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Chapter 71 – Beauty

The little guy’s large eyes were bright and his beast skin clothes were worn out. Such shyness and simplicity made this group of people smile.

“Little junior brother is shy, so cute.” The lead female gently laughed. A rippled circulated within her pupils, and her eyelashes trembled. Her charming pure white face was sparkling as it flickered with an emotionally touching luster.

The little guy scratched his head and laughed foolishly without saying much. Hairy Ball, who was beside him, looked even more foolish, like an unintelligent little beast who lifelessly laid on his shoulder.

“Child, you’re truly not so simple. Looking at the bloodstains on your body, you should have killed many vicious birds and fierce beasts right?” The older woman spoke, and the silver symbols in her eyes flickered with a deep and unfathomable light, making people shudder.

“That right! It is very dangerous in the mountains and they are so vicious. I could only passively fight back.” The little guy carefully nodded.

“Little junior brother, have you been separated from your grandpa for several days? Otherwise, how can your beast skin clothing be worn out like that?” The lead female lightly laughed. The luster within her eyes seemed dreamlike and was so pretty that it made people’s hearts tremble. Even the expressions of the people by her side changed.

“En, grandpa brought me here for training. He said I could only depend on myself during this severe and rough journey. If my life was not endangered, he would not care.” The little guy appeared to be extremely honest, as if he didn’t conceal anything.

The hearts of everyone in the group trembled. No matter how you looked at it, any person who dared to bring a child on a journey into this great wasteland to conduct such cruel training must be an ultra high level expert.

The old woman’s eyes were silver, and symbols swiveled like the ebb and flow of the sun and moon; her aura was very powerful. She nodded because outstanding disciples of various nobles all had terrifying experts accompanying them while they trained. Except, letting a child journey within such a terrifying wasteland by himself while fighting vicious birds and fierce beasts was still very rare.

A middle aged man nodded and said, “In recent years, there were a few children that surpassed the ordinary who came out of this vast piece of land. Without the supervision of a senior, they traversed hundreds of thousands of li in the vast wasteland while fighting all kinds of vicious birds and fierce beasts before successfully returning to their clans.

Clearly, this group of people were not simple. Although the little guy acted very plain, they did not completely believe him since they were all very astute.

“Little junior brother, you shouldn’t be one of those heaven warping geniuses right? You traveled hundreds of thousands of li of the great wasteland by yourself without the protection of adults.” The pretty and quick-witted woman laughed while speaking. She played with her long black hair, and revealed her fairy like white ears. It was such a small action, yet it moved many of the onlookers’ hearts.

“Traversing hundreds of thousands of li alone, they really are strong. Are they not scared of running into any Archaic Descendants?” The little guy shockingly stared wide and said.

The group of people all looked at each in belief of his words because those pair of eyes were so pure that it did not contain a hint impurity. He was naturally able to easily gain a favorable impression and trust from people. A child able to traverse a hundred thousand li of a savage mountain alone. How astonishing was that? How could they just randomly encounter such a person.

Suddenly, the young woman moved. Her white clothes fluttered as her hips twisted. Her whole body approached like a delicate willow tree. With her pure white jade arm, she struck towards the little guy.

The little guy what shocked. They were talking so nicely yet how could they suddenly take action? However, he reacted at lightning speed. During the past two years, he was always fighting against the heavenly might of nature, such as being baptized within a mountain torrent and fiercely battling fierce birds. As soon as he moved, his temperament changed completely.

The beams of light within little guy’s large eyes were like two frightening torches. His figure seemed like a crane spreading its wings as he drew out a beautiful trajectory. His right arm stretched forward. With a peng sound, he grabbed that sparkling arm then he fiercely dragged it, making the beautiful woman stumble and lower her body.

Who could have imagined a wave of this child’s arm could contain such a world-shocking divine power? At this young age, his large eyes were still so innocent, but his movements were as fast as thunder.

All of this happened extremely quickly. The little guy’s figure rapidly turned and stuck behind that beautiful girl’s back. With a peng sound, his left arm pulled in her snow white and jade-like neck, and his right hand’s fingertips lit up. Symbols flickered, and they were pressed against her heart, ready to penetrate through at any given moment.

All of his movements finished within a spark’s time, and they were carried out smoothly. The fast as lightning speed shocked the party of people. What kind of position did this white clothed girl have? Yet she actually suffered a huge misfortune under the hands of a child.

“Elder sister, why did you want to hurt me?” The little guy’s tender voice had an incomprehensible manner. However his very bright eyes were not looking at the white clothed girl but staring at the old woman and the others instead.

His beast skin clothes were worn out and covered in red beast blood. Even his little hands contained traces of dry blood. As he pressed against that sparkling and snow white chest, he immediately left behind a few dirty little hand prints.

In addition, that swan-like neck was no exception, and had several streaks of black imprints on it, making a distinct contrast with that snow white smooth skin.

Not far away, the few young males all had a peculiar expression, but that old woman said in an amiable manner, “Child, we do not have any evil intentions.”


Several patches of symbols appeared from the white clothed girl’s sparkling skin like a heavenly book. They densely imprinted themselves in midair as they wrapped up her entire body in a splendid light. Like a little fish, she broke out of the little guy’s control.

