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Published at 30th of November 2020 02:40:32 PM

Chapter 1917
Chapter 1917: Tragic sight (2)

The guards were even faster than her .

When Huang Yueli was just ten over meters away from the courtyard door, some guards had already blocked off the entrance .

When Huang Yueli saw that the route was blocked, she hastily stopped in her tracks and wanted to turn around .

But the guards behind her had already chased up and formed a circle to surround her . In an instance, she actually had no way to retreat and did not know where she could run to .

Feng Xiaoyan cried out excitedly, “Quick! That wretched lass has nowhere to escape anymore! Quickly catch her!”

Just at this crucial moment, Huang Yueli’s peripheral view glanced past the corner of the wall and her mind suddenly swooned for a moment when a strange idea popped up in her mind… . .

Her feet tapped and she ran towards the side of the wall .

Her action was so swift and the guards were only concerned about preventing her from running out of the courtyard so they totally did not expect her to suddenly change directions hence allowing her to slip out of their encirclement .

But the guards quickly reacted and all of them started to pursue after her .

“Stop right now, you cannot escape!”

“You’re only wasting time like this! You’d better surrender quietly, at least you’d be able to suffer lesser pain!”

“Damn it, how dare you still run!”

Amid the curses, Huang Yueli just ran with all her might towards that place and gradually she was forced into a dead end, without any exit and there were several guards chasing after her .

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Feng Xiaoyan gave a cold laugh, “Is this wretched lass silly or what? She actually ran towards the dead end by herself! She’s so dumb that there’s no cure for her! This time round, even if she has wings, it will be difficult for her to fly… . Something’s not right, what’s she doing??”

Huang Yueli suddenly turned around and her finger was sliding against the wall swiftly, seemingly searching for something .

Not too long later, her action stopped and her finder pressed hard against a piece of brick!

Immediately following that, the courtyard’s surroundings gave off a loud noise and the entire ground started shaking!

“Rumble! Rumble!”

The four corners of the courtyard all sprouted intense flames which rose to the skies as it spiralled around the entire courtyard, circling inside the building in the middle .

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“Something bad has happened, fire broke out, FIRE! Quickly run!”

“Heavens, my skirt is on fire, who can save me!”

“Help, it’s so painful! So terrifying!”

No one had expected such an unforeseen event would happen so suddenly and everyone present was caught unaware . Especially those young female Pill Masters who had never met with such dangers, they all momentarily didn’t know what they should do as they only stood at their original positions and screamed loudly .

The fire rose rapidly and it took a few breaths’ time when it had already consumed the building into its bare skeletal structure .

It burnt so badly that the backbone of the roof started to drop down .

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When the guards saw that, they all cried out in surprise, “Eldest Young Miss! Ladies, quickly run! If you don’t, it will be too late!”

The young ladies seemed to have awoken from their dreams as they shrilled with all their might while running out .

The four walls of the room had been consumed in raging fire and there was only the door which was the only exit . That door’s boundary was already burning so it would only allow one person to pass through at a time .

The young ladies blocked the entrance, fighting to be the first to squeeze out .

Feng Xiaoyan was amongst the crowd and because she had fallen badly earlier, her entire body was hurting hence she totally could not run fast at all . So naturally she wasn’t able to squeeze past the others .

“Wait… wait for me! Damnit, I’m the President’s daughter, let me leave first! All of you make way!” Feng Xiaoyan howled .

But in a life and death crisis, who would still remember that she was the President’s daughter, everyone was only concerned about saving their own lives!