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Chapter 1898: 1898
Chapter 1898: Offered herself to his doorstep (4)

Liu Buyan smiled in satisfaction .

Although he felt a little guilty doing this, but the minute he thought about the fact that he would be able to gain this young lady, he couldn’t help the evil rush in his heart .

After all, it was she who offered herself to his doorstep, wasn’t it?

He didn’t want to become like in the past, giving up such a good chance, giving up his beloved woman to another man .

From that day onwards, Huang Yueli had been restrained beside Liu Buyan’s side .

The first few days, she still felt a headache and most of the time, she was resting inside the bedroom .

Liu Buyan popped by to visit her on time every day and spoke to her in warm and soft words, accompanying her to have her meals while taking care of her daily living . Furthermore, he insisted on personally seeing her finish up that bowl of black medicinal soup before he left .

Huang Yueli didn’t suspect anything . In such a secluded environment, she couldn’t remember anything at all and she only got in contact with this man . Plus the fact that Liu Buyan had been declaring that he was her fiancé, she naturally began to become affectionate towards Liu Buyan .

But this kind of affinity had merely stopped in terms of words . The minute Liu Buyan wanted to do some slightly intimate actions, Huang Yueli would subconsciously avoid him .

She was feeling a little guilty over this but Liu Buyan seemed very understanding and had never once got angry or coerced her over this, and that made Huang Yueli increase the good feelings she had towards him .

Approximately after seven to eight days, Huang Yueli’s headache gradually started to recover .

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She had already been forced to lie in the bed for such a long time and was feeling extremely bored so there was once when Liu Buyan delivered her food over, she couldn’t help but pestered him to bring her out .

Liu Buyan looked passionately at the graceful young lady in front of him and was satisfied with the trust which her eyes revealed .

“Alright, since you’re no longer giddy, that means that your injury is already much better . As long as you persist in taking your medicine, you will be able to recover your memories very soon, then I shall bring you on a short tour!”

“Really, that’s great!” Huang Yueli cheered out loudly .

She originally was someone who couldn’t stand boredom and the only things which could make her quieten down, was either cultivation or armament refining .

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But while Liu Buyan was erasing her memories, he also sealed her meridians, making her seem as though she was an ordinary person without any cultivation so she could do nothing every day except to stroll about in the room .

She somehow felt that her life shouldn’t be like this, feeling that something was wrong somewhere, but she just simply couldn’t recall anything… . .

Liu Buyan let the female attendant prepare a set of silvery white embroidered flower flowing dresses and waited at the door for her to dress into .

When Huang Yueli opened the door, Liu Buyan’s eyes opened wide in shock when she reappeared in front of him .

She finally had the chance to step outside and moreover, putting on her favourite dress so Huang Yueli’s mood was very pleasant as she turned a few rounds in front of him, showing off her dress, “How is it? Pretty?”

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Liu Buyan was struck in awe by her beauty that he couldn’t speak and could only nod his head consecutively .

“Pretty… . Really very pretty… . . ”

Graceful poise, elegantly outstanding, the young lady in front of him was an exceptionally rare beauty who was hard to find in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent .

However, what made Liu Buyan extremely shocked was that she looked simply the same as Huang Yueli from sixteen years ago!

This kind of similarity was not only in terms of external beauty, but an indescribable feeling .

Once, when Huang Yueli was still the Young Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, innumerable young ladies who admired her copied her way of dressing . Which young lady had not dressed up in a similar kind of flowing dress previously?