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Chapter 90 – Plundering

The little guy’s eyes shined with a curious light as he carefully read. There were a few rows of words recorded on the stone tablet: Shi Yi, dual pupiled genius, killed nine beast kings in one battle and established a new record for killing kings at the Starting Ground.

This was an astonishing accomplishment. A beast king controlled an entire mountain range and had incredibly powerful strength. It was lofty and aloof, and when an ordinary person met one, they would typically run for their lives with absolutely no way of defending themselves.

Beast Kings were difficult to fight against even among peak level experts; otherwise, why would they dare call themselves kings?

Normally, it was very hard to encounter a beast king, yet Shi Yi actually encountered nine. He was attacked by all nine beast kings, furthermore, he killed them all; his accomplishment could definitely be considered extremely glorious.

This record was particularly special, and it held a significant meaning. This was the embodiment of true fighting strength, and it was also the fundamental aspect that people refined themselves to attain.

“Yi, you are looking at these records. Everyone who has their name recorded here are all incredible people. These are all people who wouldn’t find it difficult to shake an entire region,” hammer uncle scooched over and said.

“Of course, I’m recorded on there too.” The little guy puffed up his chest with a proud look all over his face.

Hammer uncle had already forgotten this little fact. After hearing that, he instantly seemed as if he ate a dead mouse, becoming completely speechless.

“The record you established is far inferior to everyone else’s. You were using some tricks to destroy the Void God Realm passageway. Others genuinely achieved this by fighting for their lives.”

“Coin elder, what are you saying? You don’t want to trade for the precious bone?” The little guy glanced at him.

“Trade! I was saying you’re a naturally born supreme being. Come child, let’s trade quickly.” Coin uncle’s grizzled bearded rose up as he was all smiles.

“Wait until I fully examined it.” The little guy gave him a knock on the back of his head.

Coin elder’s smiles suddenly congealed. Wait until you thoroughly examine it? That would take several tens of years! Would I even be alive when that day arrives? Moreover, I’m not called coin uncle you little brat!

Bird grandpa was also looking at the stone tablet and said, “You saw this record right? Shi Yi is truly not simple. It’s rumored that he is a naturally born supreme being.”

“Killing nine beast kings in one battle, this record would scare people to death.” Young lady Cai Luan spat out with her tongue.

“Naturally born supreme being?” The little guy’s expression was swaying a bit, and it was as if he had heard voices from the past. Certain scenes once again vaguely appeared in front of his eyes.

A pretty young lady held back tears within her eyes, and she continuously spoke towards the weak child on a bed. The child was extremely frail, and his two eyes dull and without expression. She was weeping as she said, “You are the true natural born supreme being, I am sister Mang…”

“The name Shi Yi had shaken this land for quite a long time ago, and there are only a few people who are unaware of his existence. This is a genuine peerless talent, a crowning power since the ancient era. How many people can compare themselves to him?” Hammer uncle nodded his head.

“Hammer uncle, find me ten beast kings. I’ll immediately beat his record,” the little guy said.

“What? Foolish child, you’re overestimating yourself again!” Hammer uncle was immediately startled.

Bird grandpa shook his head. How could beast kings be easy to find within the Starting Ground? They were all lonesome beings. Nine assembling together and attacking Shi Yi was considered a rare instance, and could even be called a miracle. From some perspectives, that also demonstrated the supreme power of a dual pupiled person.

“Don’t do something foolish and throw your life away. If you die in this place, you would require a few months time to get better in the real world, and the price is too great. The record established by that kind of person is not something we can break. It’s destined to stay there for several thousand or even several tens of thousands of years,” said coin elder.

“That kind of person? Is he really that heaven opposing?” The little guy always did things as he wished, and his voice did not contain the slightest degree of seriousness.

“Of course. I heard that he had already entered the higher level Heavenly Passage paradise and is currently looking for the young of a Pi Xiu, Taowu or other equally powerful supreme beings to battle!” coin elder said with a serious expression.

After hearing that, everyone’s face congealed. In those higher level regions, there were all kinds of powerful descendants. There might even be children from pure-blooded vicious beasts.

