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Chapter 58 – Shi Ziling

The mansion was grand and magnificent, and majestic palace halls decorated the interior. Its grandeur was boundless, and it was just like a heavenly temple situated in the human world. It was dyed under the golden radiance of the sunset, solemn and serene. It gave people a spiritual mood, making them want to bow down and worship it.

However, under this blessed atmosphere, a dark wave was billowing within this building. Great waves of darkness rushed forth, and killing intent permeated the huge palace hall. Within one of the palace halls, the atmosphere was extremely tense, and ten or so elders were sitting upright. Symbols flickered about, and they could erupt at any time.

The little guy was on the verge of death. His Supreme Being Bone was taken out, and this matter shook the higher officials. These elders who all had high positions were dragged out, as this matter could not be concealed from them.

These tens of people were ordinarily in isolation, and did not partake in any worldly affairs to the point where some of these elders had not appeared in front of the tribe for over twenty years. However, they were all disturbed from their isolation, and were asked to come out from seclusion.

“A natural born Supreme Being was unexpected injured by the tribe. Did the sky turn upside down? Kill this woman by death of a thousand cuts right away!” An elder was absolutely furious.

“Her grandfather and clansman aren’t simple people; they are quite strong. If we kill without saying a word, it will be rather troublesome. The inner members of the capital were already discussing this matter. Words will spread like wind, if we explain about this matter, the news of the Supreme Being Bone will inevitably be exposed to the world.” Another elder gently said.

“Even if the emperor did this, he would still have to explain it to everyone under the sky, let alone her family. You want to hide this matter, so you place emotion over reason and bend the law to help your own?” cried out an elder on the side. His eyes contained the sun, moon and stars, and the aura he gave off even twisted the tables.

The palace hall was covered in terrifying dense symbols.  Electricity interwove, and the smell of conflict was dense to the extreme.

The little guy was at his last breath, and was carried within an individual’s chest. He was currently protected by a divine light that was as vigorous as the ocean, nourishing his life force and preventing his weak essence from dying out.

“She will naturally be dealt with, so we can talk about it later. Right now, the important matter is not losing the Supreme Being Bone. A Supreme Being that belongs to our Stone Tribe cannot simply disappear because of this.” spoke an elder with a penetrating gaze. His scarlet body seemed like it was bathed in a heavenly flame, and he was calm and steady.

“Fifth elder, what do you mean?” The elder that looked like a golden lion shouted as he stood up, “We have to take it out and put it inside Shi Hao to let him continue growing it. This belongs to him, no one else should think about taking it!”

“If it’s taken out, it’ll be difficult for it to continue growing right away.”

“Just because little Yi is part of your family, you have to protect him until the end. The Supreme Being Bone should belongs to whom it rightfully belongs to!”

Divine light flashed between these two people and the palace hall rumbled like mountains; the entire holy palace hall was shaking.

“Fourth brother, it’s not because I gave in to bribes.” The elder who looked like a Blood Phoenix stood up and pointed towards the little guy and said, “You guys look. This child is so weak and feeble. Even though he is being fed precious medicine daily, it’s still hard for him to recover. How can he nourish the Supreme Being Bone?”

With these words, the quarreling sounds suddenly lessened. Many people stopped talking because this was the truth.  Whether or not the little guy could still live was hard to say.

“In my opinion, I’d rather not want the Supreme Being Bone than break tribe rules. Behead that mother and child!” An elder with a fiery temper said.

After saying this, everyone jumped a bit in fear. Not only would the tribe lose a Supreme Being, the double pupil child will have to perish as well?

“Second brother, calm down. Little Yi is still an ignorant child. This matter is unrelated to him. He is like the ancient saints and possess a deity’s potential. In the future, he will eventually disdain ten thousand tribes. Don’t involve this with him.” A few people reconciled.

“Ignorant child? How does he even resemble one! After he came back, he was desperate and put a knife to his throat and said if his mother dies, he would die with her. This kind of crime, how can we let that vile women go and make everything go her way?” said the elder coldly. His entire body was covered in a brilliant splendor like a river of stars, and it circulated with frightening power.

“We can push back the topic on how to handle that vile women until later. Right now, we need to first talk about the Supreme Being Bone.”

Many people were silent within the palace hall. No matter what, they couldn’t bear to see both children being wasted. The strongest bloodlines must continue.

