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Chapter 1906
Chapter 1906: I’m begging you, please don’t die (1)

Liu Buyan left Huang Yueli’s room and his expression sank down gloomily .

He dared to speak in his study room without closing the door because the study room had been set up with quite a number of mechanisms and arrays so ordinary people couldn’t even get close at all . The minute they were one mile within the radius, they would be discovered by him .

But this time round, Huang Yueli easily hid behind the door and eavesdropped on them but he knew nothing about it at all… . .

Bai Ruoli is an Armament Master and that was something which he had heard of but hadn’t she lost her memories? Why was it that she could still easily break through those checkpoints?

Moreover when she heard Li Moying’s name, she actually became so agitated . Under his repeated feeding of medication, she was still able to have such an intense reaction towards this name… .

No one was clearer than him on the effect of this kind of medicine! But… .

Did she really love Li Moying that much?

In the dark night, Liu Buyan sat alone in the study room, flipping the medical books in his hand .

His thoughts were in turmoil but as a doctor, he knew best that the best way to nurture one’s life was to sleep and wake up early, but no matter what, he was unable to sleep .

The flame of the oil lamp on his desk flickered and a drop of flame fell onto his medical book .

Liu Buyan was stunned as he discovered that he had unwittingly flipped to this page, which was related to the treatment of badly damaged primordial spirit…

Subconsciously, he was actually still thinking of how to render treatment to Li Moying… .

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Liu Buyan closed the book in frustration and casted it aside heavily .

What on earth was he thinking about? Hadn’t he already decided sixteen years ago that this man’s life and death had nothing to do with him anymore? Moreover speaking, Li Moying had already completely forgotten about the woman who he loved dearly in his past life and no longer admitted the long years of friendship they had . Because of Bai Ruoli, they even had a huge fight!

As long as Li Moying died, he will be able to monopolise Bai Ruoli forever! He no longer need not worry about the day when Bai Ruoli recovers her memories and flies back to Li Moying’s side, to help the past life’s Huang Yueli take a pass at this man for letting her down!

Moreover speaking, Li Moying wasn’t killed by him .

If he was dying, the main reason was because he deserved all these for what he had done . At most he merely did not lift a finger to help and watched him die, and that basically wasn’t considered as a sin… . .

Liu Buyan repeatedly told himself this and abruptly stood up, preparing to return to the room to rest .

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It didn’t matter even if he couldn’t sleep . He only needed to give himself a sleep inducing pill and that would do the trick… . .

But at this moment, the room next door suddenly echoed with a “ping bang” clattering sound, as though something had dropped onto the ground .

Following that a young lady’s moans were heard intermittently .

In this kind of silent lonely night, it seemed especially distinct .

Liu Buyan’s expression changed as he leapt upwards and rushed into Huang Yueli’s bedroom next to his .

The floor had several shattered pieces of ceramic artifacts, apparently thrown down from the bedhead .

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On the rosewood bed, a young lady’s body was wriggling in the tightly bounded blanket, as she gave out terrified and frightened cries .

Liu Buyan shot forward towards Huang Yueli’s bed and looking at her extremely pale countenance with her hair completely drenched in sweat, her head flipped to the left and right on the pillow, deeply entranced in a nightmare .

He patted Huang Yueli’s face with a little strength and asked anxiously, “Ruoli, what’s the matter? Quickly wake up!”

However, Huang Yueli totally couldn’t hear his voice and did not show any signs of regaining consciousness as she continued to gasp in alarm .

“N… No… . . NO……”

Liu Buyan spoke out anxiously, “You’re having a nightmare! Quickly wake up!”