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Chapter 89 – Love Drinking Milk the Most

The little guy’s behavior truly made everyone’s chin drop. He actually succeeded, making everyone completely speechless. Where is the heavens’ logic in this?!

One must know that was a passageway within the Void God Realm. In the past, who dared to have the idea of hitting it? This was purely something outrageous done out of boredom. This little brat came in looking like a little money grubber, yet in the end really did come out with a piece of bone.

The group of people cursed, as they had difficulty accepting this truth.

“This simple-minded child could break through the extreme boundary. Why do I feel like it’s a trick, yet I can’t find out what part of it is fishy!”

“Even someone like him could break the record, is there a mistake here? In a bit, I will try as well, don’t tell me that I’m not better than a little brat?!”

The little guy held the precious bone in his hand and was wholeheartedly delighted. He examined the pure white symbol bone that circulated with splendor and shined with light. It contained powerful symbols, and just by looking at it, one could tell it was an extraordinary object.

“Child, did we have an agreement earlier? If you succeeded, I will use a great amount of spirit coins to trade for that bone.” A grizzle-bearded elder smiled and came up to me.

“When did I agree with you? I still need to examine it myself first. No deal!” The little guy refused.

The elder did not give up and smilingly said, “Didn’t you want to know what spirit coins were? I’ll tell you.”

“I don’t have time to listen right now. I need to examine this precious bone first.” The little guy did not even raise his head as if he was an immobile.

This naughty child made the elder extremely angry. Earlier, the little guy was still seeking help from him, but he did not feel like saying anything. Now, he came back and voluntarily wanted to explain to this simple-minded child what spirit coins were, yet he was unexpectedly ignored.

“Child, on the premise that I lent you my weapon, can you consider selling that precious bone to me?” A middle-aged man moved beside him.

“So it’s hammer uncle.” The little guy raised his head.

The middle-aged man’s forehead displayed a shady look and said, “I’ll say it again. That hammer doesn’t have any relationship to me.”

“It’s not yours? If it’s not yours, why would you lend it to me. Furthermore, why are you still saying on the premise of the hammer?” The little guy blinked his large eyes with extreme confusion.

“This shitty brat!” The middle-aged man was extremely angry and almost walked away out of anger.

Everyone erupted into laughter.

Next, everyone’s expressions became incredibly passionate. Although they felt that there wasn’t any logic left in the heavens anymore, they still surrounded him as they all stared at that piece of sparkling symbol bone in the little guy’s hand.

All of a sudden, a stone tablet that was surrounded by mist emerged. A row of characters appeared on its surface. Every character emitted a dazzling light, and began to make resounding noises.

“Smashing apart the Starting Ground passageway, the reward is one primitive precious bone.”

This row of bold yet lovely characters continuously vibrated, and were so incredibly bright that they illuminated the entire sky. Like 10,000 swords clashing, it startled everyone in the vicinity.

“He truly initiated a record! The Void God Realm has already recorded it and informed everyone under the heavens!” Everyone was shocked as they began to discuss with each other.

“This simple-minded child instantly becomes famous and makes such a big commotion immediately upon entering this world. Truly…” Everyone lost their bad temper as they felt there anything was possible.

The stone tablet radiated and approached the little guy. It made him extremely puzzled as he muttered, “You’re still missing three bones for me!”

Everyone was driven mad. This little miser… What kind of time was this, yet he was still concerned about that.

“Engrave your relevant information and complete this record.” An elderly rainbow bird on his shoulder reminded him.

“Many thanks, bird grandpa.”

“Go, go away!” The old man was so angry that his beard rose up.

The little guy scratched his head as he stood in front of the tablet. Everything felt new and odd, but he he did not know what to write. He gestured for a long time in midair without writing anything.

“You don’t need to write your real information. You can write whatever you want, such as what you enjoy the most or what you love the most.” That kind young lady reminded him.

The little guy was overjoyed and he raised his hand. He began to move the brush, and smoothly wrote five words at the very top: Love Drinking Milk the Most.

Symbols flickered on the stone tablet, and the words that he wrote immediately began to radiate, and was imprinted on top, brilliant and dazzling.

Everyone was petrified before immediately calming down.

“What’s going on?!” The little guy had a bad premonition.

In the blink of an eye, everyone burst out into laughter, and they could hardly close their mouths. Some people laughed until their waists were bent.

