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Chapter 65 – The Extreme Hundred Thousand Jin Boundary

The cauldron wall shined and one picture after another appeared. The mountain peaks were lofty and majestic, the sun and moon rotated about, and the ancient natives sacrificed to the heavens; their grand voices were divine and solemn.

It was as if they returned back to the ancient eras, and they could hear the chants of various gods.

On top of the cauldron, hornless dragons, Pi Xiu, and other Archaic vicious beasts with fearsome auras came to life. They looked like they were trying to break out of the cauldron walls, and it made people’s souls throb.

This was truly shocking! It was as if the cauldron had a soul!

“This is… a supreme treasure!” The chief’s voice shuddered. It turn out the medicinal cauldron they inherited from their ancestors was this unusual.

Sparkling liquid appeared on the inner walls of the cauldron like drops of sweet nectar. Although there weren’t that many drops, the fragrance they emitted made their bodies stretch comfortably and their pores unfold.

Using the Zhuyan’s golden blood as the master medicine, the results were extremely shocking, as it was actually able to restore the power of the cauldron they inherited from their ancestors. The appearance of this strange scene made everyone flabbergasted.

The chief had previously heard some insider information and legends, and so he said, “This cauldron is unspeakably precious. As it refines the rare and precious medicine over the years, the medicinal properties will be absorbed into the cauldron walls. The golden Zhuyan blood that was used today was what made the cauldron resonate.”

The contents of the cauldron boiled, and the golden medicinal liquid was incredibly fragrant. Together with the sounds of the sacrificial ceremony and the divine chants, it made the atmosphere feel extremely mysterious. It was as if a furnace of divine medicine was being created.

“Good, good, good!” The bodies of the group of elders were all shivering. They extended their folded and elderly hands, and wanted to caress the cauldron; this cauldron was unexpectedly so mystical.

On the cauldron walls, those dew drops tumbled down and blended with the boiling medicinal liquid, making the fragrance even richer. The villagers opened their eyes wide and carefully watched.

“This ‘medicinal base’ is warming up this entire furnace of medicinal liquid!”

This cauldron had refined many precious medicine in the past, and ample medicinal properties have nourished and blended into the cauldron. The drops of liquid that appeared on the cauldron walls were the ‘medicinal base’ that had been deposited over the years, and they could improve the quality of medicinal liquid that’s being refined right now.

A cauldron that is able to produce “medicinal base” is an incredible and priceless treasure. Once it reaches this level, it could communicate with the spirits and could extract the divine essence between heaven and earth by itself, absorbing them into the cauldron walls. This medicinal base is created through the fusion of the deposited medicinal properties together with the divine essence of heaven and earth, and it was extremely powerful.

Sure enough, after the medicinal base slide inside, the dim golden liquid became even more fragrant, making this cauldron of medicinal liquid sparkle all over. Smelling a breath of this freshened the soul, relieving and relaxing the bones.

“This is already considered a furnace of precious medicine!” Shi Linghu was shocked and practically couldn’t believe that a village like this could refine such a high level of medicinal liquid.

The group of children couldn’t help but salivate. The medicinal juice was too fragrant, and they wanted to drink a mouthful of it right away. Right now, they felt as if their tongues were melting within the liquid.

Zhi Zhi…

Hairy Ball became agitated as well. It scuttled and jumped all over while almost falling into the cauldron, but was quickly caught by the little guy.

“Although we’re just a village without any Archaic Descendant blood, precious bones, or rare spirit medicine, we can rely on this cauldron and the Zhuyan’s golden blood to refine some pretty good doses of medicine.” Shi Feijiao clenched his fists in excitement.

The little guy didn’t conceal anything from the villagers and had told them his past long ago. It made every one of them sob, and they all cheered him on, hoping that he could rise up quickly within these desolate lands.

Shi Yi who had the potential to be like an ancient saint, who had the aptitude of gods, who even obtained a Supreme Being Bone, was destined to far surpass any ordinary genius. He was born within an ancient country, and was raised by the power of the clan. He would eventually become extremely terrifying.

Even the villagers knew that with such a heavenly gifted opponent, it would make anyone feel uneasy. They naturally wished for the little guy to charge into the heavens as soon as possible.