All humans who dared to challenge these creatures were destined to have their names etched in history. Furthermore, they were almost certainly going to enter the Hundred Clan Battlefield to fight for power and gain benefits for their clan.

“You have to understand that he dares to challenge the young of a Pi Xiu or Yazi. How terrifying is his strength? It even makes this senior somewhat frightful!”

Everyone who watched was deeply moved. Some people were born deities or saints, and were destined to illuminate the earth; no one could prevent them from rising to the top.

“Then I’ll just let him fight those Pi Xiu and Yazi beasts. When he’s done, I’ll just beat him?” The little guy did not seem to mind at all, and randomly blurted this out.

Everyone was still in the middle of lamenting, but after hearing these words, they felt like they had been whipped by a shoehorn. Why did this foolish kid break the mood every time he opened his mouth? Some people immediately became angry.

“Hey, Shi Yi did not make just one record. That last one was too dangerous. Take a look at this one, with the strength of the flesh alone and without activating any Bone Text, he climbed onto a mountain peak in one go.” Hammer uncle pointed to the stone, and as he read onward, he indeed found one more.

“So powerful, with one step, he immediately rushed into the sky and climbed onto a mountain peak. How terrifying is his explosive strength?” Young lady Cai Luan’s face was full of surprise as she felt this was inconceivable.

“This is too horrifying.. This kind of explosive force is too terrifying.” Bird grandpa cried out in surprise.

From here, it was clearly visible that Shi Yi’s battle power was unrivaled. The records he broke were extremely astonishing, and overwhelmed anyone who saw it.

“Hammer uncle, bird grandpa, coin elder, you guys go and search for the mountain and I’ll instantly break that record,” the little guy said.

“This child is truly hopeless.” Those people genuinely felt this kid was boastful and ridiculous.

Suddenly, a few people walked over and the man leading the way revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth as he said, “Little junior brother, let me speak with you.”

“Don’t do it. They’re trying to make trouble for you. They definitely have ideas about stealing away your precious bone!” the bird grandpa warned in a light voice.

Against their expectations, the little guy’s eyes immediately lit up with a thieving look after seeing this group of people. He delightedly agreed and he immediately walked over with a foolish expression.

Coin elder, hammer uncle and the others were dumbstruck.

“Little junior brother, I heard you destroyed a Void God Realm passageway and obtained a precious bone. Can you let me take a look at it?” The youthful man leading the group smiled and said.

“Okay!” The little guy was all smiles and immediately handed that precious bone over.

How is this kid so foolish? Hammer uncle and coin elder’s eyeballs almost popped out. He is almost too easy to deceive!

The people beside them immediately went into an uproar. If they had known that it was going to be that easy, why did they even prepare their crooked ideas. There was no need for them to contact their clan’s experts, and could have simply cheated it away from him.

This was too easy to obtain, and the group of people endlessly regretted that they had not taken advantage of that opportunity. They should have came over earlier, as this child was too simple-minded.

But the man did not pay any attention and did not stop at all. He took large strides forward and left. However, the people by his side turned around and sneered with ridicule in their eyes. Even they did not believe that it was going to be that easy.

“I say, I won’t sell it. Did you people not hear?!” The little guy’s voice became louder and his expression immediately became serious.

“Little junior, you can’t talk like that. This thing is already in our hands, and you already agreed to it.” The people across from him laughed with a ‘what can you do to me’ appearance.

“You wanted to steal it from me?” The little guy seemed extremely angry as he chased after them.

These people’s expression immediately became cold, and there wasn’t much to say. They directly took action and did not dare to be careless; after all, the little guy had established a record.

Of course, they were not scared either, because this so called record is rather disgraceful. In the past, no one had made an effort towards it; therefore, the little guy’s record was merely an overstatement of his abilities.


Pieces of symbols flew over like blossoming fireworks and enveloped the little guy within. These people began to make some murderous actions and wanted to eliminate him as soon as possible.  


However, the little guy was even faster, and shifted horizontally over ten meters with a single step. After that, his hands trembled, and two divine moons appeared. They collided together, fusing into a huge silver millstone that charged forward.

