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Chapter 82 – One Man Invasion

The group of children were all extremely excited and moved, and they immediately ran over. They surrounded the little guy, and all of them began to talk at once as they commented on what just happened.

“Little guy, you’re so awesome. You defeated these people with just a single strike! Not even that leader who knew a flame precious techniques could withstand it.”

“When will I be able to kill roaming bandits like cutting grass?!”

Over ten people had been dispatched. Shi Feijiao and the others were not lenient with them and threw them them into the mountains to feed the ferocious beasts. These vicious bandits’ hands had been dyed in blood. Letting these people go would be the same as punishing the good and nurturing evil, and only more people would suffer.

As for these mounts, some were too vicious and untameable, so they were immediately killed to become food for the people of Stone Village. As for the ten other ferocious beasts who were relatively docile, they became mounts for the villagers.

“Haha, you made a great accomplishment. These beasts are all good mounts. The only trouble is that they are savages that need to be fed blood and meat every day.”

Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others were very happy. Although they have never ridden on unicorns, having a group of fine ferocious beasts as substitutes right now was pretty good as well.

These vicious bandits’ mounts would naturally not be too bad, and they were the most suitable for leaving and entering the great wasteland. Although each of them had a bloody mouth, fierce teeth and dense scales all over, they were truly powerful. Once they were tamed, they would become fine mounts.

The red sun began to set in the east, and the villagers were all very happy. They began to boil those ferocious beasts which had been killed within a large fire until their meat became soft. They were supported on top of a bonfire until they were roasted golden, and the oily meat fragrance made people drool with desire.

They ate large mouthfuls of meat while discussing their gains for the day. Those evil bandits which assaulted them were executed, allowing them to shed their resentments and finally vent out some of the choking anger they had for the past few days.

“It’s truly delightful. We don’t know how much disasters these vicious bandits made in how many little tribes. I don’t feel an ounce of guilt after killing some of them today.”

“Little guy, you were incredible. When you handled that leader, you easily broke his terrifying flame technique. It’s truly remarkable. Out little milk drinking baby is getting stronger and stronger, haha…”

A group of adults laughed heartily as they ridiculed little Shi Hao.

“Come, uncle has specially boiled a jar of beast milk for you. Drink up.” A middle aged with a shaggy beard scooched over.

The little guy was very embarrassed but very skillfully raised that jar and poured it into his mouth. However, as soon as a drank a mouthful, he shouted, “Liar, this is fruit juice!”

“Haha…” A group of people couldn’t hold back their laughter and began to laugh wildly.

The laughing stopped because the chief’s expression became serious. He stood in front of the bonfire and reminded everyone, “This group of vicious bandits has been executed, but if they don’t return for a long time, it will draw out their main forces and that Guardian Spirit.”

“Grandpa, I will take care of it.” The little guy stood up.

After the villagers heard, they all began to worry. Although the little guy was strong, he was still a child after all. Their enemies had numerous experts and even a Guardian Spirit, making the villagers feel intimidated.

What was a Guardian Spirit? They represented mysteriousness and power, demanding the worship and gifts from the tribes they protected. They required devotion and sacrifices, and were extremely difficult to deal with. No one wanted to become enemies with a Guardian Spirit.

“This is an evil spirit. I’ll think of a way to eliminate it!” said the little guy with a determined tone. He swore in front of three villagers that he would not act simply out of bravery. If something was wrong, he would immediately escape.

The unicorn, little white, would naturally follow him and rapidly carry him away if his life ever became endangered.

Before leaving, the little guy suggested that villagers should evacuate first and not stay here any longer. Everyone nodded in agreement, and even the chief had the same idea, as it was tough to say whoever would win the battle tonight. In case the little guy lost, the village would immediately receive a bloody retaliation.

“Child, I’ll go with you!” The chief wanted to accompany him.

“No, grandpa chief’s body has some internal injuries, and you can’t utilize the Bone Text at will. Just leave it to me!” The little guy shook his head in disagreement.

“Child… We’ll have to trouble you!” The adults were ashamed.

“It’s something that I should do, let’s go!”

In the end, the little left rode out by himself and galloped into the ends of the earth with a heroic passion. He wanted to exterminate that group of vicious bandits by himself.

He had learned where these bandits originated previously from the mouths of one of them. Right now, he was unrelenting as he charged into the great wasteland like a silver whirlwind.

The unicorn was as fast as lightning as it passed over mountains, crossed over many ridges. The forest on both sides rapidly fell back as he finally neared his destination after an entire hour.

Wild animals howled within the white mist in the mountains.

This was a relatively elevated mountain region. There were simple fences at the place where the vicious bandits temporarily stayed. They were nomadic, and had been accustomed to this life a long time ago.

The bonfire pulsed as the vicious bandits were currently eating wild animals. They were in an arrangement of three people per meal and five people per group, and as they surrounded the bonfire, they ripped their roasted meat apart while they discussed.

Not far away, a group of ferocious beasts were either pinned on ancient trees or locked up beside huge boulders. They all looked extremely sinister.

