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Chapter 84 – Killing the Guardian Spirit

The bloody holes were bright as fresh blood surged out. Fortunately, the attack did not injure the heart or the brain; otherwise, he would have immediately lost his life. The little guy’s entire body was covered in blood, as this battle was extremely difficult. However, he did not retreat in fear, and only stared forward.

After being injured in succession, the little guy was also angry. However, his eyes were clear and he did not lost his calm. He was still searching for the Pangolin’s weakness, and he would strike it at the most opportune moment.

The golden colored rain fluttered about freely, becoming increasingly bright and resplendent. As whistling sounds were created, it was as if meteorites were falling from space, extremely beautiful yet terrifying.

The little guy dodged, however, this drizzle of light was too dense and omnipresent, and it completely submerged him within!

This type of attack was terrifying to the utmost, and it pierced through nearly everything. Each speck of light was like a sharp golden colored scale as they pierced through mountains and cracked open gold. There weren’t many obstacles it couldn’t overcome, and if it struck any parts of the human body, it would certainly leave behind a bloody cavity.

With a wenglong sound, the little guy withdrew his silver disks, and activated an extremely sturdy defense. Silver splendor shone over his entire body, constructing a unique divine moon on his back.

This was an incomparably divine silver disk, and it was almost as if a silver-colored flame was burning. He stood in the middle, and he was incredibly divine and awe-inspiring, as if he was a miniature God.

Chi, chi…

The rain of light gushed out before pouring downwards. Endless scales glittered in air as they tried to penetrate that divine moon to pierce the little guy’s body.

The divine moon sank and floated. It wasn’t very big, but it perfectly shrouded the little guy’s body within. Silver radiance circulated about, preventing the drizzling light from reaching his body.

It was blocked!

However, this was extremely passive move, as this type of defense wastes an extremely large amount of essence energy. If this went on for too long, the little guy would die of exhaustion. Even three volcanic craters weren’t enough to continuously support this technique.

After the Pangolin shed its body of golden scales, it became completely naked all over. It looked somewhat malevolent, but at the same time, since the little guy was going to get pierced rotten soon. Its eyes were squinted as they emitted a chilly light, waiting for the end result.

Suddenly, right when that Guardian Spirit began to feel at ease, a terrifying shockwave erupted, and that divine moon exploded. Holy splendor began to rise, shaking loose all of its golden scales into every direction, making them unable to concentrate together for a short period of time.

After that, the little guy charged forth as he rapidly streaked across the sky. His ten fingers was spread out as he pointed towards the Guardian Spirit, throwing the Heavens and the Earth into disorder.

With a weng sound, a mist was emitted from between his fingers, and an incredibly splendid golden lightning hacked out like a destructive ray of light towards the Guardian Spirit’s head. It staggered back a bit as its skull was almost split apart. Its fresh blood bubbled and surged as it nearly fell head first onto the ground.

This was too sudden. The little guy was clearly at a disadvantage, yet he suddenly managed to produce such a severe counter attack. It was outside of the Guardian Spirit’s expectations, and almost caused it to die.

The little guy used his most powerful precious technique, and it was the precious technique he obtained from the bone of the Suan Ni. He had already meticulously studied it for many years, and he had an astonishing and profound level of comprehension since long ago.

The Guardian Spirit was in rage. All the scales on its body flew out and it had no protection. After being struck by this golden lightning, it suffered an extremely serious injury, and began to emit a stinky burning smell.

Before this, it almost thought that even if the little guy had more techniques, it would not be too powerful. Therefore, even if it was in a crisis, it could still rapidly recall its scaly armor and initiate its defense.

It was overconfident. The little guy was constantly waiting for this opportunity, and was ready at any moment to burst forth during the most crucial point with his fatal strike.

The astonishingly powerful golden scales that seemed like a drizzle of light fluttered in the breeze. For the little guy, it was both a calamity and an opportunity. If the Pangolin was protected by its scales, it would be difficult for him to get past his defense. However, as soon as the scales left its body, it instead turned into the best opportunity to strike!

He immediately seized this opportunity, as he didn’t want to forfeit this battle!


Golden-colored lightning danced about, and the little guy boldly and ferociously charged forward. Although he was nearing exhaustion, he still exploded with the might of a thunder God. The area became densely packed with lightning, and they all landed upon the Guardian Spirit’s body.

Finally, that scorched black body began to sway back and forth, and large amounts of blood flowed out, and the flesh and white bones within were revealed. The might of the electricity was so astonishing that it heavily wounded the Guardian Spirit!


The Pangolin bellowed angrily. This little enemy was actually so crafty, unexpectedly hiding this kind of skill in order to activate it at the most crucial moment, causing it pain and regret.

It opened its mouth and hissed. Symbols filled the sky as it recalled the golden scales. However, even if it was fast, it was not faster than lightning. During this moment, more rays of lightning lined up and descended upon it. The strike caused its body to fly out, smashing several bones within his head and burning it black. Pretty soon, even its inner organs would be injured.

A chill creeped out from the bottom of the Guardian Spirit’s heart. It never expected the little guy would be so difficult to deal with. The most incomprehensible thing was that he grasped the Archaic Descendant Suan Ni’s precious technique; terrifying mists of light that resonated like lightning.


