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Chapter 59 – Insanity

Scarlet clouds blossomed. An elder took out a string of bone beads the size of goose eggs, and each of the beads sparkled with a precious light. They looked like stars flying in the sky, and power fluctuated terrifyingly.

They constructed a diagram of the stars and expanded outwards like a net, as if a river of stars were flowing. It contained a boundless aura and immediately enshrouded Shi Ziling below.

“Let me through!”

Shi Ziling shouted loudly, and his full head of black hair went crazy. With a wave of his spear, golden light overflowed the skies and trembled the heavens. Even the corners of his eyes were split apart as he cried tears of blood. For his child to suffer such a disastrous tragedy, it made his heart drip blood. Right now, he would kill whoever stood in his way!

The precious technique shocked the heavens. With a rumbling sound, he hollered out the incantations, and as if he was renouncing all deities through this chant, endless divine radiance scattered about, enshrouding this area. That diagram of stars was immediately broke apart.


Shi Ziling shouted loudly. He raised the spear in his hand, and the primitive symbols began to take shape as he rushed forward. Golden rays of light submerged everything in front of him.

With kacha sounds, the strings connecting the snow white bone beads were broke one after another. The powerful strength of the symbols dissipated into a vast body of divine light as it began to disperse in all four directions.

Many palaces abruptly flew into the air as if they were dead leaves. Under this berserk attack, they were all insignificant. Immediately after, they shattered in the air, turning into dust.

This string of bone beads was a rare and powerful precious artifact, yet it was broken so easily by the battle spear and dissipated into heaven and earth divine essence. It made all the tribe elders’ hearts sore.

Stone Clan’s members were all relatives of the emperor, however, even though they were bestowed the status of kings and were quite formidable, they still couldn’t casually waste rare precious artifacts. The corners of this elder’s mouth was bleeding, and his body was violently trembling. Many of his bones were broken, and he flew across the air before smashing into another palace. It was smashed apart, causing smoke and dust to rise.

“Ziling stop. We’re all family. Don’t make such a big fuss and hurt family!”

A group of elders walked out from within the dust. They were covered in dust and had bloodstains all over. There was a look of anger and astonishment on their faces. This nephew was too powerful, and he was chasing right in his father’s footsteps.

“Injuring family? The Supreme Being Bone within my son’s body was taken away. His life’s in danger, but that vile woman’s family is still living well. Doesn’t that already break our relationships?!” Shi Ziling was seething with anger. The golden light over his body was flourishing even more now, brightly illuminating the sky and the earth like a burning divine flame. His voice was cold and reprimanded loudly, “Although we have the same grandparents, none of you are my opponents. Apart from that vile woman’s bloodline, all of you get out; otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless and massacring you all!”

“You…” Angry looks appeared on some of the people’s faces.

“Ziling, if you have something to say, say it properly. What is there that we can’t sit down and talk about?” An elder advised.

“What’s there to talk about? You already made the decision to protect that vile woman and leaving the casualty of this to lick his wounds all by himself? Whether my son can even survive right now is tough to say, and you guys are telling me to sit? Very well, chop that vile woman and Shi Yi apart for me!”

“Impudence, this is the decision made by over ten elders and you want to oppose it?” An elder shouted loudly with a feathered fan that was wrapped in thunder and wind in his hand. He waved the fan with all his strength, and divine thunder descended onto earth, creating endless purple rays on the spot.

“You’re Shi Yi’s granduncle?” Shi Ziling’s footsteps basically never stopped. He was charging forward from start to finish. A long whistle sounded, and endless burning rays of electricity shot forth from his eyes like golden lightning.


Suddenly, deafening rolls of thunder packed the heaven and earth with bristles of electricity, creating a huge violent explosion.

The fan within that elder’s hands bursted open. When the lightning withdrew, that entire person was burnt black and his head was smoking. Whether he was dead or alive was unknown. Afterwards, he was once again sent flying by a beam of golden light that was released from Shi Ziling’s eyes. He collided into a palace, and never stood up again.

