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Chapter 79 – Vicious Bandits

Within this earth, there exists a legend that once upon time, an unrivalled supreme being left its inheritance here. He buried it in an ancient cave, and it contained all of its knowledge and skills.

Ever since ancient times, there were countless people who have searched but it without achieving anything. Finally one day, a shocking lightning descended from the nine heavens, splitting open a piece of the mountain and revealing a corner of a cave.

“We were the fortunate ones, but we were also unfortunate.” Chief Shi Yunfeng’s eyes turned into sadness. During that time, his good brothers had died, and only one person stayed alive. His heart was filled with endless pain.

“We entered a school together and cultivated the Bone Text together. For a child who had originated from a little village, my talents were considered quite good, and I reached the Heavenly Passage realm. When that thunder descended from the nine heavens, I just happened to be training with my brothers when I saw that cave.

However, that was also where the catastrophe started. They dug out many bone books, but they could not dig into the true gateway of the cave so, making it impossible to enter into the core region.

The news were leaked, and they were continuously chased. All different parties acted with the intention of stealing their collection of bone books.

“They did not know that although these bone books were very precious, they were not the genuine inheritances within the cave. They chased after us with killing intent the entire way, and we escaped into the abyss of the great wastelands, however, there was no way of getting out.

Shi Yunfeng was at a loss. His group of brothers died one by one, and he had to suffer through an untold number of hardships. Only one other person survived with him, and they were the only two who lived on.

When they went back to search for remnants, they noticed that time had already flew past. It was as if 10,000 years had passed, and there was nothing in existence.

“It should have been the mysterious power of the Bone Text that buried the divine treasure underground, making it drift off into the distance. No one knows where it is now.” The chief let out a sigh.

Even though things ended up like so, they were still continuously chased. A group of incomparably strong and vicious bandits showed up with a Guardian Spirit following close behind, forcing them to endlessly flee.

“Many events happened after that, and only after many years did we finally break free from them. We returned to Stone Village with heavy injuries.”

In the end, only he lived and the other man died shortly after returning to the village.

The chief did not go into detail about the past events, but there were certainly secrets and even more stories that he kept hidden. Being able to escape after being chased and killed for so many years, he was naturally not a simple person.

Unfortunately, Shi Yunfeng who originally had extraordinary natural talent had his cultivation broken, and he also suffered heavy injuries. After that, his cultivation no longer advanced, and his body’s condition gradually worsened.

“When we were in front of that cave, we suffered a hidden assault that injured our bodies. Afterwards, we were chased until our strange injuries worsened. As a result, after so many years, I can no longer easily activate the mysterious powers of the Bone Text.

Shi Yunfeng described the events rather simply, but it was possible to imagine that he encountered too many dangers during those times. He only explained it to them in a few short sentences without going into any details.

“At that time, the strongest power had over ten squads of vicious bandits beneath them, and they were in charge of searching for the sacred land of the Supreme Being. They have appeared again, and I feel that they have never given up their search in the first place.”

Everyone was startled. This was the first time the chief disclosed his inner thoughts and recounted his former secrets. Although it was concise and not very detailed, it made them sense the strained atmosphere of the terrifying murders.

Many strong powers participated, and during those years, they naturally created an extremely dangerous situation.

“I believe that the Supreme Being’s land should still be in this region. Although it drifted beneath the ground later, it still should not be too far.”

A circumference of 100,000 li was once massacred by those four great creatures, making this entire land barren and incapable of supporting land. If anyone wanted to search deep inside, it would definitely be incredibly challenging.

However, vicious bandits appeared once again, signifying that new discoveries must have been made, and that this land could no longer remain peaceful.

“Prepare for the worst!” Shi Yunfeng commanded. The Willow Deity was in a deep slumber, so if the vicious bandits found this place, they could only rely on themselves.

“Unfortunately, Aunt Green Scaled Eagle took Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing to train and cultivate, so I don’t know where they are. Otherwise, they would certainly be a tremendous battle asset.” The little guy regretted.

The situation was even more critical than they had imagined. Several days later, Pi Hou, Huzi and the others brought back some bad news. They rode the unicorns to investigate and discovered another village 600 li away that had been completely massacred.

“I found a person alive, but he only lived for an hour and still died in the end.”

“He said that those people only wanted primitive precious bones and rare metals, and did not ask them about things related to the mountain range.”

