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Chapter 471: Another Stormy Situation

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The saints who came to the Pavilion of Book Collection were obviously not interested in books of human geography. Therefore, when Zhang Ruochen tookBrief of Three-thousand Primitive World from the bookshelf, the book was covered with dust.

He wiped the dust off the cover with his sleeves before he slowly opened the book.

Using the catalog, Zhang Ruochen quickly found a suitable primitive world in the book.

“Primitive World of Wood Spirit is an inferior primitive world with a strong sense of spiritual Qi of wood nature. The primitive world is full of green grass and trees. There’s plenty of spiritual Qi and countless rare spiritual doses and ancient rare plants.”

“The primitive world is extremely dangerous. Flowers, grass, trees, and wood can all become mighty elves that devour humans and beasts.”

Zhang Ruochen’s face lit up with pleasure, saying, “Well! That’s it!”

The primitive world was full of spiritual Qi of wood nature, therefore there must be powerful Qi of Origin of Wood Spirit.

If the Qi of Origin of the Primitive World of Wood Spirit was found and then absorbed by the Yin Yang Wooden Graph, the sacred prime tree would surely be able to grow and support the inner world of the scroll.

At such a point, Zhang Ruochen would be able to enter the inner world of Yin Yang Wooden Graph to practice. His cultivation would speed up ten times.

Zhang Ruochen quickly read another passage on the scroll. “The Primitive World of Wood Spirit is a splendid environment for the growth of spiritual doses. As a decree issued by the First Central Empire, practitioners above the Fish-dragon Realm are not allowed to enter the Primitive World of Wood Spirit so as not to destroy its natural ecology.”

Practitioners at the Fish-dragon Realm were too destructive to enter the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.

Actually, warriors of the Heaven Realm could enter the Primitive World of Wood Spirit. However, the elves in the primitive world were extremely powerful; ordinary warriors were doomed to die in the primitive world.

Zhang Ruochen originally planned to ask Nie Honglou to go into the Primitive World of Wood Spirit with him.

Nie Honglou’s strength was enough to eliminate the dangers in the Primitive World of Wood Spirit, making it easier to find the Qi of Origin. However, it was not possible to go into the primitive world together with him, therefore, Zhang Ruochen could only depend on his own strength.

In the book, the map of the Primitive World of Wood Spirit was drawn and some major place names were recorded.

Zhang Ruochen mobilized his Spiritual Power to store the map in his mind.

“Let’s go now.”

He closed the book, put it back on the shelf, and prepared to go to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.

A delicate lady suddenly appeared from behind the bookshelf, a faint fragrance coming from her body. She stood opposite Zhang Ruochen and said, “Zhang Ruochen, I’ll go with you.”

Zhang Ruochen had been completely engrossed in his reading; he did not notice that there was someone behind the bookshelf.

He could not see her face clearly in the dim light until she took the initiative to come out.

It was Ao Xinyan, the princess of the half-dragon half-human clan.

Zhang Ruochen frowned and said, “It’s very dangerous there. You’d better stay here.”

“If it’s so dangerous, why are you going?” Ao Xinyan asked.

“I have something important to do there. You’d better stay here. If you die there, the royal family of the Divine-dragon Half-human Clan will ask me to give an account. So, I do wish you’d spare me the trouble.”

Zhang Ruochen walked past her and went out.

Ao Xinyan turned and stared at Zhang Ruochen’s back. She clenched her white teeth and said firmly, “There has been a flaw in my heart state ever since I was defeated by you. It could be made up only if I defeat you; I will follow you everywhere you go until I do.”

“Really? I doubt if you can keep up with me.”

Having said this, Zhang Ruochen shook his body and disappeared.

Ao Xinyan snorted and immediately used her martial arts to pursue him.

However, once she was out of the Saint Academy, she lost Zhang Ruochen, who had disappeared without a trace.

“Damn, how can he be so fast?”

Ao Xinyan stomped her feet hard and looked around. She mobilized Genuine Qi and shouted, “Zhang Ruochen, since you prohibited me from following you, I will ask more people to pursue you. You will finally know what real trouble is. Just wait and see.”

Zhang Ruochen stood on the top of a grey-tiled pavilion in the distance, with his hands behind his back. He faced the Saint Academy and clearly heard Ao Xinyan’s words. He shook his head and smiled. He did not take her words seriously.


He moved quickly and disappeared again.

After two hours, Zhang Ruochen and Blackie set out and left East Region Saint City.

Not long after, a message began spreading in the Seventh District. Moreover, it was spreading extremely quickly.

“Zhang Ruochen, one of the six kings of the new generation, left for the Primitive World of Wood Spirit from the East Region Saint City today. It is said that he is going to deal with an important matter.”

“What important matter? In my opinion, Zhang Ruochen is going there because he knows that there are some amazing treasures in the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.”

“It is said that there are many spiritual doses there. If one is lucky, he’ll be able to pick up the holy medicine.”

“Oh my God! In this case, the Primitive World of Wood Spirit is awash with treasures. So what are we waiting for?”

The Primitive World of Wood Spirit became well-known because of Zhang Ruochen’s journey. In less than a day it rose to fame and was recognized by countless young warriors.

Moreover, its reputation became more and more magical. Someone claimed that they had picked up holy medicine there.

Therefore, on that very day, a large number of masters of the Heaven Realm and groups of mercenaries left the East Region Saint City. They took ships through the wormhole and went to Chaotic Millionverse Mountain. Everyone wanted to go to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.

