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Chapter 86 – Heaven Piercing Willow Tree

The bonfire throbbed and cracked, and this place as incredibly lively as the villagers celebrated in a carefree manner.

Shi Feijiao and the other adults ate large mouthfuls of meat while boasting about how strong their children were. They were talking about how in the future, they would definitely become heroes who would lift cauldrons and overturn mountains, and their might would tremble this great wasteland.

Of course, the person everyone praised most was the little guy. Shi Linghu roared even louder, “Child, you’re not young anymore. In a few months you’ll be eight years old, and your skills are great as well, so you should have a marriage set soon. How is my family’s little Hu girl?”

The little guy was greatly embarrassed and said, “Uncle, I’m still young.”

Shi Linghu widened his eyes and said, “Nonsense, you’re not small. Uncle got married when he was 12 years old, and I was far weaker than you were at that time. According to your skills now, you could have done it a long time ago.”

The group of children all began to laugh as they winked at the little guy.

Shi Linghu glared at them with an eye and said, “Why are laughing. You guys aren’t young either, and it’s about time to consider it too. That’s right, Dazhuang, Er Meng, and Pi Hou have rapidly improved during the past two years and have powerful skills. They ought to marry as well.

“That’s right, they are all at that age.” A village elder nodded.

“Ah!?” The children all cried out in alarm with embarrassment, and their faces were illuminated rosy by the reflection of the bonfire.

These words were not considered much for the others, but the little guy was unable to hold his own. Because behind him, there were a few young girls who were after him.

“Grandpa and father said that me and you should engage. When are you going to agree?” Shi Feijiao’s daughter asked in her loud voice.

“I’m still young. I don’t want to marry!” The little guy scratched his head while his face started to heat up.

On his other side, the Hu daughter with braided hair was even smaller than him. Her pair of arms was crossed at his waist and her eyes were brightly as she also shouted, “Little guy, when are you taking me as wife?”

“When did I say I’ll marry you?” The little guy almost ran away from home as he truly could not hold out for much longer.

“Haha…” The adults all began to laugh heartily.

“Child, what’s your plan?” In the end, the chief smiled and asked the little guy.

“I want to send Qingfeng to Heaven Mending Pavilion and cultivate on our journey there. Didn’t grandpa say reading ten thousand Bone Books isn’t worth a journey of a hundred thousand li?” The little guy replied.

“However, you’re still a bit young. The journey is too long and remote, and none of us knows the direction to Heaven Mending Pavilion.” The chief was concerned.

“Child, don’t rashly make a decision.” The other elders advised him to be cautious.

Little Shi Hao nodded and said, “En, I know, I’ll wait for Willow Deity to wake up. He told me that he’ll take me into a secret world to look around. Furthermore, I don’t feel at ease either. What do we do if another band of roaming bandits appear?”

During this night, all the villagers were enjoying to their heart’s content as they ate until deep into the night.. In a loud and arrogant voice, they told mysterious tales about the great wasteland, greatly fascinating the children.

The only regretful thing was that the Pangolin self-destructed at the last moment, and so its primitive precious bones as well as its scales were destroyed. It did not leave behind any precious techniques.

During the latter half of the night, Stone Village was still not at peace. The children howled like ghosts and shrieked non-stop as they gluttonously ate many pieces of the Guardian Spirit’s meat. Their entire bodies were shining, and they were irresistibly hot and dry as well. In the end, they all jumped into the lake to cool themselves.

The elders cleared warned them that everyone could eat at most two pieces and they cannot treat it as a meal. However, such a situation was still created in the end.

At daybreak, a group of children as well as adults crawled out from the lake with bags under their eyes as they they dejectedly returned to their own homes.

“Haha…” Some villagers woke up early and burst into laughter when they saw this scene.

Without a doubt, this Guardian Spirit was very extraordinary, and contained a great amount of essence within its body. Its body could be said to be a precious medicine that could effectively improve the villagers’ physiques.

That time when they accidentally obtained the corpse of the Suan Ni, the villagers ate the entire thing. The villagers’ physiques obtained an enormous benefit, otherwise, how could a group of children all cultivate in the Bone Text?

One must know that it would be tough to find one person in a tribe of 10,000 who was an expert in the Blood Transformation Realm, yet these children all had an opportunity to break through in the future.

