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Chapter 85 – Harvest

The little guy’s eyes were shining, and his heart was burning fiercely. Despite all the heavy injuries he suffered, he rapidly rushed over.

On the mountain floor, the mysterious and powerful pair of golden bone scissors were circulating with a hazy and precious splendor. It laid across the rubble as it emitted a force that made people’s heart palpitate.

“It truly is a terrifying precious artifact!” The little guy was overjoyed as he picked up the precious scissors up, and he held in within his hands, turning it about as he observed it.

After shrinking, it was only the size of a palm. Its entirety was a golden yellow, and its splendid light was dazzling. Needless to say, this was a rare treasure with a value that was difficult to quantify.

As it sat within his hands, its weight surpassed all the metals within this world. It was created from the bones of both the upper and lower jaw, however if one did not observe carefully, they would not have recognized this. Due to the polishing and nurturing it had undergone, its was sparkling and translucent, and had already gone through great changes a long time ago.

In reality, it was extremely beautiful. It looked as if it was forged meticulously by an outstanding master who imbued all his heart and soul into it. Two vivid and lifelike Horned Dragons that seemed as if they appeared straight out of legends intertwined together

The pair of bone scissors did not look that sharp, and felt incredibly smooth as well. However, it was astonishingly terrifying in battle, and it could easily cut a mountain peak in half.

A few mysterious patterns were embedded on the golden bone. They were indistinct and also very ancient. They were precisely the terrifying Archaic Vicious Beast, the Horned Dragon, but they were not symbols, but rather simply a beautiful decoration.

“The scene of tribes being extinguished was indeed created by that creature.” The little guy activated it just a bit, and he once again saw the scene where corpses laid across the lands. This bone scissor’s origin was astonishing.

Without a doubt, this was a great murderous device. Otherwise, how could it create such massacres? If these scissors were used against the enemy, nothing would remain uncult.

The little guy tested it out once again, and the precious scissors flew out. With a weng sound, a rocky ridge in front of him was instantly cut in half. Seeing it left him dumbstruck, since its power was truly too great.

However, there was a disadvantage to it. Just this single strike had consumed a large amount of the little guy’s essence energy, leaving his body exhausted as he staggered.

“The consumption is too great. I can’t use it easily,” the little guy said to himself.

No wonder the Guardian Spirit had to expend such a great deal of effort to use this precious artifact. Using it several times had caused its body to tremble, triggering its hidden disease and ultimately completely splitting its body apart.

“I’m not a Pangolin, and this bone did not originate from the same species as me. There’s no need for me to go against heaven to resurrect this golden bone, so I’ll just treat it like a rare precious artifact. That way, I won’t hurt my own body.”

The little guy’s eyes were very bright as he fondly admired this precious scissor. For him, this sparkling and sleek golden bone artifact did not harm him in the slightest; on the contrary, it could protect him.

With a xiu sound, the bone scissors transformed into a streak of golden light and entered one of the ‘volcanic craters’. The magma undulated up and down as it hovered within, and it was being nourished by the essence energy of the world. It was put away by the little guy just like that.

Mist began to spread out, and the mountain surface gradually restored its peace and clarity. A silver moon suspended overhead, and the ground was full of potholes. Desolation reached as far as the eyes could see, and all the nearby trees were destroyed.

A painful groaning sound echoed from the distance. When the little guy battled with the Guardian Spirit, the entire mountain surface was practically razed. Naturally, the group of vicious bandits were injured in the impact.

Especially since the Pangolin was so enormous, each time it attacked or used its precious artifact, rubble would fly into the sky and smash into many people. At least twenty to thirty vicious bandits were killed.

When the clouds and mists dissipated, the state of the battlefield was clear. The group of vicious bandits stood up from behind the huge boulders in the distance and gazed over. They could not help but feel chills all over their bodies as they were all left dumbstruck.

The Guardian Spirit lost and died within the mountains!

To them, it was as if a legend had been shattered, as ts attack power was too great. One must know that this Guardian Spirit was like a god to them that would always prevail, but just now, it was killed by a little child.

“You… Killed the Guardian Spirit. An Archaic Vicious Beast that reincarnated in human form!” These people all shouted loudly with fright shrouding their faces.

Their faces were ashen, and their bodies were trembling. They lost their Guardian Spirit, so how were they going to survive within this great wasteland now? They would undoubtedly die.

Each and every one of them believed that their Guardian Spirit would prevail and devour this child as food. They absolutely did not believed they they would see such an inconceivable result.

