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Chapter 80 – Heavenly Passage

“Don’t try to show off, child,” said the elder who was previously whipped and sent flying by those symbols. He was already very old, and his blood essence had already dried up; he had long lost his youthful courage and strength.

At this moment, the corners of his mouth was filled with blood, dying his beard in a dark red. His facial appearance seemed very old as it contained a deep worry.

The villagers felt as if their hearts were really stuffy, as this scene was incredibly difficult to bear. This elder was already eighty or ninety years old, yet he actually experienced such humiliation because they lacked the power to protect him.

“Those damn bandits!” Shi Linghu clenched his teeth. The injury he suffered from the lash of the whip was still bleeding, and he wiped the blood off of that area of his face.

“Elder, uncle, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me,” said the little guy, and he promised that he was not just trying to be brave. If he was uncertain, he would not hastily take action.

Such Vicious bandits appeared, and they heavily threatened Stone Village with a life and death matter. It did not matter whether or not they were the vicious people from back, as either way, this was an utter disaster.

The villagers were all angry inside. When that group of vicious and rambunctious people came, they insulted the villagers and trampled on their dignity. They didn’t put the villagers in their eyes at all.

The children’s eyes were red all over as they clenched their little fists tightly. They all wished that they could grow up immediately and solve this calamity by eliminating that group of vile people.

“We will survive this crisis for sure. From now on, I have to cultivate well and get stronger. In the future, I will protect the elders and the village so that we will not be threatened again.”

The children all swore with their young and tender voices, making all the adults feel uncomfortable. It made them feel as if they were somewhat to blame.

“It is our fault that we are so powerless, without to strength to even protect the village.” Shi Feijiao and the others clenched their fists tightly.

“I don’t blame you. Our inheritance has been severed. You guys have only practiced the Bone Text halfway through your lives, missing the best golden age of your training.” The chief shook his head.

These adults were all men with bloody natures, and so even after hearing this, their hearts were still suffering intensely. Having been humiliated like this today, it made them extremely depressed.

“Everyone move out. Prepare for the absolute worst.” An elder said.

Then, the chief started to put things into order. He ordered people to call back the unicorns that hid in the forest. If this really did not work out, then these beasts will carry the women and children in order to retreat in advance.

There are still twenty days left, and all the villagers began to get busy. Some people prepared for battle, some made the retreating arrangements, and others were bitterly cultivating and comprehending.

Possessing unicorns was one of the villagers’ trump cards. If things truly did not work out, they would use them to rapidly evacuate everyone. No matter how strong those vicious bandits were, they would have a tough time catching up.

“Chief, is that scarlet feather any useful?” Someone remembered the plume feather that the little red sparrow left behind.

Chief Shi Yunfeng shook his head and said, “If we showed this in the outside world or in front of a few people with power, it should be very useful. However, in this type of great wasteland that only has these vicious bandits, they would simply exterminate us and not allow the news to spread out. It’s not very useful.”

The little guy journeyed into the mountains by himself and started his journey of charging through the mountain pass. Breaking through was not a problem, and he was thinking about how to explosively achieve the Heavenly Passage Realm in order and reach his desired heights.

Drizzles sprinkled down elegantly and landed on the tree leaves, making them rustle. He sat cross-legged on top of a mountain border while he motionlessly listened to the voices of the heavens and the earth. His entire body entered into a state of absolute tranquility.


A bright ray of light streaked across the dull gray sky, and the sound of thunder rumbled. One streak of lightning after another flashed past, and they were like silver snakes as they danced in the air. They were all amazingly gorgeous as they produced deafening rumbling sounds.

Within the mountain range, all kinds of land beasts began to roar, and all types of fierce birds began to cry. The entire area was extremely noisy.

The little guy was still very calm as he sat there cross-leggedly. Even when the thunder-like sounds reached his ears, he still did reveal any movements. He was emotionless without a single shift in his expression, and his gaze was extremely peaceful.

