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Chapter 70 – Wastrel

“Listen, that vicious bird is crying out!” The party of people over 10 li away immediately halted, and it looked as if they were going to fight against a great enemy, as they prepared to face it head on.

The leading female’s clothes were as white as snow, and she was otherworldly beautiful. Her beautiful hair was dark and soft like smooth silk, and her sparkling white and oval face did not reveal any nervousness as she gazed into the heart of the mountains with her vivid eyes. “Being so distant, it should not be able to discover us.”

In the heart of the mountains, bird cries resounded like the sound of ten thousand interweaving swords and ten thousand galloping horses. Its voice shook the entire mountain, and huge boulders were tumbling down, as if an earthquake was occurring. It was clearly visible just how scary this vicious bird was.

From a distance, rays of light that collided with the heavens and fluctuated like the seas were emitted, and it was as if an eternal divine furnace burned between the heaven and earth. As if a deity was descending into the world, light illuminated every direction.

“This vicious bird should be a descendant of an Archaic Divine Bird. Originally, we thought it was undergoing a breakthrough and needed to swallow a tribe with over a million people to develop its blood essence. Only later did we find out that it was actually laying an egg,” spoke a middle aged male.

“This is a powerful descendant that has the blood of the Archaic God Bird, the Peacock King flowing through it. Its egg is extremely important, and we have to get our hands on it. After carefully raising it, it might even reconstruct a portion of the Archaic God King’s might. Its precious technique was once reputed as unparalleled!” The old woman cried out in excitement, and although she was old, she still had a bright spirit and her eyes flickered with silver symbols.

This kind of Archaic Descendant was already a rare and powerful creature. Tracing back to its origin and root, its egg seemed even more mysterious and precious.

To obtain a mature Rainbow Peacock’s precious technique from its body was fundamentally impossible. Let alone the terrifying price one would need to pay to capture it, in just a single moment, it could easily shatter its own symbols, making the entire process pointless.

That time when Stone Village obtained the Suan Ni’s corpse and discovered that it still had its primitive symbols was actually an extremely rare event. That was a unique circumstance that only happened then.

If one wanted to trace the origins of the Archaic God Bird—Peacock King’s secrets, it was impossible to obtain it from a mature descendant. The only way was to aim for its egg and breed its descendant beside them. Only then could they peer into the boundaries of the Archaic God Bird’s precious technique.

“There might have been an accident, so we need to chase it down quickly. Everyone, deal with this carefully.” The white-clad woman’s eyes swiveled as her rosy lips gently informed. Her teeth were sparkling white, and she had a very pleasant voice that had a unique beauty to it.

“It just laid an egg, so its body should be in a weakened state. This is the best opportunity.” Everyone nodded.

They didn’t know that what they were worried about came true. The Archaic God King’s descendant had lost its own egg and was going crazy. It flew everywhere while searching and chasing after the one who stole its egg.

“Little White, run faster. It appeared!” The little guy turned around and saw a divine rainbow of light rush into the heavens. That vigorous life force that seemed like an ocean wave that struck against the shore; it was extremely shocking.

An enormous peacock came out from the heart of the mountains by itself. It was enveloped by a layer of light, and it emitted a rainbow colored light. With a beat of its wings, it swept away everything clean, including the trees and boulders.


Hairy Ball’s little claw was very sneaky. It grabbed a solid rock and waved it with all its might in order to pierce through this rainbow colored egg. The outcome was that the rock had been smashed to pieces, and the eggshell was not damaged in the slightest as it still circulated in sparkling radiance.

The little guy was immediately scared and said, “Hairy Ball, don’t do anything rash. That vicious bird will catch up quickly. From my point of view, let’s just throw this egg away and run for our lives.”

The fist-sized golden Hairy Ball’s large eyes swiveled within its sockets as it embraced the rainbow colored egg. It glanced at the little guy from its side with the meaning, ‘this is mine, throwing it away is forbidden.’

In addition, it suddenly made an astonishing action at this moment. If a rock couldn’t pierce through it, it was going to bite through it, and it used its mouthful of sparkling little teeth to bite the eggshell.