“You… What do you want to do. Do you want to kill us?” A vicious bandit shivered. When they killed people normally, they did not feel much. However, when the same fate fell on them, they similarly became scared.

“The troops we sent out, were they all killed by you?” They were terrified. This was just a child, yet he killed thirty to forty of their people before searching them out to kill their Guardian Spirit and wipe them out. Even thinking about it was scary.

At this moment, the little guy was just like a demon within their hearts.

“I did not kill those people, and I don’t plan on beheading you guys one by one.” The little guy calmly said.

“Ah…” Those people were surprised, and they were immediately mad with joy. Surviving was more important than anything else.

“Those thirty or forty people are all still alive?” The boss showed a peculiar expression.

“No, they are all buried within the stomachs of wild animals.” The little guy answered.

“You…” Everyone’s expression changed, but they understood immediately. This was a child who could not bear to see blood, so he did not personally act. However, there was no way he would let them go.

“Grandpa chief said that being lenient toward evil people is the same as letting them continue to act as they please, so only more people will die.” The little guy gently said as he raised his wrist.

A string of sparkling and translucent beast teeth appeared, and each tooth was transparent. They were as white as jade, and this was the first precious artifact he had obtained. It used to belong to the Guardian Spirit of the Wolf Village.

Chi, Chi…

Air splitting noise sounded, and 42 specks of light as pure and white as jade flew out towards those people. With pu pu sounds, blood splashed into the air as many of the vicious bandits were crippled, losing all of the essence energy within their body.

“Ah, No!”


They were alarmed, scared and afraid. For them to lose battle strength in this great wasteland was equivalent to pushing them to hell. How would they defend against fierce beasts?

The boss wanted to escape, which made the little guy re-prioritize his focus. Snow white bone teeth flew out, twisting themselves around him. Exerting some strength to make a twisting motion, he completely obliterated the symbols within the body.

“No, don’t do it!”

However, everything was too late. In the blink of an eye, over ten people fell onto the floor. They whimpered and panted heavily as their hearts were brimming with terror.

From the moment the little guy entered the mountain until now, he defeated many people, but he did not kill anyone. He let them go with their lives and allowed the great wasteland ‘purify’ these evil people.

“I want to know where you people are from and whom you are working for?” The little guy started his interrogation. He wanted to know what kind of terrifying powers these vicious bandits were working for in the end.

At first, the bandits were not cooperative, but in the end, they confessed everything.

“Little Western Sky…” The little guy muttered to himself. The vicious bandits spoke this name, but what they knew was limited. They were only acting under the orders to search for the Supreme God’s Treasure. It was rumored that it had already appeared, and they were collecting a lot of black gold for the sake of breaking through the ancient spell symbols.

There were more than a single group of vicious bandits, but they were the only group of bandits that truly possessed a powerful Guardian Spirit. This Pangolin came from that Little Western Sky!

After resolving everything, the little guy’s tense nerves finally loosened. He sat his buttocks onto the earth, directly laying down on the spot.

His mind and body were both exhausted, and there were many bloody holes within his body. His spine almost snapped, and his entire body was bloody and bruised all over. During this battle, his injured were extremely severe, yet he held on until now.

The Guardian Spirit died, and that group of vicious bandits lost their battle strength. The little guy was completely relaxed as he laid there motionlessly, and did not want to get up again.

Symbols flickered as they automatically healed him as he made some painful groans. This battle was truly dangerous. He practically threw his life in and almost died here.

He had exchanged hundred of blows with the Guardian Spirit, and he relied on his powerful willpower to hold up until now; he was finally able to relax now. He had stopped bleeding a long time ago, and his innards made pi pa sounds. His flesh was being reconstructed as his body was gradually rebuilt.

Zhi Zhi…

Hairy Ball appeared and pointed towards the distance. What it meant was ‘I have taken control of all the bandit’s mounts.’

It saw that the injuries of the little guy was extremely severe, so it grabbed its ears and scratched its head. It could not help but release a wretched scream, and what it meant was ‘I need to let out blood again? I’m so unlucky.’

“Stop pretending to scream, it’s not like I asked you to use your precious blood to save me.” The little guy wrinkled his nose as he spoke, and took out a jade jar from his bosom. He retrieved from the jar a precious pill that emitted a sweet fragrance.

Hairy Ball immediately began to scream exasperatedly. It jumped and scuttled up and down while making gestures with its little claws.