“That little brat Shi Yi was born in a noble family and could use its endless resources. He wouldn’t lack the blood of Archaic Descendants, nor would he have a lack for any rare spirit medicines. After maturing like this, he would definitely be extremely terrifying.

Right now, Shi Yi was already nine and was almost ten. Even without thinking, everyone knew that he was destined to become like a splendid divine sun that hung over the sky of the ancient country, and the dazzling rays of light from the tens of thousands of gazes would rest on him.

Shi Linghu groaned and said, “Our Stone Village isn’t lacking either. We have this cauldron here that can refine precious medicine not inferior to anything, and so we definitely won’t fall too far behind.”

“Not bad, that glorious ancient country originated from Stone Village, and they eventually moved away. Now, we are starting over, and we can see whether their family’s genius is more powerful or the people of the ancestral lands are more powerful.” Several clan elders seemed like little old kids and didn’t want to concede defeat. They told the villagers to search all over for ancient objects left behind by their ancestors, and to check to see whether or not they could find something extraordinary.

With a hong sound, the medicine cauldron trembled and gushed out a multicolored light. The Zhuyan’s blood dyed the cauldron walls in a dim gold, and the medicinal liquid violently boiled.

Steam began to rise all over this place, and rainbow lights flowed all over. They looked dazzling and beautiful, and their fragrances penetrated into the people’s souls, making them feel as if they were levitating.

“So sweet!” Everyone swallowed their saliva and waited patiently. The group of children were sniffing their noses non-stop.

The cauldron walls were brilliant, and the incredibly loud sounds of first natives’ sacrificial ceremonies sounded again. Archaic vicious birds and fierce beasts were tyrannical and fierce, and vaguely visible gods sprinkled their glory. It was incredibly mysterious.

The medicinal cauldron shook, and the flames beneath it went out by itself. The dim golden medicinal liquid was complete!

Zhi Zhi… The little guy hadn’t even moved yet and the golden Zhuyan couldn’t hold itself back any longer and was prepared to be the first one. It wanted to sample it.

“Hairy Ball, this master medicine is refined using your own blood as the master medicine, do you actually want to drink your own blood?” Er Meng asked.

This made Hairy Ball feel embarrassed. It grabbed its ears and scratched its head, but it couldn’t stop the the enticement of the medicine fragrance. It stole a porcelain bowl from the hands of a villager and directly scooped out a bit before beginning to drink..

“It even drinks its own blood?”

Zhi Zhi.. Hairy Ball cried out non-stop. It was implying that this wasn’t a big deal, and that it was satisfied.

After that, the little guy drank a bowl of this golden medicinal liquid, and he suddenly felt a flame escaping from inside his body. His entire body shined and following that, he immediately broke out into a huge sweat. In the blink of an eye, he seemed like he was scooped out from water. Steam began to evaporate from atop his body, and multicolored light overflowed in every direction. His skin became sparkling and translucent, and his bones were creaking non-stop.

The strength of the medicine was too great, and it made him clearly feel right away that his four limbs and hundred bones were being hammered and refined. The blood clots all over his body faded, and the green and purple patches rapidly healed. The bones inside his body were also shining.

Strands of light were emitted, forming into a lump of misty light and submerging the little guy within. Only after a long while did it dissipate.

“How does it feel?” The group of villagers anxiously gazed.

“The results are surprisingly good,” the little guy said.

The chief scooped out another bowl and handed it over to the little guy for him to drink. To refine and hammer the body, it was necessary to take care of the body well; otherwise, it will give root to future troubles.

Evidently, this cauldron of medicine liquid couldn’t be finished by the little guy himself. The group of children lifted their little bowls and all received some, and it rapidly entered into their mouths. Only, their flesh had a huge disparity compared to the little guy’s. After drinking a mouthful, their noses and mouths began to spout out the multicolored light like a fire.


This group of children was scuttling and hopping before all rushing into the lake. After making pu pu pu sounds, they suddenly all ran into the water. Otherwise, their bodies would have continuously felt that burning heat, as if they were being cooked alive.

None of them could calm down during the entire night. After drinking just a little bowl, they all decided to soak in the lake until sunrise.

A cauldron of medicinal liquid was boiled into a thick juice. A large portion of it entered the little guy’s stomach, and the rest was divided amongst the children and the adults. Naturally, they wouldn’t leave out the three young birds either. Everyone’s bodies were incredibly hot and dry, and it became a sleepless night.

