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Chapter 83 – Battle of Life and Death

The pangolin’s entire body was light golden. It was astonishingly enormous, and it was over ten meters long as it coiled there. Its pair of golden eyes were extraordinarily indifferent, and its killing intent was incredibly severe.

Such a huge Guardian Spirit made people’s hair stand up just by looking at it. Coldness emitted off its back, making one wonder just what kind of powerful strength it had within that golden mountain-like body.

The little guy had a calm expression without joy nor concern. He silently watched as he prepared to enter a shockingly gargantuan battle!

This pangolin looked as if it had taken over 10,000 lives, and a bitter smell of blood directly wafted over. All of a sudden, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood appeared, and it was strange and terrifying.

“Is it starting?!” The little guy concentrated and stood in place as he withstood this mental attack.

These scenes seemed incredibly genuine. Tribes were exterminated one after another, and everyone was massacred. Corpses covered the fields, and there were bloody pools everywhere, dying the earth in a sea of scarlet.

It was like hell. Any ordinary person would have weakened on the spot.

This little guy’s expression was extremely concentrated. This Guardian Spirit was truly not simple, and its body contained an extraordinary ability that could record all these things. It caused huge shocks as it emitted its aura that making everyone’s heart palpitate.

The enormous pangolin moved, and the entire mountain surface began to tremble. Its over ten meter long body began to circulate with a glaring splendor, emitting a golden splendor that dyed the mountain boulders, forest wood, and falling leaves in a light gold.

A haze spread over the mountain floor as a powerful killing intent surged.


Suddenly, the pangolin moved, and like a vast golden ocean, it shook and created large waves of earth. It rushed forward, and its body was surging violently. In just a split second, those ancient trees were snapped within this golden wave before flying off into the distance. The mountain rocks suffered the same fate as they flew into the sky in chaos.

This scene was astonishing, and it was like a raging wave beating again the shore. Mountain boulders and huge trees all snapped as they rose high into the air before exploding within this golden aura.

In the distance, the group of vicious bandits all shuddered. Seeing this scene that seemed like a clash between heavenly powers, their cruel temperaments all vanished, and they were all shivering.

A large golden claw several zhang long reached out and swatted towards the little guy. Its shockwave exploded the mountain rocks and grinded the trees into fine powder. Its dazzling splendor and might was astonishing.

The little guy did not dodge. With a swing of one arm, he could display a divine strength of 108,000 jin. Now that he had broken through, when he added the mysterious force of the symbols, it was even more terrifying. He lifted up his hand, and it stiffly shook.


His little hand was covered densely in symbols as it collided together with that huge claw. Radiance that overflowed into the heavens exploded in an instant as it engulfed towards all four directions.

Trees snapped, and rubble flew into the sky. Those vicious bandits who stood in the distance flew away like straw as that terrifying golden wave consumed the entire area.

When it finally calmed down in the end, the little guy had only backed up a few steps. His divine strength could be rated as world shocking. He was forcefully fighting against this enormous golden pangolin, but he was not at a disadvantage at all.

That golden pangolin pupils exposed an inquisitive luster. It was not an ordinary Guardian Spirit, and its roots were great as it was a descendant of an ancient Horned Dragon; it’s flesh was powerful and dauntless.


The pangolin moved again. It fiercely rotated its body and swept across with its golden tail, destroying everything as if they were rotten wood and withered grass. On its way, it encountered a 100,000 jin boulder, yet it was immediately smashed apart.

It was excessively powerful and fierce!

The little guy was not reckless and did not forcefully fight against this. His body was as agile as a butterfly as he fluttered backwards, moving along with this frantic shockwave.

The golden tail annihilated everything, and as it smashed into a few more boulders that weighed over tens of thousands of jin, they seemed weak in the face of its power. The instant it stopped, the little guy moved in to take advantage of the situation. He reached out with his little hand, and grabbed onto the tail’s scales. He hugged onto it, and then crazily began to make a swinging motion.