The symbols shattered, and the group of people were sent flying on the spot. The little guy charged past, and snatched back his precious bone.

Qiang, qiang…

Within the sky, a scarlet light shook the air, and its prestige was frightening. Eighteen streaks of scarlet rays of light flew past while emitting wuwu sounds. Strands of multicolored light circulated about, and its aura was extremely astonishing. It contained the aura of a great desolate vicious beast, and it terrified the people’s souls.

“Precious Artifact!”

“It’s actually a powerful treasure!”

Everyone cried out in alarm and they watched carefully. Those eighteen scarlet feathers were all over ten meters long, and they flew across like eighteen bloody spears with an astonishing demonic aura.

These were without a doubt the precious feathers of a vicious bird, and as they scattered about, they covered the entire sky. They were aiming to fatally wound the little guy, and left him with no routes of escape.

The people who were sent flying could only coldly laugh. They knew that powerful experts must have arrived from the various clans, as this was an extremely powerful and precious artifact that only important figures could obtain.

The little guy’s eyes were extremely bright. Symbols interweaved within his hands as he charged forth to forcefully struggle with one of the scarlet feathers. A lump of glaring light suddenly exploded, and multicolored scarlet light filled the air as mysterious patterns covered the sky like lightning.

This was an extremely terrifying aura. All the spectators were sent flying, and many people released wretched screams.

“Such a powerful precious artifact. It certainly belongs to a very famous and large clan. Otherwise, how could an ordinary person obtain it?!”

Everyone revealed a serious expression. Some large clan wanted to take action and steal away that child’s precious bone, making people very nervous and feel like this was worth watching.

The symbols between the little guy’s hands became even denser, and began to ignite like flames as he collided against a second scarlet feather. This time, the sounds were even more world-shaking, and the shockwaves were even more intense

This scarlet feather gushed out with a scarlet radiance, and it was as if a volcano was erupting. Scarlet multicolored magma surged and filled the skies, making it so hot that it made people shiver with fear. These types of precious artifacts were indeed rare, and the possessed terrifying might.

If an ordinary person faced it, he or she would instantly turn into ashes. Moreover, the opponent had eighteen of these scarlet feathers attack. How would one fight against that? It was almost certainly an supreme expert making a move.

What shook people even more was that child the was actually still blocking and was currently forcefully struggling against the precious artifact. Kengqiang sounds fluctuated in every direction.

The people who previously stole away the little guy’s precious bone was then sent flying, and the others who were sent flying previously all laughed at him. Their clan’s experts had appeared, and no matter how powerful this child was, he could not overturn the heavens.

Suddenly, their ruthlessness and their indifference coldly froze on their faces. The little guy appeared and carried them away as meat shields to block the precious artifact.


Scarlet color flashed past, and flames overflowed into the heavens. Four or five people were penetrated on the spot, and immediately turned into ashes before losing their lives.

The remaining few people were so scared that their souls almost left them; however, the little guy did not carry them as shields to block the scarlet feathers any more and immediately threw them off to the side.

Scarlet light flashed again, and eighteen divine feathers re-appeared, flying together like eighteen divine battle spears. Bloody scarlet multicolored light dyed the entire horizon.

Dang, dang…

Strands of electricity were emitted from the little guy’s body, and they twisted around his arms. His flew towards the few strands of scarlet feathers that were aimed at him, and fiercely collided into them as he charged forward.


Wretched screams sounded from behind him. The people thrown onto the ground by the little guy had all been penetrated by the scarlet feathers and became dust after they died.

The spectators were all terrified. This was for the sake of silencing them, a method employed by large clans to preserve their identity, and these clans erased everything.

The little guy’s eyes chilled as he loudly shouted, “Open for me!”

Dense silver symbols shone between his arms, as he waved his hands, two enormous silver millstones appeared in front of him. It was as if two silver-colored mountain peaks were being grinded together, creating a terrifying sound.


The scarlet feathers collided against it, and intensely trembled. The millstone did not break and continued to rotate, as if it wanted to crush the precious artifact.

