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Chapter 373 - I Have Dinner with Feng Xinglang

Not only did Lan Youyou hold onto Feng Lixin's hand, he even helped him to straighten out the windscreen.

"Lixin, the weather has turned cold recently, take care of yourself. "You don't have much resistance, don't you dare let yourself catch a cold!"

At this moment, Lan Youyou had turned into a gentle and virtuous woman.

Feng Lixin was so excited that he grabbed Lan Youyou's hand back.

In that split-second, he had the illusion that the person Lan Youyou was talking about to Elder Bai earlier was him, Feng Lixin!

"Youyou, you have to take care of yourself as well."

True love is a kind of care and care that comes from the heart. There are no extravagant words, no action to attract attention from the masses. You can only feel it in every word and action.

So plain, so firm.

Lan Youyou nodded, and then explained gently: "I don't have any relationship with Bai Mo. I just want to come to Bai's mansion to see you! "

"I know. Youyou. "

Feng Lixin was so touched that her eyes turned red. No matter if the woman was speaking the truth or not, he still believed her!

"Miss Lan, Feng Family has been good to you. If you can be so kind, then please let my wife come back. "

Butler Mo interrupted. He still could not believe that Lan Youyou had come over to see him out of goodwill. He had always suspected that she had some ulterior motive for coming to the Bai's mansion.

"I really can't be my foster father's master!"

Lan Youyou stood up, and let out a faint sigh, "I don't know what kind of deep hatred does my foster father have for your Feng Brothers …"

"Back then, I was also forced to hurt your family's First Young Master! Because I wanted to protect Feng Xinglang's life! I love him! "

He did not know why Lan Youyou would explain himself in such a manner, but every word she said, seemed to be true.

"Youyou, you don't need to explain. I can understand you! I don't blame you! "

That "I love him" in the end still brought Feng Lixin back to the cruel reality. He had no choice but to face it again: The person Lan Youyou loved would only be his brother Feng Xinglang.

Lan Youyou nodded his head, "Lixin, you are everything to your brother Feng Xinglang, you must not let him down on his filial piety! So, you have to live well! Otherwise, Ah Lang would never forget it in this lifetime! "

Lan Youyou's meaning was very clear: To let Feng Xinglang choose Feng Lixin to solve the multiple choice questions in the foster father Hetun! It was not like Lin Xueluo's white lotus!

Her thoughts were exactly the opposite of Xing San's. One wanted to protect Feng Lixin, the other wanted Feng Xinglang to choose Lin Xueluo and the child in her womb!

If Lin Xueluo died with the child in her womb, then her plans for Lan Youyou's life could be perfectly carried out!

"But Xueluo is also Xinglang's relative! If it's possible, I will use my life … "

"Shut up!" Feng Lixin, can't you live on behalf of your brother, for me? Your life is not any worse than others, do you understand? "

Lan Youyou did not seem to want to hear such dismal words from Feng Lixin.

Feng Lixin was silent.

"Well, I'm going back to the restaurant. "Take care!"

Since Bai's mansion was not comparable to the Feng Family, she could not continue wasting time and time with Feng Lixin. She did not want to arouse the Gentleman Bai's suspicions.

Watching the woman who turned around to leave, Feng Lixin could not help but call out, "Youyou …"

Lan Youyou stopped and turned, waiting for Feng Lixin's words.

"I know you can see Xueluo. "Please treat her well."

This time, Feng Lixin spoke up to beg her for Lin Xueluo's sake.

Lan Youyou was not happy about it, but he still nodded his head.

The two men of the Feng Family were begging her to treat Lin Xueluo well.

The gaze of yearning continued to chase after Lan Youyou's figure as he disappeared around the corner.

"First Young Master, why do I feel like Miss Lan's motive for coming to Bai's mansion is not simple!" Butler Mo was still skeptical.

"Alright, Old Mo, I'm in Bai's mansion now, so she can't drag me out."

Feng Lixin said indifferently, as he moved his legs inwards.

When Lan Youyou helped him tidy up the windproof blanket, Feng Lixin had already felt the thing that Lan Youyou stuffed into his legs.

It was thin and flat, like a smartphone.

This was exactly what Feng Lixin needed!

The Butler Mo nodded his head in agreement. Although he was still worried about Lan Youyou, this uninvited guest, he had not discovered Lan Youyou's sinister actions. The only thing he had to do was to protect First Young Master Feng Lixin well.

"Oh right, First Young Master has sent a servant to invite you to the dining hall just now." Butler Mo replied warmly.

"No, I'll go back to my room and have something to eat! Let Gentleman Bai chat with his beloved grandson for a while. "

Feng Lixin said considerately.

Actually, he wanted to find a chance to hide the phone that Lan Youyou gave him, so that the Butler Mo would not find out.

"Alright, let me push you back to your room. Have something to eat in your room. "

Thinking that Lan Youyou would be the one to eat tonight, the Butler Mo thought: Dodge as you can.

Lan Youyou did not want to stay in the Bai's mansion anymore.

But now that he had left, it was too sudden.

Furthermore, without Bai Mo's help, she couldn't leave the Bai's mansion.

"Lan Youyou, don't you want to take us down? How embarrassing is it for me in front of the old gramps! "

Bai Mo dragged Lan Youyou who was walking towards the washroom. However, she pushed him away.

"Think about it: Your grandfather is simply a thousand-year-old old fox. Do you think we can fool him with our intelligence?"

Bai Mo tilted his head and thought: It's true! That would only give him a false and unfilial name.

"Bai Mo, let's not eat dinner at Bai's mansion, I'll treat you out! Roast meat on Korean paper, and some cold beer. Very good. "

Lan Youyou began to trick Bai Mo. A popinjay like him probably hadn't eaten much at all.

As Lan Youyou spoke, his eyes kept looking up, as if he was unceasingly flirting with Bai Mo.

Like a kitten scratching!

Bai Mo's heart started to itch.

"Then I'll take a leave of absence from the old tutor?"

"Please do as you please, Crown Prince Bai!" Lan Youyou's flirtatious manner rampaged.

But when Bai Mo asked the Gentleman Bai for a leave to take care of something urgent, he was rejected decisively.

"It's not too late to leave after dinner! I even made an appointment to eat with Feng Xinglang! "

After hearing Gentleman Bai say that Feng Xinglang would also be coming to Bai's mansion, Lan Youyou's entire being was in a bad mood!

Bai Mo also slightly frowned, "Grandfather, it's alright, what kind of dinner did you invite Feng Xinglang to eat?"

Bai Mo was guilty!

Because he knew that Lan Youyou and Feng Xinglang had such an unclear relationship!

A brother's woman was not to be trifled with; but Bai Mo violated this principle.

Didn't you say that Xinglang stole your woman? I invited him over to severely criticize him, so that I could help you vent your anger!

Gentleman Bai said casually.

With his Fiery Eyes of Truth, how could he not see that Lan Youyou had come to the Bai's mansion with another motive?

He wanted to let Lan Youyou know that not everyone in the Bai's mansion could casually come in.

If the Gentleman Bai wanted Lan Youyou to enter, he wouldn't be able to leave!

"Grandfather, what are you causing?!" Feng Xinglang and I are inseparable! The three of us are so good as to be able to play with the same woman, you know that! "

Bai Mo was slightly agitated.

"I said to leave after dinner, you guys must leave after dinner! If you have the ability, fly out with wings. "

Bai Mo knew clearly that Bai's mansion who had been locked on to the ground and walls would not be able to escape even if they had wings!

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