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Published at 23rd of November 2020 02:35:17 AM

Chapter 1905
Chapter 1905: Who is Li Moying? (6)

Hearing this reply, Huang Yueli’s nose wrinkled as she had a puzzled look on her face .

“Really? But hadn’t you mentioned someone called… Li Moying earlier? This name sounds really familiar and I feel that I definitely know him . ”

Liu Buyan heard that and he quickly turned around!

He locked Huang Yueli’s shoulders and bent down, leaning his handsome looking face in front of her, staring tightly at her with a tinge of urgency in his voice .

“You… you heard what we were talking about earlier? Then you… what have you recalled?”

Huang Yueli had not expected Liu Buyan to be so agitated as she had a shock and wanted to move backwards to hide but Liu Buyan’s fingers gripped her shoulders tightly, holding her weak and fragile body in his grip, rendering her immovable .

“You… . loosen your grip, you’re hurting me!”

Hearing that, Liu Buyan suddenly regained his senses as he loosened the strength on his hands but he was still able to lock her down, forcing her to exchange glances with him, “What have you recalled? Regarding Li Moying’s matters? Tell me quickly!”

Huang Yueli searched her brain but was still unable to think of anything as her mind went into a state of dizziness, her face paled .

“I… I really can’t recall . I only feel that the name sounds very familiar but when I really wanted to try and recall, I just feel that my head is so giddy… . Brother Liu, do I know this Li Moying?”

When Liu Buyan heard that, he silently heaved a relief and the hand which grabbed Huang Yueli’s shoulders slowly moved to her back as he gently rubbed her .

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“No matter, giddiness is very common so if you can’t recall anything, that means that your injury still hasn’t recovered fully and you must continue to take the medication… . As for the person who you were talking about, you should not know him but prior to your injury, he had sought me several times for a consultation and perhaps that left a deep impression on you… . . ”

“Oh, so it’s like that… . . ” Huang Yueli nodded, as though she could completely accept his saying .

But her heart was still puzzled .

Because the feeling that she got from hearing the name Li Moying, was simply too shocking . She had no way to describe that feeling but subconsciously affirmed that this wasn’t like what Liu Buyan said, only just hearing about this name before… . .

But Liu Buyan was her fiancé and had always been taking so good care of her, how could he possibly lie to her?

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Perhaps she had really thought too much… . .

“En that’s right, so you need to recuperate in order to remember everything!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head obediently as her large eyes sparkled . Those long and curly eyelashes casted a shadow making her look gentle, agreeable and obedient .

Liu Buyan’s heart fluttered and lowered his head, he wanted to kiss her .

However, Huang Yueli had already gained some experience in these days and on seeing his expression, she immediately responded and stretched out her hand to cover her mouth .

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Liu Buyan kissed the back of her hand and he couldn’t help but frowned, “You… you still can’t accept me getting intimate with you? I’m your fiancée, are you intending to not let me touch you forever?”

Huang Yueli also felt that she shouldn’t do this .

But her body’s instinctive reaction was like that . Every single time Liu Buyan came close to her, she would consciously try to avoid him and sometimes, her actions were even faster than her thoughts!

She said apologetically, “So… Sorry, I haven’t been able to recall the times when we were together in the past so can you give me a little more time to get used to it, alright?”

Liu Buyan stared at her for a moment, then got up and left in huge strides .