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Chapter 644 - Tang Family Incident

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.


In the evening, a wisp of cyan colored flowing light came from the sea, and appeared above the Furious Waves City at lightning speed. This was Tang Huan's Space Aircraft.

Inside the cyan space, Tang Huan was looking down at the familiar town with flickering lights, and sighed in his heart.

They seemed to have traveled across the entire Tranquil Continent and Origin Continent, and finally returned to the Furious Waves City. After passing through the Sword Crafting Valley area, Tang Huan even went to the Forging God Cave, gathered all the materials there, and brought them back together with him. Now, this cyan space was completely filled.

"Yiya!" "Yiya …" Xiao Budian suddenly pointed outside at the little white rabbit, then let out a few crisp sounds, looking extremely happy.

"Goo goo?" Xiao Ai blinked his bright red eyes in confusion. Now, this little fellow had completely recovered, and was no longer dispirited like before.

"Home." Feng Ming squinted as a charming smile rose on her beautiful face.

"Why is the light on?"

Tang Huan regained his senses and looked over, the Space Aircraft had arrived above the northern part of the city, the smithy was already right in front of his eyes, but in the next moment, Tang Huan was stunned. The smithy was actually lit up, could it be that the old fatty and Senior Shan Lan were staying there to look after the shop?

had asked Xing Meng before, and was informed that they had escorted Wu Zhu and the others back to Heavenly Forging City. Now it seemed like they had also come to Furious Waves City from Heavenly Forging City. This way, they would be able to treat the old fatty's injuries tomorrow.

In the midst of the mind instructs (in a second), the Space Aircraft quickly descended in front of the blacksmith's shop.

carried the old man and followed closely behind. When his figure appeared outside the shop, Xiao Budian saw that the door of the blacksmith shop was already locked, and immediately flapped his wings, carrying Xiao Ai inside.

Tang Huan laughed involuntarily, he had only carried his master for a few steps before he was startled. Whether it was the movement that came from inside after Xiao Budian and the others entered, or the aura that was quickly approaching the door, it all showed that the people who lived in the smithy were not the old fatty and Shan Lan.


In the next moment, the door was pulled open and a figure appeared at the door. She wore a red dress that was like fire. Her figure was graceful and her face was incomparably coquettish.

The red dressed lady who suddenly appeared was Mu Yan.

"Tang Huan!" The moment she saw Tang Huan, the pleasant surprise and excitement in Mu Yan's beautiful eyes uncontrollably shone. She let out a delicate cry and rushed out. In the blink of an eye, her gentle and graceful body had already traveled across several meters of space as she hugged Tang Huan as if he was her baby.

"Mu Yan, it's you …"

After the short incident, Tang Huan revealed a smile, but following that, the smile on his face became somewhat awkward. With Mu Yan hugging him, he was at a loss as to what to do, so he used a hand to grab onto her waist, and pushed her away instead.


A cough sounded from beside him, but Feng Ming walked over with the Space Aircraft in his arms.

Mu Yan regained his senses and realized that not only was Feng Ming at his side, there was an old man on Tang Huan's back. He laughed somewhat embarrassedly, then let go of Tang Huan and looked at the old man on Tang Huan's back.

"He is my master." Tang Huan's expression recovered its naturalness and said with a smile.

"You found Master?"

In addition to being pleasantly surprised, Mu Yan was also very happy for him. She knew that Master Tang Huan had long since disappeared, and now they had finally found each other.

Tang Huan slightly nodded, and said with some surprise: "Mu Yan, aren't you in the Holy Spirit Continent? When did you come to Furious Waves City? "

"When the war between the three clans broke out, I left the Holy Spirit Continent."

Mu Yan smiled sweetly, "I can't go back to Tranquil Continent, and I don't want to either. I don't have anywhere to stay in this Glory Continent, so I came to find you. It's very easy to find this place, come to the Furious Waves City and ask around. Tang Huan, I came uninvited, you wouldn't kick me out, right? "

Saying that, Mu Yan had a pitiful look on his face.

Even though she knew that Mu Yan was faking it, she still couldn't help but feel a sense of pity. Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh: "How is this possible?

"Then I won't be polite." Mu Yan said while beaming, "This will be my home from now on."

"I say, you two, what do you have to say before you enter?" Feng Ming could not help but speak with a slightly sour tone.

"Feng Ming, come, come. Come and sit at my place." Mu Yan intentionally put on the attitude of a master, and giggled as he frowned at Feng Ming.

"Humph!" Feng Ming was so angry that his teeth itched. He snorted and ignored her, bringing the aircraft with him as he entered the blacksmith shop.

"Feng Ming, I will clean a guest room for you."

"No need!"


Seeing Feng Ming and his figure disappearing from the blacksmith shop, Tang Huan was startled for a moment. He rubbed his forehead with a headache.

The messy night passed, and on the next day, when the sky had just begun to brighten, Tang Huan did not disturb Mu Yan and her, but instead quietly left the blacksmith's shop. Not long after, Tang Huan arrived in front of the old fatty's weapon shop. After sensing it briefly, Tang Huan shook his head in disappointment.

At the weapon store, the doors were tightly shut. There was no sign of life inside the shop.

It seemed that the old fatty and Senior Shan Lan were still in Heavenly Forging City.

Furious Waves City was not far from the Heavenly Forging City. Forget about Space Aircraft s, even if there were none, with Tang Huan's current strength, he would be able to reach there very quickly.

Just as Tang Huan was preparing to return to the smithy, he couldn't help but frown.

The west side of the city was suddenly lit up by flames. Voices were rising and falling at the same time. Even from far away, one could faintly hear them.

"That seems to be the Tang Family? Could something have happened to the Tang Family? "

Tang Huan's heart was filled with suspicions, and with that, he turned and sped towards the west of the city.

In a short moment, Tang Huan's figure flashed like a ghost onto the roof of a tall building in the Tang Family's residential area. Looking into the distance, they could see that in several areas of the Tang Family, a large fire was raging.

Tang Huan observed for a while and discovered that the fire spots were all places where the Tang Family had stocked up their resources.

Usually, these places were prepared to take precautions to prevent a fire, but now they were all on fire. This was clearly someone deliberately setting them on fire.

With regards to Tang Family's current predicament, Tang Huan didn't have the slightest bit of sympathy, so he naturally wasn't interested in helping to extinguish the fire.

On the contrary, Tang Huan was rather interested in the person who set the fire going. Tang Huan's gaze quickly swept across the continuous rise and fall of the houses, and suddenly landed on the north side of the Tang Family's martial arena …

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