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Chapter 1916
Chapter 1916: Tragic sight (1)

When Feng Xiaoyan saw that, she finally revealed a smile .

“Little slut, let’s see where you can hide now, aren’t you very smug earlier! If you immediately kneel down and lick my shoes, I might even let you die a quicker death! How about it?”

Huang Yueli didn’t say a single word but silently observed the surrounding environment .

The more tense the situation was, the calmer she was and this was a psychological effect which only top rated exponents had and that had already entered deep into her bones, becoming part of her instinctive ability .

Feng Xiaoyan saw that she didn’t speak a word and shot a glance towards the guards .

The leader immediately stretched out his hand to grab Huang Yueli, “Wretched lass, still not coming over, kneel down in front of Eldest Young Miss… Arghhhh!”

A white light flashed and a flying dagger flew towards the guard’s face .

The guard had totally not expected that this young lady with no cultivation actually resisted and furthermore, her speed was so fast! Hence he was totally caught off guard and it was until the dagger flew towards his face before he hastily evaded it .

Alas, it was still too late as the flying dagger brushed past his face and slit off a piece of meat from his face . Blood started to spill down along his neck .

The guard only felt a sharp pain and when he used his hand to touch his face, his face was filled with clammy blood and his anger instantly flared up .

Actually, Huang Yueli merely made use of hand gestures and the sharpness of the profound armament . She didn’t have any Profound Energy hence the guard had only suffered a little physical pain which wasn’t life threatening at all .

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But he had not expected that he would be injured by a weak young lady who had no cultivation, and it was in front of so many people!

This made him lose all his face at once!

“Little slut, you’re looking for death!”

His embarrassment turned into anger as he used all his strength to pounce towards Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli had instantly raced towards her room’s entrance at the very moment that he was struck!

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She knew clearly that based on her ability, there was no way that she could defeat an experienced fifth stage realm practitioner . Moreover speaking, even if she could defeat the leader, how about the four, five guards who were waiting by the side . Where would she find such the ability to do so?

But if she fell into their hands, it was imaginable just how miserable her ending would be… .

Huang Yueli’s thoughts raced past quickly and her first thought was to run first then think about the consequences later!

Perhaps if she ran to a place where it was more crowded, Feng Xiaoyan would not dare to be so arrogant .

After all, Liu Buyan dared to leave her here alone, definitely because he felt that it was safe for her over here .

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Feng Xiaoyan saw that she was about to escape and she started to become anxious as she shouted loudly to urge those guards, “Chase after her! Quickly chase after her and stop her! You cannot allow her to run out of the boundary of this courtyard!”

The people near this courtyard had already been cleared with some excuse hence she dared to act so recklessly .

But if Huang Yueli were to run towards the front courtyard where the Pill Masters gathered, that would spell trouble .

There were just too many Pill Masters who admired Liu Buyan and especially in the eyes of high ranking Pill Masters, the Alchemist Guild Headquarter’s President wasn’t someone as important . Liu Buyan was their male god and idol in their hearts .

They wouldn’t allow Feng Xiaoyan to capture Huang Yueli with their eyes wide open!

When Huang Yueli heard Feng Xiaoyan’s cries, she knew that her judgement was correct and her speed increased to the point of exerting the energy to take in milk, as she speedily sped towards the courtyard entrance!

However, although her Agility Dance Steps was God grade, but without Profound Energy to support, her speed totally couldn’t be compared to a fifth stage realm practitioner .