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Published at 18th of November 2020 02:25:13 PM

Chapter 1896
Chapter 1896: Offered herself to his doorstep (2)

Huang Yueli blinked as she simply couldn’t recall that image which Liu Buyan mentioned .

She asked puzzledly, “Rea… Really? I… I don’t have any impression about this… . . ”

Liu Buyan supported her gently and his voice was filled with bewitchment, “Don’t force yourself to remember . You’ve injured your brain so that’s why you lost your memories . Coercing yourself to think about it will only make you feel worse . ”

Huang Yueli drowned as she somehow felt uneasy in her heart, “Then what should I do? I don’t know what happened to me and I can’t remember anything at all, I… . what should I do?”

Her memory was totally blank so even if Huang Yueli was a young lady with unwavering determination, she would also feel uneasy and terrified .

Liu Buyan’s eyelashes drooped down slightly as he glanced sideway at her, “No matter, don’t be afraid, you still have me isn’t it? I’m your fiancé and I will protect and take care of you so you don’t need to worry about anything at all…”

His gentle breath hit against Huang Yueli’s face, as he stretched out his arms to bring her into his embrace . He lowered his head and couldn’t help but leaned close to her pink lips .

Huang Yueli subconsciously turned her head away as her hand waved——

A loud slap resounded!

Liu Buyan lifted his head in astonishment as his face flushed red . He had not expected the young lady who seemed weak like a rabbit had actually given him a tight slap without holding back!

After Huang Yueli slapped him, she herself had a shock as she didn’t realise what she had done, and that was an extremely basic instinctive reaction .

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“Sor… Sorry, are you alright?” Huang Yueli looked a little apologetic at that man’s handsome, fair-looking face and that eye piercing palm print on it .

Liu Buyan lifted his hand and touched the place where he had been slapped, “I’m your fiancé and merely just wanted to give you a kiss, but you actually hit me?”

Huang Yueli anxiously explained, “You… . why did you suddenly try to kiss me for? I don’t remember anything now, so of course… . Of course it’s not suitable… I’m really sorry… . . ”

Liu Buyan met Huang Yueli’s eyes and that pair of large eyes remained limpid and efficacious, but there seemed to be hidden a mist beneath her eyes .

Liu Buyan’s anger, under the young lady’s gaze, started to simmer down .

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That’s right, this young lass had just lost her memory and she probably still felt very uneasy . He shouldn’t be overhasty because this would result in negative results .

Anyway, since she doesn’t remember anything now, she also doesn’t remember who Li Moying was, only knowing that he was her fiancé!

Moreover speaking, this young lass was now at a juncture where she lacked security the most so the only person who she could rely on right now, was he Liu Buyan! Under such circumstances, it would be easy for her to develop reliance on him, and could also easily fall in love with the person who protected her… . .

What Liu Buyan had in mind was exactly this plan .

He was one hundred percent sure that he could make the young lady in front of him fall in love with him .

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But he should not rush things .

Thinking of this point, his gaze started to become gentle again as he actively stepped back slightly, letting go of the young lady in his arms . At the same time, his gentle voice placated her, “No worries, I’m the one who’s overhasty and had not considered your feelings . Recuperate in peace, I will not coerce you to do the things which you don’t like to do . ”

Huang Yueli then heaved a long sigh of relief .

Not knowing why, earlier when Liu Buyan came close to her, she felt highly strung up but the minute he backed off, she however felt more at ease… . .

What situation was this? Wasn’t this man her fiancé?

Moreover, from what he had just said, he was injured because of her, and both of them even went to pick medicinal herbs together .