This was what the children reported back, and the chief frowned after hearing this. “Could I have guessed wrong, and they aren’t the same vicious bandits from back them? But those people back then also plundered black gold.”

Half a month later, smoke and dust flew upwards into the horizon, and a group of people riding vicious beasts appeared and speedily ran towards Stone Village.

“Not good, prepare for war!”

The villagers were anxious. Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others all held Dragon Horned Bows in their hands and aimed towards the distance. They stood at the village entrance and tightly observed the surrounding with the intention of protecting the village with their lives.

This was a group of sinister and evil people who had taken the lives of countless people. All of their eyes exposed vicious expressions, and with a single look, it was easy to tell that they were unkind people as they rushed in front of the village.

“You group of countryside savages want to resist? An attack from every one of us will kill and bury all you all here.” A fierce beast charged forward, and a man with a scar over his face coldly spoke. He did not put this village in his eyes, and his ruthless aura was shocking.

There were not many people in this group, only around 100. However, they were all people who were accustomed to war, especially that leader, who had a powerful grasp of the Bone Text’s mysterious powers.

Hong, Hong…

At the same time, a terrifying noise echoed from behind them. The earth was shaking and rumbling as an enormous creature appeared.

This was a pangolin whose body was covered in a light golden color, and it was incredibly large. It was over ten meters long, and it was as if a golden mountain of flesh as it coiled there. Its pair of golden eyes seemed like lanterns as it gazed towards Stone Village with an extremely vicious and baleful expression.

After seeing this vicious beast, everyone’s hearts froze. This was a Guardian Spirit, how could an ordinary person defend against it?!

An ordinary Guardian Spirit that protected humans would permanently stay within its village or town in order to accept the people’s offering; it would not easily leave. However, this one actually moved out on its own.

In particular, that Guardian Spirit’s ruthless aura was incredibly heavy. Resting upon its light golden scale were faint traces of blood, signifying that it had certainly experienced an endless amount of slaughter. It even consumed other Guardian Spirits, and it was a creature that was best left unprovoked.

A feeling of powerlessness overcame Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others. As soon as they saw it, they knew they had no way of dealing with this Guardian Spirit that was over ten meters long. Everyone in the village was going to die in vain.

That terrifying bloody aura, that surge of strength that reached the heavens, and those terrifying symbols made everyone respect its power. As soon as they saw it, they could not help but produce a defeated feeling.

“Do you sense your own weakness? Just a bunch of insects, yet you delusionally believe you can fight against a Genuine Hou?” Sneered the leader who sat atop the fierce beast.

“Put away your ridiculous bows and arrows. What can they do? They are absolutely useless. If you listen to our orders, we will not kill you!” Another person laughed while sneering.

“What will you do?” A very old elders walked forward while trembling and swaying.

“Old man, you only have to listen to our orders. No need for so much words,” spoke their leader before cracking his horsewhip and whipping forward. A streak of symbols flickered, and the elder immediately flew as his blood splashed into the air.

“Third grandfather!”

A group of men charged out of the village and carried the elder. The children’s eyes were all filled with tears, and even the eyes of the adult males were all red as they prepared to rushed forward and fight for their lives.

“Stop!” The chief shouted and did not permit them to act immediately.

“Don’t worry, that old man won’t die. We’re only teaching you guys a lesson.” The one who made the move laughed loudly as he said, “We’re not unreasonable people, and we don’t want to kill people randomly either. As long as you guys fulfil our demands, I’ll guarantee you guys will be unaffected.”

The village all angrily stared forward without being able to say anything.

“We’ll give you twenty days. Give us 500 jin of black gold. If you have enough of it on hand, then consider yourselves lucky. If you don’t, then find a mine quickly. Otherwise, when the time comes and you can’t hand it over, we’ll kill all of you!” That man said in his cold and threatening voice.

“Did you hear that? If you are unable to accomplish this in twenty days, your village will be massacred. When the time comes, you’ll all be exterminated, and none of you will be left alive!” Another leader shouted loudly

At the same time, that light gold Guardian Spirit also raised its head and howled, shaking all the surrounding mountain and ravines. Beautiful and bewildering waves of golden mist rose from its body, shaking everyone to the soul.