After seeing the Pangolin recalling its scales, the little guy activated another supreme precious technique. A silver moon lifted into the sky with an Archaic Devil Bird in the middle, chopping towards the Guardian Spirit.

With a pu sound, flesh and blood splattered across. This strike was world shaking. The explosion of silver splendor and the sweeping attack of the devil bird almost sliced the Guardian Spirit in half.

Finally, the drizzle of light turned around and returned back to the Pangolin’s body. The sound of keng qiang echoed through the air as golden light circulated and covered its body beneath to protect its flesh and blood.

After it steadied its figure, it produced a world shaking roar that trembled the entire mountain, making huge boulders tumble down. It angrily gazed at the little guy with a killing intent that overflowed into the heavens.

The little guy was not scared, and continued to activate his lightning. Rays of electricity erupted from between his fingers, and golden symbols filled the sky as it pressed downwards.


The sound of thunder was deafening as his the golden aura submerged this entire area. Its might was unblockable. The little body was covered in golden rays of of electricity, and he was like a God of thunder descending upon the earth as he continued this vicious battle against the great Pangolin.

The scales on the Guardian Spirit’s body all emitted light, however, many of them were still blasted apart, causing fresh blood to drip out.

In the distance, the scalps of the vicious bandits went numb, and they were scared to the point that they were trembling all over. Their most powerful Guardian Spirit was at a disadvantage, and this was so hard for them to take in that the scene felt illusionary.


A divine incantation sounded, and the golden Pangolin became angry. Its skull shone as it opened its mouth to spit out a lump of light. It was so bright that it was difficult to see with one’s eyes. This was strange yet terrifying, and it unexpectedly released loud bursts of sound, as if dragons were chanting and flood dragons were hissing.

This entire area cooled down. The most important thing was, those bitter scenes that he saw at first were recreated. One tribe after another were exterminated as their corpses laid across the earth, dying the entire area in a scarlet red.

“What is this?!”

Close by, the little guy finally saw something clearly. It seemed like the Guardian Spirit’s upper and lower jaw. They were the hardest part of its body; otherwise, how could it penetrate mountains.

What was especially shocking was that these two golden bones were connected, and the light rays they emitted were simply too astonishing, practically eclipsing the sun. Moreover, they did not pierce forward, but rather sliced towards him like a pair of scissors with the intention of cutting him apart at the waist.

The hairs on the little guy’s body stood erect as he felt the threat of death approaching; the shockwave of this power was too frightening. He did not decide to resist it head on, and rapidly dodged instead, shifting his body to the side in an instant.


These precious golden scissors charged forward, and actually directly snipped that huge mountain over a hundred meters tall in half. It caused the upper half of the mountain to rumble and drop down.

Its power and might was absolutely astonishing!

The little guy inhaled a breath of cold air, since this precious artifact was too strong.

Furthermore, this golden bone gave people a terrifying sensation that surpassed the Guardian Spirit itself. Those scenes of many tribes being exterminated and corpses being spread everywhere were all being reflected in this bone.

“This…is not its own precious bone. It’s the bone of another descendant who is even more powerful!” The little guy keenly discovered the anomaly.

This golden scissor was formed by two pieces of golden bones, and they were emitting a flourishing splendor as they dazzled the eyes. The golden color was so thick that it couldn’t be dispelled, and it far surpassed that Guardian’s bones, as its body was only a light gold.

“It’s refining and raising this golden bone, forcefully reviving it.” The little guy’s eyes exposed a strange light. This pair of golden bone scissors were extraordinary, and it was not something that an ordinary person could use.

He felt that this should have been left behind by a purer-blooded and even more frightening Pangolin king, and had no idea how this Guardian Spirit obtained it.

“Its ambitions are not small. It wants to resurrect this golden bone and allow its own body to undergo rebirth, but in the end, it damaged its own life source.” The little guy realized and finally understood why this Guardian Spirit was strange. It was obviously very terrifying, but it could not utilize part of its power.

Perhaps this was an opportunity. This bone contained so much aura of slaughter and killed so many things. For the sake of refining it, the Pangolin practically broke its own life source and almost died.

Because of this, its vital energy now suffered a huge injury, and was far weaker than it had formerly been. If he took advantage of this opportunity, the little guy might be able to eliminate it in one move, and it was far easier than fighting it at its peak by many times!

“Let’s determine this with a battle to the death!” The little guy shouted. Although his face was young and tender, hi he had a strong fighting intent, and his vigor was flourishing.

He wanted to fight as if his life depended on it, and he no longer hesitated to fight this bloody battle. As long as he killed this evil spirit, then that mysterious and powerful bone scissor would change owners, and he would obtain a rare and precious artifact!

However, the Pangolin was truly too strong. How could it be so easily handled? It opened its mouth and hissed as symbols filled the sky. The golden scissor spun and sliced forward yet again.

The sounds of dragons chanting and flood dragons hissing were vaguely audible, and the might was astonishing. Whether they were huge rocks or vegetation, as long as they were touched, they would immediately be sliced in half without suspense.