Clearly, the body of the Archaic Descendant had an enormous effect, after all, they were incredibly difficult to find, and were considered priceless treasures. If a top-notch tribe wanted to obtain one, their entire tribe might be exterminated if they were even slightly careless.

This was because the Suan Ni is not an ordinary Archaic Descendant!

Although this Guardian Spirit did not compare up to the Suan Ni, it was not ordinary either. It roots were large, and originated from the mysterious Little Western Paradise. The Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit was absolutely incomparable to it.

In reality, the Pangolin should have had even more battle power than it showed. It was only because that it had been nourishing and resurrecting its golden bone scissor that it suffered huge damage to its body which lead to its defeat.

In the blink of an eye, half a year quickly went by, and the enormous Guardian Spirit was obstinately cleaned up by the villagers.

The children’s power advanced by leap and bounds, and their proficiency in the Bone Text deepened. These results shocked the elders, but in the end, they all could not contain their smiles;, and almost pulled out their white beards from stroking.

Apart from the children, a few adults also erupted, such as Shi Linhu and Shi Feijiao. In fact, they had been cultivating in the Bone Text for a much longer time than the children had, since the chief taught them the Bone Text when he returned from the outside world. However, they missed their golden years of cultivation, so their accomplishments were not ideal.

During these few years, it was first the world shocking precious corpse of the Suan Ni, and then there was an extraordinary Guardian Spirit. Their corpses all contained great amounts of divine essence that enormously improved their physiques.

Therefore, their many years of cultivation and accumulated experience had gradually erupted forth. Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao entered the Blood Transformation realm; their levels were not low, and their cultivations were profound.

People could not help but lament. The Archaic Descendant’s corpse as well as the mysterious Guardian Spirit of the Little Western Paradise were indeed extraordinary and worthy of being called rare and precious flesh medicine.  No matter what others tried to exchange for them, they still would be rejected.

Another few months passed by, and the Willow Deity’s year of hibernation was almost up. Today, the little guy was eight and a half.

Within this long period of time, the little guy had refined the Guardian Spirit’s flesh into precious medicine and applied onto himself. He then opened his fourth ‘volcanic crater’ behind his back. ‘Magma’ flowed, and divine essence surged mysteriously

“So slow, I’ve only gained one more and it’s been almost a year.” The little guy muttered to himself as he felt his cultivation was gradually becoming more difficult.

When the chief heard these words, he was speechless. After a while, he finally wiped away his cold sweat, and told him that this level was already incredibly miraculous. Many people wouldn’t make even a inch of advancement in their entire lives. Even if one’s natural talents were extremely high, they would not be able to take another step into heaven for many years.

“Is that right? Then I’m relieved.” The little guy happily smiled, and no longer frowned.

Heavenly Passage was the process of establishing an immortal passage between a person’s interior and exterior. It was a pure land, and it was a world that connected one together with the endless void to seize the world’s fortunes. It made the divine strength of the symbols within your body explode, constantly maintaining its peak proficiency.

According to the chief’s statement, little Shi Hao was already considered a great expert of the Heavenly Passage realm, and had already established four immortal passageways.

“Some people would have one passageway throughout their life, and use it to absorb the power of the Heaven and Earth. However, even if they could step into a higher realm, they would still have difficulty reaching the peak, and their accomplishments would soon reach their limit.” The chief gave a long explanation.

When ordinary experts established four or five ‘Heavenly Passages’, they would consider whether or not to accumulate energy. By doing this, they could one day explode with the surging force of the Heavenly Passage’s endless divine symbol strength, and push themselves into a higher realm.

The chief explained a step further and said, “Able to establish six Heavenly Passages is considered a powerful figure within this realm, and people who are able to establish seven Heavenly Passages would inevitably be considered geniuses. People who are able to establish eight Heavenly Passages would naturally be rare heavenly gifted geniuses as rare phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. People possessing nine Heavenly Passages would typically only exist within an ancient text’s legends. If a person liked that appeared in reality, he or she would certainly be considered a heavenly-warping divine talent.

The little guy blinked his large eyes as he carefully listened to everything. It turned out that he could actually consider breakthrough into an even higher realm, but he would never make this choice now.

According to the chief, each opened Heavenly Passage would unlock some more potential. If one Heavenly Passage gave one bundle of potential, then two Heavenly Passage gave two potentials; when one possessed eight Heavenly Passages, then there would be a huge disparity!