He was comprehending the natural laws, truths and mysteries regarding the Heavenly Passage Realm. He could breakthrough any time now, and be promoted to a brand new stage of life.

Just like this, the little guy left early and returned late. He threw away all of his restraints, and completely put aside the fact that vicious bandits were going to invade them in the future. All of his thoughts were engrossed in cultivation as he prepared for this huge transformation.

He even forgot the concept of time as he remained motionless for several days. He sat within the forest and gazed at the sun, moon and the stars while listening to the roars of ancient beasts. All of his consciousness was absorbed within the mountains and rivers.

He was so absorbed that he had disappeared for several days, making all of the villagers worry endlessly. Fortunately, he appeared at the last moment.

The little guy seemed to have gone silly. He threw away everything as he wholeheartedly immersed himself within his own transformed domain. He was constantly comprehending the laws and researching the mysteries of symbols.

Tens days passed by in the blink of an eye. Whether the wind swept by or the rain hammered down, the little guy was always calm. He was undisturbed by the outside world as he immersed himself in his own cultivation world, and it was to the point where symbols flickered as he opened and closed his eyes.

On the 15th day, the little guy held a pure white heavenly bone. As if he was isolated from the world, he started to delve into the True Primordial Record to comprehend the “Records of Battle” on it. There was a fight between a Hornless Dragon and a Suan Ni on it, as well as a Rainbow Peacock Divine King fighting against a Gluttonous Beast. There was even a bloody scene where a Genuine Hou slaughtered a God.

The precious bone glowed and shined while producing auspicious rays of multi-colored light. The atmosphere was filled with a chaotic aura, and this time, the little guy was particularly peaceful and tranquil as he completely immersed himself in his cultivation.

While on the verge of his breakthrough, he comprehended some of the true meaning that the True Primordial Record’s ‘battle records’. His entire body had been refined, and it began to sparkle. His spirit was pure without a trace of impurity as symbols wrapped around his body.

At this moment, his entire body was glittering as if he was cast within a seven-colored divine gold. Precious light circulated about, and various symbols began to transform one after another into shining furnaces within his flesh. He refined the Heaven and earth’s natural luck, and made final preparations for his advancement.

Heavenly Passage was a Realm, but it was also a method of cultivation. It drew in the essence between the Heaven and Earth to comprehend the symbols’ true meanings. It allowed one to comprehend the order of the world, as well as how these rules change. It was similar to one developing one’s own miniature world.

This was precisely the Heavenly Passage Realm, and from the body’s interior and exterior, it opened up an immortal passageway. It could also be called a ‘Pure Land’, or even its own world.


Suddenly, a massive sound was produced, shaking the entire wasteland. The mountain range trembled, and all the peaks resonated as if the heavens had collapsed, causing the heavenly palace to fall down.

An area of dense dazzling symbols appeared, and it seemed as if they were refined from immortal gold. The symbols imprinted themselves between the Heaven and Earth, completely submerging the little guy within.

A streak of blood essence charged into the heavens like raging waves beating against the shore. It bursted open the clouds in the sky until finally, a rocky cave that looked like a volcano appeared above the little guy’s head.

It looked unimaginably real, and it was as if it was cut and formed from genuine rocks. It was gray brown all over, and had an old and simple aura around it as it hovered three inches above the little guy’s head.

Within this cave that looked like a volcano, a life force was flourishing. It was a brilliant scarlet red, and it brilliantly dazzled as if it truly was a volcano.

The little guy had broken through into the Heavenly Passage realm, and his life had been raised into the next level. After he finished the transformation, his strength advanced by leaps and bounds, and he became much stronger than he ever was before; even the heaven and Earth began to resonate with him.

On top of his head was a gray brown volcanic crater. Its interior surged with scarlet red essence energy, and what allowed him to connect with this was the power from the natural order of Heaven and Earth. The external will absorb, and the internal with refine, linking the two together.

Establishing the Heavenly Passage and entering this realm was equivalent to stealing the fortunes of heaven and earth. One constantly absorbed the essence energy of the outside world to supplement the internal body.

