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Chapter 81 – Preliminary Test

This was a type of fantastic feeling, and the little guy was quick and agile. With even the slightest movement, and explosive force would be created, as if his entire body was going to fly into the skies.

The three ‘Heavenly Passages’ that looked like volcanoes surged with essence energy. ‘Magma’ constantly flowed downward into the little guy’s body, filling his body entirely with constant vitality and constantly keeping his body at its peak condition.

A beast’s cry echoed through, and an enormous creature appeared within this mountain range. It was over thirty meters long, and its silver fur shined like silk as a pair of Qilin horns grew on top of its head. Its eyes were as large as large washbowls, and its scarlet blood-colored pupils coldly stared in this direction.

Its body was shaped like a white tiger, but it had a pair of Qiling horns growing on its head. Over ten bone spikes protruding out its back, and these one zhang long battle pikes sparkled with a snow-white luster.

This was a genuine vicious beast that understood the mysterious meaning behind symbols. It occupied this area within the mountain range, and no one knew just how many vicious birds and fierce beasts it had to kill in order to secure its position as the tyrannical king. It was startled by the enormous sounds, and it began to feel as if something was offending its sanctity; therefore, it came to slaughter it.

If this was the past, the little guy would have chosen to escape to immediately escape, however currently, he was not fearful at all. He calmly stood atop a rock as he cleared and calmly watched it with his large eyes.

This vicious beast’s killing intent surged at first, but after a short confrontation, it suddenly released a howl before turning around and running away. A stroke of its claws shattered a huge boulder over 10,000 jin below it into fine powder. Afterwards, it leapt up as multi-colored light circulated all over its body, as if a Silver Hornless Dragon was traveling through the mountainous area. Its heart was full of anger, and it opened its mouth to spit out white light, flattening the entire forest as its silver body disappeared into the heart of the mountains.

In the empty distance, there were a few black spots that quickly rushed over. Several fierce birds appeared that flickered with symbols all over their bodies. They emitted a glaring radiance as their powerful aura oppressed everything, shocking tens of thousands of beasts into trembling; they were all exceptionally terrifying.

Their killing intent surged, and were ready to swoop down at any moment.

The little guy raised his head and two shocking beams of light shot out of his eyes as the bottom of his pupils produced two oppressive symbols.

The vicious birds released a long cry, and instantly flapped their wings before charging into the cloud banks. They were shocked and angry, but they were feeling even more fear. They only stayed for a short while, and soon after, they rapidly flew towards the horizon before disappearing.

Within the nearby mountains, even the strongest existences at the top of the food chain did not challenge the little guy, and were all cowering in fear.

Shi Hao had never made any moves, yet he shocked the tyrannical kings of the mountains into retreating.

He sat down cross-leggedly, and calmly comprehended the sensation of the Heavenly Passage realm. As he was immersed within, ‘magma’ bubbled forth, drowning him within. A mysterious mist began to rise where he sat.

The little guy only stopped after a whole day and night. He stood up and faced the glow of the sunrise. He breathed in the divine light; he finally felt that his cultivation had completely consolidated. The three volcanic craters were collected inside, and they gradually disappeared as he took large strides towards Stone Village.

“Wao, the little guy returned and he actually hunted a Flood Dragon Leopard!”

The children all released their surprise as the little guy carried a huge beast over ten meters long. It had a leopard body, but had the terrifying head of a Flood Dragon. Even though it was dead, it was still emitting its vicious might.

“Child, did you make your breakthrough?” The chief was pleasantly surprised.

Otherwise, it was impossible for this Flood Dragon to be killed so easily, as it was extremely powerful. The little guy being able to carry it back with such ease was enough to illustrate this point.

“En!” Little Shi Hao nodded with his clear and exceptionally pure eyes. Within the glow of sunrise, his little body sparkled brilliantly. He made the people feel deeply moved, since he was just a child, yet was unexpectedly an expert of the Heavenly Passage realm.

Many people had difficulty stepping into this realm their entire lives, yet during these few brief years, he rapidly reached these heights. Even when using the harshest eyes to judge him, one would still sigh in amazement.

“Little Guy, have you gotten a grasp of it yet? Can you defeat that group of vicious bandits?” A group of children ran from the lakeshore and surrounded him. They all clenched their little fists as hope shined within their eyes.

