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Chapter 96 – Wind and Clouds Converging Upon Heaven Mending Pavilion

At the Starting Ground in Void God Realm.

“Is this real or fake? He actually wants to make his appearance! I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I can meet him in the Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy to see how extraordinary he is.”

“Meeting is is inferior to reminiscing.”

“Why reminisce, is he your lover or something? If I met such a strange child in one of the Pure Lands, I would really spank his buttocks until they were to divide into eighteen pieces.

“That’s also true. If he was here, the naughty child might be a bit too savage, as his battle strength is a bit irregular to the point of being scary. We are restricted to the blood transformation realm so if we meet, it might easily end up in disaster.

In the Starting Ground, the large limestone continuously flashed as one golden passageway appeared after another. There was a constant stream of figures walking out from it.

The people all came from the higher level Heavenly Passage Paradise. After hearing news regarding the little guy, they immediately came to seek confirmation, because they valued him extremely.

“Look at me opening my big mouth. I really deserve to get beat!” Hammer uncle slapped his own mouth with incessant regret. When he heard information about the little guy earlier that day, he was a bit excited. In his moment of excitement, his voice became really loud, and instantly leaked out the information.

Bird grandpa was calm and collected. He was not worried at all and said, “Don’t blame yourself. With the nature of that strange child, he definitely won’t come out on the short end. He’s full of evil tricks, and I reckon that he’s thinking of something devious right now.”

Coin elder was even more outrageous. In a very populated place, he laid down a tablet with the following words engraved on it: Want to learn where the milk child is? Donate one spirit coin.

“That old thing!” When hammer uncle saw, he was so shocked that his jaws dropped to the floor. That grizzly-bearded old man truly knows how to make a business. No wonder he was called coin elder by that strange child.

Bird grandpa became agitated as well. He immediately tore off a broken rag to sell false information together with hammer uncle and instantly attracted the attention of a group.

“Do you see those two old men and that man with the hammer? They are the same type as that rotten child. They’re all crazy and despicable.”

People who knew inside information all pointed fingers in blame from not so far away. They thoroughly understood the obscure truth that people of similar natures gathered together, as this was the best explanation.

A group of people wearing black armor that flickered with  a cold, golden luster appeared. They took large strides out of the golden passageway and quickly scattered to ask people for information regarding the little guy.

Everyone was shocked, since these people were exceedingly powerful, and their origins were very remarkable. There were some ultra strong powers that were paying attention to this. They didn’t know whether that little child was good or bad.

Afterwards, a piece of beast bone that was steaming with purple air appeared and streaked across the sky. There were many people on top, and they were lead by a female wearing purple clothing. She was extremely beautiful with bright eyes and white teeth, and her body was sleek and slender. There were several experts behind her that looked like lofty mountains.

“This…why do they feel like some ancient country’s nobles?”

“Shhh, lower your voices. Don’t say anything. We can’t provoke them.”

Many people revealed their serious expressions, and were afraid of leaning forward. They did not want to come in contact with them, since they feared invoking some sort of disaster.

The purple clothed female stepped off of the beast bone. Ripples circulated within her eyes, and didn’t utter a single word. In front of the booths opened up by the coin elder, bird grandpa and the others, she threw down a coin and waited for them to give their information.

“Fairy… She definitely wants to hear real news.” Coin elder was face of of reverence, because he did not dare to cheat these types of people. He immediately told her that he only knew that the naughty child was going to Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy and nothing else.

Bird grandpa’s face was full of seriousness as well, and did not exaggerate anything. At his age, he naturally knew these type of people couldn’t be provoked, and not even the tiniest bit of dishonestly would be tolerated.

“Those two old things are really not very good people, and that man with the hammer isn’t good stuff either!” Everyone pointed.

However, the people were finally convinced. That child who really knew how to mess around really did appear in the real world, and that it was not a fabricated rumor.

Today, not only was the Void God Realm stirring with commotion, many discussions were evoked even within places like Stone Country. Many great powers were very interested in the child who not only broke one of Shi Yi’s records, but was so intolerable that even the Void God Realm expelled him.

Everyone always believed that although the devilish brat was very outrageous, his innate talents were world-shocking. He had a hidden potential that was difficult to measure, and  was worth searching for and drawing into their own camps.

In the next ten to twenty years, it was highly possible that the child’s powers could tremble many regions and practically become an unrivaled existence!

Even the most powerful kings began to take action, and dispatched groups of war generals to look for him.

“Wu, the War King made his move. He actually dispatched his eight most famous generals, and he is determined to find that child.”

“Wood King also became involved. He made his own grandson lead a group of experts to search for him. Looks like they regard that child very highly. Do they want to draw him into their family?”

Many great powers were on the move. They sent out troops toward Heaven Mending Pavilion and Zhulu Academy, because they truly did not have a better choice; they calmly prepared to wait for him.

Not only Stone Country, even nearby ancient countries were stirred by the commotion; thus, many events had occurred.

