Speak! Of course you must speak clearly! Divine Doctor Liu is upright and if he knew that his own fiancee had done such outrageous acts, he would definitely give the Alchemist Guild an explanation! You need not worry, This President will serve as your backing!”

Young lady then nodded her head as she prudently repeated the dialogue which Feng Xiaoyan had prepared for her .

Huang Yueli was listening to her indifferent, while admiring the standard of Feng Xiaoyan’s story weaving ability .

In this version of the testimony, she and Feng Xiaoyan’s roles were reversed .

It was obviously Feng Xiaoyan who led the group to find trouble for her but from the young lady’s mouth, it became Huang Yueli who, out of jealousy, intentionally went to mock and ridicule Feng Xiaoyan, and moreover added a lot of vulgar language .

“… Senior Sister Feng then started to argue with her and Young Miss Bai even hit us! Look at the injury on my wrist, this is the result of her stepping on me with her feet!”