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Chapter 1921
Chapter 1921: You’re actually such a person! (2)

Huang Yueli knew that he was going to ask about these so she had already prepared herself as she nodded her head .

“That’s right! I was indeed present then . ”

Feng Zhensheng was a little surprised by her swift reply and he paused for a moment before continuing with his questioning, “I heard from the other people present that this fire started because you triggered the Books Depository’s self-destruction mechanism! Is there such a thing?”

Huang Yueli blinked as she put on a dazed look and said, “Self-destruction mechanism? What self-destruction mechanism?”

Feng Zhensheng quipped curiously, “You don’t know what’s a self-destruction mechanism? That day the fire suddenly started because of the mechanism being accidentally activated! Don’t you know about this?”

Of course Huang Yueli knew this clearly but she spoke out in an extremely innocent tone, “I really don’t know… now that you’ve told me this, I finally understood! No wonder the fire that day was so huge, so… I thought that… that… aiya, forget it, I’m not going to say anything else!”

Her hemming and hawing, instead piqued other people’s curiosity .

Feng Zhensheng pursued his questioning, “What did you think it was?”

Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment but still shook her head, “Forget it, forget it, since Young Miss Feng is already in such a miserable state, I’d better not say it out!”

The more she acted in this way, the more it caused the itching in their hearts to find out what exactly was she hiding .

Moreover, her words even mentioned Feng Zhensheng’s daughter, so he naturally wouldn’t let her muggle past through so easily .

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“Young Miss Bai, what do you mean by this? What’s there to speak halfway and stop right in the middle?”

Feng Zhensheng increased the tone of his voice .

Huang Yueli looked at Feng Zhensheng and said, “President Feng, are you certain you want me to say it out here? In front of so many people? Can’t we have a private chat?”

When Feng Zhensheng heard about Feng Xiaoyan’s complaints, he came to a conclusion that it was Huang Yueli who masterminded the moves to harm his daughter .

But he didn’t dare to punish Huang Yueli, worried that it would henceforth offend Liu Buyan .

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That was why he specially asked all the Elders over, just to find more witnesses for himself so that in future when Liu Buyan questions him, he would have enough confidence to manage him .

But from Huang Yueli’s keyed up look, as though she was afraid of other people finding out, Feng Zhensheng was then certain that he had guessed correctly and this matter was absolutely done by her!

Thinking of this, Feng Zhensheng’s expression sunk, “Young Miss Bai, the self-destruction mechanism would not be activated for no rhyme or reason so you’d better explain clearly what exactly happened at that moment! Let’s put my daughter who is suffering from such a serious injury aside and let’s just talk about how many generations of pharmacopoeia that had been put to the torch! Even if it was Divine Doctor Liu who did it, he also has to give everyone an explanation!”

“That’s right, Young Miss Bai, what exactly happened? Just tell us directly!”

“Correct, we Alchemist Guild are most reasonable so let us mete out a fair punishment!”

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Huang Yueli said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll just say it out directly! That day I was alone in the Books Depository reading books but I’d not expected Young Miss Feng to suddenly charge in with a group of people saying that she’s taken fancy to my fiance so she wants to chase me out of the Alchemist Guild . I promised Brother Liu that I’d wait for him to return so naturally I can’t leave . Young Miss Feng’s embarrassment turned into fury and she commanded a group of guards to capture me, saying that she wanted to torture me severely, making me suffer a fate worse than death… . . ”

Before she finished off her sentence, the Elders present all started to frown .

“What? There’s such a thing?”