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Chapter 64 – Cultivation

“True Primordial Record?” The little guy was amazed, as this name sounded completely out of the ordinary. In the past, it was wrapped in light as it fell together with the Willow Deity, so its origins must have been heaven shocking.

The fist-sized Hairy Ball was squeaking non-stop, grabbing its ears and scratching its cheeks. It pounced into the little guy’s hands liked a little golden koala and embraced the sparkling white bone. No matter what anyone said, it wouldn’t let go. Its actions suggested that this belonged to him, and that no one could take it away from him!

“Please advise me Willow Deity, how does one cultivate the True Primordial Record?” asked the chief in the little guy’s place, since this related to his future.

“To comprehend the True Primordial Record requires the most solid foundation. From a young age within the Blood Transforming Realm, you must be like the child of a heaven rank Archaic Vicious Beast. Your flesh alone must be able to lift a hundred thousand jin of divine metal, and attain a willpower that is even tougher than steel; only after possessing these strengths would you then be able to!” replied the willow tree, and its words made the chief’s heart shudder.

This was just too difficult, how could a child accomplish this? Even an adult expert couldn’t do this. Without the activation of the Bone Text’s powers, how many people’s flesh could be that powerful?

“I will do my best, and accomplish this in the shortest time possible.” The little guy conscientiously nodded and emitted a determined gaze.

From that day forth, Shi Hao began his bitter cultivation, and would sometimes obtain suggestions from the willow tree. He earnestly refined his flesh and strengthened his bones.


The earth trembled. Smoke and dust filled the air.

“Holy shit! What is the little guy doing? He lifted the huge Dragon Horned Elephant and ran out from within the mountains?!”

Early morning, a group of child were dumbstruck. If they didn’t pay close attention, they might have though a huge beast was charging towards Stone Village. After they looked carefully, however, they found that it was lifted off the ground and was endlessly struggling.

Underneath the Dragon Horned Elephant, there was a little fellow. He raised the huge body of the Dragon Horned Elephant with its four feet facing towards the sky as he rushed towards Stone Village, and each step he took greatly trembled the earth.

A Dragon Horned Elephant was extremely huge. Every one of them weighed over several tens of thousands jin. Its entire body was covered in dense scales, and with a pair of huge dragon horns on its head, it was incredibly vicious.

However right now, the little guy made one of them yield and carried it back just like this. He swiftly ran over and made a group of precious birds and weird beasts who were drinking by the beautiful lake extremely shocked. They raised their head and gazed incomprehensibly.

The children were all practicing by the shore of the clear, dark blue lake, but they all stopped down. They were shocked yet excited since this was too astonishing. This wasn’t something that was dragged back after killing, but a still alive Dragon Horned Elephant that weighed over several tens of thousands of jin. Carrying it while running back really made everyone speechless.

With a hong sound, the little guy threw the Dragon Horned Elephant at the village entrance. A group of able-bodied men who heard the news immediately came out and took care of this huge prey on the spot.

Zhi Zhi!!  Hairy Ball leapt from the little guy’s shoulders and landed on the elephant’s head while screeching continuously, as if it was declaring that this prey belonged to it.

“Little guy, your strength is too scary!” A group of children surrounded him. They lively discussing with yearning and excitement as their emotions were revealed with every word.

“Regular practice is enough.” The little guy bashfully shook his head. Since he was carrying such a heavy prey on his back while running, he was panting mildly. His little face was rosy all over like a big apple.

“Child, so courageous. Right now, you’re the number one hunter in our village, haha…” A bunch of adults all laughed and patted him on the shoulders.

The second day, the ground trembled and the mountains swayed. The little guy ran over again while carrying another huge Dragon Horned Elephant. The several tens of thousands jin weight trembled the earth time and time again.

With a hong sound, he threw the beast in front of the village entrance, causing the chickens to fly and dogs to jump again. All the children who were practicing by the lake were shocked, and quickly ran into the vicinity. They watched as the adults began to do their thing again.

The third day, the fourth day…

When the little guy carried back another Dragon Horned Elephant half a month later, the children weren’t even distracted anymore. The adults were also extremely unperturbed, and everyone went about their own business. Only the two uncles who were responsible for the prey immediately cleaned it up.

