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Chapter 63 – The True Primordial Record

“I’ve obviously seen it before.” The little guy lightly nodded and quietly said.

“Autumn winds will shed yellow leaves, wildfires will burn the withered greenery. Winter winds will whistle past, new branches will arrive with the spring scenery,” spoke the willow tree.

Wilted grass and dried wood prospering again was a natural occurrence, but right now, this was extremely emotionally touching for the little guy. He understood what the willow tree meant.

“Willow deity, are you saying that one day the Supreme Being Bone within my body will be reborn?” The little guy’s eyes were brightly lit with tears. A vigorous surge of life emerged from within his softness and immaturity.

“Nothing is absolute. I’m only saying it’s a possibility.” The willow tree didn’t deny it.

The little guy immediately clenched his little fists and his eyes were blinking brightly. He gained a sense of yearning and expectation.

Although he was optimistic, he didn’t believe that a single Supreme Being Bone could determine a person’s life. However, after recalling that he was originally born with a power that rivaled a Genuine Hou or a Golden Winged Peng, yet it was cruelly stolen from him and bloodily implanted into the body of another, it still made gave him a sense of loss.

Right now, a single beam of light was shining down onto his heart, making him feel so much more joy and invigorated his fighting spirit even more.

“Willow Deity, can you explain in more detail? Help guide me on the correct path.” The little guy’s big spirited eyes were black and white. His appearance was quite immature, yet it was still rather brilliant.

“To be honest, there isn’t much to be said. The most simple and ordinary principles are gathered in the most common objects. When an ancient tree snaps, perhaps it might die because its life force had been exhausted. On the other hand, when chives are planted, they seem to be yellow and frail at first. However, after being planted again and again, it becomes increasingly dense and green, gradually thickening. And then there is the silkworm. If it’s trapped within its cocoon, it would only be stifled to death and killed. However, if it managed to break out, it would transform into a butterfly, bright and beautiful. This is a once in a life-time nirvana, detaching itself from its past.”

The Willow Deity calmed spoke. The news wasn’t very astonishing since these were only ordinary events.

The little guy’s large eyes then began to become brighter. He looked as the scorched black trunk, as well as its only tender green branch and said, “Like Willow Deity, who shined with opportunity through destruction. The Willow Deity will grow even more powerful, and this is a type of refinement, as well as a unique way of cultivation. After nirvana, you will far exceed everyone else.”

“Your comprehension is very good, but as for my situation… it’s better if you don’t make any more wild assumptions.” The Willow Deity spoke with a faint trace of smiling expression. It was rare for its expression to fluctuate.

“Willow Deity, was it you who saved me?” The little guy seemed like he thought of something. He was so feeble back then, and his body seriously degenerated to the point that he almost perished.

The mountain wind breezed by and that sparkling green branch swayed. The willow said, “If I bestowed you with an opportunity to live, you would only have been able to survive. You would have had to live the rest of your life ordinarily. At first, I only watched quietly.”

“I survived by myself?” The little guy was astounded.

“Correct, when you almost withered, your life force began to reconstruct and strengthened bit by bit until you finally straightened it up yourself without my interference.” replied the willow tree honestly.

“Wilted grass and dried wood prospering again. So it turns out that I endured it myself.” The little guy began to understand, and his large onyx eyes shined even brighter.

When the willow tree watched the little guy’s withered life began to reborn, it was somewhat emotionally moved. Its situation was similar to the little guy, and was able to sympathize with him through similar pains.

“I must also warn you, nothing is absolute.  Although you survived by relying on yourself and invigorated your own life force, being able to give birth to another Supreme Being Bone is whole different story.”

“I understand!” The little guy carefully nodded and wasn’t optimistically ignorant, because he had still never felt the appearance of a Supreme Being Bone appear in his body.

The Willow Deity spoke again: “However, once it’s reborn, it’ll be destined to surpass the past. Your foundation will undergo nirvana, and your symbols will become even more complete and mysterious, containing even more divine powers. It will surpass the past and be completely different!”

The chaotic mist dispersed and the village entrance was clearly and peacefully restored. A streak of golden light scuttled near, and Hairy Ball who seemed like a plump golden fist landed on the little guy’s shoulder, endless crying out with zhi zhi sounds.

The chief and the group of other people all surrounded him when they saw the tears on the little guy’s face. Linhu’s wife and various others all began to comfort him as they wiped away his tears. They were all extremely caring towards him.

“Little guy, this place is your home. No matter what kind of past experiences you went though, we’re all your family.” said a group of middle-aged men.

Then a group of elders extended their rough hands as well and rubbed his head. Their mouths split open and smiled, “It’s not a big deal. Our Stone Village had even given birth to a deity. In the future, you’ll certainly be able to compete with experts on the level of the Archaic Devil Bird — Golden Winged Peng. You must understand, that’s an existence able to kill even gods.”

“Little guy, don’t cry. You have us too. We’re all brothers who have grown up together. Whatever happens in the future, we’ll shoulder it together!” The group of children also shouted.

“En!” The little guy wiped his tears dry and nodded with all his might. The villagers were all kind towards him and let him grow up joyfully and happily. His childhood wasn’t filled with hatred or regret at all.