“That’s enough. Don’t scream anymore. I’ll admit this is refined using your blood, but it’s only leftovers from before.” The little guy guiltily explained.

With a gu lu sound, he swallowed the precious medicine. Instantly, essence energy surged all over his body as the medicinal pill immediately dissolved, mending his wounds with a divine effect.

Hairy Ball was extremely annoyed and scuttled over as he snatched away this jade jar to pour its contents into its own mouth. However, it found that the jar was empty, and angrily shouted before immediately throwing the jar far away.

“Hairy Ball, that medicine was refined using your own blood. Why do you want to eat it too? Otherwise…when we returned, we’ll make another batch?” The little guy asked in a discussive tone.

Zhi Zhi… Hairy Ball clenched its little golden fist and exaggeratedly rolled its eyes at him to show his disdain. Even if you kill it, it wouldn’t have agreed.

“Let’s go!”

After an hour, the little guy stood up enthusiastically once again. Three ‘volcanic craters’ appeared, and ‘magma’ dripped outwards onto his body, replenishing his energy.

Many mounts were also crushed to death by the flying rubble, and only thirty to forty remained. It was enough to carry the enormous cracked body of the Pangolin, which was a precious item that he could not leave behind.

“Hairy Ball, you should deal with these vicious bandits.” The little guy commanded.

After walking out several li, the little guy encountered the chief who quickly ran over with a face full of anxiety and worry.

The little guy’s heart was very warm. The chief was extremely worried because he had not seen him return for a long time, and was prepared to fight with his old life.

“Grandpa, I’m over here.”

“Child, you… nothing happened! That’s simply too great!” The chief was very excited. When he saw over ten vicious beasts carrying the crack golden Pangolin body, he was even more flabbergasted.

“Killed… That Guardian Spirit?!”

“I killed it!” The little guy nodded.

“Hahaha…” The chief laughed heartily as tears dripped out of his eyes. He was incredibly happy and pleased, since he felt that this child had really grown, and was able to soar into the distant horizon now.

They returned together, and ran into another group of adults after walking another ten li. This was precisely the group of able-bodied men composed of Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others. All of their eyes were red, and they had an attitude that seemed as if they were going to fight for their lives.

“What? You killed that enormous Guardian Spirit!?” The group of men were dumbstruck then they all began to laugh loudly.

Their nervousness and worry were immediately swept into the wind as they brought the spoils of war back to the village. At this time, Stone Village was extremely quiet. Apart from them, everyone else had evacuated.

“Hurry, chase them through the night and call them back.”

For such a great happy occasion, they naturally could not wait for daybreak. They wanted to let all the villagers know, so that their hearts would not be worried or anxious.

“Grandpa, I’m going to sleep first.” The little guy slept extremely soundly. When he woke up again, it was already evening on the second day.

At this moment, the fragrance of meat in the village assailed the nostrils as they talked and laughed. All the villagers had returned, and splendid smiles hung on each and every one of their faces.

All of these aunties and grandmas were grinning from ear to ear as they sorted out the Guardian Spirit’s flesh. The stewed meat within the pots, and they emitted a weak multicolored light. The essence energy was so abundant that it was even a bit scary.

The children were running back and forth as they clamored and shouted. This was the meat of a Guardian Spirit. They had not even dared to think of this before, but today they get to gorge themselves with it.

“Little guy, you’re truly powerful. You’re actually capable of killing a Guardian Spirit.” A group of children scooched over and surrounded little Shi Hao. All of them were incredibly emotional and excited.

“Little big bro, so strong. You have to teach me well in the future.” Qingfeng’s large eyes brightened with admiration.

As for the adults, their feet felt incredibly light, and they could not feel any more joyful. The Guardian Spirit meat which contained a lot blood essence must be handled well, since these were all precious items that were difficult to come by.

Roasted and boiled meat was only a small part of the benefits. The majority of the meat and bones were refined together together with old medicines to achieve an even better effect. It would be greatly beneficial for all the villagers, and improve their physiques by a large amount.

Even the village elders were busy the entire day. The most precious blood and muscles were all personally sorted out by them.

Hunting down a golden Pangolin was like obtaining a great treasure for Stone Village. If they used it well, it would have an tremendous effect.

During the entire night, all of the villagers were incredibly joyous. Cheers and laughs resonated everywhere, and they surrounded the bustling bonfire while eating the fragrant Guardian Spirit meat.

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