“Aya! Hairy Ball stop biting!” shouted the little guy. This was a mysterious and powerful precious egg. He was always thinking that if it truly gave birth, he might be able to obtain one more world shocking precious technique.

Right now, he had already grasped the ‘True Primordial Record’, so his cultivation was not a problem anymore. What he was missing the most was a precious technique.

At the present age, a precious technique was extremely rare. Even a large tribe with tens of millions of people might only have one clan-suppressing precious technique supported by a few other abilities. Wanting to look for some more was simply impossible.


Under the little guy’s shocking gaze, Hairy Ball’s little snow white teeth actually succeeded in biting open the eggshell. Rainbow colored divine light circulated as a scary powerful essence energy fluctuate violently.

“Hair Ball, you wastrel!” The little guy was angry and regretful as he gripped its leg and carried it backwards. Even like this, Hairy Ball still did not let its mouth go as it forcefully bit into the eggshell while hanging there, biting as if his life depended on it.

Everything was too late. This precious rainbow egg was split open, and the little guy didn’t say anything more either. After all, this was something that Hairy Ball carried back from the heart of the mountains, so he had authority over it.

Baii, Baji…

Hairy Ball began to sucking happily with all of its strength, and it completely ignored that heaven overflowing rainbow colored divine light behind it. Its little stomach bulged outwards as it sucked with all its might.

The sweet fragrance of the sparkling and brilliant liquid seeped out from within the precious rainbow egg and assailed the nostrils. Hairy Ball energetically ate, and it soon forgot itself as it started screeching.


Boundless divine light covered the earth as rubble flew into the air, and almost sent the unicorn flying. If not for the fact that it was extremely quick while rapidly changing directions, it would have been struck by one of the huge boulders from the collapsing mountains.

“It caught up!” The little guy’s scalp numbed. This was an extremely powerful Archaic Descendant. It was a being they had absolutely no chance of resisting right now.

The Rainbow Peacock did not see them, but it knew that the thief who stole its egg went in this direction. It killed everything as it chased in extreme anger.

The only consolation was that the unicorn ran really fast. If it was any other creature, they might have been caught in the blink of an eye. However even like this, being caught was an eventual matter.

The Archaic Descendant’s speed far outstripped that of the unicorn’s. If it wasn’t for the forest blocking its line of sight, it could have killed them with a beat of its wings.

The golden Hairy Ball finally became a bit nervous and ditched the precious rainbow egg to the little guy. It grabbed its ears and scratched its head, wanting to use its precious technique. However, after whimpering for a while, it still hadn’t displayed its three heads and six arms, and began to anxiously cry.

Upon seeing this, the little guy couldn’t attend to this much longer anyway. He carried the sparkling egg and began to suck it into his mouth as well. Shortly after he gulped it down completely, his body began to emit various gorgeous and dazzling colored lights.

With a weng sound, his entire body began to shine, and symbols converged densely. He was unexpectedly about to make a breakthrough into the next realm.

“Ya, not good, Willow Deity naturally had a good reason to tell me to suppress it for a month. Right now, breaking through to the next stage isn’t too good.” The little guy was alarmed.

He remembered back in the ‘True Primordial Record’, there was a record of an Archaic Devil Bird, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow that could swallow 100 million creatures in one mouthful. The blood essence it refined was stored within its body, and it would only use it when it needed to.

The little guy had been comprehending that engraving picture for a long time. Although he didn’t have the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s symbol activation methods, he was still able to understand a little bit of it. He could store the essence energy into his own body.

With a weng sound, his entire body shined. One symbol after another brightened into miniature divine furnaces, and stored all of the essence energy inside.

His body shined all over. Each of them were genuine, however, the divine furnaces were rather small. It emitted light from every inch of his flesh, swallowing the essence energy and storing it inside.