Of course, he would inevitably walk into that ancient country in the future and demand an explanation!

“Grandpa, I want to become stronger!” The little guy had never thirsted for more power like he had today. However, his cultivation had reached its limits within Stone Village. There was nothing else he could learn here.

But that ancient country controlled millions of millions of li, and it had incredibly vast mountains and rivers as well as a population of over billions. With such an unimaginable number, there would inevitably be many geniuses in every generation that had world-shocking powers.

His ‘little older brother’ was even more of a bright blazing sun. His radiance was destined to illuminate the great earth. He was born with dual pupils and had the gifts of ancient saints and deities. Moreover, he also obtained the little guy’s Supreme Being Bone. If he were to mature, he would absolutely be a heavenly deity!

Shi Yi was almost ten now. His name must have certainly spread within the empire already.

To be faced with a ‘little older brother’ who had so many eyes on him, who was destined to reach even higher than the heavens, and who could compete with a heavenly Archaic vicious beast – True Hou, the little guy still felt quite a bit of pressure.

“Become strong… my clan’s inheritance is so unfortunate. The ancestral land should have been destined to pass on the most terrifying Bone Texts and precious techniques, but they all disappeared throughout the years.” The chief sighed with an incomparable regret.

But immediately after, his heart began to violently beat again. He felt the bone within his chest, and had difficulty calming down again.

When everyone had dispersed until only chief Shi Yunfeng, the little guy and that golden Zhuyan remained, the chief became incredibly solemn and pulled the little guy under the willow tree. He said, “Child, I have no way of teaching you anymore. You’re a true heavenly gifted genius, however, I have a bone here. The degree of complexity of the symbols on it will make people spit out blood with a single look. I never dared to show it to you in fear that you might suffer some serious injury, but now that I have absolutely nothing left to teach you, only this remain. If you want to see it, you must be careful!”

The chief was very cautious and prudent. He took out a lustering and sparkling bone from within his chest. It seemed to be a beautiful piece of palm-sized jade that was unspeakable dazzling and pure white.

Although it was big, there were an unknown number of tiny symbols etched densely upon it with absolutely no space in between. It seemed as if there were heavenly gods magically chanting, shocking to the point where one’s heart and blood would churn.

This was too mind-blowing. It was obviously just a piece of bone, but as soon as it was exposed, it was actually this astonishing.

“Don’t just keep staring. After you take a look at it, look into the distance for a bit. Otherwise, you’ll hurt yourself.” The chief solemnly warned

“En, grandpa chief, I know.” When the little guy received it into his hands, he lightly stroked it and felt its incomparable luster and gloss. The bone was cool and refreshing, and holding it in his hands made him feel extremely comfortable.

Even without being explained to in detail, this bone definitely had an astonishing origin. With a single glance, one could tell that it was extraordinary, as if the Bone Text recorded upon it described a supreme righteousness.

Zhi zhi… The fist-sized golden Zhuyan jumped up and down with extreme unrest. Its pair of sharp large eyes were perfectly round as it screeched intensely, wishing that it could seize it right away.  After it saw the bone, it became extremely restless and impatient.

“Grandpa, how did you obtain this? This precious bone seems extraordinary.” asked the little guy.

“Of course!” When the chief mentioned this bone, his voice began to shudder. He raised his head toward the thick scorched black willow tree and his heart couldn’t help but beat wildly.

“This has some relationship with the Willow Deity?” Little Shi Hao was surprised.

The chief nodded. During that night over tens of years ago, lightning struck, thunder rumbled, heavy rain poured, and violent gales angrily cried. It was extremely violent. Many huge mountains were hacked down by lightning, and the mountains flash floods were like the seas. Beasts flooded frantically, and its terror made people shiver.

The willow deity bathed in this sea of thunder. Lightning as thick as mountains lingered around it, and a myriad of willow branches formed streaks of divine chains, penetrating into the heavens. Finally, it snapped and became burnt black all over. It fell from the sky with a lump of light still lingering outside of it. It wrapped up this lustering white bone as it descended down into Stone Village together.

“Ya! It descended from the sky together with the Willow Deity?” The little guy was astonished.

“Right!” The chief nodded with all his might. He was still young back then as he witnessed this entire thing; one could very well imagine the trembling within his heart.

For the past tens of years, Shi Yunfeng held that bone and worshiped the willow tree many times to conduct the sacrificial ceremony. However, he never obtained any responses from the willow tree, and never received any divine communications.

From the chief’s point of view, perhaps the Willow Deity was only interested in the little guy. It only spoke a few times, and it was related to him each time.

“Willow Deity, what does this mean?”  This little guy opened his mouth and couldn’t help but asked.

The willow tree remained silent, and it did not make a single sound. It didn’t reply, and its thick and burnt trunk was like a huge black rock.

Zhi zhi… The fist-sized golden Hairy Ball became to reveal its yearning more and more, as if it was trying its hardest to remember something. A pair of large sharp eyes rolled and swiveled. It pounced towards the sparkling white bone and wanted to embrace it in its bosom.

Without knowing how much time had passed, the willow tree sounded out again by speaking only four words, “The True Primordial Record.”

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