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Chapter 1897
Chapter 1897: Offered herself to his doorstep (3)

They should… . be on good terms?

Why was it that when he came close to her, she only felt uncomfortable?

Liu Buyan stood up and took the tray which he had brought over earlier, leaving it by the side of the bed .

In the tray was a bowl of fragrant millet porridge, a few dishes of appetizers and also a large bowl of pitch black soup .

When Huang Yueli smelled the fragrance of the porridge, she subconsciously gulped several times as her tummy started rumbling .

Liu Buyan laughed and said, “You had been unconscious for several days, so you must be very hungry right? Drink some of this porridge first, I specially stewed it for you and it’s extremely nourishing . Moreover the taste isn’t bad at all . ”

He personally lifted up the bowl and took the soup spoon delivering it to Huang Yueli’s mouth .

Huang Yueli unnaturally turned her head sideways, “I… . I will eat by myself!”

“I’ll feed you, aren’t you feeling lethargic?” Liu Buyan insisted .

Huang Yueli’s brows creased awkwardly, “I… I’m not used to it . You acting in this way, I can’t eat at all… . . ”

Liu Buyan pursed his lips and reminded himself once again that he could not be too anxious, “Alright then, eat this by yourself . ”

Huang Yueli personally lifted up the bowl and although her hand was still weak, but it was considered stable as she slowly finished the entire bowl of porridge, polishing off the appetizers cleanly .

She put down the bowl and Liu Buyan pointed to that bowl of black soup, “Alright, drink your medicine and continue to sleep for a while!”

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Huang Yueli’s vision fell onto the medicinal bowl and her face immediately revealed a disgusted look, “Can I don’t drink it?”

“No way! You must take your medicine on time every day!” Liu Buyan rejected her resolutely .

“But… this medicine soup looks so scary… . . ” Huang Yueli pouted .

Liu Buyan looked at her pitiful watery eyes as his eyes jolted . He had never seen this young lass display such an expression in front of him before . She looked pitiful, which was different from her usual crafty intelligent look and had a different feel to it, making one unable to reject her request .

But following that, he cooled down .

“No way, we can negotiate on any other things but you definitely have to drink this medicine and moreover you have to drink it on time every day! If you want to recover your memory, then drink it every day . Otherwise… . if you can’t remember the things in the past, don’t you cry about this okay?” Liu Buyan’s voice was filled with threat .

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The minute Huang Yueli heard this, no matter how unwilling she was, she could only lift up that medicinal bowl .

Somehow she felt that she had forgotten about an extremely important matter and she absolutely needed to recall what it was .

For this motive, no matter how horrible the medicine tasted… she could only risk it all!

Huang Yueli raised her head and downed the entire bowl of medicine down her intestines, but she felt so bitter that her brows creased all the way .

Liu Buyan’s gaze swept past that fair slender neck which she had exposed when she lifted up her head, and his gaze grew deep .

This young lass would probably never find out that during these few days when she was unconscious, the medicine that he had been making her drink was exactly this .

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The more bowls she drank, the more hazy her memories would become .

Earlier Liu Buyan mentioned that this medicine was to treat amnesia, but in fact, it was the exact opposite .

Huang Yueli finished the medicine and creasing her elegant brows, she casted the medicine bowl aside with disgust .

“Alright, I’ve finished it! Can this thing really recover my memories?”

Liu Buyan nodded, “I am a Doctor so can I lie to you about this? But you have to promise me that you will obediently finish the medicine every day, every single drop of it, do you understand?”

Huang Yueli wrinkled her little nose as she looked as though she was put in a spot, but she replied anyway, “Alright…”