After reaching this point and connecting the two boundless voids, one can refine the divine essence of the world. This was equal to allowing the divine strength from within the symbols to greatly increase in strength. It will far surpass one’s former strength, and naturally become extremely powerful.

From this point on, there would be a continuous and never-ending source where one could collect power from, allowing one to maintain their body’s exuberance and vitality. As long as the battle wasn’t too bitter and desperate, it was nearly impossible to completely exhaust one’s energy, and one will be able to continuously maintain an optimal condition.


Upon the little guy’s head sat a massive, concentrated, and an ancient looking volcanic crater. It continuously bubbled with the scarlet-red essence energy, flowing downwards before dropping.

After this happened, the essence in the depths of the great wasteland thinned, as it was being robbed by the volcanic crater. The scarlet red essence energy was just like magma, and it pierced through the little guy’s head.

This was directly, rapidly and explosively robbed from the external world to supplement his body with what he needed, maintaining his peak condition within this realm.

“This is the Heavenly Passage Realm. So it feels like this.” The little guy muttered as he closed his eyes to immerse himself within this incomparably beautiful realm.

This is a powerful sensation that felt as if he was floating in the air. His entire body was very comfortable, and he was brimming with an explosive strength; it was as if his entire person was about to fly.

Heavenly Passage Realm was far from just this. It established a connection to the heaven and earth from the internal and external. There were all kinds of mysterious ideologies behind this, such as raising precious artifacts within the Heavenly Passage to create the most powerful symbols.

Before the little guy could explore even further, his body began to rumble and tremble again. Endless rays of multicolored light and auspicious colors spread out as the rumbling noise deafened the ears.

On his left, another gray brown volcanic crater appeared. It looked extremely genuine as it formed in the empty air. Essence energy boiled within the volcanic crater as a silver color surged like strange magma.

The little guy transformed, and another ‘Heavenly Passage’ beside him, causing his body to appear splendid. Drizzles of light flew and sprinkled everywhere in this beautiful scene, and it was as if an endless number of dazzling and holy flower petals fluttered in the breeze.

“Yi, another one!” The little guy was amazed. Could this be what the Willow Deity meant by good preparation is the key to success? He believed that the ‘Heavenly Passage’ was deep and profound, and that its essence energy flourished like the sea, however, it seemed like he had attained an even greater level.

Under normal circumstances, being able to charge into this realm was already extremely fortunate. Many cultivators could not achieve this in their entire lives, however when the little guy just broke through, he already opened up two Heavenly Passages.


However, this event still had not concluded. Symbols filled the empty air as they surged like the boundless oceans. They formed a vast and orderly domain that overflowed with auspicious multi-colored lights.

Another Heavenly Passage formed!

It appeared on the right side of the little guy’s body, and the volcanic crater rumbled and trembled. Its inside were filled with purple ‘magma’ that constantly spilt outwards.

Right now, there were three gray-brown colored volcanic craters, and they were located roughly three inches above, to the right, and to the left of his body. A never-ending source of power was being absorbed from the empty air, and red, silver, and purple ‘magma’ bubbled as it entered his body.

“Ya, I did not breakthrough immediately and have been constantly accumulating energy. Afterwards, I even refined the Rainbow Peacock King’s precious egg and and similarly accumulated its energy. There was indeed a great effect.

The little guy was happy as a sweet smile hung on his face. His large eyes bent like crescent moons with incomparable happiness. He was instantly promoted to the Heavenly Passage’s mid stage.

If news of this got out, it would certainly stir up a huge commotion and shock the land. Breaking through into this realm was already so difficult, and breaking through multiple levels was something rarely heard of.

At this moment, being able to open two Heavenly Passages in succession was already extremely rare, and was already considered absolutely impossible for non-heavenly warped geniuses. If news of this spread, it would truly scare people stupid.

But the little guy was able to immediately open three Heavenly Passages during this instant. If news of this were released, it would definitely be well-known, and perhaps very few people would believe it.

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