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Chapter 69 – Traversing the Bloody Wasteland

Boundless and majestic mountains appeared one after another. They were completely grey and brown, and for an unknown reason, no vegetation grew within this area.

Along the way, there were many enormous rocks scattered on the mountain ground. They weighed from tens of thousands of jin to hundreds of thousands of jin.

When the little guy saw the hair on Hairy Ball’s body explode, he was amazed at first. However, after seeing it shiver all over, he felt a bit of fear. This was its instinctive sense, and it did not necessarily mean that it saw something.

The cold hair on its body was erect and its large eyes stared all over trying to find something, but it could not find anything after all.

“Hairy Ball, what did you find?” The little guy inquired.

The golden fist sized hairy ball was screeching as its large and round eyes stared. It didn’t know what was happening either, only that it instinctively felt a sense of danger as it fidgeted around restlessly.

Finally, the unicorn’s four hooves stamped on the spot and became restless as well. It felt a terrifying aura, and didn’t want to rush into the mountain range any further

Zhizhi… Suddenly Hairy Ball rushed out like a streak of golden light. It wanted to pass over the mountain ridges and enter the depths of the mountains.

“Hairy Ball, don’t be reckless!” The little guy shouted loudly and urged his mount to chase after it.

The unicorn was completely unwilling, but it couldn’t resist the little guy. Its entire horn flickered with silvery light and emitted crackling sounds as symbols converged together.

After rushing in several hundred li, Hairy Ball suddenly stopped. A wave of doubt appeared in its eyes as it lost its previous feeling of danger, and he began to calm down again.

The mountains ahead of them were full of vegetation, and ancient trees reached into the skies. It greatly contrasted with the barren mountains behind them, and life was flourishing here. Vegetation was rich, the chirping of birds could be heard, and ferocious beasts appeared.

Looking back, that grey brown colored mountain was lifeless. Without a single blade of grass growing, it made it appear even more desolate. There was an indescribable mist that surged forth, as if a devil’s den covered in endless years of dust was going to open.

“Ya, we passed through?” The little guy was shocked. He believed that there was danger in front of them, and never imagined that it actually came from that land without a single blade of grass.


A strange sound transmitted from the huge mountain behind them, and it sounded as if the ground was cracking. Large boulders were being shifted around, and close behind, hualala sounds could be heard from iron chains.

This sound was suddenly emitted from that lifeless land, and it sounded like the voices of demons from the depths of hell. Mist bubbled up as a wretched aura surged forth from that direction.

Suddenly, with a peng sound, several large mountains collapsed without the slightest warning, and a grey brown colored mist rose, terrifying everyone.

“That is…” The little guy opened his eyes wide. The unicorn he sat on began to tremble slightly, as if it was going to limp on the ground.

Hairy Ball screeched and jumped onto the little guy’s shoulders. It made threatening gestures towards that area over ten li away while being impatient and restless.

Several large mountains collapsed and the earth cracked open. Those pitch black cracks were so shockingly huge that even an entire mountain could fall through. However at this moment, a huge green claw reached out, but it was sealed in pure gold.

“Heavens, what kind of creature is this?” The little guy was astonished.

It was merely a claw, yet it was already bigger than several large mountains put together. Just by reaching out, it caused many huge mountains to collapse and the earth to crack.

The mist was like the ocean, and dust soared into the sky. Its huge claw stabbed high into the sky, and it was trying to struggle free with all its might; it was as if it wanted to break out of the ground.

Between the thick paws and those not so sharp claws, there was a layer of stone that practically sealed its claws. One could imagine that it had been trapped for many years.

The large claw violently struggled, and the sounds of rocks grinding became even louder. They resonated between the heaven and earth as the pure golden chain became taut. It was using all of its strength, making the chains created hualala sounds, as if it was a frightening song originating from the underworld.


In the end, that huge green claw powerlessly fell down. Smoke and dust raised into the air as it disappeared beneath the floor. The sounds stopped as well, and the mist gradually retreated, leaving behind a terrifying area of destruction.

After a long while, there hadn’t been any more commotion, and it was almost as if nothing had happened in the first place.

The little guy’s mind was blown and was speechless for a long time. The great desolate lands indeed had many vicious birds and fierce beasts. After leaving just a few hundred li, he had already encountered such a huge creature. Furthermore, with Hairy Ball being so restless, that had to have been an incredibly powerful Supreme Being.

The golden Zhuyan was constantly angry. It gestured and grimaced at the chaotic land, and it looked as if it wanted to fight with that thing. The little guy directly grabbed that golden tail and carried it backwards, ignoring its resistance. He urged his unicorn to quickly run forward without stopping.

