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Chapter 92 – Successful Exhortation

The Starting Ground was incredibly lively as people came and went. That large limestone with symbol bones embedded on it flashed with multicolored light from time to time, and golden passageways were created as groups of people came out.

“Where is that brat. Let’s see if he truly possesses the remarkable abilities to establish these records within such short amount of time.

“This child is truly making the heavens angry, but I am looking forward to seeing just how he’ll extort those four huge clans, hehe.”

The golden passageway was bright and resplendent as groups of cultivators walked out. These were all experts who came from the higher levels of the Heavenly Passage Paradise, and after hearing about the situation from the stone tablet of the Void God Realm, they decided to join in on the fun.

“Martial brother, I haven’t seen you for a while. Where have you been cultivating recently?”

“I’ve been cultivating within the Heavenly Passage. Today, I’m ten times stronger than I was in the past. The friends from Blue Water Path have already died, and only you, me and a few others are left. Let’s meet up in a short while.”

At the Starting Ground on top of that large limestone, the golden passageways appeared from time to time as people both young and old came out. There were also toothless and bald old people who couldn’t help but sigh at the sight of each other.

It was clearly visible how much attention the Starting Ground attracted. It was ten times as lively today as it usually was.

The outside world was put into turmoil, but the little guy was sitting on a huge rock while holding his chin. His eyes were not even blinking, and he looked incredibly altruistic. He stared at his own spoils of war with a passionate expression as he muttered, “This pile on the east can be exchanged for a precious artifact. The pile in the south must be exchanged for a precious technique. The pile to the north…”

Each ‘pile’ was made up of over a hundred experts, and some of them were incredible characters and experts whose identities were extremely high. However, they were now piled up like cabbages, and were evaluated as a ‘pile’.

No one knew whether to laugh or cry. This devilish brat was quite a marvel. How could the experts of the four clans take this? Their lungs must be practically exploding by now.

This was reality. There were five hundred and sixty three experts from the four large clans that appeared, and were now stacked up into four piles of people. They all suffered heavy injuries, and were unable to move freely.

Their prices were currently being evaluated as a ‘pile’ by a child, and this made these people so angry that their noses were almost crooked. Are the heavens still logical? They were actually organized into such a wretched state.

Within these four piles of people, there were several highly revered characters who normally would be able to ‘call the wind and summon the rain’1, control many troops, and disdainfully look down towards the world. However, they were now similarly put into a ‘pile,’ and met such a crime. That kind of stifling feeling of being wronged was almost choking them to death.

“So disgraceful!” An old man panted heavily and was angry to the point that his liver was in pain. He stared at that devilish brat sitting on the huge rock while holding his chin while evaluating his ‘property’.

“Hu…” A person was panting while severely clenching his teeth. In the real world, every time he walked out, he would be greeted by many people. However currently, his body was shuddering slightly.

“What’s wrong with you two? You have to persevere, because I’m counting on you guys to exchange for precious artifacts and precious techniques. You have to keep going.” The little guy was a little worried that they might die.

However, the kind of worry that appeared on his little face truly made these pile of people want to jump up and strangle him to death. It was truly infuriating.

“This child is truly weird!”

Those few very old elders who came earlier to join in on the fun could only show this kind of sorrow.

Many people were unconvinced that this brat could break two records within a single day, and was so dishonorable and disingenuous. They could not help but take action towards him.


However, the little guy turned towards these people, and symbols filled the skies instantly as light danced about. After several battles, large areas on the ground were covered with more fallen bodies.

“They don’t look like big fish. Forget it, I won’t make another pile. I’ll put you people separately into these four piles to slightly increase the value. If their clans come, you people follow them.” The little guy muttered to himself.

These people wanted to cry, yet they couldn’t because they did not actually even have enough value to become another pile. They could only help raise the price slightly. This damned child was too cruel. How could he speak in such a mean fashion?

Naturally, there were experts at the scene, but they did not rashly take action. All of their expressions were indifferent as they calmly watched.


Suddenly, it sounded as if the flood after a dam burst rushed out, and four symbol bones appeared. They interweaved densely into mysterious patterns, and transformed into a barrier of blue light as they locked the little guy within.

People from the four great clans had arrived, and no one was sure which of the clans these individuals came from. With such might and ferociousness from a single move, they surprisingly revealed four strange bones. They arranged a formation, and sealed the little guy within.

“Such a large spirit. These four precious bones are very extraordinary and mysterious, and all of a sudden several of them activated. A normal family would not be able to inherit this,” a toothless elder said.

