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Chapter 88 – Outrageous

“What are spirit coins?” The little guy inquisitively asked.

Everyone was confused. How could this little thing not know. Could he actually have ran out from within a primitive forest?

“That’s enough. Let’s talk after you dig out that precious bone.” That elder’s brows emitted a shady look.

“Oh, alright!” The little guy nodded powerfully. He entered the Void God Realm precisely for the sake of training and studying.

According to the Willow Deity, the stuff that appeared here would have a corresponding model in the real world. He was born within the great wasteland, so he was extremely sheltered and did not understand much about the outside world. This was the perfect opportunity to learn.

“How could he not even know what a spirit coin is?” After even more people heard the news, they rushed over. They looked like they were surrounding and watching a strange creature as they pointed from not far away.

The little guy tapped and pounded it a few times, and he was currently squatting on the large limestone that was roughly one zhang in circumference. He was studying those few pieces of symbol bones, and he had an extremely concentrated and serious expression on his face.

“Outrageous! Does he truly want to dig out the precious bone embedded within the passageway? I’ve never seen such a person like this before!”

“Isn’t this kid a bit too much of a miser? I want to see exactly just how he digs it out. I’ve never heard of anyone doing these kind of things before.”

“Haha, he’s indeed foolishly adorable. Whose child is this? Did he come here just to put on a show?”

The group of people sat nearby and watched on as if they were watching a comedic performance. To have such an idea, this child was a bit overly greedy right? If he was an adult, then he would have long been looked down in disdain a hundred times over. Right now, the people could not help but laugh, as they felt that his actions were simply too foolish.

“Child, do you need a tool? Uncle will lend you one.” A middle-aged man squinted his eyes and smiled with a ridiculed expression.

The little guy did not even raise his head and immediately received the others’ goodwill as he crisply said, “I do. give me a 20,000 jin hammer.”

Everyone was dumbstruck because this was too excessive. That was a hammer, not a thatched room. Who would be bored enough to make one that big, and would he even be able to swing it? Moreover, he was still so young, yet he immediately asked for a 20,000 jin hammer after opening his mouth. How much overestimation towards oneself and self-confidence did one need to be able to say such a thing?”

“I don’t have one that weighs 20,000 jin, but I have one that weighs 2,000 jin.” The middle-aged man threw over a little hammer the size of a millstone that immediately smashed a large part of the surface.

“I’m afraid of breaking it.” The little guy still had not raised his head as he stuck his little butt out to ponder and research that large limestone about those few symbol bones.

Why was this child speaking this way? The middle-aged man’s face turned grim since he felt he had been ridiculed in return and said, “No problem, you can use it. You don’t have to pay if you break it.”

“Oh, okay! Then I won’t be too courteous.” The little guy scratched his head and finally, as if he had thought of something else, he said, “That’s right, Uncle! Isn’t this a spiritual world created by the ancient Gods? How can you have a hammer, could this also be your spiritual will as well?”

“Go, go and do your foolish actions. you were the one that wanted a hammer. If I let you use it, use it. Where’s all this rubbish coming from!?” The middle-aged man’s brows emitted a shady expression.

“Okay then.” The little guy did not pursue the issue, and he felt rather apologetic. After all, it was merely a question, and these people were simply too skimpy on the details. Why couldn’t they just kindly give out a few pointers?

Little Shi Hao jumped off that big limestone and lifted up that hammer.

A white-bearded elder kindly reminded and said, “Child, being able lift up a weapon does not mean that you can use it very well, because that requires at least ten times more strength. You have to be careful and not hurt yourself.”

“I understand.” The little guy nodded, then stared at that bright winged bird on his shoulders and asked, “Old man, this bird is you as well right? You transformed like this.”

“Go, go and do your foolish actions!” The elder swung his sleeves and his face darkened as well.

“Why are they all like this? Why can’t they just patiently give me a few pointers.” The little guy grumbled. Although he was extremely quiet, every one else still heard it.

