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Chapter 94 – Shocking the World

He truly surpassed it. His little figure seemed like a heavenly God, and a divine light exploded from within his pupils. He broke through the clouds and mists, and he streaked across the sky like a stream of lightning.

At that precise moment, the little guy possessed an extremely terrifying aura, and as his black hair danced in the wind, the gaze in his eyes was like lightning. He truly resembled an ancient saint!

With an explosive force that ordinary people had difficulty even imagining, he soared into the sky. Not only did he surpass the peak that Shi Yi leapt over, but he also leapt over another large grey mountain beside it.

In the eyes of everyone, this was a miracle. An exceptionally ferocious person had appeared, and abruptly rose to the top that day. By breaking the record that Shi Yi had maintained, he would inevitably set off a heavenly overflowing storm.

His body was high up in the sky as the surface dust and smoke rose into the air. The entire ground collapsed after the huge fissures extended, sending many people flying. Many people cried out in surprise.

With a hong sound, the entire area sank down. It was hard to imagine just how much power the little guy’s feet contained. It was rumored that even the hardest diamonds were turned to dust.

It was not even over yet. The fissures extended over hundreds of meters, and made a nearby lake surge up and flow backwards into the crevices, causing many people fall into the waters.

“Is this… still human strength?”

Many people stood there and seemed deeply distressed as the lake water surged violently and arrived.

With a stamp of both feet, a force that could only be a display of heavenly might occurred! It was so powerful that it caused the lake to go berserk!

“Look quickly, the center of the lake and this area look the same, and there are many large crevices. That year, Shi Yi must have also jumped up like that, causing the lake waters to flow backwards.” Some people had sharp eyes, and as a result, they immediately discovered the truth.

Within the lake, there was a place that collapsed that was currently being battered by huge waves. Only after that place was exposed did people find out the truth about what happened back then.

“So terrifying!” The people sincerely revered people like Shi Yi and the little guy.

No wonder that child just warned them to back off into the distance a moment ago. It was indeed necessary, since with a stamp of both feet, he collapsed mountains with an unblockable force that even shifted the position of a large lake.

“So strong! He’s still only a child, yet he’s already so heaven defying and even broke records! How many people could keep him in check in the future?!” Even a group of elders did  not care about their images anymore and began to noisily shout out.

Within the sky, the little figure was like a golden-winged Peng as he spread his wings, spiraled down, until he landed on the peak of the taller of the twin mountains. As the mountain winds breezed past, his black hair rose up upwards. His eyes were deep and profound as he gazed into the horizon.

Everyone was immediately startled at what this child could possibly be thinking about. Right now, his temperament and age completely contrasted, and his powerful aura actually made some people fearful.

“He surpassed it! He actually broke the record!”

“Reputed as an insurmountable genius, the youth that resembled a God yet the record that he established was actually broken. Broken in one go!”

This entire area began to boil, since this result was world shocking.

Earlier, many people came solely to join in on the commotion. They never could have imagined that Shi Yi’s record would be broken. Right now, all of their mouths were shaped like an ‘o’ as they simply stared at the scene in disbelief.

This was simply too astonishing. Such a young child was already like this, how many accomplishments could he possibly have in the future?!

Everyone felt as if this was hard to comprehend, and many elders who were reaching the end of their lives became elated. A heaven warping, divinely gifted child like this only made them feel happy, making them feel like they had become younger by many years.

However, the young geniuses who had the cool expressions of a spectator earlier immediately lost all color from their faces. When they challenged Shi Yi’s record back then, they all returned defeated. Now,  such a small child accomplished what they could not do back then, their hearts had a difficult time accepting what just happened.

Symbols flashed, and a Rainbow-colored Luan rushed up into the sky. It was curled up in multicolored splendor, and it appeared very dazzling as it rushed into the taller of the two Gemini Mountains.

“It’s Zhulu Academy’s Female War God!”

“It’s rumored that this girl is extremely powerful and scary. Otherwise, how could she have obtained such a title.”

The Rainbow-Colored Luan split open the clouds and mists to arrive nearby. The Female War God’s entire body was covered in a golden armor, but was unable to cover up her impressive figure. Her bosom were ample, and her back was as tender as a willow. Her two legs were long and slender, and her entire body dazzled in a golden light. There was an unconventional beauty to her.

Although, she wore a golden helmet, a large portion of her face was also uncovered. Her facial features seemed as if they belonged to a painting, and her skin was sparkling and white. She was a rare beauty who had a temperament that was different from everyone else’s.

She looked at the little guy. She opened her mouth, revealing her pure white teeth that flickered with luster, and said, “I want to invite you into Zhulu Academy.”

Everyone was shocked at how direct Zhulu Academy’s Female War God was, since she immediately came up and sent an invitation. However, this was inevitable because they wished to capture outstanding talents; otherwise, how could they become so powerful and extraordinary.