Everyone breathed in a breath of cold air. Shi Ziling was too powerful, and he was worthy of being called the genius of the generation. With these methods and the heroic appearance of a god of war, he eclipsed those of the older generation as they were simply incapable of being his match.

“Fifteenth elder truly gave birth to a good child.” A few people muttered.

The fifteenth elder’s prowess were rather renowned within the empire. With only two arrows, he shot down an Archaic Descendant — a Luan. Who else could accomplish this? His cultivation was world-shaking.

It was truly because of this that he dared to kill an extremely pure-blooded Pi Xiu youth in the hundred clan battlefield. Many elders of the older generation all guessed the fifteenth elder’s intentions. He wanted to baptize his grandson’s body with the true blood of a genuine Pi Xiu.

Right now, his son was just as emphatic and decisive. His power shocked the capital city, and none of the elders of the older generation were his opponent. Like a golden god of war, he trembled the hearts of others.

If could be said that if not for the fact that another family gave birth to Shi Yi, who was naturally born with divine gifts and the dual pupils possessed by ancient saints, Shi Ziling would inevitably be the one bearing the flag of the tribe in the future.

In actuality, even if there was a Shi Yi, Shi Ziling’s family would inevitably rise in power. No one could cover up the radiance because his son was born with a Supreme Being Bone.

Unfortunately, things ended up like this in the end, and it made people want to wring their own wrists while deeply sighing.


Shi Ziling walked forward in large strides. With each step, huge cracks would be left in the ground below. It was as if a giant golden giant was moving, and nothing could stop him.


An elder shouted loudly. He held a vine in his hand, and that vine was a precious artifact created from a powerful botanical creature. It was entirely black, but currently, it was shining with luscious light.

With a hong sound, the floor of this palace was penetrated by one spirit vine after another, each of them emitting precious light. Like flood dragons, they crazily charged towards Shi Ziling to bind him.

“Such despicable creatures. The people of your bloodlines, blocking me means death!” Shi Ziling shouted loudly.

He travelled like a dragon and took steps like a tiger; his might overflowed the heavens. All the hair on his head instantly rose up violently, and every strand of hair was sparkling. Afterwards, they emitted golden rays of light like a sun god, making his entire person seem incomparably resplendent.


This thick golden hair poured down like a waterfall, charging towards the spirit vines. as if they were breaking and pulling dried up and rotten weeds, he twisted all the spirit vines into pieces and then struck towards the precious artifact in that old expert’s hands.

With a pu sound, that precious vine exploded on the spot and burned into ashes. This powerful technique shocked and stunned the onlookers, sending chills and shivers down their spines.

“F*ck off!”

Shi Ziling shouted. He brandished the long spear in his hand, and with a pu sound,  fresh flood splashed outwards, directly tossing up that elder right into a man-made mountain. It broke apart, and the elder spat out blood from his mouth.

“Ziling, you’re turning into a demon. Stop immediately!” A group of elders shouted loudly.

“If doing this for the sake of my child makes me a demon, then today I might as well degenerate into a devil!” Shi Ziling roared. His hair madly danced as he was bathed within a burning golden light. With large steps, he rushed forward and no one was able to fight him.

He brandished his golden spear, and fresh blood spilt ten inches into the air from time to time. No one dared to stop him, since they would just be killed. This made everyone involuntarily fall back and turn pale.

“Lay out the symbols to lock this area and suppress him!”

At this moment, he had already entered the place where Shi Yi’s family lived. Everyone in that family became nervous as they arranged the precious bones into a killing formation to suppress Shi Ziling.

“I’ll see who can stop me!” Shi Ziling was like an unrivalled demon king. Right now the killing aura around his body reached the heavens. The light within his eyes shocked a group of elders into trembling and retreating.  He looked towards them, and unexpectedly, no one looked back at him. Shi Ziling grasped his battle spear and with one step, he advanced ten feet. He fought as he advanced, and the palace his target’s family lived was collapsing.

“Subdue and kill!”

The precious bones shined, and one patch of symbols after another interweaved on the ground, densely covering the air. They formed an inescapable net and suppressing Shi Ziling within.