The little guy on the other hand slept very soundly. His inner organs were sparkling and translucent, and his bones were white all over as if they had been washed. When the dawn arrived, he discovered that all the residue within him had been expelled, and a layer of stickiness covered his body.

He picked up a set of clean clothes and placed them by the lake side. He jumped into the lake with a pu sound, he suddenly scared a group of children whose eyes were as red as rabbits.

“You guys are so early.” The little guy greeted.

“Wuwu… we haven’t slept yet.” cried out the group of children. However, they weren’t fatigued at all and were exuberant with energy instead; otherwise, they wouldn’t have soaked here for so long.

“Oh, you guys continue then. I’m going to go train.” A new day had started, and after the little guy had his breakfast, he sprinted towards the rocky waterfall.

Day after day passed by, and the little guy left early and returned late each day.

The waterfall was like a river of stars. It was deafening, and rocks dropped from atop the mountain. The little guy stared at the waterfall’s vast expanse of whiteness, and tried to climb up with great difficulty.


When the several hundred jin of rubble fell down again, he no longer dodged and endured the collision head on. He held firmly on the cliff and scaled upwards. In a short three months, he trained his body to be as hard as metal.


Suddenly, a several thousand jin boulder fell down from above. Although it didn’t fall down from the highest point, with the rushing of the waterfall, its power was shocking. It was obviously only a few thousand jin, but the collision would have behind it a force of at least several dozen thousand jin.

The little guy was submerged within the white waterfall and he was currently grabbing onto a white protrusion on the cliff. However, his perception was incredibly powerful and felt the incoming danger. This time, he decided not to avoid it and used his body to resist it instead.

With a hong sound, the huge boulder descended and collided into his back, causing a dull noise. White billows rushed into the sky, enshrouding this entire area.

The little guy didn’t use the Bone Text, but his flesh was already sparkling and translucent. It emitted a hazy radiance of light that hardened his entire body. He succeeded!

His body violently shook, and the shroud of light withdrew. Although his back was in serious pain, his muscles and bones weren’t injured. He astonishingly resisted the entire force.

This was only the fruit of several months of labor. He bitterly trained each day, and ground his body to the point that there was be a layer of precious light enveloping his body even without activating the bone text. This was purely the power of the blood essence, which automatically protected his body.

“Is this the true meaning behind the Blood Transformation boundary that the Willow Deity mentioned?” the little guy said to himself.

What the willow tree said had the same name as what was happening now, but the cultivation results were completely different, as it used Archaic vicious beasts as a standard for comparison.

Just like this, day after day and month after month, the little guy left early and returned late. He would become riddled with scars every day, but with the willow tree’s ancient methods, precious medicine would often be refined. He would instantly recover using the dim golden liquid.

He was still as pretty and delicate as before. His little face was tender white and his big eyes were very spirited, but his flesh had clearly improved in strength. When he received an attack, his blood essence would surge, and it was as if his body was filled with the power of the Big Dipper, making his body sparkle. If an ordinary boulder smashed into his body, it would immediately split open, and wouldn’t harm even a fraction of his body.

In the blink of an eye, he had been cultivating for almost a year, and the little guy was almost seven years old.

Early in the morning, at the rumbling waterfall, the little guy carried a thousand jin boulder and scaled up the vast waterfall against the descending boulders. He only used a single arm and two legs.


Stones tumbled down and struck him, but it couldn’t stop him at all. His entire body was steady like a divine ape. He rapidly charged up, and even the waves or boulders had difficulty shooting him down.

Finally, he climbed up the rocky mountain. He stood there and his entire body shining with precious light. This past year of cultivation had caused his flesh and body to undergo a terrifying transformation.

This was all achieved as early as a month ago, and recently, he had only been solidifying these results.


On top of the vast waterfall, a little figure faced the morning light. He lifted up a ten thousand jin boulder, and his entire body dazzled as his flesh emitted precious light.

This scene startled the nearby ferocious beasts into roaring, and the vicious birds took flight. They were all trembling in fear of this little figure.

In the morning light, that little figure was completely splendid. A terrifying aura was being released, as of the child of a divine god towered over the waterfall and displayed an indescribable spirit.

Only the young of an Archaic vicious beast could do this. The extreme hundred thousand jin boundary was broken through by the little guy!

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