“Willow Deity said that it was better to enter the next realm with as thick of a foundation as possible. The more abundant essence energy I have, the better my accomplishments will be. Right now, this should be an adequate prior preparation.” The little guy kept gulping down the rainbow colored bird egg’s contents. Sparkling luster circulated all over him, and he had practically forgotten the danger he was in since he was so engrossed into it.

Zhizhi… Hairy Ball was crying out nonstop. Although this good-for-nothing sensed the danger behind it, it still had not forgotten to eat. It wanted to snatch that precious sparkling egg from the little guy to continue devouring it.

The entire egg was as large as a stone roller. It was bright and shiny all over as it emitted multicolored light in every direction. A large portion of the juice inside had entered the little guy’s stomach, but his little stomach had not seen any swelling.

His insides were shining as one symbol after another brightened up to absorb the essence energy. The contents were all refined into light, and stored into these glittering symbols.

The little guy burped loudly as he truly could not drink anymore. Rainbow God King’s descendant — an Archaic Descendant, the essence energy its egg contained was extremely abundant.

Hairy Ball snatched it over immediately and embraced it while gulping it down. His large eyes swiveled as it glanced at its rear. That Rainbow Peacock had discovered them, and it was absolutely furious; it wanted to kill them immediately.

“Little White, charge forward!” the little guy shouted.

They rushed onto a lofty mountain peak that had a torrential river below them. The water surface was unexpectedly ten li wide, and the surging waves sounded like thunder. It was incredibly astonishing.

Furthermore, this large river was so dark that it was rather frightening. One could sense its cold aura from far away, and there were no creatures in its surroundings.

The Archaic Descendant released a long cry as its killing intent poured into the heavens. Rays of light exploded all over its body as it dove down immediately with the intention of devouring them whole. Not long ago, it had devoured over a hundred million people, and that kind of extremely terrifying demonic aura had not yet dispersed.

“Little White jump down!” The little guy shouted loudly. Right now, they could not care much more. The large black river below the huge mountain obstructed their path. Their only option is to enter the waters for a chance to escape this disaster.

The unicorn hesitated. In its opinion, this river did not make it feel more at ease than that Archaic Descendant behind it, as it made its heart tremble in the same way. However, in the end, it still clenched its teeth and jumped in.

The little guy immediately snatched away the rainbow colored egg from Hairy Ball, and held the unicorn’s neck in order to pour the rest of the juice into its mouth. Soon after, it fell into the river with a putong sound.

Just as it entered the river, the unicorn’s blood had practically frozen over due to the extreme cold. Although the water was not frozen, it contained a mysterious power that made it so cold that bodies would shatter.

The little guy felt as if his entire body was being stabbed by needles as the cold penetrated into his bones, practically piercing into his soul. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Even the golden Hairy Ball was grimacing. It flailed its little claws and kicked its little feet; evidently, it was very uncomfortable

That Archaic Descendant dove down from mid-air, but it hesitated after approaching. In the end, it did not enter the water, and angrily cried out instead. Its rainbow colored divine light surged and destroyed the lofty mountain below.

Underwater, the unicorn struggled since it was in great discomfort. Its blood had nearly stopped flowing, however, fortunately in the end, it drank the rainbow colored egg’s juice, which transformed into a multi-colored light that prevented it from dying.

They did not expose themselves out of the water surface and continued to endure the pain, as their bodies flowed downstream to avoid being killed.

Not being able to breathe did not mean much. Back when the little guy was sealed in the medicine cauldron to make a breakthrough with the Suan Ni’s blood, he was isolated from the outside world. Divine light circulated within his body, and provided everything he needed.

Above the river, the Archaic Descendant released its long cries. Its gorgeous tail feathers were bright like the color of flames. With a wing beat, it collapsed all the nearby mountains and followed into the river to chase.

However, this black river water was extremely mysterious, and prevented its divine sense from being able to detect a hint of the egg thief’s aura.

Even so, it still chased for four hours and continuously paced back and forth between this region of the river to find its enemy. Unfortunately, it finally gave up and angrily cried as it left.

After roughly half a day, water splashed in all directions, and the little guy’s head was revealed. His body was purple all over, and he spat out a bunch of icy sediments.

