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Chapter 1919
Chapter 1919: Tragic sight (4)

From the burst of the flames in the courtyard’s surroundings, it was definitely the activation of a mechanism .

Alchemist Guild Headquarters had stored a large quantity of confidential secrets and exquisite levelled medicinal pills so the internal sector was mostly protected by various mechanisms and arrays so this was nothing strange at all .

Liu Buyan had also once warned her not to touch anything that she had never seen before, in case she accidentally triggered off some mechanism and got injured because of that .

But how could she possibly know that below that piece of ordinary looking brick wall, was hiding such an incredible mechanism?

Huang Yueli stretched out her hands and raised it in front of the sunlight, inspecting it carefully .

Recalling to the moment earlier, she herself didn’t know what was wrong as her fingers seemed as though they were uncontrollable and directly just pressed that piece of brick down… . .

It just coincidentally was that mechanism .

This was really strange, how could she possibly know that there was a mechanism there?

Could it be that… she had been tangled by some “dirty things”?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s face turned green, “Must have seen a ghost, this Alchemist Guild really is not compatible with me! Brother Liu had just left for a couple of days and so many strange matters happened!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that her memory had not returned back to her, she totally wanted to leave .

But now she still couldn’t remember anything at all, and without a single bit of cultivation, if she left this place, she didn’t know where she was supposed to go to… . .

The explosions finally attracted other people’s attention and not too long later, a large group of people sped towards the small courtyard .

When Huang Yueli saw more and more people heading over, she didn’t dare to stay for long as she silently turned around and left .

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Three mornings later, someone knocked on Huang Yueli’s door .

The minute she opened the door, two guards were standing at the entrance .

“Young Miss Bai, we’d have to trouble you to make a trip with us . President wishes to meet you . ”

Huang Yueli knew that this was definitely because of the farce which had happened three days ago .

Yesterday night she had already heard the female attendant who served her mentioned that Feng Xiaoyan’s injuries were extremely serious . Not only did she have a deep burn scar on her face, even her fingers were burnt so badly until it had changed shape .

Although the Alchemist Guild Headquarters had the best medicine for burns in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, but it wasn’t able to treat her scars until it totally resumed her back to her original state so they could only administer the basic treatment while waiting for Liu Buyan to return to treat her .

To a Pill Master, a pair of hands was the most important asset and if one didn’t have lively fingers, no matter how much innate talent one had, there was no way to refine pills .

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When Feng Xiaoyan heard this bad news, she fainted on the spot and when she regained her consciousness, she practically washed her face with tears every day .

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile of ridicule .

This Feng Xiaoyan really deserved what she sowed!

But since the Alchemist Guild’s President looked for her, that meant that this problem wouldn’t be easily solved… .

Huang Yueli thought about this and said, “Will the both of you please kindly wait for a short moment . ”

The two guards were very respectful towards Liu Buyan hence their attitudes were extremely courteous as they waited patiently at the entrance .

When Huang Yueli returned to the room, she took out a small wooden token from the secret compartment by the bedside and stuffed it into her sleeve before following them over to the main hall .

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The Alchemist Guild Headquarters main hall was already seated entirely with people .

Those present were all veteran Elders in the Alchemist Guild and everyone was whispering in one another’s ears, discussing the matter which happened three days ago .

“What on earth is going on? How did a fire suddenly start under broad daylight?”

“I heard that the Books Depository’s self-destruction mechanism had been triggered by someone! Within a quarter of an hour, the entire courtyard had burnt to ashes . ”