It seemed like he saw something else and quickly added, “Yi, something’s wrong, this isn’t the real spiritual image of a precious artifact, but a fake one. Looks like after losing the scarlet fan, they are scared to lose this clan artifact within the Void God Realm too, so they became more cautious. This treasure can only be used once.”

The little guy’s eyes were deep and his expression was incredibly serious. He did not dare to act carelessly. With a shua sound, the precious scarlet fan within his han circulated with a hazy red light like the circulating atmosphere of primal chaos, emitting a terrifying shockwave.

“Hand over the precious fan and release the people; otherwise, you’ll be suppressed to death here!”

Hazy blue splendor was spread out, sealing off the entirety of the surrounding heaven and earth. The four precious bones were fixed within the empty space, and four experts were in every corner, ready to take action at any moment.

“Exchange them for precious artifacts. These four bones are very good, but they’re fake images. I want the real ones!” The little guy opened his mouth.

“Such a strong tone. Kill him for me!” a person shouted.

These four were all middle-aged men. They were strong and vigorous, and were at the prime of the lives. With an activation from their symbols, the world surged with a thunderlike aura. Blue colored lightning hacked and danced about before transforming into ocean waves as they charged towards the little guy.

The rumbling sounds were ear-splitting like the gallop of countless soldiers on their horses.

The little guy brandished the precious fan within his hands, and scarlet light surged and roared with a power force like the ocean. The entire world seemed to have transformed into scarlet red.

The two sides met and exploded with scarlet and blue divine light.

Many people could not stay on their feet despite being so far away. They were also battered by the impact as they spat out mouthfuls of blood, and were swept away.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they rapidly retreated. This kind of terrifying attack formed a violent storm, and as the scarlet light collided with the blue radiance, they combined into an ocean of divine strength.

This was a collision between precious artifacts, and the attack and defense between these two valuable treasures were even more intense. It was as if two Archaic Descendents had resurrected, and were explosively fighting a world-shocking battle here.

This battle was extremely intense, and drew spectating gazes from every direction. Everyone held their breaths and did not dare to speak to much as they all nervously watched.

“Save them!”

Someone gave the command since they temporarily trapped the little guy. They dispatched a troop of men and horses to rescue those experts who had been taken prisoner.

“Break for me!” The little guy shouted. The splendor in his palm shone, and a pure white precious bone appeared. This was precisely the bone that was dug from the large limestone within the Void God Realm passageway.

He had studied it for a long time, and pretty much knew what this bone was used for. If several of them were combined together, they could turn into the Void God Realm’s passageway. If a single one was activated, it could be used for spatial interference.

Sure enough, at this moment, the large arranged symbol formation immediately became unstable, and that hazy blue light started to collapse and explode.

The little guy fiercely swept the precious scarlet fan in his right hand, and the vast and endless scarlet light surged out like magma. The ancient formation that had a collapsed corner immediately disintegrated in the face of this terrifying strike.

He broke free and gained an edge over those people. He waved the precious fan with all of his might, trapping those four experts with no path to heaven and no gate to earth. With a chi sound, scarlet multicolored light flashed past, and one person’s arm was burnt into ashes.

“This clan lost big! This precious scarlet fan is a priceless treasure, and it’s most certainly a supreme treasure left behind by an Archaic Descendent! No wonder they got anxious and used such a powerful formation to trap him in order to seize it back quickly.”

“Wu, that sparkling white bone in that child’s hand is also extremely astonishing and is worthy to be called a precious object that built the Void God Realm’s passageway.” Many people paid attention to that bone.

The people now knew why the four large clans mustered up such a huge force with the intention of snatching away this bone. Turns out it was an extremely rare and precious treasure that contained endless benefits.

“These are my spoils of war. You guys have to exchange something for it.” The little guy took action again and waved his fan. The people who previously went to rescue their comrades suffered heavy injuries and fell to the ground as a scarlet light flashed past.


Those four experts grouped up again to activate the sealing formation. The four pieces of precious bones shone again as they oppressively killed towards him.

This time, they were purely aiming to kill, and not to trap him within. Even if the little guy wanted to use that symbol bone to disturb space, it would be useless. However, he was not scared. Within this area, no one could exert power above the Blood Transformation Realm, and so he did not need to fear anyone.


Booming sounds echoed through the heaven and earth as the silver-colored millstones revolved. The red-colored precious fan waved about, and he charged forward to forcefully repel the four experts.

Ultimately, he received their attack; however, his physical body was completely unaffected. His symbols flickered without extinguishing , but the opposing party was different. As if they were struck by a thunderbolt, and they flew across the air.