“This naughty kid!” Many people all said this after hearing him ask so many idiotic questions. Is he deliberately ridiculing us?

When everyone was criticizing, the  little guy swung that large hammer and smashed down into the large limestone. With an ear-splitting dang sound, sparks began to fly everywhere.

“Good, he has some strength. He can really swing the thing.” Some people nodded.

Dang dang dang dang…

The next moment, everyone covered their ears. The iron hammer in the little guy’s hand was like little chickens pecking rice as he continuously smashed into the large limestone. The striking sounds against metal continuously rang out, practically cracked everyone’s eardrums.

This was the Void God Realm, and so it truly made people feel as if they were actually there. It felt exact the same, without the slightest differences.

Finally, with a qiang sound, the hammer deformed, and the hammerhead flew off from its shaft.

Everyone was dumbstruck, as this little kid really had one or two tricks up his sleeves. He unexpectedly trashed this large hammer so quickly. His strength was truly not small!

The little guy had a nervous expression all over as he hastily opened his mouth to say, “Uncle, you said I don’t need to pay for the iron hammer!”

No matter what was said, this was still the spiritual world. Any weapon that could transform into a spiritual form could not be too bad. He was afraid he could not pay it back.

Looking at his nervous expression, everyone began to laugh. Only the middle-aged man’s face was shady as he grunted in genuine discomfort.

“I say, child. Can you really dig out this precious bone? Don’t waste our time. We’re still waiting for you to show all of your capabilities.” The others teased.

“This is my first time entering this place so I don’t have much experience and I don’t know how to break it. All the uncle and aunts here, can you give me some suggestions and teach me a bit,” the little guy asked.

No one truly knew what to say. Who would be so bored as to break a passageway in the Void God Realm? Let alone them, even if they invited an Archaic Vicious Beast, it would not necessarily be able to break it.

In reality, all of them wanted to say that the child was foolish and bored, and that was why he started to do such an outrageous thing in order to draw everyone in to watch.

“Young man, keep going and use all your strength. I’m optimistic!” A few people were emitting some bad intent as they encouraged with their loud voices, because they wished for him to continue squandering his energy over this.

A kind young lady urged, “It is impossible, no human can break this. Unless you set your own record, to create a miracle within the God Void Realm would you breaking through quite a few extreme boundaries.

The young lady further explained that this was a world constructed by ancient Gods, and all the Gods had thought through everything meticulously. One of their goals was to make sure that they could raise up powerful descendants here.

Even though endless years have gone by, the law and order here continued to operate. If someone succeeded in smashing open any type of extreme boundary, then they would obtain a good amount of benefits.

Furthermore, during this process, the Void God Realm will grant a certain degree of protection, and conceal the aura of the person carrying out their discoveries. This will make it so that the precious technique he used would not be revealed to the people around him, preserving his secrecy.

“This was the ‘starting ground’. No matter how powerful your cultivation is, you can only display the power of the Blood Transformation Realm, and it is impossible to exceed it.” The young lady added.

“Ah, it’s actually this mystical?” The little guy widened his eyes.

“That’s right. If you want to break through the extreme boundaries here, you can only use the power in the Blood Transformation Realm. Despite the fact that many people here have surpassed the Blood Transformation Realm a long time ago, it’s still useless.”

“So it’s like that!” The little guy nodded and then his eyes shone as he said, “If I succeed, what benefits will there be?”

Everyone felt dizzy. Did he truly believe that he could make some kind of heroic feat happen? How did such a person randomly show up? No matter how he spoke, he still looked like a foolish kid who overestimated his own power.

“This foolish child really doesn’t comprehend anything.” Another person at the curled his mouth and said, “You’ll cry soon enough.”

Many people crossed their arms and began to laugh as they awaited for the spectacle of the little guy making a fool out of himself.

