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Chapter 95 – Becoming a Legend

The black cloud on top of his head continuously enveloped him within a black mist. The little guy did all that he could to resist until he finally could not do it anymore. His body became more fuzzy as he angrily shouted.

For unknown reasons, no one was sympathetic while looking at the devilish brat being expelled. Many people were laughing until their mouths twitched.



“I’ll be back!” The little guy was unwilling, regretful, and extremely angry as he left behind his young and tender voice.

“We’ll wait for your return!” Coin Elder squinted his eyes and responded while raising his grizzled beard.

“Leave early and return early. Don’t be so greedy next time.” Hammer uncle laughed and warned him, as he carefreely waved a broken hammer.

“Ai, what a pitiful child, to actually be expelled by a Void God Realm. This should be a record too right? It seems like this has never happened before.” Bird grandpa sighed. That child truly made everyone speechless as he was truly a bit outrageous. He dared to do anything for the sake of obtaining a precious bone.

“Huhu…” The little guy was angry at the fact that he had actually been expelled. His struggles were useless as he was squeezed out of the Starting Ground by the black cloud over his head.

A vast ruin appeared in front of him, and he was surrounded by broken structures. They had a ancient aura about them, and the debris everywhere gave an account of its former glory.

Ancient devil mountains appeared one after another as the aura of primal chaos lingered about. They appeared within the ends of the horizon, and were extremely terrifying, as they resembled the times before the creation of the Universe.

This was the Void God Realm as well; therefore, it was the construct of the essence energy of Gods. Except the place here is already detached from the Starting Ground as well as the Heavenly Passage Paradise, so this place was not in that category.

In the distance, a willow tree that pierced the heavens was rooted within the ruins. Its five branches swayed in the wind as it absorbed the mist, and it was condensing the primal chaos’ aura while flickering with multicolored green light.

“Willow Deity.” The little guy gently called with a depressed and unhappy look on his face as he walked over step by step.

The Willow Deity was awoken from its special cultivation state. It was a bit surprised as it asked, “Why have you returned? With your heavenly gifts, even if you stayed for over half a month, your true body would not be affected that much.”

“I was chased out.” The little guy was extremely angry as he gnashed his shining and sparkling little canine teeth, “I was very unwilling. Is there anyone to murder my way back in?”

“Who chased you out? Could it be that you met an opponent that you could not beat and was beaten out?” the Willow Deity asked. Its gentle voice made people feel tranquil and calm.

“I was chased out by the Void God Realm. It won’t let me stay inside.” The little guy was dejected as he scratched his head and kicked a piece of rubble.

“Eh?” Willow Deity was amazed. The willow that was always so calm and peaceful, yet it seemed to have exposed some fluctuation in mood as it asked, “What happened? Why did the Void God Realm want to chase you out?”

“I…cracked a piece of rock. Then I accidently crumbled a tablet and dug out a bone from inside. However, I was warned and a black cloud pressed over my head.” The little guy answered.

“Something’s wrong. Something special must have occurred. Give some more details. If you truly received some humiliation or injustice, you can return,” Willow Deity said.

“Oh, that tablet is the Record Tablet and that rock is the Void God Realm’s passageway…” The little guy gave a concise account of the events.

Willow Deity, “…”

The Willow Deity was speechless for a long time. Its scorched black trunk was absorbing the mist of Primal Chaos. Its five tender and alluring branches were absorbing the essence energy within the Void God Realm, as if they were petrified in place.

“Willow Deity, can you say something? Can I reason with them and return again? I was so unwilling to leave!” The little guy let out a hopeful expression as he lightly asked.

“You can’t!” The willow tree was clear and straightforward as it instantly denied him.

“Why?” The little guy was shy from a lack of confidence.

Willow Deity sighed and said, “You really… Could you have stepped out of line any more? If it was me, I would definitely not have banished you.”

“I knew; Willow Deity is the best. Ah, too bad you’re not that heartless Void God Realm.”

“If it was me, I was have immediately thrown you into the middle of a black-colored beast prison,” the Willow Deity said.