“The Supreme Being Bone is already implanted within little Yi’s body, how are the results?” Right at this moment, the one with the highest seniority, an old man who hasn’t left his private dwelling for thirty year suddenly opened his eyes like the emergence of two golden suns. Splendid rays of light burst forth causing rumbling sounds that terrified others to an extreme.

Everyone suddenly calmed down and no longer quarreled.

“It already fused together with little Yi and gained the nourishment of his flesh and blood. You already can’t tell that it once belonged to another person; the results were astonishing. It was like it was born naturally within his body,” said the fifth elder.

Everyone’s hearts trembled and felt emotional; it actually succeeded. Double pupil in addition to the Supreme Being Bone, how high will he reach in the future? That kind of accomplishment was simply inconceivable.

“We’ll talk about this in a few days, let’s end this today for now,” said another elder. His position was incredibly ancient, and he also had not shown his face for twenty to thirty years.

Everyone nodded. The fourth elder who seemed like a golden lion and that elder with the fiery temperament were speechless. They knew that the tribe would not allow the Supreme Being Bone and the dual pupils perish.

Several days later, news came through. The Supreme Being Bone was unaffected within Shi Yi’s body. It was bound by a powerful life force and was practically fused into his body.

“Spiteful!” The fourth elder lightly bellowed. He knew that he lacked the power to reverse this desperate situation, and what this signified was obvious. He held the feeble little guy with an unpleasant emotion.

The little guy’s aura was weak. His eyes were dim without expression. Although he was nourished by the spiritual essence of the tribe’s experts, it was still difficult for him to make a recovery. Everyone sighed within their hearts.

The clansman found many spiritual medicines, but they were all useless. It was hard for him to recover. His little face was pale and he was continuously coughing, and would often shiver with coldness all over.

After half a month, his state worsened. His large eyes did not contain a trace of brilliance and looked even sicklier, as if he could die at any time.

Moreover, at midnight, the little guy’s bones would creak and his entire body would decrease in size. His entire body lost its spiritual essence, and it severely degenerated.

He was clearly eight to nine months old, but because of his critical injuries, he seemed like he became several months younger. His body worsened by the day.

“Are you… my fourth grandpa?” The little guy laid on his bed and opened his emotionless and expressionless eyes as he feebly asked.

He continued to degenerate. It was as if there was a bottomless pit within his body eating away at his blood essence and bones. He seemed like he was only a few months old and did not seem as intelligence as he was before, practically unable to recognize the people beside him.

The elder was heartbroken and unceasingly lightly patted him and coaxed him to sleep.

“Why am I almost forgetting the people beside me? It’s becoming more and more fuzzy…” The little guy tried his best to recollect his memory, but his eyes became increasingly bewildered.

He was clearly an intelligent and lively child, but now he became like this. It made the servants sad, and it was difficult for them to watch this.

After several days, even talking became a strenuous task. His eyes lost all traces of light. He looked at the little girl who stood beside his bed and asked in confusion, “Sister, who are you?”

The pretty little girl wiped away her tears and light replied, “I’m sister Mang, young master, how could you not remember me?”

“Sister Mang, so familiar. How can I not remember?” The Little Guy tried his best to think back. He stared at the ceiling with his large expressionless eyes that had lost the liveliness it had in the past.

The little girl wept. Fearing others would hear, she covered her mouth. Tears stringed out of her large eyes as she finally lightly said, “I heard fourth elder’s words. You are a Supreme Being. No one could compared to you, but you were harmed.”

“I’m a Supreme Being…” The little guy muttered.

“Right, you’re a Supreme Being. A natural born Supreme Being. Little Guy, you will certainly get better!” The little girl wept.

“I will, I’m a Supreme Being. I’ll get better.” The little guy lightly spoke.

“Ya, I remember. You’re sister Mang. You told me many stories and told me that you’ll take me to look at Scarlet Feathered Cranes. You are so nice to me.” The little guy suddenly remembered who this little girl was.

“En! Young master, you have to remember. You’re a Supreme Being, and don’t forget that I’m sister Mang. Everything will get better.” The little girl wept continuously.

“En!” The little guy made great effort and nodded, and it seemed as if he remembered something else, he said “I seem to have some memories now. How come several other brothers and sisters did not come?”

“The other servant’s children did not come. Young master Shi Bing… they went to cultivate.” The little girl smiled with great difficulty.

These few days, the other children within the tribe came less and less to the point that they disappeared. Even the other uncles and aunts of the tribe were practically unseen either and no longer came to look after him.

The little guy grew weaker by the day, and he was no longer the intelligent and dazzling child who was destined to become a supreme expert.

