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Published at 30th of November 2020 02:40:43 PM

Chapter 1914
Chapter 1914: Seen through by her? (6)

Feng Xiaoyan shouted loudly, “Everyone stop moving and get up one at a time! Don’t keep pushing here and there . In this case, everyone just can’t stand up!”

She cried out with all her guts but it was a pity because no one heard her words at all .

She could only shout out again, “All of you don’t move, let me get up first! Do you hear me? Anyone who dares to move recklessly, I’ll show her some colours!”

As the President’s daughter, Feng Xiaoyan had enough power to intimidate the others and upon hearing this, the young ladies all became frightened . Although most of them were still unclear of the situation, but many of them heard what Feng Xiaoyan said and didn’t dare to move anymore .

Feng Xiaoyan then used her strength to prop herself up, attempting to stand up .

However just as she was getting up, she suddenly heard a burst of windy sound from her back .

“Senior Sister Feng, be careful!” The young ladies on the ground all started shrieking .

But Feng Xiaoyan was still not able to react in time as she felt a large push from her butt and immediately after that, her body flew out .

Huang Yueli’s flying kick landed precisely onto Feng Xiaoyan’s bum, moreover and had intentionally stepped on some ashes in the corner so this kick which landed on Feng Xiaoyan’s perky and round bum had a clear and distinct shoe print left on it .

Huang Yueli was in deep thoughts as she looked at the shoe print and sighed, “Brother Liu is so attentive, the shoe which he prepared has such particular patterns on the soles…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a “pong” sound was heard and Feng Xiaoyan had already fallen onto the ground .

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Moreover, her face was facing downwards and her butt upwards with her four limbs sprawled out as she fell heavily – a standard posture of falling flat on one’s face .

She first landed on the ground and stayed in a daze for ten breaths or so, obviously she had gone into a daze from the fall but following that, she regained her senses and struggled to get up from the ground .

“BAI, RUO, LI—!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s voice was akin to a howling beast as she was consumed by rage and irreconciliation!

She was a lady from the Alchemist Guild and her father had honed his skills as an eighth ranked Pill Master whereas for herself, she was also one of the top talents among the younger generation in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters!

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With this kind of status, this kind of innate talent, Feng Xiaoyan had been brought up in the palm of others . Even if it was Liu Buyan, he would also treat her courteously since when had she ever suffered such humiliation?

She was so angry that her lungs almost punctured as she gritted her teeth and turned around, wanting to teach Huang Yueli a severe lesson .

However, she had just opened her mouth when Huang Yueli’s eyes suddenly widened and burst out into laughter .

“Hahahaha… . Young Miss Feng, aren’t you too comical? Hahahahaha… . ”

Huang Yueli pointed to Feng Xiaoyan’s face as she laughed so much until she bent over .

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Feng Xiaoyan went into a blank and her peripheral view shot from the corner of her eye towards the young ladies who were still on the ground, to discover that they were suspiciously wriggling her bodies and the muscles on their face kept on twitching, putting on a look which seemed as though they wanted to burst out laughing but didn’t dared to .

She knew something was amiss and hurriedly shot towards the table to search for a mirror as she looked at her reflection .

With one look, Feng Xiaoyan almost fainted!

Because the young lady in the mirror was totally different from her usual elegant saintly image . Every single part of her, from head to toe, was covered in dirt and ashes . Not only was her clothes dirty, even her face was smeared black, simply looking like a beggar who had just climbed out from a mud pool .

Furthermore, earlier that tumble caused a big bruise swelling up on her forehead and it looked reddish, greenish and purplish, which simply looked too comical .