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Chapter 113: The Amazing Moon?

Without moving, Xueluo felt that he was about to collapse.

Although it was a sports car with excellent performance, when it was used to do that kind of thing, the amount of space and comfort needed was still lacking a lot.

After all, it was just a sports car, but it had been used for other purposes. The key was that Xueluo was still at the bottom level.

After putting on his pajamas with difficulty in the carriage that was not very comfortable, Xueluo lowered his head to ask about his small pants, only to discover that the pitiful cloth could no longer be worn on his upper body.

What a savage man! However, he had to disguise himself as a gentleman!

The most important thing was that he actually ate his fake tenderness, and this man actually managed to beat him.

Fortunately, the pajamas he was wearing was very conservative. For two and for two, even though there was nothing on the inside, it would not expose the spring scene.

What about the man who had been guilty all night? Xueluo turned and looked around.

On a rock, Xueluo saw Feng Xinglang's proud and aloof back.

The windbreaker was blown up by the strong wind and hit on his vigorous body.

Feng Xinglang liked the feeling of the strong wind piercing his chest!

The man standing together with the sea breeze and the waves was even more tall and straight, even more imposing.

As the sun rose, tens of thousands of golden rays were reflected by the waves, making them appear even more beautiful.

The sea was full, and in the morning light the waves danced like naughty children, and the water was golden.

Facing the sea, feeling its magnificence. Looking at the open sea of the past, vigorous and vast, the city of narrow, crowded, noisy all gray road beyond the ninth heaven.

Xueluo didn't know how long this man wished to face this ocean by himself, but she knew that she had probably missed her first lesson.

Gently moving his body that was being tossed around by the man, Xueluo's heart was filled with mixed feelings. Just like what the man said, that sort of thing was really addictive!

Actually, Xueluo knew that what had made him addicted to her was not the relationship between a man and a woman, but the feeling of a man.

It was just that when a man softened his feelings a little, Xueluo had an illusion: that he was deeply loved.

She didn't know how to react to her feelings, but it caused her to experience deep love!

If love can say clearly, say the reason, perhaps that is not love!

He clearly knew that it was a bitter flower that was bearing fruit, but Xueluo still slowly allowed himself to sink into it!

If that time he was tricked by that bowl of porridge, then what about this time?

The moon last night? Or was it the emotional waves?

He was really going crazy!

Xueluo slapped his forehead, he felt that his body and mind were no longer Lin Xueluo's! He seemed to have been demonized by a man! She was no longer under her control!

The morning by the sea was cool. However, as the sun rose, the small carriage began to burn.

How much longer would this man have to look at the sea? Xueluo felt like he was being thrown into Sang Chi's room, the heat was almost unbearable.

She began to study the ventilation system inside the car. When she accidentally touched the loudspeaker, even she was shocked.

A short whistle reminded the man at Kwai Hai that the woman in the car had woken up and was tormenting his car.

When Feng Xinglang returned to the sports car, he was busy playing with the keys. Feeling the sunlight above his head being blocked, Xueluo immediately raised his head and saw Feng Xinglang's tall and sturdy body standing outside the door.

She immediately ducked back into the passenger seat like a frightened bird. Ye Zichen looked around, but he didn't know how to face the man he got together with last night.

The door of the car opened, and poured into the salty ocean breeze. Xueluo slightly shrunk his thin body.

The man looked deeply at the woman in the front passenger seat as if he felt her embarrassment. His thin lips curled up into a beautiful smile, which was very intriguing.

But Feng Xinglang did not speak to her, there was an unfathomable coldness on his handsome face.

The sportscar was started, and a skilled semi-drifter headed down the mountain road.

Inadvertently, Xueluo caught a glimpse of the man's side profile: a faint tinge of melancholy on his chilly face. He didn't seem happy.

Was he repenting for his actions last night? Guilty that he had done something to let his big brother Feng Lixin down?

When he thought about this, Xueluo's entire being became dejected. He was really going to die, yet he actually did something that let down his' husband 'Feng Lixin in such a short period of time!

So, one day, when Xueluo finds out the truth, how much of a grind her teeth will she make!

Let her torment her own heart time and time again in the cage of morality!

And the one who started all of this, Feng Xinglang, was actually her real husband!

At that time, Xueluo would be so anxious to kill and flay him; but at this moment, she was in the dark.

Of course, Xueluo would not suggest for her to send her to school.

She was dressed like this, and it was hollow inside; she walked around the campus barefoot from a sports car. Does she still want Lin Xueluo's face? He would be drowned by the spittle!

The only one who could return now was probably the Feng Family.

Just as Xueluo had wished, Feng Xinglang brought her back to the Feng Family.

Just as the carriage stopped, Xueluo opened the car door and stepped on the cobblestones barefooted. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, he ran straight towards Feng Family's living room.

The young and vigorous figure brimmed Feng Xinglang's eyes. The woman from last night was as smooth as melted chocolate, and her eyes that were filled with lust, were filled with the youthfulness of someone inviting someone to pick them.

"Madam, you're back? Why are you still barefoot? Put your shoes on. It'll catch cold. " In the living room, Nanny An rushed towards Xueluo to welcome him.

Seeing his wife wearing pajamas and seeing that Second Young Master was following behind her, Nanny An smiled lovingly. Needless to say, Madam must have been with Second Young Master last night.

It was just too good.

"Ma'am, put on your shoes first …" Nanny An chased after him with slippers.

"No need! I'm going back to my room. " Xueluo was afraid that Nanny An would ask more, so he rushed into the guest room downstairs in a hurry.

In the room, Xueluo used a thick blanket to wrap himself tightly. It was as if this action could make her feel more at ease.

Lin Xueluo, you really should be soaking in the pig cage!

Even though he knew his wrongs, he still repeatedly taught them?

You, Lin Xueluo, are no longer saved! Sick to the bone!

Suddenly thinking about something, Xueluo wrapped himself in the blanket and ran over to the desk. In the drawer of the desk, Xueluo looked through almost every inch and still couldn't find any trace of Yu Ting.

He had clearly stuffed it in the drawer the last time, how could it have disappeared?

Could he have been lost by the Nanny An? This was too embarrassing!

If the Nanny An found out about his relationship with Feng Xinglang, would she, Lin Xueluo, still have the face to continue staying in the Feng Family?

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