Hairy Ball shrieked as it jumped out of the water and landed on his head. It embraced its own arms while scuttling and jumping around. It shrieked non-stop since it was ridiculously cold as well.

The little guy swam towards the shore while dragging the frozen stiff unicorn and finally carried it onto the grass. As soon as he put it down, the nearby rocks and vegetation suddenly froze over.

It was so strange. There was no ice in the water, but it became like this immediately after they climbed to the shore. This kind of cold air was startling.

The unicorn suffered a heavy injury from practically being frozen. If the little guy hadn’t used the divine light on his body to nourish its flesh, it would have died in the future without any chance of survival.

Even so, its injuries were still extremely heavy. Without any precious medicine, it might not be able to survive.

“Hairy Ball, you scoundrel. You caused this problem, so quickly make a drop of blood to bring it back to life!” The little guy shouted.

Hairy Ball was shaking the droplets of water from his fur. After uncontrollably shaking its body, it rolled its eyes with all its strength.

The little guy only recovered after a short moment, as he was just about to be frozen over, despite the fact that his body was even stronger than the youth of an Archaic Vicious Beast, he was still almost badly frozen within that river.

Finally, the wastrel who caused trouble twice — Hairy Ball unwillingly squeezed out a drop of its golden blood to revive the unicorn.

Beside the large black river, a party of people halted while looking at the mountain peaks the Archaic Descendant destroyed. They were lost in thought because in the old woman’s hand was a little piece of the eggshell that was bitten through and dropped onto the road by Hairy Ball.

“What kind of creature is this that could actually eat the egg of an Archaic God Bird’s Descendant? This… is simply too much of a waste, I wish that I could swallow him alive!” a young man angrily said.

They never could have imagined that they would discover such a shocking result during their chase.

“The egg thief jumped into Moon River. Whether its alive or not is unknown.” A middle aged man sighed.

This river was extremely famous. There was a legend that there were ten heavenly moons. During an ancient battle, nine of them fell and one of them fell into this river, making it a life extinguishing site.

During the following few days, the little guy became a savage again. He had no choice but to kill vicious birds and fierce beasts. During his journey through the mountains, his entire body became bloodstained and even the beast skin clothing on his body became worn-out. He was not journeying very fast because the unicorn had not completely recovered yet. Thus, his journey was delayed.

After another two days, the unicorn’s wounds were finally almost healed. Not only that, he benefited greatly from drinking the juice of the rainbow bird egg as well as the golden drop of Zhuyan blood, making it an even more lively and spirited mount. The symbols inside its body gradually condensed, and were imprinted onto its bones.

Zhizhi…  Hairy Ball warned and suddenly reacted. Its golden fur lost its luster and turned into an ashen white color. At the same time, its large eyes became dispirited and lost all expression.

The little guy was flabbergasted, as this Hairy Ball actually pretended to be stupid and became like this. At around the same time, he suddenly also felt a reaction as over ten people surrounded him from all four side.

They were headed by a woman in white clothing. Her beautiful hair were draped over her shoulders, and her snow white sparkling skin were as exquisite as jade. She had long eyelashes on her oval face, and her eyes were as bright as crystals. A set of pure and white pearl-like teeth were lined behind her scarlet red lips.

Suddenly seeing a group of people within the great wasteland naturally shocked the little guy as he gazed toward them.

However, these people were even more shocked since the human across from them was just a child. Being so small, how could he just show up in the wasteland by himself? It was simply preposterous!

“Little junior brother, are you by yourself?” The female leader began to smile brilliantly, and her pair of vivid eyes were extremely lifelike. Her red lips were moist, and her pearl-like teeth flashed, and it made all the hearts of the men present shake.

“Hello elder sister, I came here with my grandfather,” the little guy bashfully laughed. Although his entire face was stained and the beast skin clothes were worn out and full out blood, his large bright eyes still made people feel a sense of sincerity and simpleness.

Everyone nodded as they simply could not believe that a child could journey through such a great wasteland alone. The only explanation was that there was another adult following him nearby.

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