An early morning several days later, the little guy opened his eyes and washed himself in the mountain springs. After that, he ate some meat, drank some water, and took to the road again.

“Onward towards the direction of sunrise. Ancient country border, here I come!” The little guy clenched his little fists and encouraged himself.

During the course of several days, they advanced tens of thousands of li. With a creature like the unicorn, the speed of the journey was extremely fast. During this entire journey, they bore through valleys and climbed over mountains, avoiding quite a few vicious beasts.

Naturally, there were several unavoidable situations where battles occurred. Up until the current moment, they still hadn’t completely shaken off their pursuer. A five color striped bug had been chasing them for two days.

That descendant had perseverance. So long as the little guy’s group stopped, it would follow their scent and catch up. It endlessly chased after them.

This was a striped bug over ten meters long that had terrifying strength. It had rough skin and thick flesh, and it could spit a liquid from its mouth that was able to penetrate a mountain boulder.

According to the little guy’s speculations, this was much more powerful than that divine wolf from the Wolf Village. It comprehended the strength from a powerful mysterious symbol that caused its entire body to shine. The only thing to rejoice about was that it couldn’t catch up to the unicorn.

“Let’s go; otherwise, that big bug will kill us.” The little guy flipped himself onto his mount. He believed that after a few days of chasing and not sleeping, that big bug would eventually get tired and give up.

The Unicorn held its head high and released a long neigh as silvery light flickered all over its body.

Suddenly, the little guy became startled and said, “Quickly, it’s coming again.”


As soon as they rushed out, a wave rushed over, and mist descended onto the mountain floor. Suddenly, all the ancient trees and mountain boulders melted. As chichi sounds rang out, they became white smoke.

With a weng sound, the area began to flicker with symbols, and like an inescapable net, it dropped towards this area.

“Faster!” the little guy shouted.

With a hong sound, that area of the mountain floor cracked in every direction, causing smoke and dust to surge. The situation was incredibly dangerous, and they ran away as far as they could.

A large five colored bug appeared. It was only as thick as a water jar but brilliant symbols flickered all over its body. It wasn’t a python, but it was even more sinister. It angrily yelled out after barely missing them again and twisted its huge body, razing this entire mountain forest to the ground.

Suddenly, a bird cry sounded. Like a black cloud descending from the sky, an enormous figure of a huge bird over a hundred meters long swooped down from the cloud bank.

The big bug panicked and hastily raised its head. It spouted out a multicolored light in order to defend itself with its symbols.


The vicious bird covered the sky and hid the sun. It opened its mouth, and a light beam that seemed like a river of stars descended. The entire mountain floor was flattened, and rubble flew into the sky as this big bug was immediately hacked into many pieces.

The huge bird swooped down and began its bloody feast!

This was the great wasteland; there were dangers and terrifying creatures everywhere. A moment before it could have been an awe-inspiring force, but the next moment it could turn into another creature’s food.

This was a world where the strong ate the weak, and blood was spilt everywhere, and it was a place without reason.

But the little guy who was going to traverse the wilds for 300,000 li could be said to be on a journey filled with untold dangers and difficulties, and it was possible that he could lose his life at any moment.

Following this, the little guy had repeatedly fought bloody battles and encountered many great dangers. He beheaded many ferocious beasts, as there was no other way. If his actions were a bit weaker, he would have become something else’s food.

This was merely eight or nine days, yet his clothes were already ragged. All his clothes were dyed in blood and ripped apart, and in the end, he could only change into the peeled skin of beasts in order to cover himself.

This type of uninhabited land often had unimaginably terrifying creatures, and at that moment, the only choice was to hide far away. The good news was, however, that excessively powerful existences only had other tyrannical creatures in their sights, and wouldn’t pay much attention to them.

However, creatures as powerful as the big multicolored bug, which were not the strongest creatures, posed the greatest threat to them. On their journey, there was a strange ape. Once its symbols were shown, the world shook, and a rocky mountain collapsed. It chased them for three days and three nights until it finally gave up.

On this journey, he encountered countless bloody battles. If he couldn’t win, he would run, and in less than ten days, he looked a little savage. His body was covered in the blood of vicious birds and fierce beasts, as he did not even have time to wash himself.

Currently, he was rushing along the route, and whenever he stopped, he would immediately eat and rest afterwards. The mountains were incredibly dangerous, and they couldn’t afford to waste any time. They had to conserve as much of their strength as possible.