No one within the tribe said much. They weren’t that superficial. They came less and less and became more detached than ever, however, a child that young couldn’t understand these facts.

Eventually, the little guy became weaker and weaker and degenerated into a critical state. Even sister Mang and the fourth elder could no longer recognize him.

“Young master, you have to remember. You are a Supreme Being. Don’t forget me either, I’m sister Mang.” The pretty young girl stood by the bed weeping with her large swollen red eyes.

But the little guy could no longer speak and didn’t know how to open his mouth to do so.

After month later, Shi Ziling returned. He did not find the thirteenth elder, and after entering his mansion he immediately felt something was wrong since the mood was strange.

“Where’s little Hao?!” He shouted.

When the couple saw the little guy they were shocked to the point that they shivered. Was this a child that was around ten months old, how come he’s this weak and small? His eyes did not have any shine to it. Where did the intelligence and spirited light he once had go?

When the feeble little guy saw the couple, he subconsciously extended his hands and simple mindedly laughed like he felt an affection and warmth coming from they. He wanted them to carry him.

“Little Hao!” Shi Ziling yelled. His eyes almost bled. His father disappeared and his child was sabotaged. He was about to go mad.

“My child, what happened to you?” The little guy’s mother was practically about to faint. She held him tightly within her bosoms right away.

“Ziling, I’ve let you couple down. I didn’t take care of little Hao well. I shouldn’t have let others raise him. You guys should punish this old man!” The elder that seemed like a golden lion painfully said.

“What exactly happened?!”

When Shi Ziling learned the truth, he went mad. All the black hair on his hair stood upright. WIth a golden spear within his hand and symbols surrounding his entire body, his fighting spirit boiled. With a rumbling sound, a spear directly uprooted a portion of the palace as he fought his way towards the direction where Shi Yi’s bloodline lived.

“Eleventh elder calm down. If you have something to say, say it nicely. We’ll give you a good explanation!” When a group of people heard the commotion, they rapidly rushed over.

The so called ranked eleventh wasn’t because he was the eleventh relative, but it was because he was the eleventh most powerful within the tribe. For the sake of appearing close, the tribe amalgamated and established this ranking.

“Go away!” Shi Ziling’s eyes stood upright. With the divine golden spear in his hand and symbols overflowing into the heavens like the ocean surging violently, his rage struck the heavens.

With a honglong sound, the group of people all rapidly fled. Every one of them was spitting out blood as none of them could block. All the mysterious patterns protecting their bodies exploded.

Like a golden god of war, Shi Ziling doused in a golden divine flame that overflowed into the heavens as he advanced in large stride with a golden spear in his hands. Divine radiance shot forth from within his eyes, and with his incredibly cold voice, he said “Whoever dares to block my way, I’ll kill them no matter who it is or where they came from!”

“Eleventh elder, don’t act so impulsively!” A young man said while blocking the way.

“Impulsively? Hahaha…” Shi Ziling laughed madly. With ice cold eyes and yelled “You are little Yi’s own uncle right? The one responsible for bullying the people of our family? Get lost!”

The golden spear within his hands stabbed forth. An incredibly heavy divine light filled with uncountable symbols constructed battle spears made of light one after another. They emitted a foggy light that overflowed into the heavens as they flew forward.


The youth across from him also began to act, but he was simply unable to defend. His weapon snapped and his precious artifact broke, then he was pierced by a divine golden spear and flew into the distance. Boom, he was pierced onto one of the doors within the palace upstairs. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Shock filled his eyes as their difference in power was too great.

“Ziling, don’t create such a mess. You can handle that vile woman, but little Yi is still a child, you can’t kill him.” A group of elders appeared.

“All of you, go away. When my son was suffering, where were all of you? She broke one of my son’s bones, I’ll break a hundred of her son’s bones!” Shi Ziling shouted with rage with tears flowing within his eyes.

When he returned to the tribe, seeing his adorable and intelligent child that he was before put into such a state, it made his heart twitch and bleed.


Shi Ziling swept with the golden battle spear within his hands. His heavenly shocking precious technique activated. Like all the gods in heaven chanting together, ear-splitting cries began to erupt.

The few elders who blocked his way all flew away from the shock. They spat blood violently from within their mouths with incomparable horror.

When Ziling thought of his own child, it felt as if a knife was twisted within his heart. The little guy was too pitiful. He was originally a Supreme Being, but his Supreme Being Bone was taken away. As his tears flew, he released his murderous aura.

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