The little guy was dumbfounded, and could not help but scratch his head when he heard these words. He justified himself with his little voice, “That large of a Void God Realm with that many Stone Tablets, it wouldn’t miss one. Furthermore, it didn’t write anything about not allowing people to break it.”

“Let’s just come back after two years.” Willow Deity drew this conclusion as it firmly and bluntly dispelled his ideas.

“I will certainly be back!” The little guy ran to the ends of the ruins and yelled towards a large limestone. That limestone was the passageway connected to the Starting Ground.

“Yi, why do I hear the yelling of that baby? Is it real or fake? He has already been expelled. Could this be some powerful mystical ability?” A group of people within the Starting ground were bewildered as they looked at each other.

Within the ruins, Willow Deity’s entire body shone, and green multicolored light surged like water before ferociously exploding with a shockwave that reached the heavens. Its five tender branches dramatically increased in size, until it was over several li long, piercing up into the heavens.


The space trembled as a gate appeared, and an extremely dense mist emerged with propitious vapors rising around it. It wrapped itself around the little guy, and charged into the heavens and leapt through that door.

Within Stone Village, Willow Deity’s original body shone as it sprinkled out endless divine splendor to cover the entire village. Then, a majestic will appeared and descended within the body of the tree.

Underneath the tree, a pretty child was sitting cross-legged. His little face was a glossy white like jade, and his eyelashes were very long. However now, he suddenly opened his large eyes and quickly stood up.

“Child, you’ve woken up. How do you feel?”

“Your body was motionless and you had no spirit. We thought that something was wrong with you. Your soul shouldn’t have left your body right?”

A group of villagers surrounded him with a worried and nervous expression.

“There’s nothing wrong with me. Willow Deity was taking care of me, so I was not in any danger. I went to a place called the Void God Realm.” The little guy stood up and informed them that he only went through a mental journey within the great void.

“Ah, I should have thought that it was the Void God Realm a long time ago. Only, I’ve never gone into it.” The chief cried out in surprise.

“Wow, a mental journey through the great void. How did it feel? What kind of place is the Void God Realm?” Qingfeng asked curiously. He followed the group of children and surrounded him as they chattered continuously, demanding that he tell them.

The little guy spoke everything truthfully and did not hide anything. The people who listened all looked distracted and dumbfounded until they finally exploded with laughter after a short while.

“I say child, you truly know how to mess around. Banishing you was truly not an injustice.”

Everyone burst into laughter, and only the little guy’s little face was dark with endless extreme anger.

“We have to go there and cultivate as well.” A group of children shouted with great expectations.

After leaving the Void God Realm, everything was like before. The little guy started cultivating again, and everyday he journeyed deep into the mountains. He crossed the great wastelands and fiercely challenged all kinds of vicious creatures.

However, when it was the dead of the night and he was comprehending the True Primordial Records by himself, he had difficulty concentrating as he always thought back to the events that happened a short while ago.

The spirit journey this time allowed him to see the outside world. He was looking forward to confronting many experts, and wanted to go back and fight with the endless schools, pure lands, and ancient countries.

In the end, he shared his thoughts with the village chief. The chief was silent and only nodded after a long while. “Child, you should spread your wings and soar. Stone Village is too small, and does not suit you.”

All the villagers were informed, and they all came over in a hurry. Although they understood the reason for the little guy’s decision, they still had difficulty giving him up.

They watched as he learned how to walk, learned how to say yiya, and eventually become so extraordinary. His departure now made all the aunts and grandmas shed tears.

Even the group of adult males were silent at the fact that the child had finally grown up. The little Stone Village could not contain Shi Hao any longer, and he needed a vast sky to spread his wings and soar through.

“Little guy, how about we go with you?” Er Meng, Pi Hou, and several others gathered up and wanted to take a look around the outside world.

“No, your cultivations are far from enough to walk out of this great wasteland. Stay here and cultivate well for me!”

“That’s right. Er Meng, Pi Hou, you guys are already twelve or thirteen. You should marry and leave behind a bunch of babies before leaving.”

Their parents and the elders were opposed to it, and even mentioned marriage. It made these children flush red with embarrassment.

“I’ll go together with little big brother.” Qingfeng said.

