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Published at 30th of November 2020 02:40:28 PM

Chapter 1918
Chapter 1918: Tragic sight (3)

No matter how Feng Xiaoyan squeezed, she was still pushed to the back and she was so anxious that she was about to go crazy .

Not only that, some unidentified young lady, while trying to squeeze out, even kicked her and caused Feng Xiaoyan to trip and fall .

After the knock by the crowd, Feng Xiaoyan fell flat with a “plop” on to the ground and furthermore, her face was facing the ground again .

This time round she ended up in an even more miserable state because the room was on fire and the entire ground had little small flames so when she fell onto the ground, her clothes lit up immediately and it even burnt her face .

Feng Xiaoyan immediately screamed miserably as she rolled on the ground with all that she had got, hoping to extinguish the flames on her .

But the entire room was burning and it would be fine If she didn’t roll around . But now that she rolled, she got into contact with even more flames and the fire on her started to intensify as the flames were all spreading around and very quickly, it enveloped her in the middle .

The guards originally were a little afraid of seeing the monstrosity of the fire and didn’t dare to head up to save them, thinking to make the young ladies run out of their own .

But when the room started emitting Feng Xiaoyan’s miserable shrills, it gave all of them a huge fright .

The one crying out miserably was the President’s eldest daughter . If something happened to her, all the guards present would be in huge trouble!

The guards exchanged glances and immediately dashed into the room to save her .

After a long period of time, Feng Xiaoyan was then dragged out by an ashen-faced guard .

Her current state had already been burnt to a crisp and black state, totally immovable as she allowed someone to drag her out so no one knew how her condition was .

The young ladies who followed Feng Xiaoyan here to create troubles were genuinely terrified .

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“Heavens! Feng… Senior Sister Feng she… . how did she… . how is she now? Has she… . . di… . died?”

“Im… Impossible? But if something really happened to Senior Sister Feng, then we’d all be goners… . . ”

“President will never let us off, right? We’re doomed!”

“But, earlier it was still alright, why did it suddenly catch fire? What on earth happened?”

“Right, earlier everyone was busy trying to teach Bai Ruoli that little slut a lesson and totally didn’t notice if any accident had occurred causing the fire?”

Someone gave a terrified panting sound, “Could it be… . Could it be that wretched lass Bai Ruoli who was causing mischief?”

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“How could that be possible? She doesn’t know anything at all and earlier she was pursued until she had no way out, how could she possibly set off the fire? It should be an accident?” Someone immediately denied that idea .

“But speaking of that, where is Bai Ruoli? Could it be that she took the opportunity and slipped away?”

Everyone had just experienced a round of unforeseen event and had long forgotten about Huang Yueli so it was at this moment in time when they finally remembered to look for her .

But by this time, Huang Yueli had long left this place!

She wasn’t dumb at all and she finally found a chance to escape so why would she stay at the original spot, waiting for someone to continue creating trouble for her?

If she didn’t leave now, when should she wait till?

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At the very moment the fire started, she took the opportunity while the guards’ attentions were shifted and strutted right out of the main entrance openly .

Initially, she didn’t even turn her head back as she walked away but after a distance of around a hundred meters or more, not only did the explosions behind her not stop, instead it intensified and that made her stop in her tracks .

Huang Yueli turned around and gazed at the small courtyard which had already been engulfed by flames and couldn’t help but wrinkled her little forehead as she was filled with puzzlement .

“Strange, what did I just… what did I just do? Could it be that… I’ve accidentally activated a mechanism?”