“This name is truly something. Hehehe…”

“Foolish kid, have you not stopped drinking milk yet?”

The group of people could not stop their laughter.

“What, this is just a name! Don’t you fill in what you enjoy or love the most?” The little guy’s little face immediately darkened since this was too embarrassing.

That kind young lady explained and said, “What I meant was you don’t need to write your real name. You can substitute it with your most beloved precious artifact, divine bird or fierce beast. My name here is Cai Luan.”

The little guy’s face was painful as he quietly asked, “Can I still change it?”

“You can’t!” Those people simultaneously answered with their resounding voices. No matter how you looked at it, they were all laughing at him.

The little guy was greatly embarrassed because he truly lost so much face. After being branded by this name, how would he be able to see anyone else in the future?

“Hurry, you’re still missing another row or characters to engrave.” Someone urged.

The stone tablet that circulated with divine light was still in front of him, fluctuating peacefully and auspiciously while waiting for the little guy to engrave another row of characters. This time, he did not dare to randomly write as he hesitated for a long time and asked, “Tell me clearly what I have to write this time.”

“Which aspect of the extreme boundary did you break through? It’s done once you write it.” A middle-aged man said.

This time, they actually did not laugh and awaited solemnly for his writing.

The little guy directly wrote two words: Extreme Speed.

“There’s nothing wrong this time right?” He quietly muttered to himself.

Someone nodded and said, “En, that’s right. If it’s true, then Void God Realm will give you a certain amount of protection in the future. After all, you initiated a record at the parting point.”

“There’s something like that?” The little guy widened his eyes as he couldn’t sit still anymore.

“If it’s a lie, then you wouldn’t get these benefits. Rumor has it that it will continuously take care of you, and carry out a ‘special’ type of self-tempering,” filled in another person.

The little guy became foolish and his little face darkened.

At this exact moment, not only the Starting ground, a stone tablet even emerged within the higher levelled Heavenly Passage paradise. In every region, a dazzling splendor radiated as a few rows of characters emerged.

“Yi, someone established a new record!”

“What kind of person is it, and what extremely boundary was broken?”

At this moment, the entire Void God Realm trembled. No one dared to show contempt at any of the records, because it represented a domain of extreme expertise, and was worthy of everyone’s respects.

“love drinking milk the most?!”

When everyone read these words, they were overcome with a strange expression. What type of disorderly and random name was this? Who would be so bored that they would name themselves this?

“This shouldn’t be a pervert right? Hehehe…” Many people began to laugh.

Everyone continued to read on, and when they read the words ‘Smashed the Starting Ground’s passageway,’ they immediately exploded.

“That can’t be right. Doing such an infuriating thing, yet he was still rewarded a precious bone! Does the heavens even have logic anymore?”

“Who is this with nothing to do when they’re full. Why destroy the Void God Realm’s passageway? That’s too brutal!”

All the regions went into uproar as everyone cursed endlessly.

The Void God Realm was boundless, but when a new record appeared, everyone would quickly pay attention because that certainly signifies a terrifying expert. That expert definitely excelled in a certain region, and achieved the extreme boundary!

“Too brutal. Who is this kid that infuriates humans and ghosts alike. This truly can’t be forgiven.”

“How bored does one have to be to go so far as to break a passageway. No wonder this became a new record, because no one has ever done it before!”

Everyone was incessantly angry. What they could not understand the most was that the Void God Realm actually rewarded him a precious bone.

“The symbol bones embedded on the passageways are rare treasures, and it’s very possible that they might be the bones of Archaic Descendants. Within this world, they are extremely important.”

“Even attacking the passageway could be rewarded with a precious bone. Then I’ll try it as well!”

The pot exploded in every region as many people were jealous and angry.

During this day, the entire Void God Realm went into an uproar, and discussions regarding how to break the passageway arose. The weird name “love drinking milk the most” was mentioned everywhere.

“This being a record, I feel like it is because no one was brutal enough to do such a thing. No one attacked the passageway, and that’s why he was able to directly establish this record.

That day, many people tried, and the sounds of dong dong arose everywhere. In the end, they all returned in low spirits after being defeated.

“It’s no good, we’re in a higher level area. These Heavenly Passage paradise’s passageways are sturdier. I think I should go try in the Starting Ground.”

“At the Starting Ground, the most power one could display is only at the Blood Transformation realm, so the record will be even harder to break.”