The wounds that the elder who was whipped and sent flying bore, as well as the scars on their fathers’ faces were still there. This kind of humiliation truly made people sad and angry, and it was difficult to suppress. Furthermore, the survival of the villagers had become a problem, and they might all die under the merciless killing of the vicious bandits.

“I will try by best, there’s no need to be scared of them!” Little Shi Hao had bristles of electricity flashing within his eyes.

Two days later, rumbling echoed from the horizon, and a group of mounted people headed over. They were all savage and fierce beasts with dense scales all over. Although there were only around ten of them, they were as powerful a flood. They brought with them a frantic aura as they threw themselves over.

They had not yet reached the deadline, yet these bandits decided to show up ahead of time. Their killing intent surged, and those enormous fierce beasts bared their fangs as they widened their bloody mouths. Their horns were thick and pitch black, making them appear extremely sinister.

Only a small portion of the vicious bandits came, and their group did not include the main force or that Guardian Spirit. Even so, their demonic auras still violently surged, causing the the atmosphere around Stone Village to immediately feel chilly.

“You rural people, are you guys ready?” On top of a fierce beast, a male wearing a black scaled armor asked as he pointed at the villagers with the whip on his right hand.

The villagers did not respond as they stared at him.

“Are you guys mute? Why aren’t you talking?! There’s only two days left until the deadline. If you people still do not have any black gold on hand, I think there’s no need to wait for two more days!” This leader’s ruthless aura was severe. When he spoke, even his eyes stood straight.

“En, there’s a lot less people here. Did you guys actually escape?” As another leader spoke, his face sunk. His eyes began to exude even more chilliness as he said, “Without our permission, you guy actually dared to escape. Do you truly not understand life and death? Do you think that by doing so, they can actually survive?!”

Among these vicious bandits, several of them exposed a laughter as they revealed their dense white teeth. They merciless sat on their enormous mastiffs that were at least two to three meters tall and five to six meters long. The mounts had dog-like teeth that were like snow white daggers, and they were extremely frightening.

These kinds of mastiffs who grew up within the great wasteland were ferocious and keen, and they had an extremely strong sense of smell. They believed that even if the villagers left the village, it was still difficult for them to truly escape.

“If we recapture them, I want you people to clearly understand the meaning of being dead rather than alive!” One of the leaders opened his mouth wide, sending a bone piercing chill down the villagers’ spines.

“Yi, that’s…” Suddenly, the vicious bandits discovered the presence of unicorns. Their eyes immediately emitted an ominous glint and exposed their pleasantly surprised look.

“It’s a mutation of the scaled horses — a unicorn! They are robust and sturdy, and their entire bodies are glowing with a silvery white light! They can travel 10,000 li in a day, so they are an incredibly fast mount!”

“There’s more than one. There are actually so many!”

Last time, all of the unicorns were hidden in a nearby forest, and so they did not find them. However this time, they were caught red handed, and the vicious bandits squinted their eyes with incomparable excitement.

These kinds of spirited beasts weren’t the strongest, but they excelled in speed and were extremely rare.

If they rode on unicorns, in the future, they would truly be like the wind and travel much faster. They would be able to move unhindered in this boundless great wasteland, sweeping away everything before their eyes.

“Wu, they are being ridden by children. Are they preparing to escape?” One of the leaders stared coldly before looking towards the group of adults at the village. “Tell them to come over and offer up their unicorns.”

However, not one person responded as the able-bodied males at the village entrance stared at him indifferently.

“You rural brutes, are you guys mute? Did you not hear me? Tell those children to lead the unicorns over and present them to us. Otherwise, I’ll massacre your village right now!” Another leader wearing black armor all over threatened with a terrifying gaze that seemed like daggers.

He urged the fierce beast to walk forward, and waved the horsewhip in his hands, lashing towards Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others. Last time, it was precisely him who inflicted that extremely large wound on the men’s faces, causing them to bleed quite a bit. This time, he was still cruel and unreasonable, and instantly came up and whipped them with his frighteningly ruthless aura.


The little guy walked forward and grabbed the horsewhip with his bare hands, obstructing them.

