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Chapter 1907: 1907
Chapter 1907: I’m begging you, please don’t die (2)

The sweat on Huang Yueli’s forehead was getting more and more and no matter how Liu Buyan shook her, she was unable to wake up .

Moreover, she was shaking in fear .

Liu Buyan took her into his arms and tried to comfort her, “Ruoli, don’t be afraid, I’m right here and I will protect you… . Be good, don’t be afraid… . ”

Under his low pitched coaxing, Huang Yueli seemed to have calmed down a little as she sprawled against his shoulder, quietening down .

Liu Buyan finally heaved a sigh of relief but it took a little while later when the young lady in his arms started struggling once again .

“N… No… . NO!”

Liu Buyan’s brow creased tightly, “Ruoli, don’t be afraid . Quickly wake up, what did you dream about? Relax, I’m by your side so nobody can hurt you!”

Huang Yueli mumbled softly but her voice sounded urged and hoarse, which made it hard to hear her clearly .

Liu Buyan leaned close, “Ruoli? What are you saying?”

He put his ear next to Huang Yueli’s lips and he even started breathing softly, just because he was afraid that he could not hear the voice of what Huang Yueli was saying .

“Li… Li Moying… . Moying, you can’t die! Can’t die! I’m begging you, don’t die!”

The young lady suddenly screamed out sharply .

Anyone could tell what was the fear which was deeply hidden and engraved in the innermost part of her heart .

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At this moment, Huang Yueli who was deeply trapped in the nightmare, seemed to be standing on the edge of a cliff and the surroundings were pitch black . Only hazy moonlight illuminated the small zone right in front of her .

A man stood over there, and from his figure, he seemed tall and lofty, dressed in a dark gold rimmed long robe which made him appear extremely powerful and filled with prestige .

From the first moment Huang Yueli saw him, her heart had been pounding wildly and that anxious and agitated feeling was something which she had never experienced when she was facing Liu Buyan .

She wanted to take a clear look at that man’s face but there seemed to be a fog in front of her eyes, obstructing her sight .

Huang Yueli took a step nearer, hoping to take a careful look but at this moment, the man’s figure staggered and fell onto the ground .

Huang Yueli then noticed that by his feet was a big puddle of blood trail .

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“You’re injured??” She asked in shock .

The man didn’t reply to her . Even though his back was against the moonlight and his face was concealed in the shadow, but Huang Yueli was still able to sense that he was staring straight at her . Moreover, it was a kind of warm and intense yet dedicated gaze .

Huang Yueli ran over but the rock below the man’s feet suddenly started to crumble, as it fell towards the cliff below .

The man’s body subsequently rolled towards the side of the cliff… . .

“No, NO——!” Huang Yueli screamed in terror as she started running towards the man .

But the speed of the crumbling of the rocks was just too fast and the man swiftly fell off the cliff, dropping down, and down… . .

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“Moying, I’m begging you, please don’t die! Don’t die!”

Huang Yueli was bobbing up and down in her nightmare, totally unaware that she had called out the name of her real fiancé .

However, all these had all entered Liu Buyan’s ears .

The gentle look on his face started to disappear and his expression turned extremely gloomy .

He had not expected that he had wasted so much effort in feeding Huang Yueli so much medicine and gave so many hints in terms of psychology but in the end, the incident whereby she had unintentionally heard Li Moying’s name actually made her dream of him… . .

For that one instance, he really wanted to wake Huang Yueli up without a care, to help her regain her memories, telling her that Li Moying was already dead!