“I am very fast. I am planning to surpass the speed of the extreme boundary,” the little guy seriously said.

“You can try it.” A few people chuckled and said.

At the next moment, the little guy’s entire body shone, and all kinds of densely covered Bone Texts appeared and enveloped this entire place.

“What are you planning to do?” Everyone fixed their gaze as they only saw all kinds of multicolored light dance in the air before quickly submerging the entire large limestone. No one was able to see the situation inside.

“He is going to activate his precious technique, but why do I feel like it’s not that powerful?” Everyone was a bit dazzled. There were so many different Bone Texts here, forming into a curtain of bright and resplendent light.

“He’s… Actually running. Does he really want to reach the speed at the extreme boundary? Isn’t this completely unrelated to digging out the precious bone?”

And at this moment, an area of light rose around the large limestone that isolated the place from the outside world. The law and order of the Void God Realm was starting to protect the little guy.

His aura immediately changed as a pair of light beams shot out from his clear eyes. He waved his fists and fiercely smashed down onto the large limestone with an astonishing might.


He did not use any precious techniques, and only used the power of his flesh to strike the large limestone. With his current enormously heaven shocking strength, he smashed the surface. Immediately afterwards, a lump of incredibly terrifying and glaring light exploded.


The sound of disintegration was emitted, and the little guy was overjoyed because it was effective. When he used the power of symbols before, he discovered that the precious bones on rock would burst out with some divine patterns to protect it. After several times, he found out the less he relied on the power of symbols, the less those precious bones would rebound. Now, he was purely using the power of his flesh, and those bones were practically not shining at all to protect the large limestone.

Even so, this limestone was still exceedingly astonishing. If the little guy swung his arms, let alone a piece of limestone, even a piece of divine metal would be pummeled rotten. However, even with his world-shocking 100,000 jin of strength, he could only make a little crack in the limestone.


His eyes were filled with deep divine light as he used the utmost power that he possessed within the Blood Transformation Realm to smash towards the limestone. His attacks were like raging waves beating against the shore, and the violent and domineering might shook the world. Unfortunately, no one was able to see it.

Kacha Kacha…

Eventually, under the little guy’s extreme boundary flesh strength, the large limestone with a circumference of one zhang disintegrated, and a few sparkling precious bones fell onto the ground.

“I succeeded.” The little guy was overjoyed and quickly went to pick up those symbol bones which were pure white, lustering, and shone all over.

Suddenly, those other precious bones shone and immediately flew away. Furthermore, the large limestone transformed into a drizzle of light and disappeared. This made the little guy stamp his feet and say, “Hey! Why are you running away, stop!”

In the end, he only obtained one shining bone that radiated with splendid rays of light.

The people were dumbstruck. He actually succeeded!

No one was able to believe it, and their eyeballs almost popped out. How was this possible? It’s has to be fake!

“Cheater! How could a person like him possibly set a record?!” A bunch of adults shouted loudly.

However, the little guy’s voice was even louder than theirs as he shouted in a flustered manner, “How did I only obtain only one precious bone. There were three more! Why did they fly away?”

No matter how they looked at it, he looked like a little money grubber as he jumped and shouted about. All the onlookers were left speechless.

“Mine, mine, they’re all mine! Why did they run away?” The little guy shouted grievingly.

“Don’t you have one in your hand?” A person extremely angrily said since he thought it was truly unfair that this little child in front of his eyes unexpectedly succeeded.

“There were originally a few more.” The little guy said.

No one truly knew what to say. They felt their teeth sore, stomach ache, and lungs hurt. An elderly man said, “Stop shouting. You attacked the Void God Realm’s passageway and did such an unsettling and outrageous thing. Not being punished is already good enough and giving you one piece of precious bone proves that you succeeded.”

“So it’s like that.” The little guy scratched his head and quietly said, “Then if I succeed next time as well, could I get another one?”

Everyone felt dizzy. This brat…

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