Following this, he suffered a heavy injury. When he went to find a water source, an Alligator Flood Dragon suddenly rushed out of the cold water and pounced on him. Its symbols activated and suppressed each direction, and it seemed as if it wanted to kill him.

This was the first time in the little guy’s life that he suffered such a heavy injury. His powerful flesh had been destroyed, and his bones were exposed. Under the Alligator Flood Dragon’s mysterious symbol power, he was almost crushed to death.

In the end, when this Alligator Flood Dragon wanted to swallow the little guy for his meal, the little guy found a chance. He swung one of his arm that had a divine strength of 108,000 jin, and when it approached, he immediately ripped apart the Alligator Flood Dragon’s claws, dying the cold water in bloody red.

He used this chance and took it a step further, stomping open the Alligator Flood Dragon’s skull and nearly smashing it into pieces.

This Alligator Flood Dragon was in serious pain as it struggled violently. It dove into the cold water head first, and the little guy used this opportunity to escape far away from this place.

The unicorn in the distance heard some commotions and quickly galloped over. It carried him on its back, and escaped from this area to escape this near death situation.

That Alligator Flood Dragon was extremely savage. While it was suffering from pain, it rushed out of the water surface and opened its mouth to spit out multicolored light, immediately flattening the top of a mountain. If it wasn’t for a terrifying huge bird streaking across the sky and forcing it to retreat back into the water, it would have certainly chased after and tried to kill them.

The following few days, Hairy Ball found all kinds of strange fruits, and in a rare feat of generosity, it bit open its own skin to squeeze out three drops of golden blood, helping the little guy’s wounds heal and feel better.

It was quite obvious that the fist-sized golden Zhuyan’s blood possessed a divine effect. After the little guy’s injuries healed, not a single trace of a scar remained.

After half a month, the little was already 200,000 li away from Stone Village. This unicorn’s speed was extremely fast, and was quite a bit stronger than others from its species. There was only 100,000 li remaining from the ancient country.

The little guy truly became a little savage. He was covered in dirty blood all over, and after completely drying up, they turned into bloody scabs, and his pitch black hair began to stick together.


At dawn while the little guy was still sleeping, Hairy Ball rushed out from within the heart of the ancient mountain range. It was carrying an egg that was as large as a stone roller while emitting a shocking multicolored light.

Little Shi Hao heard some noise and suddenly sat up, and he immediately saw this scene. Hairy Ball was blinking with a joyfully satisfied expression, and it carried an extremely large egg. Who knew how many times larger the egg was than the Zhuyan’s body, and it was very as it happily endlessly shrieked.

This sparkling egg was covered densely with rainbow stripes. It was very beautiful, and streaks of multicolored light shot out, making it seem extremely extraordinary. Despite the fact that it was still an egg, it already emitted a terrifying aura.

Without needing to think much, this was definitely an extraordinary object. The little guy even suspected that this was the heir of a divine bird; otherwise, how could it be so abnormal?

“You… stole it?”

Zhizhi… Hairy Ball protested. With an innocent and earnest expression, it slapped its little chest. It was as if it was asking ‘am I that type of person’?

Suddenly, within the heart of the mountain, a terrifying bird screech rang out, shaking the entire mountain range. An astonishing killing intent exploded forth like a violent tsunami.

With a ba ji sound, Hairy Ball immediately threw the egg towards the little guy and escaped onto the back of the unicorn. Without any sense of loyalty, it wanted to forcefully escape.

After seeing this, how could the little guy not know what the situation was? He held the rainbow colored egg and immediately jumped onto the back of the unicorn, frantically making his escape.

“Hairy Ball, you stirred up trouble again!” criticized the little guy.

Hairy Ball looked up into the sky and ignored it, but in the end it secretly shot a glimpsed into the heart of the mountain range. After seeing a demonic and omnipresent aura coming over, it began to worry. With a screech, it jumped onto the ground and found a sturdy rock before scuttling back. He took the rock and began to dig into the shell.

“Ah, you are going to dig straight into such a mystical egg?” The little guy was hesitant.

Hairy Ball made a gesture with the meaning that it was for ‘supplementing the body’. In reality, its own saliva was gurgling as it fell onto the unicorn’s back.

Over ten li away, there was a party of people in another region headed by a graceful beauty that was out of this world. Her charming face was sparkling white, and she had big spirited eyes. Her body was elegant, and white clothes covered her body. She followed the wind as she hunted as if she wanted to use the wind to her advantage. Beside her, there was an old woman, as well as over ten other extraordinary experts.

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