Shi Ziling was crazy. He madly rushed into the air. Like a burning divine flame, his entire body exploded with unmeasurable amounts of light as if he was forged in gold. With his indomitable spirit, he waved the battle spear within his hands with all his might.

Immediately, the chants of heavenly deities were heard once again. Endless amount of power surged forth violently. With a precious technique that shook the heavens, he was like a divine golden deity as he swept across in every direction.


A gigantic and violent explosion occurred where he stood, and rubble flew into the clouds. Divine light was released outwards like a boundless ocean. Shi Ziling’s battle intent rose into the heavens. His battle spear danced and the entire area collapsed, and all the precious bones exploded.

“All of you, die for me!”

He brandished the golden battle spear within his hands. All those who were a part of the formation flew outwards like scarecrows before toppling over. Their blood splattered everywhere. No one was able to stop him as he pressed forward with large steps.

Shi Ziling’s wife carried their child. Sparkling radiance circulated her entire body as she followed closely behind the entire way.

The little guy was very bewildered. Looking at the figure that seemed like a heavenly deity in front of him, he kept extending his little hands and stretched towards it as he felt an intimacy towards it. He tried to shout yiya from his mouth, but he was unable to speak a single word.

His mother’s nose was aching, and teardrops gathered within her beautiful eyes. The once spirited and intelligent child she once had now degenerated into this state. It made her feel so sad that her heart was bleeding.

“Stop him!” Many people shouted out in horror.

Shi Ziling became a demon, and he became completely insane. It made them fear that he was going to completely exterminate all of them.

“Kill him for me, kill him!”

As a king, he naturally had many servants and even more scapegoats. This family feared that Shi Ziling would come and settle his debts with them, and naturally made many preparations. A group of densely packed people rushed forth. They were all experts that had no fear of death, and like ants with the will to bite an elephant to death, they wanted to completely tire out Shi Ziling while he was alive before killing him.


Shi Ziling did not show any fear. He stuck his battle spear onto the floor and activated his most powerful precious technique. At that moment, he was like a deity they offered sacrifices to. His aura was as powerful as a saint.

A heavenly shocking sound was produced. Endless divine light bursted forth as if he stood in the center of the world. The sun, moon and stars revolved around him, and a huge vicious beast appeared, sweeping in all four directions.


A deafening beast cry sounded out. This was a world-shocking precious technique.  This fuzzy Archaic vicious beast frantically wreaked havoc, and nothing could hinder its rampage. With a single drop of its claws, over ten people fell victim to the bloodbath.

This area became a scene of slaughter. That huge body was powerful and unrivaled. As it soared, over a hundred experts were quickly killed, and everyone was terrified.

This terrifying technique made people’s hair stand up. With just one person, he was shockingly confronting an entire family of experts.


Ultimately, Shi Ziling himself also began to move. His entire body began to emit an unfathomable amount of golden light. He swept forward, and the remaining people all flew away as their blood splashed out.

In this short moment, the space in front of him was emptied. There was no one left to stop him, as they had all been disposed of.

“Ziling, have you killed enough and released some steam?” A group of people appeared in front of him. The one speaking was indeed the Fifth Elder. Scarlet clouds surged from his body like a noble Blood Phoenix from Nirvana, and his golden eyes were like two golden lamps.

At his side was an extraordinarily gifted child with natural born double pupils. Although he was young, his presence and calmness put even adults to shame.

After Shi Yi obtained the Supreme Being Bone, he became even more extraordinary. When he blinked, divine light circulated around his eyes. With every movement, he unexpectedly exerted a frightening and imposing aura.

He was still young, yet he already possessed such an exceptionally terrifying aura, as if he was destined to rule over every living being. He was like a deity who had just descended down into the world, looking down on everyone.

“Not enough!” Shi Ziling responded coldly. He looked back towards the little guy who had expressionless eyes. He was full of worry since the little guy was on his last breaths. With his battle spear in hand, he pointed forward and said “Unless you restore my son, a debt in blood must be repaid with blood. You people committed such malicious actions, even heaven cannot tolerate this. Since you broke my son’s Supreme Being Bone, pay it back with a hundred of yours!”

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