The villagers did not make any indiscriminate actions. They were all distressed as there was a huge gap in strength, and it was truly difficult for them to defend themselves. They were far from being these vicious bandits’ opponents.

The children’s little faces were all very tight, They were shocked, fearful, and angry since they had never encountered such a thing before. They had never been bullied all the way to their village entrance without any chance to defend themselves

The Willow Deity was in a deep slumber as if were a lifeless tree, and so the village lost its protection. Their hearts were stifled and uncomfortable as they were itching to fight against this enemy.

The children’s eyes were all red to the point that tears almost fell. With an opponent this strong who bullied them all the way to their door, they had no way.

“Just a bunch of savages, yet you dare raise your bows in defense. Do you truly not understand life and death? You guys should know that there are several villages like yours in this region. If we didn’t exterminate ten of them, we exterminated at least eight of them.” A person coldly grunted as he swept his gaze across the village entrance.

Shi Feijiao and the others were angry, but chief Shi Yunfeng order them to not act indiscriminately. Everyone clenched their fists tightly with incredible discomfort in their hearts. Had they ever been humiliated like this before?!

“Remember, you only have twenty days. Otherwise, your clan will be exterminated!” One of the leaders said before lashing his whip with all his might.

Symbols flashed past, and with a pa sound, a bloody scar appeared on Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and some other people’s faces. Their skin and flesh were split open as their blood splashed into the air from their deep wounds.

The group of able-bodied males were almost going to spit fire from their eyes. They feared death less than being disgraced. If it was up to them, they would have immediately fought with their lives.

However, the chief was still restraining them tightly. He did not allow them to fight, and stopped them with his stern expression.

“Haha…” A few leaders laughed before turning their vicious beasts around abruptly leaving.

The light golden Guardian Spirit also turned its body around. Its large pair of lantern-like eyes coldly swept across all the villagers and soon after, it stepped forward, creating earthquakes that rumbled as it move. It was extremely terrifying.

The fierce beasts roared, and the group of people disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Chief, why didn’t you let us retaliate?” Shi Linghu’s eyes were completely red, and a painful heat scorched on his face. However, what was hurt even more was his heart, as he had never received such humiliation before.

“Chief, I can’t accept this!” Shi Feijiao was also unable to endure this. He used his hands to wipe the blood of of his face, and even the hair on his head was going to stand up as his eyes became thoroughly red.

“That’s right chief, let’s use the ancestral artifacts. If worse comes to worse, we’ll see whether the fish dies or the net breaks!” Er Meng’s father shouted.

Shi Yunfeng sighed and said, “When the time comes, only the fish will die, and the net will not break.”

“Then it’s still better than being choked and wronged like this!” Many people truly felt incredibly wronged.

“If we really went to war, we are destined to die. There is no one here who truly grasped profound Bone Text yet, and will have difficulty displaying the full divine might of the ancestral artifact.” The chief’s eyes straightened up and he raised his voice as he shouted, “Do you people believe I’m scared of dying and wish to bear this silently? It’s because we are truly powerless!”

“Even if we endure it like this, what can we do after twenty days?” Some people were unconvinced.

“Twenty days is enough for me to be ready. When that time comes, I’ll bring the ancestral artifact and genuinely have a life and death struggle with them!” spoke the chief.

“Chief, the injuries on your body is very weird and also very serious. You can’t use the powers of the Bone Text at all. You can’t take chances!” The people suddenly panicked.

“That group also has such a powerful Guardian Spirit. No matter how many of you go out and fight, you’ll all die. However,when I’m ready, we might not be completely powerless,” said Shi Yunfeng.

“Chief, you can’t!” The group of robust men’s tears almost fell. They knew that the reason why the chief was trying his best to obstruct them was precisely because he did not want them to die, and instead use his own life as collateral.

“Grandpa chief…” The children’s tears dripped down.

“Chief grandpa, give it to me. I’ll handle them!” At this moment, the little guy opened his mouth and showed his determination.

“You can’t, there are huge gaps between each level in the Heavenly Passage realm. Even if you breakthrough into that realm, you still cannot fight against them in such a short amount of time. Moreover, they still have that Guardian Spirit!” The chief strictly opposed.

“I wanted to breakthrough just them and fight them right there, but the vicious bandits gave us twenty days of time, and I feel like that’s enough for me to attain a perfect level. I can deal with them!” The little guy carefully said with unwavering determination.

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