Everyone was used to it by now since this had been going on for two months. They quickly got over their initial shock and numbness.

“Little guy, too much meat. We can’t finish this at all. We’ve also been eating Dragon Horned Elephants every day and we’re sick of it,” complained a group of children.

The two who were currently cleaning up the prey calmly raised their heads and concisely said, “Indeed.”

Zhi Zhi…

Hair ball protested, only it wasn’t sick of it. For the past half month, it’s been eating a large portion of the Dragon Horned Elephants every day. The quantity of food it consumed almost scared people to death. It was clearly only the size of a fist, but its appetite seemed like a bottomless pit. It could chew through a mountain of cooked meat clean.

“No problem, give all the leftovers to hairy ball. From tomorrow onward, I’ll switch to another fierce beast. Always catching Dragon Horned Elephants isn’t good either, they’ll run out.” The little guy embarrassingly scratched his head.

During the following two months, the little guy would capture a completely different huge beast every day. They were all tens of thousands of jin in weight, and were shockingly huge.

During this period of time, the chief would also personally take on the task of boiling a special cauldron of meat soup for him daily. The soup would be made of things such as the dragon tendon snakes which could strengthen bones and nourish flesh, and he also supplemented it with all kinds of old medicines that caused his strength to increase dramatically.

Stone Village was right next to a lake, and within the clear and dark blue waters, there were many Dragon Whiskered Fish. These were rare creatures that could strengthen power, and the villagers would practically dive into the lake every day to catch several of these big and spiritual fish. Their scales flickering with golden light, and their sparkling dragon whiskers alone weighed over ten jin. The value of their blood essence was high, and they were deemed an extravagant commodity even by large clans.

These naturally fell into the stomachs of the children, and their strength increased rapidly.

This was especially true for the little guy, since his physique was out of the ordinary. The villagers gave special treatment to him alone, and his strength could practically be said to be exploding. The ancient methods that the village had recorded down were all used on him.

One must know, these ancient methods weren’t ordinary. They didn’t understand it in the past, but the clan members now knew. They were extremely glorious in the past, and even deities had walked out of here. These ancient methods were the accumulation of countless years of experience, so how could they possibly be ordinary things?

The fortunate things was, the Willow Deity found them this precious land. Not only had their predicament with a lack of food been settled, they could find all kinds of spiritual creatures. The materials listed in those ancient methods were practically all found, and the meat soups and refined medicines created from those materials all had powerful effects.

After three months, the little guy could lift something that weighed 50000 jin without using the Bone Text. Purely by relying on the power of his flesh, his divine strength was shocking since he was barely over six years old.

“There’s an area with a stony waterfall 70 li away. You can go over there to cultivate. Additionally, I have an ancient method here that’s used to establish the fundamentals for the child of a heaven rank Archaic vicious beast.” The willow tree passed on its voice as it informed the little guy of an ancient method.

Little Shi Hao was immediately stunned. The Archaic vicious beasts’ prescriptions for old medicine were too shocking. Perhaps even extremely large tribes with populations of tens of millions to hundreds of millions wouldn’t be able to take them out.

Forget about the rare and precious medicine, even the blood essences or the precious bones of the descendants were hard to obtain. This was all unexpectedly a necessity that needed to be used daily. How could Stone Village obtain all of this? These things were excessively astonishing and mind-blowing.

Why were archaic vicious beasts powerful? How could they be so heaven-opposing even as youths, far exceeding the ordinary? They were completely indistinguishable from the things straight out of legends!

“Willow Deity. These things, we can’t find them.” The little guy lightly said and lowered his head.

“No matter, apart from the master medicine, you can use ordinary things as substitutes.” The Willow Deity passed on its voice.

“That master medicine…” The little guy widened his eyes and understood the willow tree’s meaning.

“This Zhuyan that you raised, you can’t let it freeload forever. Let it offer a drop of blood every few days as a replacement for that master medicine.” The Willow Deity said.

Ao… The golden fist sized Zhuyan’s hair stood erect all over. It had unexpectedly stopped screeching, and emitted a roar. Its large eyes stared like balls as it angrily stared at the willow tree.