“Lower areas should be easier than the paradise right? I’m planning to take a walk. I heard the reward is a bone at the Archaic Descendant level.”

“What? That’s so rare. If it’s a rare emperor type, it’d be even more heaven opposing! Let’s go, I’ll take a look as well!”

Waves after waves undulated in the Void God Realm. With a single action from the little guy, every region went into a state of unrest.

At the Starting Ground, specks of light drizzled, and that piece of limestone had already recombined and recreated itself. Four pieces of precious bones reappeared on time as the passageway had been perfectly reconstructed.

A group of people were all there. Among them, hammer uncle, bird grandpa and coin elder were at the front. The three went up and attacked it one after the other until they were so tired that they spat out blood; however, it was all futile.

“Foolish brat, are you toying with us? You really used speed at the extreme boundary to break it?” Hammer uncle gasped for breath. He was a great expert at the Heavenly Passage realm, but he was unexpectedly inferior to a little brat. He almost died from exhaustion as he stood above the limestone.

“It’s true. I am faster than all of you!” insisted the little guy. He then passed on a few ‘secret methods,’ and then naively laughed as he told them that they had to keep it a secret.

An hour later, a group of people screamed wretchedly as they were sent flying by the light emitted by the limestone. Because they were all attacking it crazily, the beast bones began to shine and symbols began to interweave.

“Milk baby, you’re lying!”

“Brat, you truly are dishonest. Even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t believe that you ran around this large limestone with the speed of an extreme boundary!”

The people were extremely angry.

The little guy was like a dead duck, and even if he was killed, he wouldn’t admit that he lied. Afterwards, he began to wander around the Starting Ground to familiarize himself with the surroundings. This place that showed signs of human habitation was already very vast, and in the distance was an endless and primitive forest.

He felt bursts of peculiar gazes as many people peeked at him with bad intentions, but he did not pay attention to them. In the Starting Ground, no matter how high one’s cultivation was, they could only display the power of the Blood Transformation realm. He did not have much to worry about.

“Child, be careful. Some people have ideas about beating you up for your precious bone.” Bird grandpa warned.

“Milk kid, if you can’t take it, then just sell it to me; otherwise, you will certainly be in danger.” Coin elder warned.

Of course, nicknames like bird grandpa, hammer uncle and coin elder were all forced onto them by the little guy, and it made them extremely angry. However, they could not do anything about it.

“It’s alright. I won’t provoke them.” The little guy did not care.

Everyone was speechless. If you did not provoke them, then they wouldn’t provoke you? They already had the idea of beating you.

“It’s them who want to deal with you.” Young lady Cai Luan warned. She felt that this child was too foolish and might end up in a disaster.

What this group of people did not think about was that both of these milk brat’s eyes shone as he clenched his fists and incredibly excitedly asked, “Do they have good stuff on them?”

Everyone: “…”

Exactly who was robbing who? Everyone felt as if their minds were in disarray.

The young lady rolled her eyes, and she felt that her worries were wasted. This little money grubber was the same as that group of people since he was using his brain deviously as well.

These people who had vicious gazes in their eyes were not reckless, moreover, this ‘love drinking milk the most’ was a person who broke a record. They did not dare to act indiscriminately, and waited for their clan’s experts to arrive before making a move.

The little guy originally did not have any intention of initiating trouble, and so he didn’t take action. At the Starting Ground, he learned quite a bit, and in the end, he once again arrived in front of the stone tablet, and began to examine the past records.

“Fire Cloud Immortal, travelling through skyfire, achieving fire resistance. Starting Ground extreme boundary.”

The little guy’s expression congealed. This person must be very terrifying, however, after noticing the year this record was set, he was stunned; this was a record that happened tens of thousands of years ago.

He quickly continued searching with the intention of finding the recent records.

“Yao Yue, a word will make flowers bloom and dead trees come back to life. An extremely powerful life force that no one can surpass within the Blood Transformation realm.”

He flipped through many records and, and still found that these still happened several thousand years ago.

With great difficulty, the little guy finally turned to the end and a name quickly jumped in front of his eyes, Shi Yi!

Like ancient Xiantian saints and Gods, Shi Yi, who similarly possessed natural born dual pupils, entered the Void God Realm as expected. There was a high possibility that he was in the higher levelled Heavenly Passage paradise.

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