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Chapter 91 – Most Robbed


The ground trembled, and the two people beneath Shi Hao’s feet tried to struggle free. As their arms struggled, the group cracked open, and the mountain rocks were split open. It was as if two enormous ancient beasts went mad as they wanted to stand up by using their terrifying divine strength.

Two peng peng sounds were produced as the little guy stamped their backs twice. The two were suppressed on the spot as blood dripped out from the corners of their mouths. They laid softly on the ground, and were unable to budge an inch.

Every direction was absolutely silent. There was no need to go and confirm their identity, as one could tell from the attitudes they displayed upon arriving here that they were important figures. They were most likely the elders of an enormous clan.

However, they were now stomped under the soles of the little guy’s two feet. This was truly too astonishing. That foolish looking kid was actually that powerful?!

“So astonishing, people who are able to break records would naturally have an area they excel over others. Even a child cannot be measured through common sense!” The group of people gasped in surprise.

Especially hammer uncle, bird grandpa and coin uncle. Their eyeballs almost popped. That naughty child who was was just bickering with them was actually that powerful? They truly made a error in judgement.

Those people always felt the way this child did things was unreliable, since he often often did things that made them speechless. They had been worried about him just now, and were afraid that others would steal away his symbol bone. The be alive is to have worries, and now it seemed that it wasn’t like that at all. This youngster so powerful, no wonder he simply revealed a thieving look in his eyes ; wasn’t that just paying respects to similar professions? He clearly was looking waiting and hoping for them to fall into his trap, that really wasn’t kind and honest!

“Little child, please let go of those two.”

The people across from him had ugly faces. How splendid of an enormous clan were they? However, their two clan elders were unexpectedly flipped onto the ground by a little brat and stamped underneath his feet. If news of this got out, what face would they still have left?

The only fortunate thing was in the Void God Realm, they hid their identities and appearances. Otherwise, they would inevitably become a big laughingstock within the large clans.

“Won’t release.” Little Shi Hao’s words were straightforward and only contained these two words.

The people across from him had terrified gazes as they all coldly watched him. He was only a child, yet he dared to challenged the power and might of such an enormous clan? He should be oppressed.

“Child, just let go. I’ll tell them to apologize to you.” A middle-aged man said with a steady tone.

“Not only do they want to take my precious bone, they also wanted to kill me. You think just a final light speech is enough?” The little guy was very calm.

The two people underneath the little guy’s feet were weaker than the three people across from him from a cultivation’s perspective. Those people were all simultaneously struck together, but only these two were flipped over.

Even so, these two’s identities and positions were extremely high, and they possessed might that overflowed into the heavens. Their powers were second only to those three middle-aged man. When they were normally angered, great tribes with a population of over ten million would fall, yet they were now under the feet of a little brat.

“What do you want to do?” The middle-aged man across asked. His eyes blinked and symbols circulated. The sun and moon seemed to emerge and submerge within his eyes as his extremely terrifying aura trembled people’s souls.

“I want compensation. Exchange it with your clan’s main precious technique.” The little guy opened his mouth like a lion.

Everyone went into an uproar. For any large clan, their most treasured possession would certainly be their clan’s main precious technique. It was the reason for their existence, as well as how they rose to the top.

In reality, precious techniques were extremely rare. Even for a clan containing tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people, they would only have one powerful precious technique accompanied by a few other smaller abilities.

The little guy demanded their clan’s main precious technique as soon as he opened his mouth, and this naturally made every single person within that group depressed. How could they possibly agree? Every one of them had an extremely gloomy look, and their expressions were incredibly ice-cold.

“Ai, looks like you two aren’t much. I was under the impression that I caught some big fish.” The little guy sighed. Then he crouched down to look at the two beneath his feet with a begrudging look.

This kind of expression, this kind of language made everyone look at each other without knowing whether to laugh or cry. The two big shots beneath his feet almost exploded their lungs in rage while feeling extremely humiliated.

Following that, the little guy made some swift and skilled movements as he searched and groped about these two people’s bodies to start stealing anything they had.

These movements made all the onlookers dumbstruck. How could he be so skilled? Exactly who was the victim’s family, and who was the victim? Why was it that no matter how one looked at it, it was the child who was doing the plundering?