The little guy’s heart was shocked; this girl was truly extraordinary. Like a slippery thing that couldn’t be contained in the hand, her exquisite snow white body seemed to be as agile as a fish in water, and couldn’t be captured easily. She swam out instantly.

“Little junior brother is truly not very simple.” The young girl laughed in genuine amazement, since she was caught by a child in such a short period of time. If the news of this spread, with her position, it would certainly evoke some commotion.

After the instant that the beautiful girl swam out, the little guy relaxed and did not give chase. Very innocently, he looked towards her and said, “Elder sister, what are doing?”

“I just wanted to see little junior brother strength. It’s indeed astonishing. You’re so young and I already sensed a potential as flourishing as the sea.” The white clothed girl nodded.

“Oh, so it’s like that.” The little guy exposed a smile and embarrassingly laughed and said, “Sorry elder sister.”

The group all looked towards the beautiful girl’s chest. The hand print which was exposed on her sparkling skin was too obvious, and her snow white neck was the same as well.

The beautiful woman laughed and did not feel awkward or angry at all. Her delicate hands gently brushed, and after brilliant lights and vibrant colors flourished, all those marks disappeared immediately.

“I’m Xia Youyu. Little junior brother, what’s your name?”

“I’m Shi Hao.” The little guy crisply responded.

“This name…” Everyone was stupefied.

“It has spirit. A very good name!” Xia Youyu smiled sweetly.

The old woman also showed a benevolent smile and said, “Child, you are truly not simple. No matter what, even if Youyu was any less careful, being able to catch her for an instantly is still extraordinarily amazing.”

Xia Youyu used her hands to gather up her dark and shiny hair. Her lustering white and charming face, her ears that sparkled like a fairy, and those vivid eyes made her seem otherworldly. Multicolored light flickers on her palms and a tool appear. It seemed like gold but it wasn’t, it also seemed like a rock but it wasn’t either. It was engraved with strips of complicated lines.

“What is that?” That little guy asked curiously.

Xia Youyu handed it over onto his hands and said, “Little junior brother, protect this well. When the time comes, hand it over to your senior and let them take you to the ‘Heaven Mending Pavilion’.”

“Heaven Mending Pavilion” The little guy was puzzled since he did not know what kind of place that was.

“Then you should have heard of Zhulu1 Academy right? They find people who pursue supremacy, and recruit the geniuses of this vast earth in order to show them how to cultivate. The Heaven Mending Pavilion, Divine King Hall, and some other schools are also like this.”

The little guy thought for a bit and did not ask any more questions. He earnestly expressed his gratitude.

The people at the side were all shocked. They never could have imagined Xia Youyu would give this talisman to suck a savage-looking child, as this was no ordinary item.

Finally, the little guy bid them farewell to express that he was going to continue strengthening himself. He straddled onto the unicorn and traversed into the mountain range. During this course of events, Hairy Ball was constantly lifelessly smacking its lips, and had expressionless eyes like an ordinary little mountain beast.

“Youyu, this time you received orders to journey to the western border and only have eight talismans with you. This was the final one and you gave it to that child just like that?” asked a middle aged man.

A young man sighed, “A person holding this talisman can enter the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and that signifies that he can reach into heavens with a single step! He would gain priority on all kinds of precious medicine and secret methods of using symbols. This talisman is priceless!”

“That’s right, Youyu, Stone Country’s Rain Clan wanted the last talisman that you had. They wanted to pave the way for their extremely powerful heir by letting him enter the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Are you not considering it anymore?” the middle aged man asked.

“With his position and status, it’s clear that the heir won’t be too bad, so passing through Heaven Mending Pavilion’s trial test won’t be a problem either. The precious medicine that this talisman can obtain, would their clan lack any of that?” Xia Youyu objected.

“This kind of ancient clan cares about its face,” the old woman said.

“Then they can seek it from someone else. I set out for the western border and gave away all my talismans.” XIa Youyu laughed.

The middle aged man warned and said, “Rain Clan is very powerful. You can’t easily offend them, especially in the upcoming years. They are destined for extreme glory, because they are the family of that kid’s mother’s uncle from the Stone Family.”

The old woman heard and frowned, “Alright fine, I’ll go request another talisman. There are a few kingdoms that we cannot easily offend.

“No matter what, that child back then is truly complicated. I feel that if I did not act and he was found by Zhulu Academy, they would definitely snatch him away. If that happened, Heaven Mending Pavilion will regret it.” The white clothed girl said. Searching for the Archaic Descendant’s divine rainbow egg was something they did decided to do along the way, but was the real purpose for this journey.

“Is he really strong?” A person from the side asked.

“His potential is terrifying. A wave of his arm contained at least a divine strength of at least  tens of thousands of jin.” Xia Youyu held back her smile and solemnly said.

“So young yet his body already contains such divine strength?” None of the others could believe it, but they suddenly understood why the white clothed girl was dragged stumbling and almost fell to the ground.

“Wu, I estimate from looking that if this simple-looking kid did not conceal anything, a swing from both arms together would generate at least a divine strength of 80 to 90 thousand jin purely with the flesh!” The old woman solemnly added.

“What?!” The group of people all cried out in alarm.

“How could that be possible? 80 to 90 thousand jin of divine strength with a swing of both arms is approaching the checkpoint of the extreme boundary for an Archaic Vicious Beast’s test for their youth!”

“This is an absolute world-shocking genius who is worth snatching and nurturing!”

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