This was a simple mountain stronghold, and a few people kept watch on the borders as they watched out for the arrival of any vicious beasts within the mountains. After all, this was a vast wasteland, and a powerful monster could suddenly appear at any moment.

The little guy rode his mount and came over as he sat atop his silver unicorn. He was like a white gowned divine general who treaded upon the skies as he arrived with a silver radiance.

“Who’s there?!” The people who were patrolling and guarding the gates shouted loudly.

“Little white, you hide first!” The little guy said as he leapt off and landed on the ground. At the same time he flung away Hairy Ball who was on shoulders onto the back of the unicorn.

“So strange, a little baby unexpectedly came here.” The few people who guarded the gates were amazed, but they did not dare to act in contempt because the stranger the situation was, the more nervous and attentive they were.

“Someone charged into the stronghold!” They shouted and passed on the news inside.

The little guy did not fear and took large strides forward like a general who had not lost a single battle out of a hundred. He unexpectedly held a terrifying aura and a rather outstanding might.

“Stop!” One of the vicious bandits obstructed him with a battle spear in hand as he fiercely pierced forward.


The little guy raised his hand and swatted out with his palm. With a kacha sound, that battle spear snapped and he immediately flew out over ten meters away before stopping.He collided with a huge mountain boulder, and became paralyzed on the spot.

“So strong!” These vicious bandits breathed in a breath of cold air and quickly retreated one by one. They extended their long bows and pulled on their bowstrings as arrows streaked across the air one after another. They emitted ghostly whistles as they flew towards the little guy, and they were all vicious, accurate, and extremely powerful.


The little guy drew a circle with his left hand, and it suddenly transformed into a vortex of symbols. The symbols rapidly rotated, absorbing all of these dense arrows within. They were twisted within the vortex until they became iron powder, scattering onto the ground.

“Heavens, a little freak!” These vicious bandits were shocked. They had all experienced many bloody battles before, but they had never seen a child that was this young and terrifying.

The little guy reached out with his palm, and symbols filled the sky. Those ten people who received the news and ran over suddenly flew away like straws, and their bodies immediately smashed against the boulders behind them. They spat of mouthfuls of fresh blood, and were unable to get up again.

“Enemy attack, prepare for battle!” Sharp whistles sounded. The mountain stronghold went into a state of chaos, and all the vicious bandits stood up.

The little guy did not fear at all and slaughtered his way in. He fought the vicious bandits with his bare hands without using much power, and he broken the bones of over twenty people, making them unable to fight anymore.

“Truly astonishing, it’s actually a baby!” A leader appeared. He showed a strange expression as he continuously stared at the little guy.

Shi Hao took a step forward as if he was going into no man’s land, and as he continued to act, an individual who saw this situation rapidly rushed over. His entire body began to shine until pieces after pieces of armor appeared and covered his body.

“En, crocodile armor? No, it’s armor made from the scales of pangolins.” He was like a large crocodile. The plated armor on his body was shiny, malevolent, and ferocious as he walked forward with killing intent.


The little guy swatted out his his palms and the shock wave sent people flying and broke their bones. Only that person was not sent flying by that huge power, and immediately crawled up.

“Could that be a precious artifact?” The little guy’s eyes suddenly shined, since these types of things were rarely seen. He rapidly charged forward to take his action again.

“It’s good that you came!” That person yelled loudly. He raised his palm to welcome that attack, and as precious symbols flickered, it made his palm shine like a beast claw.


The little guy was high and mighty and did not move, however that person’s palm spasmed and deformed on the spot. Although this set of armor was not bad, it was still difficult for it to protect him thoroughly, so many of his bones broke.

“You…” He was simply in disbelief over this entire event. His opponent was so young, yet he was already powerful beyond imagination. How could an ordinary child of his age possibly achieve this realm?

“Again!” The little guy walked forward and acted again. He wanted to test the armor’s usefulness, and whether or not it was a precious armor.


This time, the vicious bandit leader was immediately sent flying across the air as his other arm was broken and his sternum collapsed inwardly. Large pieces of that scale fell off, as even they were unable to defend against the little guy’s huge strength.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a precious artifact; the symbols within the scales shattered.” The little guy shook his head.

This vicious bandits were all dumbstruck. This was a leader was extremely powerful, but in the face of this child, he could only last a few blows until he became a puddle of mud, unable to get up again.

“Trash, you people can’t even obstruct a little child?” At this moment, the sound of a middle aged man’s voice echoed through the air. His voice was loud and clear like a golden clock as it buzzed and trembled.

The little guy halted, because he knew he encountered a genuine expert. An extremely powerful symbol fluctuated in front of him, and it was as if a vicious beast had awoken from its hibernation.

This person’s black hair was thick and murky, and a small golden pupil rested within his white eyes. His aura was extremely rich and powerful, and with each step he took, the entire mountain region trembled as if an enormous creature was walking through.