“You…” Those two people began to tremble. How high were their statuses? No one dared to disrespect them on normal occasions, but now they were being exploited and robbed.


One of the two spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.

“You guys are so poor. How come you guys didn’t even bring your precious artifacts out? Even this coin uncle brought a few,” the little guy muttered.

Everyone in the distance felt dizzy. Precious artifacts that could take shape within the Void God Realm were all extraordinary. Who would just randomly bring them out? What would they do if they accidentally lost it?

If someone lost their precious artifact in the Void God Realm, it was equivalent to losing the soul essence of their artifact in reality, and its power would rapidly deteriorate until it eventually became nothing.

In the distance, the coin uncle’s face darkened. Why was he compared to spirit coins? Could it be that within that child’s eyes, he was equivalent to that that shiny lump?

“Child, stop overdoing it!” The leading middle-aged man opened his mouth. His essence appeared above his head, transformed into a flower and filled the sky. It was curled up in terrifying lightning that was accompanied by the rumbling of thunder.

The other two also had ice cold gazes, and symbols began to appear around their bodies. Even the entire skies were trembling, as if two supreme being level Archaic Descendants were standing there.

As for the clan disciples behind those three, they had been incapable of enduring for a long time and wanted to take action long ago. They wanted to seize this hateful child as soon as possible.

“You think I’m scared of you guys? If you don’t give me a precious technique, don’t even think of leaving with these two,” the little guy said.

“Seize him!” The leading middle-aged man opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blue light that looked like flames and electricity. The sound of crackling was everywhere as it suppressed everything. He was moving toward the little guy in order to counteract the power of the precious scarlet fan within his hands.

However, what made everyone leap in fear was that the child immediately shrunk those eighteen divine feathers into the size of a palm and placed it within his bosom. Then, he picked up those two people and waved them like weapons in order to kill everyone.

“Careful!” The people were afraid of harming their own people.

This despicable child was terrible, and he lifted up those two great figures and began to rotate them like a pinwheel. It gave birth to a powerful wind, and as they flew randomly and unpredictably, the actions were incredibly smooth.

“It’s so infuriating!”

Ah pu!

The other person also spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out. Their eyes could not see, and their hearts no longer felt troubled; they allowed the little guy to toss them from side to side, transforming them into weapons.

“Don’t care for too much. If we really hurt them, then let them self-cultivate for a few months in the real world,” said the leader of the three middle-aged men as they all exploded with their terrifying auras.


A group of people rushed forth with their precious techniques radiating and symbols interweaving, submerging this entire place in an ocean of multicolored light.


The important figure in the little guy’s left hand had his arm snapped by a strand of lightning, and fresh blood poured out. This woke him up, and made him repeatedly bellow out in rage.

“Clan elder, we’re not doing it on purpose. I beg for forgiveness.” The group of people were terrified, and felt as if their hands and feet were stuck together..

The little guy did not care, and continued to murderously sweep forward. The body of those two were extremely tough and durable, and they made clattering noises as they smashed into the group of people. Broken limbs flew about as fresh blood was spilt everywhere.

As long as there was battle and one fought like one’s life depended on it, there would inevitably be a bloody event. Very quickly, a pile of people leaned on the round and became the little guy’s spoils of war. He tossed together those motionless limbs into a pile together.

As for the two people within his hands, only half of their bodies remained as they screamed wretchedly non-stop. If this went on, they would surely lose their lives. Finally, they were also tossed into the pile of people.

It was like a pile of corpses. Although everyone was still alive, their blood flowed out non-stop, converging into a little river. This scene was a little terrifying, and the people couldn’t help but vomit.

Fortunately, this was the Void God Realm so if they cultivated enough in the future, they would still be able to heal; otherwise, this kind of murder spree would be too terrifying. If all the experts of this huge clan were crippled, the losses would be astonishing.

“Damn this Starting Ground that limits abilities to the Blood Transformation realm.” A large character was extremely angry and his heart was extremely shocked. The child across from him was also at the Blood Transformation realm and fought their group alone. What kind of power was that? If news of this spread out, perhaps no one would believe it.