A beast skin floated up and rushed high into the sky as it flickered with symbols. A group of white clothed females who were all outstanding beauties stood on top like a group of Goddesses.

“Little junior brother, we wish to invite you to the Heaven Mending Pavilion.”

This made everyone envious as these two sacred lands fought over a child. After drawing him in, they would give him first-rate treatment and raise him into a Daoist Protector or a Core Disciple.

“I say, friend, you have to make a decision slowly. For your cultivation, it’s not necessary to join these places, as some ancient clans might suit you better.” At this precise moment, an elder with hair like a crane opened his mouth as he sat atop a strange rock that flew high into the sky.

“Wu, little fellow practitioner, could I say something?” Another person spoke out.

Within only a few moments, over ten groups of people extended their olive branches towards the little guy.

They were the absolute most top-notch and powerful figures. Ordinary large clans did not even open their mouths, because they knew they lacked the competitive advantage in the face of Zhulu Academy, Heaven Mending Pavilion and ancient families.

The little guy snapped back to reality, scratched his head, and bashfully laughed as if he was feeling claustrophobic.

Many people felt that this child was very simple, but there were still some who maintained their complaints. In particular, the four large clans who were extorted cursed within their hearts. Just pretend some more, if you were so sincere and shy, you wouldn’t have had any ideas about breaking the Void God Realm’s passageway! If you were truly so shy, why would you extort us? So infuriating!

“Thank you all sisters and uncles. I don’t know what choice to make right now. Let me think for a while,” the little guy answered. He did not want to pick one and offend the others.


These people were all very straightforward. They were either born in sacred lands or originated from ancient families, so they did not harass him further because they knew it was useless, and quickly backed away.

Afterwards, the little guy’s expression seemed to be deep and adrift again as he looked into the distance. No one knew what he was thinking about while looking so distracted.

“I say, what are you thinking about child?” yelled Coin Elder loudly, since he felt the little guy was a bit depressed and was thinking some unhappy thoughts.

“Ai,” The little guy sighed and said, “I forgot something.”

“What thing?” Bird Grandpa asked. Everyone else all became flabbergasted.

“I forgot to gamble with you guys. Before I broke the record, I should have put some stakes on myself! I forgot!” The little guy regained that distant expression and angrily yelled.

“Ah, f*ck off!” Everyone wanted to throw shoehorns at him. Looking at his dejected and unhappy expression, they thought that something serious had happened. However, in the end it was just some lousy reason. Unhappy because he didn’t throw others into a ditch?!

Just then, everyone thought he had character. Although he was very young, he had looked into the horizon with an extraordinary temperament. Now… His image completely changed, as this naughty kid was actually thinking about how he failed to throw everyone into debt!

With a sou sound, the little guy immediately jumped off the peak as a result, he astonished a group of people into rapidly retreating. They learned from their earlier mistakes, and none of them wanted to be knocked flying again.


Diamond rocks were smashed apart as a large deep hole appeared on the ground. The prodigious child walked out of it completely unscathed as he swatted the dust away from his body.

“Hai hai…” Many people were knocked off their feet from the impact of the dust, and immediately began to cough.

The fact that the little guy had broken Shi Yi’s record had already spread out at an extremely astonishing speed. At first, it was the emergence of the record on the stone tablet that shocked the Earth and the Void God Realm. Then, discussions began to arise within the schools and noble mansions of Stone Country.

This piece of news was like a violent storm, and quickly propagated amongst the cultivators. Everyone knew that an incredibly young child had suddenly emerged, who was heaven warping and divinely gifted.

“Within a single day, he broke three records, and especially the last one, he embodied an unrivaled strength. He even exceeded Shi Yi by a good amount, what a Godly record!”

“Spare no effort to find him. Clearly find out where he came from, and what kind of background he has. It would be best if we could invite him into the Imperial City!”

At this moment, even the ancient country was shaken. Each and every major power gave their orders, as this was a child that could contend against Shi Yi, and was definitely worth roping in no matter the cost.

“Search, we must scout out information regarding him. We must not overlook this opportunity!” Meanwhile, there was a direct descendant from the Rain Clan with a great amount of authority who had an ugly expression on his face; he wanted to find out the little guy’s identity.

One of Shi Yi’s legends were smashed apart by someone, and although it was only a single aspect, it still aroused a great tempest. Regardless of whether it was within the Void God Realm or the ancient country, this matter was currently discussed by everyone.

“Wu, this child’s background is extremely hard to uncover, it’s best for us to first carefully observe him within the Void God Realm.”

Many people wanted to know what the little guy, who just broke the previously unbreakable legend of Shi Yi, was doing. As a result, many people who previously did not come to look also appeared, causing the Starting Ground to be packed with a multitude of people.