“Have you guys heard the news? It was rumored that the little princess that the emperor doted on the most left the capital and went to study at a distance place.”

This new was very astonishing. Many people were guessing; this world trembling and smart little princess shouldn’t have gone to the Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy right?

“Many people saw with their own eyes that the phoenix chariot she travelled in flew rapidly against the wind in the midst of night. Its direction seemed to be toward the Heaven Mending Pavilion, this information is reliable.”

There was a sense of unrest everywhere. There were even rumors that several Archaic Descendants appeared, that asked humans regarding the matters of the naughty child.

“The news that Archaic Descendants are showing an interest in the child shouldn’t be fake. This is because back when Shi Yi challenged a few youth descendants, he came out victorious. Now that someone broke his record, it’s not unusual that they would come out and ask about this.”

Many great powers were paying attention. Some people wanted to rope him in, and there were naturally some who were hostile. Rain Clan was considered one of the latter.

Huge palaces and precious watchtowers surrounded the Rain Clan’s majestic residence, and quite a few people were indifferently sitting within a palace hall. After a bunch of discussions, they felt that it was necessary to find this child and pay attention to all news about him.

Although they valued him greatly, they did not believe that the little guy could threaten Shi Yi. They had extremely high confidence in their nephew.

“Although he broke one of Shi Yi’s records, he is still far from capable of beating him in an actual battle; he would be defeated in an instant. After all, apart from Yi’er’s dual pupils, he has an even scarier trump card.”

“Feng’er and his sister have already entered Heaven Mending Pavilion. Tell them to pay more attention. If they find a suspicious target, tell them to do their utmost! Additionally, send two more exceptional juniors there.”

“That’s right. According to that child’s age, he shouldn’t have cultivated for many years. It’s impossible for his realm to surpass our children’s.

A few people conversed. They seemed very cold, and possessed killing intent. During these past few years, their hearts were always in a state of unrest. The disappearance of Shi Ziling and his wife, as well as that child’s existence, became the number one thorn in their hearts. Once a genius appeared that was similar in age, it would prick at their sensitive nerve.

Many years ago, they had sent many experts to kill Shi Ziling, but they were all defeated. Blood dyed the western border, and that family of three escaped.

Today, the people of the Martial King’s family also made their move. They paid great attention; after all, that child broke their family’s dual pupil kid’s record, but no one knew what kind of action they were going to take.

“Martial King closed himself in isolation, and hasn’t appeared in many years. We don’t know whether he’s dead or alive, but in the past, he was able to compete for the position of emperor, so he must be a terrifying existence.”

“They are a terrifying and astonishing family of people. Although there were many outstanding talents within the capital, the Martial King family’s Shi Yi was enough to surpass them all! It’s terrifying!”

When heated discussions aroused within the boundless Void God Realm and the borderless ancient boundary, many huge clans made their moves. The little guy and Qingfeng once again continued moving. They received the precise locations of the Heaven Mending Pavilion and Zhulu academy from the Void God Realm, and began to head towards their destination.

The journey was truly long. According to their estimations, there was still at least a distance of a hundred thousand li, perhaps it was even a million li, as huge cities and endless mountains separated them.

It was absolutely impossible for ordinary people to walk there, since there were unmeasurable dangers en route. Fierce beasts flooded the lands, and vicious birds streaked across the sky, making the journey extremely difficult.

Human habitats were like tiny islands within the middle of a vast ocean. All kinds of large tribes were sprinkled within the boundless ancient forests. Large cities were created one after another, dividing up this great wasteland and endless mountains among themselves.

There was absolutely no way for people to know that the two travelled alone, without any protection from seniors. They traversed the countless dangerous places within the endless, and desolate mountains while fighting bloody battles continuously along the way, advancing forward through life and death battles.

This was the best type of training. They passed through over ten huge cities along the way, and once again set out toward their destination after a period of respite.

Their speed was not slow, and they accumulated a lot of experience. En route, they only captured speedy vicious beasts like the unicorn or spirited birds that weren’t violent, and used them as modes of transportation.

In the blink of an eye, another few months passed, and they actually travelled forward another sixty to seventy thousand li. They were like little savages since they were wearing dilapidated clothing while rapidly travelling on the backs of terrifying vicious beasts.

Now, their understandings of the great wasteland far surpassed people of the cities. At times, just by smelling something unique, or by watching how the wind blew past the grass, they would know that some terrifying creature was about to appear.

Finally, they  neared their destination; the rumored ancient sacred land.

Heaven Mending Pavilion and Zhulu Academy were in the same direction, and were pretty close to each other. Of course, the ‘close’ was relative to the vast earth, because the two were actually separated by a distance of 90,000 li; 90,000 li was enough to terrify many ordinary people, and was a terrifying number for them.

“Little big bro, join Heaven Mending Pavilion with me. We’re almost there.” Qingfeng was afraid the little guy would leave him when they arrived at their destination.

The two little savages scuttled through the desolate forest in their shabby clothing that had clashed with thorns and brambles. Furthermore, there was also Hairy Ball who was black all over.