Time passed by. After the vicious bandits were exterminated, none of the other roaming bandits appeared, and Little Western Paradise also did not have much of a reaction. Perhaps they thought that the Pangolin was buried within the stomach of an Archaic Descendant in the great wasteland.

During this time, Stone Village once moved out to dig out the black gold accumulated by the vicious bandits. Although it only totaled to roughly half a meter squared in area, it still weighed tens of thousands of jin. This was a precious material used to construct military weapons, and it was also a metal that could be used to control mystical formations. It was very rare, and them being able to gather half a meter squared clearly show just how much massacring they had done over these years, and how many lives they had taken.

After half a month, cool breeze brushed by gently, creating ripples within the green jade lake. A willow tree that had been silent for a year at the village entrance suddenly burst into light. Its green magnificence overflowed into the heavens, enshrouding the entire mountain range in a hazy halo of light.

“Ah, Willow Deity has awakened!”

The villagers cried out in alarm and was then overjoyed. Their Guardian Spirit had resurrected, so they no longer had any reasons to worry in the future. Even if a powerful descendant invaded on them, they believed the Willow Deity would still be able to stop them.

At this moment, whether it was male, female, old or young, everyone ran over and piously sacrificed and prayed to the willow tree.

Kacha kacha.

The old bark was shed off, exposing a new protrusion that was flourishing with green multicolored light as a new plump and tender, greenish-blue branch poked out. Instantaneously, dense light fogged up as 10,000 strips of colors shot forth.

The willow tree was reborn, and four more branches shot out. They rapidly matured until they were over ten meters long, and had the same appearance as the previous branch.

The five willow branches were sparkling green like an orderly divine chain as it emitted precious light as it enshrouded this entire land. It was mysterious and enigmatic with an extremely shocking shock wave.

The villagers were overjoyed, because the Willow Deity was even more powerful and splendid now. That burnt black body had a parts of it restored, and with a greenness that was full of vitality, jade-green light was dispersed, covering this entire land in a thick lively atmosphere.

“Willow Deity…you’re okay?” Some elder said in a trembling voice.

“I am very well. I’ve been hibernating for a long time.” Willow Deity said and restrained its divine light. Then, the green light retreated from the mountains like the tides, and the mountain ranges returned back to normal.

During this day, Stone Village celebrated and was incredibly lively. With Willow Deity here, they never had to worry about the revenge of those vicious bandits again.

“You did well by slaying that Guardian Spirit. It was not simple at all, and had transcended the Heavenly Passage Realm. Fortunately, its foundations were shattered; otherwise, you would have be in danger.” Willow Deity clearly understood what had occurred from seeing the remaining few bones of the Pangolin.

“Willow Deity, I had already established four Heavenly Passages. After hearing grandpa chief’s ‘potential theory’, I want to open up an even greater potential.” The little guy’s eyes shone with the radiance of desire.

After exchanging a few words, the willow tree understood clearly. Its few willow branches swayed as if it was gently shaking its head. “Is eight Heavenly Passages the peak? This is only the standard for humans. Nine Heavenly Passages were not merely recorded within ancient legends, they truly do exist.”

“Ah?” The little guy cried out in alarm and earnestly consulted.

“According to the situation in the ancient era…” When the willow tree just spoke, the little guy immediately understood that this would certainly be another comparison within the realms of the supremely powerful Archaic Vicious Beasts, and that this was a terrifying comparison.

Indeed, the willow tree continued speaking and said, “During the ancient era, Taowu, Vermillion Bird, Taotie and the others believed that in the Heavenly Passages Realm, nine passages would make them a king but ten passages would be the peak. Only then would one be considered the sovereign of this realm.”

This little guy was astonished. This statement was absolutely terrifying, since it far surpassed mankind’s current prevalent standards.

“Being in the great wasteland is too restrictive, and it would be rare for you to meet any truly powerful geniuses, and would be even more impossible for you to fight a battle of life and death against powerful creatures like the youth of a true hou. Staying here would only prove detrimental to your cultivation.”

“Willow Deity, do you have any ways?” The little guy understood what the Stone Village Guardian Spirit meant.

“I once said that when I awoke, I would take you to look around within a mysterious world. Are you willing? Maybe you can meet your ‘little big brother’ Shi Yi in advance, although it would not be a true meeting.”

“I am willing!” The little guy resolutely nodded.

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