Everyone took in a breath of cold air. This child’s precious technique was astonishing, since it could unexpectedly exchange blows with such powerful scarlet feathers; it was incredibly horrifying.

Qiang, qiang…

Sparks splashed in every direction as the silver millstone exchanged blows with the scarlet feather. Each time they intensely collided, shockwaves as terrifying as a violent ocean tsunamis would be released.

“I just remembered, I once saw this precious clan artifact in the higher level Heavenly Passage Paradise. It’s Scarlet Cloud prince’s weapon.” Suddenly, someone began to talk.

Clearly, the one speaking came down from the higher level Heavenly Passage Paradise and returned to the Starting Ground. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to know.

“What? That’s impossible. Scarlet Cloud prince is a very famous young expert within the Void God Realm. Did he actually personally come?” Many people alarmingly cried out.

It could clearly be seen how terrifying the Scarlet Cloud prince was, since it made so many people restrain themselves out of fear.

“This precious artifact has an enormously powerful origin, and it is very possible that the feathers belonged to an Archaic Descendant. It could be called a clan suppressing treasure that has its own life force, and thus could appear in the Void God Realm.” Someone spoke out.

The little guy did not care about this at all. This was the Starting Ground. No matter who came, their powers would be suppressed to the Blood Transformation realm so he had nothing to fear.


The silver millstone greatly expanded in size as if it was going to cover the entire sky and block the scarlet feathers outside. It was difficult for them to descend, completely preventing them from harming him.

With a large dong sound, the little guy stamped both his feet on the ground, and then immediately charged out over 100 meters. He appeared in front of a man in the blink of an eye and said, “By hiding here, did you really think I wouldn’t be able to find you?!”


He slammed forward with his palm, creating a thunderous sound. His extreme boundary flesh strength alone was already world shocking. How powerful would it be if he added the strength of symbols to it? His palm descended, and instantly shattered this youth’s symbols.


This person began to spurt out large mouthfuls of blood as he flew out horizontally. Half the bones within his body made pi pi pa pa sounds as they all broke and deformed from within, making his body look mushy.

“So powerful, he sent the scarlet feather’s owner flying with a single palm!”

“Even such a powerful precious artifact could not resist it!”

“Yi, that’s not the Scarlet Cloud prince. It’s his younger brother, I saw him once before.”

In the instant that Chi Feng dropped onto the ground, the eighteen divine feathers lost their luster and quickly shrunk as they floated towards the ground.

The little guy rushed over and collected all of them within his hands. They suddenly transformed into a blood colored fan, which was the true form of the precious artifact. That youth just then was incapable of using it as a whole; therefore, he split it up and used them separately.

“Stop!” Someone shouted loudly.

Not far away, a group of people appeared, and these were all middle-aged individuals. They possessed the aura of a prestigious clan, and with a single look, one could tell they were top level experts.

All the spectators were shocked. Why was such a group here? With a single look, one could tell they were important figures that came from a large clan. Could it be that the bone within that child’s hands was that extraordinary?

“That precious bone is certainly extremely valuable. After all, it is used to build the Void God Realm’s passageway!”

“That’s right. Precisely because of that, it was able startle such huge clans!”

The people quickly guessed their nature.

“Release your hand and return that precious feather!” that group of people shouted. As the leader opened and closed his eyes, symbols circulated, and it was incredibly terrifying.

“You guys think I’ll let go if you tell me to? Crawl onto your stomach, behave and accept being robbed!” said the little guy fearlessly. At the Starting Ground, even if you were a clan leader or a king, you could still only display the cultivation at the Blood Transformation realm.


He took out a scarlet feather and with a blow of the wind, it immediately stretched to ten zhang in length, directly sweeping past.


The few people who were at the front had extremely high statuses, yet they had to bear the brunt of the force. Two of them were immediately knocked flying, and the others backed up a few steps.

With a shua sound, the little guy used the scarlet feather again and swatted two people onto the ground. Soon after, he rapidly rushed over, and stepped on their bodies.

Everyone was startled as their eyes straightened up. These were possibly very important figures of an enormous clan, yet they were actually overturned so easily. This would inevitably become explosive news that would shake every region.

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