No one opposed it, because the little guy was precisely going to send him to Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Okay! Let’s go tomorrow.  We’ll cultivate along the way, and slowly take our time to travel through everything.” The little guy nodded. Finally, he bid farewell to Willow Deity and asked for its opinions.

“Just go and be careful along the way. However, it’s best if you return before you are twelve,” suggested the Willow Deity.

The little guy exposed a bewildered expression as he asked why.

“Come back to Stone Village to receive a baptism,” Willow Deity informed.

The children of large clans, as well as the noble children and disciples of pure lands conducted several baptisms. These were held when they were five, ten and fifteen years old, and were done with the True Blood of vicious beasts as well as rare precious medicines to refine the body and wash the innards. It was important, as it concerned their future accomplishments.

Before the little guy was five years old, he had been sealed within a cauldron, and his body had been refined by the precious blood of the Archaic Descendant Suan Ni, laying down a strong foundation.

“Your roots are very good. Two years early or late for your second baptism is fine, but you can’t miss it no matter what, so you have to return.” Willow Deity warned repeatedly.

The little guy carefully nodded to show that he remembered these words, and was deeply grateful. This time, Willow Deity seemed to emphasis the importance of this, and he did not know what kind of baptism it wanted to conduct on him.

When their departure finally arrived, all of the villagers sent the two off. The unicorn, Little White, shined all over in silver white light, as if it was cast in metal as it was wrapped in symbols. It almost transformed into a vicious beast, and now, it turned into the leader of these precious mounts.

This group of unicorns had already familiarized themselves with the people of Stone Village already, and practically belonged to everyone.

“Little White, I can’t let you accompany me this time. The place I have to go is too far and filled with many dangers.” The little guy patted its lowered head.

The cries of birds sounded as Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing descended. Each of them were several meters along, and they had become increasingly mystical and powerful. Their entire bodies were circulating with symbols.

In a year or two, they would fully mature and become rulers of the nearby mountain ranges. At that time, not only would Stone Village be extremely secure, the hunts that the villagers carried out would be much safer as well.

“Zi Yun, you guys can’t follow either. The journey is too far and it’s truly very dangerous.” The little guy appeased them and told them to stay here in order to protect the village well.

The three birds continuously rubbed their heads affectionately against his body to express their intimacy and dissatisfaction, but they had no choice.

In the end, only the golden Hairy Ball jumped onto his shoulder. The main thing was that it was only fist-sized, so it was a small target. No matter where he went, it was very convenient to bring along.

Before departing, the chief took out a stone box and solemnly opened it before taking out a scarlet feather. “Child, bring this with you.”

It was the object that the little red bird left behind at that time. When the willow tree treated its injuries, it had no way to return the favor, and left behind a divine feather as an object to show its goodwill. This was possibly very intimidating for some of the larger clans.

Finally, the little guy and Qingfeng left on their way. The villagers sent them out over several li away. Many people shed tears as they truly feared that these two children would encounter some accidents, as they were still young.

The world was too big; a single piece of the great wasteland would stretch over ten thousand li. Once they separated, it would be difficult to see each other again. Many of the village’s females began to cry, and even some of the adult males felt their eyes turn sour.

“Little guy, you must come back quickly. We are still waiting for you to take us to explore the world!” shouted a group of children. When they met again, perhaps they might have matured more and become fathers and mothers already.

“Goodbye!” The little guy also shedded tears. After giving them one last glance, he quickly charged into the distance with Qingfeng.

Time quickly packed by. In the blink of an eye, several months passed by.

The little guy and Qingfeng traveled out of the great mountains. To travel by foot, 300,000 li was simply an astronomical figure. However, the two used many methods. Along this route, they made quite a few ferocious beasts yield, and used them as a means of transportation. Of course, their mortality rates were high, and they had to switch mounts from time to time.

Because they were mainly training their body during this time, they were not really in a hurry this time. They continuously explored many forbidden lands and almost encountered death a few times.

This was also why the little guy did not bring his unicorn. They were already quite affectionate towards each other, so he did not want it to die during the journey.