The golden bone began to emit light, and the figure of a dragon emerged. Due to the fact that the Pangolin originally already had the blood of a Horned Dragon inside, it was able to display some of its power. As a descendant of ancient times, the precious bone’s original owner must have been incredibly terrifying. The appearance of this Horned Dragon was incredibly shocking.

With a honglong sound, the little guy disappeared from his original position. Naturally, he would not forcefully defend against this attack, as the precious artifact was too terrifying.

Bewildering mist suddenly emerged from the entire mountain surface, rapidly covering the forest within until it was pitch-dark and indistinct.

He activated the Suan Ni’s precious technique, and not only was there lightning, there was also smoke. This Suan Ni’s inherent divine abilities allowed it to hide its own body as it confronted its enemies with thunder and lightning.

The Guardian Spirit went crazy. Within this thick mist, it constantly used its precious golden bone scissors to cut across the forest, snapping off many large boulders and trees. It made a few short mountains meet their end, instantly cutting off their upper portions.

This made people dumbstruck because the bone scissor was too astonishing. As long it wanted to, it could even cut off the peak of the mountain. It was very worthy to be a mysterious precious artifact.

The little guy was very calm and he hid his body within the mist. He continuously moved his body and changed his position, waiting for his opportunity.

Evidently, this bone scissor consumed a lot of energy. Even something as strong as this golden Guardian Spirit could not continuously tolerate it. It only activated it a few times, yet its body unexpectedly swayed and almost fell onto the ground.

It was extremely furious. He obviously sensed that the little guy was in front of him and activated its precious scissor to cut him down in one strike, yet his attacks always missed.

The Guardian Spirit stopped moving and carefully responded. The pair of bone scissors rested atop his head, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Stands of divine splendor dangled down from the precious artifact, and its killing intent made people tremble every single direction.

A human figure flashed and appeared behind it. The Guardian Spirit’s eyes were ice cold, yet it did not turn around. The precious scissor on its head directly flew over, and with a kacha sound, that person’s body was instantly cut in half. His fresh blood spilt out, and his wretched screams resonated within the forest.

The Pangolin was angry because it knew it killed the wrong person. That was only a vicious bandit whom its opponent had thrown over.

It quickly went back to defense, but it was too late. A streak of terrifying light beam shot towards it, and it was like a divine lance that penetrated through the skies as it pierced into its chest.


A burnt smell was produced, and its scales and flesh were cracked open on the spot. Chunks began to fall off, exposing its bones.

In the distance, the little guy held a precious mirror the size of a palm that was overflowing with colors. It was polished and made from a sparkling precious bone that contained astonishing might!

It was precisely that piece of precious bone that he obtained from between the Suan Ni’s brows during that time. Through many years of nurturing, it was transformed into a precious mirror that possessed a terrifying divine might by the little guy.

Since he had grasped the opportunity, he naturally would not let it slip by. The little guy raised his hand, and with a honglong sound, another streak of splendid divine light shined forth like a sharp sword chopping downwards. This time, it struck towards the weakness of the Guardian Spirit.

Previously when the Pangolin used its light drizzling technique, it was scaleless, allowing the little guy to capture that opportunity. The lightning had cracked apart several of its bones, and because of that, it was already suffering from a heavy injury.

The light emitted from that sparkling and translucent bone mirror was also a type of lightning. It was incredibly brilliant, and its might was astonishing as its attacked was like that of a Thunder Deity’s!

Those few pieces of bone immediately fell off, and the Guardian Spirit suffered heavy internal injuries. It emitted a world-shaking bellow, as it never could have expected that those insect-like humans were so powerful. If given the opportunity, it would definitely begin a crazy slaughter.

It rapidly turned the golden bone scissor around and attacked towards the little guy with the intention of eliminating him.

The attack already unfolded, how could the little guy make any mistakes? A complicated and mysterious symbol appeared on the bone mirror within his hand. It emitted the most splendid and flourishing light as it shot through the Pangolin’s innards.


Its inner organs were smashed after the Pangolin encountered the most critical attack, and it was no longer confident that it could preserve its life.

After the little guy succeeded, he retreated and did not fight anymore. He quickly ran away and hid within the mist.

After a the light trembling of a weng sound, the golden bone scissor streaked across the air, slicing off even the mountain ground. The Guardian Spirit went mad as it searched for the little guy. However, it only showed its terrifying power, and could not find its opponent.

The little guy’s eyes were bright and clear as he hid in the darkness. His hands held the warm and humid sparkling bone mirror as he hid, preparing his final fatal blow.

However, without even waiting for him to act, the Guardian Spirit released a wretched scream as a shocking change happened to it. Its entire body cracked open as golden symbols flickered about. After a peng sound, it unexpectedly cracked apart.

Its ambitions were too great, and it continuously tried to refine and nurture that precious scissor hoping that it would shine with life again to go against heaven’s will. Naturally, it failed, and also harmed its own foundation. After experiencing a large battle, its body completely exploded.


The Guardian Spirit disintegrated and died tragically on the spot. A golden light flashed past, and those golden scissors fell from the air and onto the mountain floor.

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