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Chapter 1915
Chapter 1915: Seen through by her? (7)

Not only so, the bridge of her nose had turned crooked from the fall and two streams of blood flowed downwards, mixing together with the mud on her face . Not only was it comical looking, it was also extremely disgusting!

Feng Xiaoyan was so infuriated that her entire body was trembling .

No wonder Bai Ruoli was laughing so merrily, even those young female Pill Masters on the ground wanted to burst out into laughter!

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was the one who turned into this state from the fall, even she also wanted to laugh!

But now, she wasn’t able to laugh at all . On the contrary, she had an urge to bang herself against the wall .

Feng Xiaoyan threw the mirror away as she howled angrily, “Bai Ruoli, are you tired of living? How dare you treat me in this manner? Simply looking for death! Today I will absolutely not let you off! I want you to die!”

Huang Yueli then started to restrain her smile but her lips were still curved upwards as she stared innocently with her big eyes .

“I say… . Eldest Young Miss Feng, it’s too much of you to say this! You’re the one who obviously wanted to beat me up and I’m just acting in self-defence . All these are just an accident…”

“Accident—! Even if it’s just an accident, you also deserve to die!”

After Feng Xiaoyan hissed these words out from the slit of her teeth, she raised her voice, “Men, Men! Come over right away!”

Not too long later, flustered shuffling footsteps were heard and some guards hurriedly ran over from outside the door .

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“Eldest Young Miss, what instructions do you have?”

Alchemist Guild Headquarters not only had Pill Masters, there were also guards who were responsible for protecting them and usually in the entire Guild, there would be a few guards stationed at various locations to serve sentry duty .

But today, as Feng Xiaoyan wanted to teach Huang Yueli a lesson, in order not to be disturbed by anyone else, she deliberately sent away the guards .

They wanted to teach Huang Yueli a lesson but instead were kicked onto the ground by Huang Yueli . Initially, Feng Xiaoyan had forgotten about the guards but later on, she remembered that she could call for help but found it too embarrassing hence she didn’t call out at all .

After all, a group of third stage realm and above Pill Masters not being able to take care of an ordinary person who didn’t have any Profound Energy . If this spreads out… . it would be too embarrassing!

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But now that it came to such a state, she couldn’t care less if it was embarrassing or not!

She only knew that she was put into such a miserable state by Huang Yueli, having all her face thrown away so she must exact her revenge viciously!

When the guards saw Feng Xiaoyan’s face, they were apparently stunned, “Eldest Young Miss… . . ”

Feng Xiaoyan was practically screaming her head off, “You’re not allowed to laugh! Whoever dares to laugh, I’ll make sure that he will never be able to laugh for the rest of his lifetime!”

When the guards heard that, they could only forcibly endure it but all of their shoulders were twitching and their faces had all turned bright red, almost suffocating to the point of gaining an internal injury .

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“Go over right now and capture that little slut whose surname is Bai! I must torture her properly!” Feng Xiaoyan gave a chilly smile as she said that .

The guards exchanged glances at each other and didn’t dare to question further as they headed directly towards Huang Yueli’s location .

Honestly speaking, no matter how they look, from left to right and up to down, they felt that Huang Yueli was just a trash beauty who had no cultivation at all so they totally couldn’t understood why Feng Xiaoyan wasn’t able to deal with her, and instead being tricked into such a state .

But, they weren’t totally worried because the guards were different from these Pill Masters who had cultivation but didn’t know how to utilise it . They were genuine practitioners! Furthermore, they were once rather famous top exponents within the four sky regions .

Being a guard for the Alchemist Guild was only a form of payment for their medical fees .

It was impossible to play some petty tricks in front of them . With such a huge disparity in cultivation, no matter how high levelled the Profound Skill was, the effect would be limited .

Huang Yueli found herself facing those guards who were fast approaching and her expression started to turn grave .