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Published at 30th of November 2020 02:40:47 PM

Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913: Seen through by her? (5)

With a “Pa” sound, a young lady who was dressed in a third grade Pill Master uniform struck a palm strike onto Huang Yueli’s chest .

Huang Yueli was caught unaware and felt pain as she gave a full moan .

Feng Xiaoyan originally thought that Huang Yueli had some ace up her sleeve when she saw her being so calm and composed, so she was brooding over it .

In the end, whoever knew that Huang Yueli was actually hit by someone so easily so it looked like she was just putting up a pretence earlier!

Feng Xiaoyan’s disdain for her grew and at the same time, she couldn’t suppress herself any longer as she wanted to head up personally to pinch the soft persimmon .

The other young ladies also unreconciled to lag behind as they all started to make a grab at Huang Yueli .

“Wu… . . ”

After Huang Yueli was struck, the giddiness lessened and her mind instantly cleared up .

Looking at the sight at the increasing amount of Pill Masters charging towards her simultaneously, in her eyes, those young ladies’ speed of hitting out was incredibly slow . All their actions were filled with multiple flaws .

Huang Yueli’s body swayed gently and made everyone land an empty strike .

“Eh? What just happened?”

“Where’s that little slut? Why did she suddenly disappear to?!”

Huang Yueli was using her own ability to evade them so naturally she started dancing the Agility Dance Steps and in a moment, swung to the back of the young ladies .

Whereas these inexperienced young ladies who lacked actual combat experiences had a dazed look as they stood on their original spots, totally not realising what had just happened .

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Dumb! Too dumb! So dumb until they’ve reached home!

Huang Yueli kept on shaking her head while standing behind them as she sighed softly, “Just refine your pills properly if you’re a Pill Master, why learn from other practitioners to engage in a fight? Aren’t you looking for a beating yourself?”

Her mumbling voice wasn’t very loud but someone heard her voice and turned around in a fluster .

“Bai Ruoli, she… . she’s right behind us!”

Everyone wanted to turn around but Huang Yueli had already made a decision and leaping up high, she kicked the young lady who was last in the line .

As a ninth stage realm peak practitioner in her past life, Huang Yueli’s combat experience was extremely rich so even if she lost her memories, battling had become part of her innate ability with no need to think at all .

Her eyesight was extremely sharp so the angle which she kicked in was extremely tricky .

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After the young lady at the last position was kicked on the back of her kneecap, her feet weakened and she could not balance herself as she immediately fell .

When her body fell, she coincidentally knocked against the young lady’s back who was standing in front of her, and that person also immediately fell down .

Following that was a series of chain reactions, as the sound of falling kept reverberating and quite a number of young ladies all fell onto the ground .

“Hey, who pushed me, who pushed me?”

“Quickly get off me, you’re lying on me and I can’t breathe!”

“Stop stepping on me! Don’t step on my face!”

Amid the bursts of high pitched cries, Huang Yueli walked around the exterior in a leisurely way . When she saw whichever young lady who was trying to get up, she immediately sent a flying kick over .

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The bundle of young ladies who had rolled onto the ground usually don’t use their Profound Energy to battle so in times of urgency, they totally didn’t think about using Profound Energy, only knowing to prop themselves up on the ground to climb up .

But their clothes were all mutually hooked together and with Huang Yueli creating a mess by giving them kicks occasionally, how were they able to climb up in a short span of time?

Not only were they not able to climb up, they even mutually stepped on one another multiple times and there were some whose ribs had been broken by their companions .

Miserable cries and high pitched shrills repeating continuously and the scenario turned disorderly .

Only Feng Xiaoyan was slightly more composed and after the initial fluster had passed, she already realised where the problem was .