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Chapter 87 – Void God Realm

“Very well. Let the villagers know so they don’t end up worrying about you, and then we’ll head out!” spoke the willow tree. Like a thunderclap and breezing wind, as soon as it finished talking, it was going to head out.

“Okay!” The little guy did not ask any more either, and immediately turned around. He rushed into the chief’s courtyard to quickly and simply inform him of the situation.

Shi Yunfeng and a few other elders were all stupefied. Shi Feijiao and the others who came after hearing the news were astonished, and all began to sweat in nervousness for the little guy. What kind of place was that?! To actually be able to fight against Qiongji, Bifang, Jiaotu and the young of other beasts as well as perhaps even encountering the dual pupiled Shi Yi, even hearing this was astonishing.

“Child, you have to be careful. What kind of place is that to actually be able to encounter the children of Archaic Vicious Beasts? You have to pay attention to your own safety!”

“This kind of training is too terrifying. Is this a trial by fire for the children of Gods?!”

They were all completely shocked, and their hearts were full of worry.

The little guy was very blunt, and quickly returned after informing the villagers without the slightest delay. He then immediately sat cross-legged in front of the burnt black tree trunk with a solemn expression, as he had already completed his preparations for the journey.

“Very well then, then let’s open the path to heaven,” the willow tree said. Although its voice was gentle and calm, it had a certain dignified feeling to it. Its five branch ferociously and explosively expanded, and then turned into bright and orderly divine chains as they pierced into the heavens.

With a hong sound, green multi-colored light flourished splendidly and turned the world into a sparkling green. Five gorgeous willow branches pierced the dome of heaven, as if they were opening a gate into the very natural laws themselves!

Within the sky, there was a dense yet bright fog. The entire area was covered in the haze, and it was mysterious and profound.

A weng sound slightly trembled, and the little guy felt as if he was leaving his original land. He passed by that bright and hazy gateway, and as he traveled through, he entered a bizarre world.

“Where is this?” The little guy discovered that he was surrounded by a hazy fog, and it was as if the primal chaos was surging all around him; everything around around him seemed indistinct and muddled.

“Come here!” A lump of gently green light shone, and the burnt black willow tree appeared in front. It rooted itself within this world, and beckoned the little guy to walk forward.

The mist dispersed, and the scene gradually became spacious and void, and it seemed incomparably desolate and ancient, as if this was a piece of an abandoned world.

“It looks like an abandoned ancient world.” The little guy was surprised.

The mist thinned, and he gazed forward into the large ruins while standing under the willow tree. One huge palace after another, collapsed and only broken ramparts and ruined walls remained.

“Go take a look,” the willow tree said.

The little guy took a step forward, and he only saw a desolate area. There was debris all around him, and the once magnificent Palaces were completely destroyed, and there was an ancient and distant aura, as if everything had transformed over time.

“What kind of place is this?” The little guy inquired once again.

“Void God Realm.” The Willow Tree answered.

“Void God Realm?” The little guy’s heart trembled. As soon as he heard this name, he knew this place could not possibly be simple; otherwise, why would this place bear such a name.

“There was once a rumor that this was the world one entered after becoming God.” The willow tree said

“Ah?!” The little guy was shocked. He entered the God Realm himself? This kind of feeling was surreal to the point of being a little scary.

“Other people claim that the supreme beings that the first natives worshiped — the Gods, combined their efforts and used their minds thoughts to construct this strange world.” The Willow Tree described a different theory.

“The Gods that the first natives worshiped combined their efforts to create this spiritual realm?” The little guy widened his eyes as he felt that such events were truly unfathomable.

He lowered his head to take a look at the ruins beneath him, and then he gazed toward the broken Archaic mountains. He was outrageous at just how real this world was.

“My true body is obviously standing here. If this world was constructed out of spirit, would my body be capable of standing here?” asked the little guy.

“There’s one thing I need to correct. Your real body is not actually here right now, and it is only your spirit’s will that is here,” the willow tree reminded.

The little guy could not believe it, and he pinched his own arm, immediately feeling a burst of pain. This wasn’t a dream realm, yet it was not fake either, as he could clearly feel how real it was.

“For any life form, it is the spirit that is the most mysterious, and it far surpasses the flesh,” explained the willow tree. “Having your spirit entering here is like experiencing a rebirth. It’s not actually much different than if your real body was here.”

“This is my will, it’s not really my flesh. How could it feel so real? It’s so hard to differentiate between the two.” The little guy was baffled.

“This is precisely the mysterious aspect of the Void God Realm, and it’s also where its value lies. When your spirit gets trained here, upon returning to the real world, it will bring everything that the spirit learned back into your flesh, transforming together. It’s the same as if your had your real body train here!” spoke the willow tree as he guided the little guy along the right path.

“Such a strange place!” The little guy gasped in surprise.

When he stepped on to the rubble, there were kacha kacha sounds. The ruins were enormous and empty, and far more boundless than any of the distant mountains. Even though everything had been destroyed, it still made people feel as if the area was sacred and majestic.

If these were all constructs made of spirit, how much divine power would it take to create all this?!

The willow tree sighed again, “There’s a legend that there was once a great turmoil, and it eventually even lead to the destruction of this spirit world, resulting in the creation of these ruins.

Among the deities that the first natives worshiped, some perhaps really were Gods, and some were pure-blooded Zhujian, Chiwen, Yayu and other ancient creatures. That was an extremely complex and mysterious era.

“Am I supposed to train my body in this spiritual world? There’s nothing here. This place had been abandoned a long time ago.” The little guy was very puzzled.

“You are incorrect, this world is vast without borders. What you you see is a mere corner of it.” Willow deity corrected and informed him that there were other vast regions, and numerous creatures dwell in those areas..