However, many people at the scene saw it personally, so this reality was unquestionable. Everyone was flabbergasted since they had actually made a mistake. This foolish brat was too terrifying, and should not be provoked.

Short after, only three large characters remained on the opposite side while being bloodstained and battered with bruises.

What kind of people were they? With a shout, they could cause a disturbance within the weather, and tremble all four directions. Today, they could not stop a child at the Starting Ground. If this news of this got out, they would be laughed in ridicule.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, because this proved that if everyone was at the Blood Transformation realm, no one from the large clans were a suitable opponent for this child. What did this signify? A new star was going to rise to the top, and another heavenly gifted genius had appeared.

“Little child, you’re so excessive and harmed countless people from our clan. Do you still want to keep going?” A middle-aged man was helpless. Could it be that he wanted to seek the help of the clan and have his entire clan come to stop this child?

“There’s over a hundred people lying on the floor here, and only you three remain. Just come and crawl over here!” The little guy exposed a mouthful of sparkling white little teeth as he simply appeared like a little demon within all of these people’s eyes.

With a wenglong sound, it didn’t matter if their symbols flowed into the heavens, or how terrifying their auras became, they were still in the Blood Transformation realm. As the little guy weaved and attacked left and right, his power was unrivaled.


He swatted out with his palm, and flowing light flew out and penetrated the back of a middle-aged man. His front and back were both shining  as his fresh blood surged out, falling right into the pile of people.

Afterwards, he fiercely charged forward. With a kick, he smashed the symbols covering another person, and swept across his two feet. With a kacha sound ringing out, the legs were snapped apart. With a muffled heng sound, they landed atop the pile of people.

The last person wanted to escape and ran into the distance. The little guy waved the scarlet feather in his hand, and a divine feather rushed out and expanded until it was over ten zhang long. With a pu sound, it immediately turned one of that person’s legs into ashes, causing him to fall headfirst onto the ground.

In the blink of an eye, all the people within this huge clan were seized and became captives.

“Yi, something’s wrong. There’s one missing.” The little guy controlled a scarlet feather, and with chi chi sounds, it overturned a youngster who hid in the distance. He spat of a mouthful of fresh blood and was also captured.

“Many thanks to you. What do you go by? I heard that you were the Scarlet Cloud Prince’s younger brother. Only you gave me a precious artifact, the others are too poor,” the little guy said.

Ah pu!

This young man spat out a mouthful of blood. While being injured and angry, he passed out.

Everyone was dumbstruck at the magnificent sight ahead. That was a mountain of flesh that was formed from the bodies of over one hundred experts. All the troops within a huge clan had turned into captives.

The little guy walked forward, and his large eyes emitted light. He spoke a sentence that made everyone feel grief and indignation. “A pile of spoils of war are better than two people right? Among you, who will send out the message that these people can be exchanged for your clan’s main precious technique?”

“Then it’s you. Go to your clan and report that I love precious artifacts and precious techniques. I’ll gladly sit down and chat with them.” The little guy pointed to a young male and told him to deliver the news.

Pu ah!

A group of people all spat out blood as they became extremely angered.

The little guy sat on top of a large limestone and held his lower jaw while he stared at them, making sure that they couldn’t escape. His pair of large eyes emitted a thieving expression as if he was looking at a pile of treasures with the appearance of a little money grubber.

In the distance, the spectators were all sweating profusely, and didn’t know what to say since this child was truly outrageous. Just previously, many people thought that he was crazy and didn’t understand what was going now. Now, they all realized and rolled their eyes; this little devil of a swindler just wanted to rob everyone!

The little guy examined the scarlet feathered fan within his hands as he fondled it admiringly. He figured that this treasure was extremely rare, and it might actually be the feather of an Archaic Descendant.

“Since I obtain the scarlet feather, the rest of your clan’s precious artifacts shouldn’t be half trash right?” the little guy asked.

The pile of people agonized as they grunted indifferently with no intention of responding.


Suddenly, the little guy attacked, and the scarlet feather within his hand unfolded. With a casual wave, rays of lightning flashed, and scarlet flames overflowed the heavens; everyone east of him were completely submerged.

“So powerful, this is a valuable treasure. If I could obtain the original scarlet feather in the real world, then that would be even better.” The little guy’s eyes was full of little stars.