Qingfeng shouted loudly when his body was in midair. He was exceptionally nervous as the surrounding wind whistled past.

The little guy caught a vicious bird, and the two leapt onto its back to travel quickly through the mountain range. The vicious bird was going crazy, and almost threw themselves down several times.

The two were like sticky paste medicine. They clung onto its back with their lives as they controlled it towards a certain direction.

They only let it go after several days when the vicious bird started to accumulate white foam in its mouth and could not handle it anymore. In fact, they needed to replenish their food and water as well.

“It’s so exciting!” Qingfeng was very excited. This part of the journey was an incredibly refreshing experience for him.

Only, it was very dangerous to do this as well. Sometimes, the vicious birds or fierce beasts were excessively unyielding. They would charge directly into a forbidden and provoke countless terrifying creatures.

In fact, they encountered danger the following day. They were caught by an unknown beast that had dense purple scales all over its body. It carried them into a swamp, and provoked a large centipede that was over ten meters long. It spat out a toxin that immediately destroyed a large part of the forest.

The purple-scaled beast died on the spot, and became a pile of white bones. If not for their quick thinking and jumping off early to escape, both of their bodies would have certainly not existed anymore.

They were not pressed for time during this journey. They continuously to travel while cultivating. They actually found over ten pieces of spirit medicine, and even hunted the true blood of many vicious beasts that would greatly benefit their cultivation.

After half a year, the two finally walked out of the 300,000 li great wasteland, and arrived at the border area of Stone Country.

During this time, the little guy established his fifth Heavenly Passage. A volcano was overflowing with golden-colored liquid as it surged and flowed into the little guy’s body.

Currently, he was surrounded by volcanoes above his head, on his sides, as well as in front of his chest and the back. He was still only nine years old.

“Little big bro is so powerful! It has only been half a year, yet you broke through again! Grandpa chief has said that it takes at least several years for others to open up another Heavenly Passage!” Qingfeng seemed to be in adoration. Within his little heart, this young little older brother was simply omnipotent.

“Still inadequate, I need to become stronger.” The little guy gently spoke.

During this past half year, Qingfeng also improved rather quickly. Under the little guy’s help, they hunted down many vicious beasts. Under the usage of the true blood, as well as swallowing many precious medicines, he already entered the blood transformation realm, and had almost reached the mid stage as well.

His symbols had long became deep and profound, but his only weakness was that his body wasn’t that powerful. It was impossible for him to be like the little guy who could compete with pure blooded descendants of God Birds or Vicious Beasts.

Finally, they entered Stone Country. They didn’t go on the same route as last time, and entered through a different city.

“Yi, I felt the Void God Realm. Unfortunately, I can’t enter.” The little guy discovered this fact when they entered Stone Country.

“Qingfeng, you should enter the Void God Realm to take a look. Find the ones called Hammer Uncle, Bird Grandpa, and Coin Uncle, and ask them where the Heaven Mending Pavilion is and how to get there.”

Last time, he was only there for less than a day, and didn’t even have time to ask them about these things.

Finally, Qingfeng sat down and began to meditate. He felt the presence of the Void God Realm, and finally entered.

Half a day later, little Qingfeng’s mind finally returned to his body, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“How was it?” The little guy waited expectantly. In reality, he was reminiscing about that mysterious world.

“Little bro, I didn’t know that you were so famous! That place is boiling because of you!” Little Qingfeng seemed extremely excited.

“What happened?”

Qingfeng said, “You did so many things! You broke the Void God Realm’s passageway, broke one of the dual pupils kid’s record, and you even destroyed the record tablet. Although you haven’t appeared in over half a year, you already become a legendary character. Except…your reputation isn’t that good.” Qingfeng carefully added.

The little guy’s face darkened as he stroked his chin. He was still deep in thought, and wanted to murder his way in.

“Hammer uncle leaked out the information, and many people know that you might go to the Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy. Right now, that world is crazy and explosive, and many people even wanted to follow you to the Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy.” Qingfeng was a bit nervous when he revealed this information.

In fact, a huge ruckus was occurring in the Void God Realm. It was all because the legendary naughty child appeared again, and he appeared in reality this time.

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