“What?” In the distance, the eyes of that group of vicious bandits almost popped out as they saw such a huge Guardian Spirit actually being moved.

The little guy held its tail with all of his strength and began to rotate it. With a hong sound, he smashed it against a mountain wall. Huge rocks began to drop downwards, and submerged it within shocking momentum.

Although it was possible because he took advantage of the situation, he still displayed a crazy and unbelievable strength. This was only a child who was seven to eight years old.

“It he… The child of an Archaic Vicious Beast”

“In the ancient era, the young of those Leopard Dragon or Taotie who could fight against gods weren’t this excessive either! This is only a savage land and a little small village. How could such a terrifying child show up?!” The boss of these group of vicious bandits exposed a fearful expression.


Many rocks weighing between thousands to tens of thousands of jin flew in the air as that golden pangolin crawled back up. It did not suffer the slightest injury, and it did not care at all. This kind of attack would have a hard time destroying its solid scaly armor.

It was a Guardian Spirit, mysterious and powerful. How could it simply be defeated by a human? It was far from being heavily injured.

The pangolin rushed forth to fiercely battle with the little guy. With its fierce force and huge body that possessed an extremely powerful strength, every time it swatted down with its huge golden claws, its intense aura was enough to collapse a small mountain.

However, the little guy actually received each blow. He weaved left and right as he jumped, and stiffly collided with that golden Guardian Spirit. Dazzling splendor exploded between these two as their auras oppressed everyone around them.

“Battling against the descendant of the bloodline of an ancient Horned Dragon with the flesh alone, this is simply like a legend. He is still simply a child.” The boss felt as if he was going crazy, because the things he saw with his eyes simply did not seem real.

One big, one small, these two living beings exchanged hundreds of blows during their intense fight without a decisive outcome. The group of vicious bandits were all dumbstruck, because how could a little ignorant child battle with a Guardian Spirit? If they were not viewing this personally, they would have never dared to believe it!

Suddenly, the pangolin got up and stood in place. Its divine splendor sprinkled everywhere as its powerful aura seemed to have been invigorated several folds. It actually behaved like a human; its claw arm was agile and its hind legs were like human legs that could shift and turn nimbly.


That claw hacked down and the little guy dodged. However, it immediately raised a leg and swept across. It was as if a great master released his most terrifying attack, rapid and ruthless.

The little guy was in midair and could not dodge. Both his hands stiffened to block its leg, he was still sent flying.

However at this moment, the Guardian Spirit turned around as fast as lightning. Like a Horned Dragon swinging its tail, that enormously large golden tail immediately swept across the sky and lashed out.


Even though the little guy’s arms were crossed and blocked his front side, the attack solidly struck in in midair, causing his entire body to fly out and directly collide into a mountain wall.

A human shaped hole immediately appeared. The wall cracked, and rocks tumbled downwards astonishingly.

The little guy spat out a mouthful of bloody foam and forcefully shook a bit before splitting the rocky wall right open. He struggled free from within, and his eyes became even brighter as he became more wary and attentive.

The golden Guardian Spirit’s body was enormous, but its movements were extremely sharp without any clumsiness or stupidity. This kind of agility greatly contrasted with its body shape.


It quickly turned its body and then ferociously leapt and pounced towards the little guy. This was an enormous creature over ten meters along, if this attack made contact, the mountain would collapse and the group would split.

The little guy was startled as he indeed underestimated this Guardian Spirit. Symbols flickered, and he rapidly rushed out from within the mountain to evade the attack.

After the golden pangolin’s vicious attack missed, it changed its direction and suddenly stretched across. As it stuck forward, it had the intention of crushing the little guy within the mountain wall; it really was a ferocious and angry strike.

This was too fast. Like a streak of golden lightning traversing across the sky, the Guardian Spirit’s movements were quick and violent, and its fierce and tyrannical actions were as fast as fire .