“What are you doing?”

“Milk baby, we did not provoke you. Why did you attack us?”

From the east, that group of people furiously bellowed, and they were all loudly shouting. Thunder and lightning sounds rang out, and the scarlet flames overflowed the heavens as they received the brunt of the terrifying attack.

This precious artifact was extremely powerful. It held the might of heaven, and it was difficult to defend against.

“Heng, don’t think just because you guy didn’t do anything, I wouldn’t know. You guys were staring at me before, and if it weren’t for these people acting first, you guys would have taken actions too,” the little guy said. He controlled the precious fan, and scarlet light flickered, burning these people until they suffered heavy injuries. However, they were not turned into ashes, so all of their lives were still intact.

Several people were particularly strong as wanted to flee, but the little guy constantly waved the precious fan within his hands. Its might truly overflowed the heavens, and together with his precious technique, symbols flickered and divine sounds rumbled as if the heavens were opening.

Finally, this group of people were suppressed as well, and another ‘human mountain’ appeared.


The little guy acted again and waved the precious fan towards another direction. Howls bursted out, and a bloody mist rose and thunder rumbled. Another place was submerged in the scarlet flame.

“You…what are you doing?” some people angrily cried out.

“Robbing!” The little guy answered.

“Impudence, do you know who you’re provoking? Attacking us without reason, even if you died ten times, it won’t be enough.” This group of people were very angry.

“Didn’t you guys have your eyes on me and wanted to steal my precious bone too? Because you endangered my life, I have decided to rob you guys now,” the little guy said.

A huge battle exploded. Although this group of people were strong, they were only at the Blood Transformation realm within the Starting Ground, so they truly could not resist the little guy. Even their numbers advantage was useless, since the precious fan in his hand was too powerful.

In the end, everyone from every direction lost. They all came from great clans, but now they were turned into four human mountains. This made all the spectators go foolish.

“Heavens, huge news, explosive news! A child defeated four large clans!”

When the people came to their senses, they all cried out in alarm.

The little guy’s eyes were very bright as he said, “Redeem the people here for your clan’s precious technique or precious artifact. I am a very reasonable person. As long as the precious technique is good enough or the precious artifact is magnificent enough, I’ll let you guys go.”

Everyone was fearful of this situation. This child’s appetite was truly huge. Was he going to rule the Starting Ground and torment these four large clans?

“Hammer uncle, bird grandpa, coin uncle, you people look for that mountain. I’ll head out soon enough to climb to the peak of that mountain to break that record.” The little guy yelled towards a few people.

When these people heard these words, all of the hair on their bodies shivered and stood up. This little brat was truly no ordinary person. He beat up the all the experts of these four huge clans by himself and he was still not done. What was he still going to do?

At this moment, a stone tablet emerged, and a row of words appeared on the surface as it flashed with an incredibly splendid and glaring light.

“This… The heavens are illogical again. He established another record!”

“Most Robbed!”

Everyone was dumbstruck and then their lids exploded as these words appeared on the tablet. The little guy robbed 563 people in the shortest amount of time, and established a record for most people robbed in the Starting Ground.

The group of people felt dizzy. This is okay too? This wasn’t splendid at all!

The stone tablet flickered, and reminded the little guy to add some words. He brushed and dotted, writing down eight big words: Heaven Warping Martial God. Just, open, and honorable.

Meanwhile, everyone saw the emergence of this new record within the Void God Realm and went into an uproar.

“Is there a mistake? Why is it this child again!?”

“What kind of record is this? Most robbed, Heaven Warping Martial God. Just, open, and honorable? Am I going insane?!”

“Where did this brat come from, where even robbing is honorable? What kind of heaven angering thing did he do in the end?”

The entire world clamored as many people were puzzled. Some cursed, and others searched for information.

“A person robbed over five hundred people and wanted to extort four large clans? Heaven angering as expected!”

“Where did this brat pop up from? Does he want to oppose the heavens?!”

The entire Void God Realm went into an uproar as a huge controversy stirred. Even those people at the Heavenly Passage paradise wanted to go take a look around the Starting Ground.

What kind of devious brat was this? How come he always establishes some disgraceful records?

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