“What kind of creatures are they?” The little guy was curious.

“The same as you. Their spirit had entered from the outside world, and came into this Void God Realm.” The willow tree answered.

“They can enter as well, and there are a lot of them?” The little guy was astonished.

“Right, it’s just like a genuine country,” the willow tree replied.

Subsequently, the willow tree explained the next step about how those people entered, “You’ve once heard of the event regarding the entire country sacrificing to the heavens.”

“En, I know.” The little guy nodded.

“From the distant past until now, some ancient countries believe that the ancient Gods have died a long time ago, yet they are still offering sacrifices to them and the entire country following suit solemnly and piously. There are many reasons behind this, and the main reason is to inherit the things that the Gods left behind…”

Being able to enter the Void God Realm is one of the ‘treasures’ that the ancient Gods had passed down. As long as the people firmly believed and the entire ancient country conducted sacrificial ceremonies each year, then their experts could be able to sense the Void God Realm.

“It’s that mysterious?” The little guy’s heart was emotionally stirring. His eyes were clear as he pondered for a long time, because he felt that he had gained quite a bit of knowledge just now.

The willow tree then said, “Good fortune is granted after an entire ancient country sacrifices and gets recognized. When their people cultivate to a certain degree, they are then able to advance their comprehension, and enter the Void God Realm.”

Stone Village was located within the great wasteland, and was very far from the ancient country. They did not conduct any sacrifices to the heavens, so entering the Void God Realm was naturally impossible.

When the willow tree brought the little guy in, it was not with the ancient countries’ method; therefore, they had not met anyone else, and appeared in this piece of desolate ruins.

“If you walk out from here, you’ll soon reach the real training ground,” said the willow tree. It stopped advancing and halted here.

Just like this, the little guy went on the journey by himself and  stepped out of this boundless ruins. There were still many questions within his heart, but the willow tree was still very vague and did not tell him about everything, however, it did inform him that all the answers could be found in front of him.

The mists gradually decreased as he gradually approached a brighter world. In the end, the little guy walked out of the ruins and stepped onto a huge limestone that flickered with symbols. It even had a few sparkling white beast bones embedded on top.

“Is this a primitive precious bone? It looks so rare and precious.” The little guy was amazed as he squatted down to touch it with the intention taking it out.


However, without him even making a move, a golden passageway appeared, immediately shifted him away.

This was a strange feeling. The little guy found out that he was travelling back and forth, and as he left his original position, another place that was densely covered in symbols instantly appeared.

This was a similar limestone that had a circumference of one zhang. This rock also had a few precious bones embedded on it as it circulated with the mysterious power of the symbols.

This time, he breathed in a deep breath of air and squatted down to rub that bone. Then, he ferociously used his strength with the intention of shattering the rocky surface to take that bone with the symbols out.

This limestone was very strange and extremely hard. Furthermore, these bones simultaneously shone, and constructed a mysterious pattern to defend this place.

“What’s he doing? Why does he want to destroy the passageway?”

“Heavens! He’s trying to dig out the precious bones from the limestone. So outrageous! Could it be that he doesn’t know that this is a passageway that cannot be shaken at all?”

The sound of bustling noise and discussion echoed through as this place became livelier.

The little guy was stunned and quickly stood up. The symbols by his side gradually dimmed, and he was able to clearly see the surrounding situation. A group of people were currently surrounding the limestone and pointing at the little guy.

“He’s so young. No wonder he doesn’t know anything and wanted to destroy the passageway to the outside world by digging out the symbol bone.”

“No matter how you say it, it’s still outrageous that he did such a thing. Did his parents not inform him what to do after entering the Void God Realm?”

The little guy scratched his head since he felt that he might have done something stupid; otherwise, why would these people stare at him this way? He spoke in a little voice, “Do the precious bones belong to anyone? I didn’t know that, so I did this.”

Those people were speechless.

“Did your clansmen not explain to you the situation here? Upon arriving in the Void God Realm, one will first arrive at this ‘starting land.’ After cultivating to a satisfactory level, one needs to draw support from the symbol passageway to proceed onto a high leveled area. After arriving here, you had nothing better to do than to find out what this passageway is made out of? Moreover, you even tried to dig out the precious bones, truly…” A thirty year-old middle aged man shook his head and he patiently explained a bit. He felt incomparably speechless.



All the people nearby burst out into laughter.

The little guy’s little face flushed red in embarrassment as he asked in his little voice, “In other words, these precious bones don’t belong to anyone?”

Everyone’s laughter spontaneously halted as they felt shocked all over. After saying all that, he still wanted to dig the bone out?

“Heavens, this child is truly outrageous, and he still has ideas about the precious bones!”

“Whose family’s child is this. How did they teach him? Could it be that they raised him in a forest?”

The group of people did not know whether to laugh or cry. They felt like they were facing a primitive person. This little thing looked so silly and adorable, how could he have such a behavior?

What clan does he belong to in the end? If his identity was discovered after returning to the real world, his clan would certainly become a laughingstock. What happened today was such a fantastic story!

“Isn’t this a world created by the spirit of all Gods. I feel like these precious bones would certainly have an enormous value. I’m not greedy. I only want to dig them out to examine them.” The little guy tried to justify himself in his tiny voice.

It truly made people speechless and no one knew what to say to him.

“Haha…” Finally, the people could only burst out into laughter. Even if this place was the starting point, and was not the higher level paradise of the Heavenly Passage, it was still not a place anyone could destroy at will.

An elder began to laugh and say, “These symbol bones are extremely rare and precious. If you can dig them out, I am willing to exchange a lot of spirit coins for them!”

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