Xi Yunxi and Zuo Qiuling immediately returned to the Saint Academy and relayed the information to Xu Hai.

Xu Hai, who was recovering from serious but nonfatal injuries, was very excited. He laughed loudly and said, “That’s great! Zhang Ruochen has a death wish. Only warriors below the Fish-dragon Realm can enter the Primitive World of Wood Spirit so Nie Honglou can’t go in. Without the protection of Nie Honglou, Zhang Ruochen can do nothing. Hurry up! Hurry and get Pei Ji. This time we must do everything to get rid of Zhang Ruochen.”

Before long, Pei Ji, Xi Yunxi, and Zuo Qiuling had already selected 18 masters from Saint Xu Gentry, Saint Xi Gentry, and Saint Zuo Gentry at the Completion of Heaven Realm. At their highest speed, they hurried to Chaotic Millionverse Mountain.

In the Jinhong Mainland of the East Region Saint City, there was a sacred mountain surrounded by white mist.

In the mountain, there was an Academy.

At that moment, the sun was shining and the clouds were clear.

Di Yi held a scroll of bamboo slip and sat under a cherry tree. He was reading the bamboo slip.


From the distance, Orange Star Emissary turned into a shadow and flew in. She passed through the vermilion palaces and appeared in front of Di Yi.

Suspended in midair, she said, “Young master, Zhang Ruochen has left East Region Saint City. It is said that he has gone to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.”


Di Yi laid down the bamboo slip and lifted his brow slightly. He deliberated for a minute before saying, “Do you know who released the information? Is Zhang Ruochen deliberately mystifying to trap our Black Market?”

Di Yi always did things with caution. Ever since he was defeated by Zhang Ruochen, he dared not underrate him.

Orange Star Emissary said, “It was Ao Xinyan, a saint of the Saint Academy.”

“Ao Xinyan, isn’t she the princess of the half-dragon half-human clan?”

“Yes, she is,” said Orange Star Emissary.

The corners of Di Yi’s mouth lifted as he smiled and said, “How could Zhang Ruochen offend her?”

Ao Xinyan was highly talented. As one of the geniuses of the Saint Academy, she also needed to be stifled in the cradle. She had already been listed by Di Yi.

“It is said that she was defeated by Zhang Ruochen not long ago. Moreover, Zhang Ruochen only used nine movements,” Orange Star Emissary said.

Di Yi contemplated for a moment, saying, “In that case, this is not Zhang Ruochen’s trap.”

“I have some knowledge of the Primitive World of Wood Spirit. It is said that only warriors below the Fish-dragon Realm are allowed to enter. Seeing that Zhang Ruochen has gone there, this is a good opportunity for us.”

Orange Star Emissary asked, “Young Master, are you going there yourself?”

Di Yi shook his head and said, “I’m at the critical period of breakthrough. I can’t go there right now. If I have enough time, I shall go there immediately after breakthrough.”

Orange Star Emissary said, “Since that is so, I’ll lead the Glazed Knight to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit. This time, I’ll surely be able to kill Zhang Ruochen. I won’t give him any chance.”

“No, you’re not his opponent.”

Di Yi tapped his fingers softly on the table, saying, “Red Wish Emissary might have refined the Blood Spirit Elixir. Her strength now is not inferior to yours. Both of you, lead a team of Glazed Knight and a set of Nine Star Formation Flag to Chaotic Millionverse Mountain.”

Orange Star Emissary said, “Is it necessary to deal with Zhang Ruochen with a Nine Star Formation Flag? Even with two sets?”

Di Yi answered, “I want you to attempt to capture Zhang Ruochen alive. Of course, if you can’t catch him, you can kill him. A person like Zhang Ruochen shouldn’t be alive.”

Orange Star Emissary knew clearly that Di Yi had always wanted to capture Zhang Ruochen and use him to practice shadow.

If Zhang Ruochen died, Di Yi would go after the second best choice: Bu Qianfan.

Bu Qianfan’s figure flashed in Orange Star Emissary’s mind. There was a look of struggle in her eyes. She bit her lip and made a decision that she would capture Zhang Ruochen at all cost.

Now, Zhang Ruochen could not die.

Di Yi looked at Orange Star Emissary’s back as she left, and his eyes sparkled with an evil smile. He ordered, “Black Heart, come out!”

A black-clothed man appeared in front of Di Yi and got down on one knee. He said, “Young Master, what is your command?”

“Yellow God Emissary should be getting experience for himself in the Primitive World of Xuan Wu. Pass down my orders to ask him to go to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.”

“I want him to do two things. The first thing is to figure out why Zhang Ruochen went to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit. The second thing is to capture Zhang Ruochen or kill him in any manner.”

The black-clothed man hesitated and said, “Young Master, you’ve already sent Red Wish Emissary and Orange Star Emissary to the Primitive World of Wood Spirit to attack Zhang Ruochen. Is it necessary to ask Yellow God Emissary to take action personally?”

Di Yi laughed and said, “Red Wish Emissary and Orange Star Emissary are just the ones I openly sent there. Their combined strength is not enough to defeat Zhang Ruochen. Actually, Yellow God Emissary will be the one to deal with Zhang Ruochen. Don’t ask me any more questions, and go do what you should do.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The black-clothed man contorted and turned into a cloud of black fog, then he sank into the earth and disappeared.

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