The little guy’s body was full of symbols as he stuck against the mountain wall. Like a gecko, he rapidly moved about and advanced ten meters instantaneously.

With a honglong sound, the golden pangolin leaned against the rocky wall and did not not cram the little guy within. It shook the mountains until it began to rumble and tremble, and enormous cracks began to appear within it.

The little guy was very decisive and immediately dove down. He was like a young divine bird that was stretching its wings in flight. Soon after, he descended quickly, and with a peng sound, he stamped on top of the Guardian Spirit’s head.

His strength was extremely powerful. He was able to lift a 108,000 jin boulder in the past, let alone that severe kick right now. He smashed apart the golden scales on the spot, causing that Guardian Spirit’s blood to pour out.

There was no choice but to admit that this pangolin was simply too powerful. Its skin was rough, and its meat was thick. If it were any other experts, their skulls would have long been shattered by the little guy’s kick and immediately die. However on the contrary, it wasn’t hindered much, and as it fiercely shook its head, the golden symbols began to burn, causing the little guy to fly out.

“So powerful!” The little guy was shocked. This Guardian Spirit was extremely terrifying, and was a whole level stronger than what he had imagined.

Symbols flickered, and precious techniques flew forth from time to time as these two fiercely exchanged blows. In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged another hundred blows. The long longer they fought, the more the little guy became fearful since he had suffered a few heavy blows. Apart from encountering a heavy strike from that golden tail, his back had been scratched by the claw, and he almost had his spine smashed. The little guy was bloody all over as he spat out another mouthful of fresh blood.

This Guardian Spirit was savage and powerful, so it was extremely hard to deal with. Furthermore, the little guy felt this Guardian Spirit had a big problem within its body; otherwise, it would be even more terrifying.

The golden pangolin naturally did not have a petty origin. Perhaps it came from a not so small tribe. How else could it be this mystic with a bloodline that seemed so mystical?

“It’s suffering from a secret disease. Otherwise, I’d have no choice but to run.” The little guy muttered to himself.

He also took lightning like actions, and injured the Guardian Spirit. His attacks were truly powerful, and the strength of his flesh was better than even that world-famous pangolin. He broke off many of its scales, however, it was still difficult for him to inflict any serious injuries.

Suddenly, with a weng sound, a terrifying shockwave quaked, and a golden drizzle of light filled the skies. The atmosphere was terrifyingly scary, terrifying everyone into trembling.

The little guy’s hair immediately stood erect as a chill was sent down the back of his spine. That golden drizzle of light weren’t petals, but rather the golden scales of the Guardian Spirit. Unexpectedly, it instantaneously shed all the scales on its body and activated such a terrifying attack.

“This is its precious artifact!”

The little guy was frightened because all the scales on its body were precious. They transformed the skies into a golden shower, and it was splendid and beautiful. However, the killing power was astonishingly great, and it was actually a terrifying golden storm.

He rapidly shifted horizontally to dodge. The precious artifact was showing off its power, and it was truly terrifying.

It was clearly visible that when the rain of light sprinkled down, the mountain and cliffs immediately became riddled with bumps and pits, and bright holes that were pierced through appeared one by one!

Although the little guy was extremely quick, he could not fly into the air and escape into the ground. The dense golden scales covered the sky and cut off the path in front of him.


He shouted loudly and his arms shined. Two silver precious moons appeared and collided together to rapidly combine into one silver millstone to protect himselfi.

The silver millstone rotated, making it possess a powerful absorption force that drew in the golden scales before grinding them up.

However, this was a genuine precious artifact, so it was impossible for them to truly be smashed apart; otherwise, how could they be called precious? Only part of the golden scales were temporarily suppressed.

Another part danced in the breeze as the rain of light filled the sky and made pu pu sounds. In the end, the little guy could not avoid all of it. Three pieces of golden scales penetrated his body, making three bright bloody holes appear.

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