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Chapter 2046 - Welcome to the League of Heroes

Looking at the gate that led to the battleground, it was the entrance to darkness.

main temple was the entrance to the light.

They were like a treasure that could recognize its master, and their master could summon them at will.

Once Long Fei obtained the ancient entry, he could summon it at will and bring it back to the Devil Island, allowing the brothers on the Devil Island to attack and go in.

Long Fei looked at the entrance, and did not step in immediately. Instead, he asked, "Where is my brother?"

The Evil God said, "They are already waiting for you inside."

Long Fei looked at Han Ba.

Han Ba nodded.

Long Fei laughed and asked: "If I did not go, wouldn't my brotherhood have died in there?"

The Evil God's eyes twitched, but he did not reply.

Long Fei didn't wait for him to reply, and said: "I understand."


Long Fei took a step into the entrance, and thought in his heart: "Motherf * cker, touch my brother? This account shall be noted down by you first. "

Long Fei was a vengeful man.

He only had one principle for those who dared to touch his brother — to turn him over, to kill him, and to get pregnant!

From the moment Long Fei entered the Deep Abyss Mountain, he felt that something was amiss. He never thought that the Evil God would personally come out and set up such a huge trap for him.

Long Fei could resist, but Han Ba's kneeling made his heart soften.


He also wanted to see what a heaven defying change of fate looked like.

Even a could control a hundred thousand planes.

He was to become the Paragon of a hundred thousand planes.

Long Fei really wanted to know what kind of world it was.

The corner of the Evil God's mouth curled up into a smile. He glanced at Han Ba from the corner of his eyes and said: "Not bad."

"Hahaha …"

"If Long Fei is of use to me, then I can kill my way back to the Red River."

"When the time comes..."

The Evil God laughed in excitement.

Long Fei's strength had greatly exceeded his expectations, and adding the laws which Long Fei controlled, he believed that he was definitely able to control the entire situation within the battleground.

And then …

The Evil God also stepped into the entrance.

Han Ba looked at the dark entrance and muttered, "Long Fei, thank you!"

With a cold frown on his forehead, he followed suit.

He wanted to change the world, to change the rules of the law, but … He realized that even if battleground won, he would still be unable to change this world.

Because …

Even if a Sovereign were to perish and the Evil God were to replace him, this world would still be the same as before, with no changes whatsoever.

He was a little confused now.

Who am I fighting for?

Why am I fighting?

It was as if he had lost the direction of his life. Han Ba's heart was very complicated, but after Long Fei entered the battleground, his heart became even more complicated.

Right or wrong?

… ….

The entrance was like a time tunnel.

A dark light shrouded the area.


The strong light was blinding, causing Long Fei to be unable to open his eyes. He stood on a sacrificial altar, the stones beneath his feet had carvings of all sorts of runes.

Flashing fluorescent light.

Li Yuanba, Sky Spirit, Zi Yue was standing right beside him.

All this was normal.

Very normal, the three of them looked very normal.


Long Fei was abnormal.

It was more accurate to say that his System was out of order. Suddenly, a voice that left him dumbfounded and unable to be understood rang out.


"Welcome to the Hero Alliance!"


"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" "What an old mother." Long Fei didn't know whether to be excited or shocked, or simply indescribably excited.

The battleground is the battlefield of the Hero Alliance?

What the hell?

Long Fei shook his head, not daring to believe what he had just heard, "This is an illusion, this must be an illusion, this must be an illusion! I am obviously in the Primordial Divine Battlefield, why would I enter the Hero Alliance?"

"This is the Walaurent Continent?"

"This is Demacia?"

"Is it some kind of bird?"

This feeling was exactly the same as the first time Long Fei teleported to the god's martial continent. He was really stupefied, and was even more muddled than the last time he teleported.

Because right now, Long Fei had completely accepted this world, accepted this identity, and suddenly said "Welcome to the Hero Alliance!"

All of a sudden, he was completely stupefied.

Long Fei looked at Li Yuanba and asked: "Yuan Ba, do you feel anything unusual?"

Li Yuanba scratched his big bald head, with a serious look on his face, he looked around and said naively: "Boss, I didn't feel anything was wrong?"

Long Fei looked at the sky spirit and the sky spirit also muttered, "There's nothing abnormal about it.

Without waiting for Long Fei to ask, Zi Yi shook his head and said: "Everything is normal."

"Holy sh * t!"

"Am I the one who is abnormal?" Long Fei muttered and looked around him. The altar beneath his feet was like a spring, and in front of him was a gigantic crystal pillar of light.

Isn't this the base?

"I …"

Long Fei could no longer hold it in and thought, "They don't have a system, so everything looks normal. I have the system, it's just that there's something wrong with it."

"But …"

"Master System, is this really the Hero Alliance?"

"Is there a shop for Arkali?"

"Are there any main city cannons?"

"Do you have an arrow tower?"

"Do you have the automatically generated 'Little Soldier Luo'?"

He kept asking himself.

Long Fei continuously searched the system but he was unable to find anything. His heart trembled slightly as he thought to himself, "Could it be that the name of this battleground is Hero Alliance?"

"It can't be that coincidental, right?"

At this time, a black light flashed and the Evil God appeared.

Looking at Long Fei's dazed expression, he smiled lightly and said: "This is the Darkness alliance. On your left hand side, there is a dark shop, which contains the supplies you guys want as well as all sorts of things you need. I will give each of you five hundred special contribution points, and the contribution points are the battleground's currency."

"The more people you kill, the more contribution points you will receive. With contribution points, you can buy anything you want."

The Evil God's eyebrows moved. At this time.

The system sounded out in Long Fei's mind.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining '500 gold coins!"

"F * ck!"

"I knew it, I f * cking knew it..." Long Fei had the urge to die, but it could also be said that he was indescribably excited.

Others were getting contribution points.

As for him?

It was the starting gold coin of the Hero Alliance when they first came out, five hundred gold coins!


Looking in the direction in which the Evil God had gone just now, the so-called dark shop was definitely Akali's shop.

"Damn it!"

"That's not right!"

"It's very deadly!"

Long Fei felt bitter in his heart. In his previous life, he had played games and fought his way through.


Speaking of games.

Who can compare to Long Fei?

Hero Alliance?

Even though Long Fei didn't play much, but... With his gaming experience, he had a superb understanding of the game, and his ability of consciousness, how could stomping over battleground be a matter of words?

Come on!

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