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Lan Mansion, Conference Room.

Great Clan Elder Lei, Great Clan Elder Tai and Lan Zhen.

"Patriarch Lan, don't worry. Our Lei Family will definitely support you." Lei Wanshan said in a heavy tone.

Tai Changbai immediately added, "Our Tai family will also have the right to support Patriarch Lan. This is my wish, as well as my brother's, but …"

Tai Changbai glanced at Lei Wanshan, then looked at Lan Zhen and said softly, "The things that Patriarch Lan has promised …"

Lan Zhen coldly snorted in his heart, "Old fox."

And then …

His face revealed a smile, and said: "Elders, please be at ease, I, Lan Zhen, will definitely fulfill the conditions you have promised me."

In his heart, he sneered and said, "Redeem it? Hmph, when I am able to sit in the position of Clan Leader in Lan Clan, it will be your turn. With your Lei Family, the Tai Family still wants to be on equal footing with me, do you have the qualifications? "

Lan Zhen was an ambitious person.

He was extremely ambitious.

His target was not only the patriarch of the Lan Clan, but the ten city lords!

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha... "That's good."

Lei Wanshan and Tai Changbai burst into laughter.

At this moment.

A disciple rushed in and whispered a few words beside Lan Zhen's ear. Lan Zhen's lips curled up, looked at Lei Wanshan, and said, "Elder Lei, a disciple from your Lei Family came over, do you want to meet him?"

Lei Wanshan's gaze tensed up, and then he smiled slightly. "Is that Lei Jiu? He came to save Lan Ya, right? "

Lan Zhen's eyes moved, and said: "You know about it?"

Lei Wanshan replied, "Of course I know. This can be considered a small gift from me to you, to ascend to the position of Patriarch of Lan Clan. Lei Jiu is only an marginalized figure in our Lei Family, it doesn't matter whether you live or die."

During these few days, Lei Jiu had more than once requested his family to save Bluetooth.

This time.

Lei Wanshan had coincidentally sent a few disciples to Lei Jiu, but... This wasn't to help Lei Jiu, but to catch him intentionally.

Lan Zhen laughed, "Hahaha... "Alright!"

"The Lei Family has made such a decision. I, Lan Zhen, thank you."

"Don't worry, once tomorrow is over, what I've promised you will only make you even more pleasantly surprised. Hahaha …" Lan Zhen laughed out loud.

Lei Wanshan and Tai Zhangbai also laughed.

… ….

Lei Jiu was just a chess piece.

To the Lei Family, this was of no importance. His life or death did not matter much to the Lei Family.

Just like Lan Ya right now.

Now that the entire Lan Clan was firmly controlled by Lan Zhen, even if Lan Ya was the successor, it would be useless.

Lan Zhen stood in front of the window, looked at the full moon in the sky, and muttered with a smile: "Lan Clan is mine, tian yan city is mine.

"Hahaha …"

… ….

The next morning.

The day of the funeral.

Early in the morning, many citizens of tian yan city came over to offer their condolences.

White flower in hand.

There were twice as many Lan Clan guards as usual.

Lan Zhen looked at the coffin and said with a cold smile: "Big Brother, take care of me. You won't be able to bring Lan Clan to the peak of his life, I can."

"Under my rule, the Lan Clan will definitely become the number one clan of the Devil Island, hahaha …"

At this moment.

As the only daughter of the Patriarch, Lan Ya naturally appeared.

She was dressed in white, kneeling in front of the coffin. Her tears had dried, and she looked incomparably haggard. She knelt there, kowtowing, kowtowing, and not saying a single word.

"It's you, you evil spirit."

"How can there be such a vicious daughter like you in this world?"

"Lan Ya, I have truly misjudged you."

"Do you still have the face to kneel here?"


Countless disciples of Lan Clan shouted and cursed, after Lan Zhen deliberately asked people to spread the news, it was Lan Ya who sent the Magic Antler to kill his father.

This filled the Lan Clan disciples who didn't know the truth with righteous indignation.

It also made the citizens of the tian yan city extremely angry.

"How could there be such a daughter? You want to kill your father just for the position of Patriarch? "

"Too vicious."

"This kind of person is worse than an animal."

… ….

Lan Ya silently endured everything. Her heart was now dead silent, as if she had just died, and everything else was no longer important to her.

Because …

After her father left, she also wanted to end her own life.

This was the condition that Lan Zhen agreed to when he came out to send her to the funeral.

Lan Zhen stood at the side, looking at Lan Ya with a cold and aloof expression. A hint of pride appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he said in a low voice: "Accept your fate."

"A guest has arrived!"

A voice came from outside the door.

The elder of the Tai Family, Tai Zhangbai, and a few other Tai Family disciples walked into the hall. They bowed slightly towards the coffin, then turned to Lan Zhen and said, "My condolences."

"A guest has arrived."

Lei Wanshan had also come.

All the famous people in tian yan city were here, even many sects and clans have sent people over.

The influence of the Lan Clan was extraordinary.

This was all developed from the Lan Clan's Refining Technics.

Lan Zhen returned the greeting one by one.

This was not only a funeral, but also a public announcement that he would be the leader of the Lan Clan in the future.

At this moment.

"It's time."

Lan Zhen regained his composure and said: "Lan Ya, it's time. It's time to send your father on his way."

Lan Ya's body shook, and his kowtowing became even more intense.

Lan Zhen sneered: "If you want to kowtow, you'll have plenty of time to do it in front of your father tomorrow."


A voice rang out. "A guest has arrived."

Lan Zhen's forehead turned sinister, his expression was somewhat unhappy, and he said in a low voice: "The hour has come, why are you still here?"

When he saw the person that walked into the hall, his expression immediately changed.

Great Clan Elder of Lan Clan!

Lan Xiong!

Lan Xiong walked into the hall and looked at the coffin. His body trembled as he clenched his fists. He walked forward and knelt down heavily. "Big brother, I've come late. I've come late."

"It's the Great Clan Elder of the Lan Clan."

"The Grand Elder is back."

"H-why is he back?"

Lan Ya looked at his uncle beside him, tears flowing again. He opened his mouth but was unable to say anything.

"Ya Er, uncle believes in you. Uncle will uphold justice for you."

A cold light flashed through Lan Zhen's eyes as he thought in his heart: "Lan Xiong, you've come back to throw away your life, right?"

"A guest has arrived!"

Another sound rang out.

Lan Zhen's eyes were brimming with anger.

"The Second Elder is back!"

"Second Elder is back!"

Lan Xiao walked into the hall and knelt on the ground, "Big Brother, I'm late."

The entire Lan Clan was in an uproar.

The Great Elder, who had disappeared for many years, and the two elders had all rushed back. did not care about Lan Xiong, but if there was Lan Xiao as well, it would be different.

Lan Ya wailed loudly, as if she had found a way to vent.

Just as everyone was discussing amongst themselves.

Another sound.

"A guest has arrived!"

"Goddess Sect, Sect Master is here!"

Long Fei stepped into the courtyard.

Behind him followed Lu Qin, Mu Bing, as well as Lan Mo, Li Ruhua, Mt. Tai, and the tai hai brothers!

All here!

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