“He resisted the attack of our precious artifact? What kind of magical power did he use to protect his body? Too formidable. Otherwise, his physical body would have to be comparable to that of a Suan Ni or Taotie’s young,” everyone cried out in alarm.

Both sides suffered an attack from a precious artifact, yet the results were completely different. The little guy was completely unharmed, while two of the four individuals immediately exploded. They turned into a bloody light, and immediately vanished.

Furthermore, those two also suffered some injuries. One of them lost the ability to move, and the other carried the four pieces of precious bones while relying on the support of the ancient formation to quickly fly away and escape.

With the termination of the battle, the human mountains increased by roughly ten people again. Apart from this, there weren’t many differences, and the little guy was safe and sound.

“This child is so powerful!”

Everyone drew in a cold breath. This was a true accomplishment, and wasn’t an overstatement in the slightest.

Afterwards, the four great clans frequently sent out people to attack, but they were all defeated.  At this Starting Ground, no one was an opponent for the little guy within the Blood Transformation realm..

Everyone’s expressions had changed. If they felt that the little guy was not that amazing at first and established disgraceful records only by relying on tricks, then now, their notions were thoroughly converted. This was definitely a heavenly warped and gifted child, as from the start of the battles until now, he had revealed an unparalleled elegance within the Blood Transformation Realm.

That day, experts challenged the little guy non-stop. Not only did the four great clans arrive, even truly formidable experts who had surpassed the Heavenly Passage realm came to battle with the little guy out of curiously and inconceivability..

In the end, they were all defeated without any problems. There were even some famous seniors as well as clan lords. Even though they did not reveal their identities, quite a few people could still see through their presence and might, and determined that they were definitely powerful figures.

“Too formidable!”

Everyone was fearful and incomparably shocked. They felt like they were personally witnessing the rise of a genius.

The little guy messed with the four great clans, and defeated all of their experts. In the end, he even issued an announcement that if no one came to redeem these people, he would kill them all.

The four great lords could not bear it anymore. If these people were killed, there would be no one left to guard the upper territory layers of the Heavenly Passage Paradise. When the time came, they would lose those territories and suffer enormous damages.

In the end, they did not turn over any precious techniques, nor did they hand over any precious artifacts. The four great clans each respectively brought out a jade jar that contained the true blood of vicious beasts.

Although the four jade jars appeared to be rather small, they were quite heavy when carried. There was extremely rare and precious blood of various colors within them that   seemed to be the priceless blood of Archaic descendants.

All of them became stupefied. This child’s extortion actually succeeded? The fact that he made four great clans lower their heads made people incredibly envy and admire him!

Many people were contemplating whether or not they should imitate this effect. In the end, they all shook their heads because who could be as heaven defying as this child? He faced off against four clan experts by himself, and they were all defeated one after another; these accomplishments were like that of a fairytale!

“Did he truly succeed in extortion just like that?”

“This is something that you don’t understand. These large clans all have their own Heavenly Passage Paradise territories within the Void God Realm. Do you know how those four jars of precious blood came about? They were all obtained from their hunts within the paradise. If these several hundred men all died, these  precious areas would be unprotected for several months, and they would lose ownership!”

The four clan’s men dejectedly left. After coming here after mustering up such large forces, losing in the end made them feel completely miserable .To be suppressed like this by someone, and having to exchange precious blood as ransom really made them choke with resentment.

The little guy waved his hands from behind, and somewhat reluctantly said, “Wait for me. When I leave the Starting Ground and arrive in the upper level domains of the Heavenly Passage area , I will find you guys to talk about former times.”

Quite a few people began to stumble about, and almost collapsed onto the ground.

There were also some who turned around. They stared with icy cold gazes, and gritted their teeth while saying, “We’ll wait for you!”

The little guy placed the four jars of precious blood within his bosom, and felt extremely elated. He had already figured out the wonderful effects of the precious blood, and if he used it for its medicinal purposes, he could fortify his spirit power. Upon returning to the real world, he would have a greatly improved spirit,  and would be nourished one step further.

“Sha, that baby successfully extorted the four great clans, you’re joking right?”

“Those four clans really are like stubble. They all unexpectedly suffered such a defeat at the Starting Ground. No one was able to defeat that child?”

“This child really is quite incredible, making those four clans yield!”

The news began to proliferate, and all for directions greatly trembled. In the higher levels of the Heavenly Passage Paradise, quite a few experts were shocked, since they felt that this was utterly inconceivable.

Within the Starting Ground, the people had not completely dispersed yet.