“Hairy ball, I’ll bring you to ancient divine mountains to eat precious medicine. Right now you have to help me first…” The little guy grabbed it and shook it with all his strength.

Zhi Zhi… the golden Hairy Ball let out its miserable shrieks. It was a hundred and twenty percent unhappy.

Over ten li away, the rocky mountains stood side by side. Violent waterfalls suspended from them. Perhaps they couldn’t even be called waterfalls anymore, but mountain torrents instead. Their rumbling practically deafened the people’s ears.

Three large rivers converged and rushed out from within the stony mountain. Below it was a valley, and a boundless cliff formed here. The power of water was frantic as if they descended from heaven. That area of the waterfall had rubble unceasingly tumbling down.

After arriving here, forget about climbing against the water flow, even approaching it would make people panic stricken. That boundless mountain torrent was too terrifying, and the huge boulders that fell as a result of the waterfall weighed thousands to tens of thousands of jin. After building power from traveling down the waterfall from such height, how fearsome was the force behind them? It was simply soul-crushing.

This was precisely the little guy’s new cultivation location. He had to go against the flow of the mountain torrent, and push against the huge tumbling boulders to climb up the cliff. It was obviously excessively dangerous.


When he just entered the waterfall, he was thrown away by the white waves. The waterfall descended from mountain cliffs that were hundreds and thousands of meters above him, and it carried with it a ferocious power.

The little guy wasn’t discourage and stood up again. With a pair of hands like iron pincers, he grabbed the rocks, stopped his breathing, and climbed upwards one step at a time with extreme difficulty.

That white wave flooded over him, and there was a visible convex point within the white waves on the cliff. Due to the force of the water being too ferocious and strong, ordinary strength couldn’t resist it at all.


A rock weighing over a thousand jin smashed into the little guy; its speed and ferocity was heart trembling.

Although he was submerged in a white wave, he still reacted and rapidly dodged to one side. Although he avoided the bombardment of this huge rock, his own body staggered, and with a rumble, he dropped down along with the might of the water.

This was just the beginning. The final cultivation required going against the boundless waves as well as the huge boulders that weighed over ten thousand jin. Going against the mountain torrents to climb this broken rampart was destined to be a difficult and terrifying cultivation method.

When the sun was about to drop below the horizon, the little guy returned to the village bruised and battered. No matter how powerful his flesh was, it was ineffective against that terrifying rocky waterfall.

His body had patches of green and purple all over his bruises, and those who saw him like this felt their hearts ache. During the past cultivation processes, he was never injured. When the villagers saw this, they were opposed tp him undergoing such a dangerous trial by fire.

They had gone to the site before. That terrifying scene was more dangerous than a battle between an army of thousands. How could the strength of a huge rock that dropped down from that height be just ten thousand jin? If one actually got hit, they would instantly turn into meat pulp.

“It’s okay, I will try my best. I must attain the power of a heaven rank Archaic vicious beasts as soon as possible.” The little guy blinked his large eyes with an unwavering gaze.

Underneath the black cauldron passed on by their ancestors, flames burnt vigorously. The cauldron was boiling with all sorts of ingredients. Old medicine, dragon tendon snakes, golden centipedes, and dragon whiskered fish had been cooked into a soup a long time ago, and it emitted a special fragrance.

“Only that master medicine is left,” said the chief as he looked at that golden fist-sized Zhuyan.

Hairy Ball’s fur emitted light all over and its large eyes rolled and swiveled. It wanted to escape, but it was grabbed by the little guy who had been prepared a long time ago. He lightly said, “Hairy Ball, can you help me please?”

The golden Hairy Ball suddenly let out a miserable shriek and began to twist in every way possible. Finally it used one of its paws to cover its own eyes and fiercely bit into the meaty pad of the other paw.

Everyone started laughing. Hairy Ball seemed like it was killing chickens and slaughtering ducks. It cried non-stop as it covered its own eyes, and unwillingly allowed a drop of golden blood to drip into the cauldron.

With a hong sound, the black cauldron began to emit light. The boiling cauldron began to emit rumbling noises as the chanting of deities began to spread outwards, and the even louder noises of sacrificial ceremony began to sound. This stunned the villagers, and they couldn’t help but feel dumbstruck.

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