This was a genuine big boss within the group of vicious bandits who controlled over a hundred experts. His techniques were excellent, and he had a powerful Guardian Spirit accompanying him; he was not an ordinary person.


A flame shined before hiding the sky and covering the earth in an instant. It immediately transformed the area into a sea of fire, submerging the little guy within.

The middle-aged man suddenly took action without any superfluous words. It was the same flame technique, but it was incomparable to the one before.

With a chila sound, a little stream beside them instantly evaporated, and the surrounding mountain rocks turned into magma. The place became an active volcano that bubbled and surged forth with heat that was difficult to resist.

The little guy was startled. This was a genuinely great expert who surpassed his expectations. He originally thought that only that Guardian Spirit was frightening, but he did not think that their boss was this extraordinary as well.


He closed his hands, and a silver moon rose. It whirled and swivelled to absorb the flames then it magnified to covered the entire area. This was the precious technique that he obtained from Zi Yun, Da Peng, and Xiao Qing’s body.

“You’re a child from that village, yet you are actually this powerful?!” The middle-aged man saw the little guy dispel his flame technique and was immediately shocked. His memory was extremely good, and actually remembered where he met the little guy.

Last time he went to the Stone Village, he was riding on a vicious beast and indifferently watched from the rear without any expressions. At that time, his gaze was so keen that he unexpectedly still had a clear impression of that village.

Facing this opponent, the little guy did not dare act careless. Symbols flashed, and he activated his precious technique in preparation for the next attack.

At this moment, the middle aged man’s entire body shined and he shouted loudly, “Guardian Spirit, please bestow power to me.”

With a honglong sound, his body seemed to have been ignited, and he transformed into a human shaped pangolin as bright rays of light shined around where he stood. He seemed rather pleased with his transformation, and he launched his most powerful attack.


He viciously waved and a huge claw made of light streaked over the sky and grabbed towards the little guy. Sounds rumbled within the air and divine traces filled the sky.

The little guy appeared solemn, and he lightly cried out to use his precious technique. A huge silver moon with a diameter of one zhang appeared behind his back, illuminating the entire area in shining luster, and like a bright divine ring, it protected him in the center.

Silver splendor rose and continuously surged out of from the disk-like moon. It charged towards that huge claw, emitting the sound of a huge collision sounds before exploding into a splendid shower of light within the sky.

This sight was extremely shocking yet beautiful. A silver divine moon was behind the little guy, and it enveloped him in a hazy pure and holy radiance as if he was a little Deity.

Across from him, that man shaped pangolin shouted and said, “If I massacred your village last time, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much trouble now. Did you just made a breakthrough recently?!”

“That’s right!” The little guy did not deny it. Three volcanic craters surging with magma appeared out of thin air. That was the divine essence that poured into his body.

“What?” The powerful middle aged man was shocked. Having three Heavenly Passages right after making a breakthrough was unheard of. It was like the Arabian Nights, so terrifying that it scared people.

“I never could have imagined such a peerless genius would appeared in this savage land!” The middle aged man shouted. After transforming into a man shaped pangolin, his entire body ignited with terrifying rays of light as he spoke. “I truly should have slaughtered that village a bit sooner.”

The little guy’s gaze was deep, and behind him was a precious shining silver moon which sprinkled out pure and holy radiance, enshrouding and submerging him within. It made him seem more like a God.

The two battled fiercely and exchanged ten blows in the blink of an eye. The silver moon behind the little guy suddenly trembled, and a large bird cry sounded. A huge Archaic Devil Bird appeared and rushed out while enlarging rapidly. Suddenly, it became omnipresent and covered the entire mountain area.


The Archaic Devil Bird streaked across the sky and its claw descended. It shattered the endless symbols of the middle-aged man and tore off one of his arms along with his shoulder. It almost slice him in two as his fresh blood spilt forth, splashing onto the surface of the mountain.


The middle aged man returned to his human form, and the radiance all over his body disappeared as he fell within his own pool of blood. He was extremely unwilling as his pupils dimmed and his ominous glint vanished. He said to himself, “I’ve been cultivating for half my life and only broken through into Heavenly Passage when I was thirty. Today, I’ve cultivated for over fifty years, yet I haven’t been able to break through into a higher level. You’re just a baby yet you actually achieved the same level as me.”

He was angry, and his expression was complicated. Against an inconceivable child like the little guy, he was extremely shocked and reconciled.

The group of vicious bandits were dumbstruck as their big leader who they normally revered as a God was defeated, and he even had one of his arms forcefully torn off by a child who appeared seven to eight years old. It was shocking to the point that it made them tremble.

Hong, Hong…

The mountain floor shook, and an enormous light golden monster appeared. In the darkness of night, it seemed like a splendid gold mountain that transformed the ground into gold.

That Guardian Spirit appeared, and it had indifferent eyes that looked like two golden lanterns. Terrifying radiance circulated all over it as it stared at the little guy with astonishing killing intent.

The little guy was very calm and fearless as he said to himself, “Guardian Spirit ah, mysterious, powerful and holds many secrets. I have never killed one before.”

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