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Chapter 1920
Chapter 1920: You’re actually such a person! (1)

“Self-destruction mechanism! This… This is just too inconceivable, who activated the self-destruction mechanism?”

“I heard that… . it was Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée?”

“Divine Doctor Liu has a fiancée? What kind of person is she? An Armament Master?”

“What Armament Master? She’s just an ordinary young lass who can’t be more ordinary than this . She is indeed a beauty but she doesn’t have a single bit of cultivation innate talent at all . Not to mention refining armaments, she doesn’t even have any cultivation!”

“What kind of joke are you cracking? An ordinary person can casually activate the self

-destruction mechanism? I’ve been in the Alchemist Guild for twenty over years and even I don’t know how to activate these mechanisms!”

“Isn’t that so? So that’s why this incident is too strange! Moreover President’s daughter Feng Xiaoyan was seriously injured in this explosion and it was rumoured that President Feng was extremely anxious over her!”

Just at this moment, the attendant came in to report, “President, Elders, Young Miss Bai Ruoli has arrived . ”

“Invite her in . ”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked out of the door curiously, wanting to take a look at what kind of person was Bai Ruoli!

Most of the Elders lived a secluded live and only had their minds on refining pills so they had totally not met Liu Buyan’s rumoured fiancée .

Not too long later, Huang Yueli walked into the main hall slowly .

“Indeed a beauty!” Someone immediately gasped in admiration softly .

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“Alas, she really didn’t give off any Profound Energy fluctuations… she’s just an ordinary person… . . ”

“Totally can’t tell, Divine Doctor Liu actually liked this kind… . . ”

For so many years, Liu Buyan seemed like a Casanova and actually he had no female partner who he was willing to admit officially so everyone assumed that he had high expectations . They somehow felt that if there was a day when he eventually settled down, the other party would definitely be a talented young lady with outstanding innate talent and brilliant talents… .

In the end… she was actually like this??

Although she was beautiful but a beauty without corresponding ability, could only be a vase .

Everyone looked at each other in dismay and even the President Feng Zhensheng looked at Huang Yueli in astonishment .

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Huang Yueli paid her respects in an old-fashioned woman’s obeisance way unruffled, as she opened her mouth and spoke in neither servile nor overbearing manner, “President Feng, Elders, may I know the reason why you asked for me to come over?”

Feng Zhensheng then regained his senses and his expression sank, “You’re Bai Ruoli? You’re… Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head .

Feng Zhensheng apparently didn’t believe that as he frowned, ‘When did the two of you get engaged? Why doesn’t This President know about it at all?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she felt displeasure but spoke out calmly, “What does President Feng mean by this? You’re not Brother Liu nor my parents or our Masters, so does that mean that when we got engaged, we must inform you? If you have any doubts, why don’t you personally ask Brother Liu himself instead!”

Feng Zhensheng naturally didn’t dare to question Liu Buyan .

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Although Liu Buyan’s temper looks mild with a witty style of conversation and was easy to talk to, but Feng Zhensheng knew clearly that Liu Buyan was the kind akin to a smiling tiger and usually he was easy to get along with . But if one really angered him, he wasn’t some easy fellow to deal with!

Moreover speaking, Liu Buyan was the Alchemist Guild’s living signboard so who dared to offend him?

Thinking of this, Feng Zhensheng’s tone softened a little .

“Hur hur, Young Miss Bai is mistaken, I only felt surprised… . Young Miss Bai please have a seat . ”

Huang Yueli took a seat calmly .

Feng Zhensheng coughed and said, “Young Miss Bai should know why This President had invited you to make a trip over . The fire that happened in the Books Depository a few days earlier, you were present then?”