“Yi…” This leader was amazed. He was the most clear about how strong his whiplash was, so he shocked when the child grabbed it with one hand.

Weng, he gently flicked his wrist, and symbols began to spread along the whip as it extended forward. However, when they met the little guy’s palm, they all extinguished immediately.

“Little child, you’re a bit weird!” He was shocked and immediately stamped down with his feet angrily to step on the little guy’s face.

A beam of light flashed across the little guy’s large eyes, and he was even faster than he was. Peng, he grabbed that foot and used a bit of strength to directly tear him off his mount. his body fiercely made a rotating motion, immediately smashed his body onto the ground.

“Ao…” The leader wretchedly screamed.

Dust and smoke surged up as his head and face came into close contact with the surface of the ground. His mouth and nose were spraying blood, and his mouth in particular turned into an area of mangled flesh; he had less than ten or so teeth within his mouth.

This unforeseen event was astonishing. The vicious bandits did not think that this weak looking village would actually have someone who dared to oppose them. Moreover, it was a child which made them stupid for a moment.

The leader was frightened and alarmed as his entire body began to shine. Symbols interweaved in order to struggle free; however, under the restraint of the little guy’s divine strength, his struggles were futile. His ankle was grabbed by that little hand as if it was bounded by a leg iron, and it was practically going to snap.

The little guy swung him up as if he was waving a scarecrow, and simply yet violently smashed him upon the ground again.


The noise of flesh disintegrating sounded, and this leader began to scream wretched again. This time, he was knocked against a huge boulder, and his body fractured all over as his body became broken.

The little guy acted like he was throwing away a dead dog, and threw him towards the village entrance. Shi Linghu walked forward, stepped onto his chest with one foot and said, “Weren’t you guys being arrogant just a second ago?”

“You dare to take a whip and lash at the face of our elder. I’ve put up with you for a long time now!” A group of elders all gathered over and madly stamped down with their large feet.



This leader’s face deformed on the spot, and was trampled into a rotten watermelon.

Everything happened instantaneously. The group of vicious bandits were astonished because everything happened too abruptly. Last time, those villagers were as weak as sheeps and did not dare to retaliate. However today, how could a mere child be this violent. That group of fully grown men went insane!

“Kill him!” Another leader hastily shouted. He ordered the bandits to take actions as they prepared to slaughter their way towards the village entrance.

Qiang, qiang sounds continuously rang out as the group of people took out their weapons before charging forward to massacre Stone Village.

The little guy shouted out loudly and swatted towards the people who were charging at the forefront. Symbols were released, making his palm appear as large as a millstone all of a sudden. Peng peng noise echoed outwards in succession, and those vicious bandits flew away one by one as they were all struck flying.

This was an astonishing divine strength that fractured all of their bones. After they were struck flying, they had a difficult time even standing up, and had could not budge an inch.

in addition, these were only strikes the little guy randomly sent out, and even though he didn’t put much strength behind it, it still created such a huge killing power.

The remaining few leaders all lightly shouted. Their palms began to shine, and flourishing bristles bursted forth, illuminating the village entrance into an area of splendor. He activated the symbols to utilize a flame technique.

Back when they use to burn, kill and plunder, he was one of their primary forces in charge of burning the villages. He buried quite a few people within this sea of fire, and this was done through relying on this exact flame technique.

However today, it was completely useless against the little guy. The little guy simply reached out with his palm, filling the air with symbols, easily extinguishing that flourishing blaze. Then with a peng sound, it was as if that leader had been struck with the force of a mountain, and he flew across the air for over ten meters.

Pi pa , pi pa sounds rang out and, a large portion of the bones in this leader had broken into pieces, and it was likely that he would never stand again.

“Bandits, weren’t you guys previously unbearably tyrannical? Where’s your arrogance now?!”

Shi Feijiao and the others advanced with heavy weapons in their hands and smashed forward. Every one of the strikes would splash up a string of blood.

These vicious people who laid on the ground, each one of them had taken at least ten human lives. Normally, they were cruel and brutal. Now, however, fear loomed over them. With their eyes staring widely, they began to cry for mercy.

The little moved as fast as lightning, and easily handed over these vicious bandits. However, he knew the true battle was with that Guardian Spirit, and this little squadron of people and horses did not account for much.

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