“Hammer Uncle, Bird Grandpa, Coin Uncle, have you guys found that mountain yet? I need to go and break that record,” the little guy opened his mouth and said.

“Sha, this baby wants to break a record. What’s going on?” The experts who had not left yet were all astonished, and did not dare show contempt towards this child. After the little guy successfully extorted and defeated the four clans, he was now regarded as an important figure, and his words suddenly gained weight.

“Found it, it’s roughly a li out. Shi Yi left a terrifying record there that no one had been able to overcome to this day,” replied Coin Uncle.

“What? Shi Yi’s record?!” This area immediately ‘shattered like a pot’.

The two characters ‘Shi Yi’ were like a magic chant that made people’s blood boil. He was a mysterious child that was simply impossible surpass. Wherever he walked, many legends would be left behind.

Whether is was within the actual Stone Country or the Void God Realm, Shi Yi’s name was as incredibly splendid as the heavenly sun. If someone mentioned his name, everyone’s hearts would trembled.

“Ever since he was born, he had never been defeated. His accomplishments were glorious, and it was as if a God descended upon this world!”

“Within this generation, there aren’t many people who are on par with him. He far surpasses anyone his age, and is truly too strong.”

Many people sighed regretfully. The name itself represented many extreme boundaries that not many people could surpass. Although he was young, he could still walk down the path of arrogance.

“He possessed dual pupils as soon as he was born. This is the the defining feature of ancient saints and Gods that are destined to rule the world. To be born in the same generation as him is a misfortune of many.

“Wu, during these few years, some secret news were released about him having an unparalleled Supreme Being Bone!”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked.

“If he is that divinely talented, then he is destined to be unrivaled, and no one can match him at all.” Many elders who were almost toothless sighed with regret.

“Right, this child wants to break Shi Yi’s record?” Everyone suddenly recalled and exposed their amazed expression.

“It can’t be. During these two years, who would still overestimate themselves? Many geniuses were reluctant to accept it and went to break his record, but they all returned with nothing but failure and defeat. All of their confidence had taken a severe blow.”

Everyone was shocked, and they all revealed a strange expression while looking at the little guy. However, he was very calm without a trace of worry and urgency. He was incredibly indifferent as if he was going to do an extremely ordinary thing.

“Many geniuses lost. Whether it’s in reality or the Void God Realm, as long as they strived to beat Shi Yi, it would only end in humiliation and defeat.”

“Those are are world-shocking geniuses, but it was rumored that after they found out how much of a disparity there was between them and Shi Yi, they realized that they were not in the same league at all.”

At this moment, a few good characters all reconciled towards the little guy and warned him to not attempt to break any of Shi Yi’s records. It was practically impossible, and he would only disgrace himself.

“Is his record very hard to break? I’ve decided to break them one by one,” the little guy said while not caring at all.

Everyone was dumbstruck, and they felt like he was a foolish brat.

“Child, since you want to try, then go for it. Since you’re young, suffering a few setbacks is not a bad thing. It would motivate you to put in more effort.”  Some elders enlightened him.

“I’m going to break records. I’m going to topple them all over and make new ones,” the little guy quietly said. He was very dissatisfied towards them as he revealed his true nature.

“Fine, we’ll go look and await a miracle!” Some people heckled.

Just like that, the group of people took off and left for that mountainous region.

Very quickly, news of this spread out, and stirred a commotion in every land. How  much self-confidence and power would one need to possess to actually attempt to break Shi Yi’s records?

“Is the information reliable? Is it true?” Within the higher levels of the Heavenly Passage Paradise, many people were shaken.

“Absolutely true!”

“Who is it exactly that actually dares to be so conceited? Could it be that a heaven warping and divinely blessed individual will show up?”

Within many of the precious lands, the many famous seniors and powerful clan lords were all shaken, and they all paid close attention to this matter.

“You must have heard of this individual already. He is precisely that child who evoked such a great drama today.”

“Who? It’s him again? This person is truly angering the gods !”

“Right, that person is  angering the gods, it’s him again!”

Everywhere within the upper layers of the Heavenly Passage Paradise, people were at a loss for words.

“Let’s go, this time we must take a look.”

Many people were emotionally moved. As soon as someone broke one of Shi Yi’s records, their names were destined to shake the land under the heavens. After people heard this, it was difficult for them to calm down.

“We also need to go and see if he really can break Shi Yi’s record in the end!”

“Right, we will go as well!”

That day, the Void God Realm was greatly shaken, and he little guy wanted to break Shi Yi’s record. This caused a sensation far surpassing that of establishing two records and defeating the four large clans.

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