“Let’s make our decision based on the situation,” the little guy said.

“You have to stay, or I’ll leave too!” Qingfeng was unwilling to let go.

“Yi, there are so many people.” The little guy was amazed.

A long way from Heaven Mending Pavilion, they already saw divine mounts like vicious beasts galloping, and spirited birds spreading their wings with humans riding on them.

“Wa, such a powerful spirited beast. Little big bro, look quickly. That’s the legendary White Jade Horned Elephant. Its entire body is spotlessly white, sparkling and translucent. It is covered in dense symbols, it’s so divine!

“According to legends, the White Jade Horned Elephant is the holy protector beast of the Little Western Sky. I never would have thought that there would be a descendant of it here.” The little guy nodded.

On their journey in and out of the great wasteland, they entered many huge cities. They understood much more about the current situation, and increased their knowledge by quite a bit.

Little Western Sky was an extremely terrifying and powerful religion that had been passed on for a long time. It was possible to trace their history back to an extremely ancient period.

“According to the group of vicious bandits I defeated, they had something to do with the Little Western Sky.” The little guy frowned. He did not want to irritate the religion prematurely because they had an extremely powerful might.

“It seems like it really is the people from the Little Western Sky. With their deep and ancient bases, they don’t need to cultivate at the Heaven Mending Pavilion at all.” Qingfeng was suspicious.

“Don’t get involved with them.” The little guy pulled him back and leaned against the side of the road.

Suddenly, a terrifying shock wave was transmitted from the air as a brightly winged and beautifully colored fierce bird streaked across the sky while carrying over ten females.

This time, Qingfeng could not contain his surprise. Many people on the road were shocked, and could not help but raise their head to look closely.

“That is a Rainbow Peacock with a direct blood relation to the Archaic God King. It’s so powerful and mysterious!”


A roar that sounded like thunder rumbling shook and swayed the mountains and rivers. A nine-headed lion that was gold all over appeared closeby. It spat of clouds and mists of golden light that flowed into every direction as if it was discontent with the cry of the Rainbow Peacock.

“That… Shouldn’t be an Archaic Descendant right?” Everyone was shocked.

“That is precisely an Archaic Descendant that belongs to the noble clan of an ancient country. This… Are noble princes’ and princesses’ coming to Heaven Mending Pavilion? This is truly astonishing.”

There was a palace on the back of the nine headed lion with a faintly discernible figure who had an extraordinary aura. It actually might be one of the noble princes’ and princesses’ who were sent here under the protection of many experts.

The little guy and Qingfeng looked at each other. It was truly astonishing that they met some individuals with extremely high statuses and powers when they were still on their journey.

When they walked forward some more, they discovered more and more spirit birds and beasts who were all extremely terrifying. Some were terrified to the point of making people tremble.

Compared to those people, the little guy and Qingfeng looked like two pitiful beggars in their shabby clothing without a single beast as transportation.

“How about we go and capture some wild beasts?” Qingfeng lightly said.

“Forget it, how come there are some many people here?” The little guy was suspicious.

“Don’t you know. Recently, Heaven Mending Pavilion has been incredible. That strange child in the Void God Realm is supposed to come, and it invoked  commotion everywhere. Many people came specifically because of this rumor.”

When Qingfeng heard this, he sneakily laughed on the side.

“You’re the one that’s strange!” The little guy silently cursed but did not say it out loud. With his messy appearance, he gently asked, “Is it that big of a deal?”

“It is! Many great powers want to find him. Some want to entice him in, and naturally there would be some who want to harm him.

The little guy frowned and did not say much as he dragged Qingfeng back onto the road.

“Look, a phoenix chariot flew over. What kind of strange bird is it that could be so beautiful? Could it be a Green Phoenix?” Some people cried out in alarm.

The sky overflowed with vibrantly colored lights as a carriage streaked past the sky. A Green Phoenix flickered with precious light as it emitted its powerful aura when it flew over everyone’s heads.

“This is Fire Nation’s Phoenix Charity. Wu, another exceptional character is here.” Someone sighed.

“Little big bro, are they all here for you?” Qingfeng gently said.

“It doesn’t look like it.” The little guy furrowed his brows and shook his head.

Shortly after, they finally obtained a piece of astonishing news. Heaven Mending Academy was going to publicly open their holy institution,  claiming that only the most stunning talents were allowed in.

Furthermore, the little guy obtained another piece of information that Shi Yi might come.

“It’s truly going to get lively around here. That naughty child in the Void God Realm who was the best at messing around is going to come, and that dual pupiled person might have his younger brothers and sisters from his clan sent over. Perhaps they might meet each other.”

“I have also heard about this, as this is fresh news. That Shi Yi has a powerful spirit and actually wants to look around the holy institution!”

After such news spread, it would naturally evoke a lot of controversy. The dual pupil person was going to come and even enroll in the holy institution. This was absolutely an explosive piece of news. It would inevitably trigger a huge ruckus, whether it was the ancient country or the Void God Realm.

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