“Yi, why is he squatting on that large limestone again. What is he thinking about?”


The limestone shook, and that expanse of light enveloped him, sheltering that area.

“He… Can’t be breaking another one of the Void God Realm’s passages right?”

Right as they were speaking, the stone tablet appeared once again, and a few words appeared on top of it: Smashed open the Starting Ground passageway…

“Ah go!”

“This really is a heaven angering person!”

“He really did smash open another one during such a short period of time!”

Everyone was stupefied, and they began to make a huge racket.

“Are you kidding me?! He obtained another piece of precious bone!”

Every region began to clamor with noise. That child is too crazy. For the sake of obtaining the precious bone, he unexpectedly once again established a record, and once again smashed a golden passageway to pieces.

“The heavens cannot even tolerate this, as this angers both humans’ and ghosts’ alike!”

“Too crazy, this child needs a spanking.”

Within every region of the Heavenly Passage Paradise, everyone was similarly angry. Was something like this  okay? To actually award him with a precious bone, how could they not be angry.

“Who will go to the Starting Ground and give him a beating? This really makes me unbearably angry.”

“In the ghost land, there’s not many people who can act fiercely towards that child. To go is to look to get robbed.”

“F*ck… He broke another record. Look, he actually… This is the third time he broke open a Starting Ground’s passageway!”

Everyone then instantly became mad with anger. This child’s character was too ridiculous; for the sake of precious bones, would he just continue endlessly?

“Yi, that’s not right, this time he was not rewarded with a precious bone. This is… God has opened his eyes! Haha, to actually be warned by the Void God Realm, he can now be classified as an unwelcomed guest.

“Haha… this crazy child!”

In every region, everyone laughed to their heart’s content. The natural heavenly laws finally made a fair judgment.

The little guy was depressed. Originally, he wanted to gain his third precious bone, and he wanted to prepare for himself a divine formation, yet he never would have thought that he received a strict warning instead. A black cloud appeared above his head, but it didn’t scatter nor was it possible to drive away.

He grumbled in a low voice, “Why do you need to warn me, no one told me that I couldn’t attack the Void God Realm’s passageways. If this was written down in some form of writing, I wouldn’t have made that mistake.”



Everyone was laughing loudly. They didn’t know why, but whenever they saw this crazy child so deflated and oppressed by the black cloud, the people all felt carefree and especially happy.

The little guy was the only one who was sulky and unhappy, and as he walked all around the Starting Ground, he said, “You guys find  me ten Beast Kings, I’ll break the Dual Pupils’ other record.”

When those words were spoken, it immediately aroused another sensation. This crazy child really couldn’t be judged by ordinary means, and wanted to once again do something crazy.”

No long after, there really was a group of people who went to search for Beast Kings, and wanted to see exactly how strong he was.

“Yi, what is he doing?”

Some people noticed that the little guy was standing in front of the limestone, groping it about and making contact with the precious bone in front.

“Ah, this naughty child is crazy. He shouldn’t have the idea of breaking the record tablet right?”

Many people began to develop a bad premonition, and their gazes held strange expressions.


A world-shaking noise rang out, confirming the people’s suspicions.

“My ancestors… Why can’t you calm down a bit? You even had the idea of hitting the record tablet?” Coin Uncle and the others were all speechless, and they really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The others were all dumbstruck. This child was too crazy, he really dared to do such a thing!

Soon after, the canopy of light enshrouding the stone tablet retreated, revealing the little guy’s body, as well as the broken tablet.

“Ah, it really was smashed to pieces by him!”

Light began to drizzle down, and a new stone tablet appeared. Upon it appeared a new record: Breaking the Starting Ground stone tablet, severe warning, expelled from the Void God Realm for two years.

At the same time, each region displayed the inscription; all those who saw it became dumbstruck!

Only the little guy was extremely angry, and the black cloud above his head became even thicker, almost burying him.


After a short period of time, every part of the Void God Realm began to boil, and it was unknown just how many people laughed heartily that day.

“This is the first time that this had ever happened in history right? To actually be expelled by the Void God Realm!” The people truly were speechless, as even this type of event occurred.

“Haha… too interesting!” Many people began to laugh incessantly.

The little guy’s figure was weak and faint, and the black cloud covered his body. It forcefully crammed his body within, making it fade before vanishing.

“Why? I didn’t do anything wrong! There was nothing written on top of the stone tablet that said that I couldn’t attack it!” He shouted in anger.

“Child, two years will pass quickly. We will await your return. During that period of time, you will undoubtedly become a legend within the Void God Realm, hehe!” No one knew if the group of people were taking joy in the calamity, or whether they were sincerely sending him off with their regards.

Two years. It could not be considered long, yet could not be considered short either; perhaps a lot would happen between now and then.

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