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Chapter 60 – Who Will Fight?

“Ziling, no one wished for this to happen. How can this matter be compensated? Do not hesitate to ask, however, you can’t destroy my clan’s right hand,” the elder calmly said.

“Fifth elder, what are you saying?!” Shi Ziling’s eyes widened with his golden battle spear vertical on the floor. He stared towards the group of experts across from him and said, “Seizing my son’s Supreme Being Bone and causing him to degenerate nearly to death, moreover allowing that disastrous piece of shit become the clan’s right hand man, how ironic that these words are coming out of your mouth!”

‘Fifth elder’ meant that he was ranked fifth in his generation. His name was Ming Yuan and was a generation older than Shi Ziling’s father. He was a clan elder within the tribe and had a powerful and unfathomably deep cultivation.

“Ziling, whether this complicated matter is right or wrong should be discussed. You don’t need to be angry. Let’s sit down and talk it over slowly. We would certainly compensate you to your satisfaction.” Shi Yuan blinked his eyes; divine light circulated around him and his aura was terrifying.

“Save it!” How could Shi Ziling not be aware that the tribe had already made a decision a long time ago? How can it be taken back? He coldly said, “Let’s not talk about other things, hand over little Hao’s Supreme Being Bone.”

The expressions of the group of people across him all changed. They were all experts from Shi Yuan’s family and they numbered over ten people. This request was impossible to fulfil; they couldn’t hand over the Supreme Being Bone no matter what.

“Ziling, if the Supreme Being Bone is taken out again, it will be hard for it to continue working. Use something else as compensation.” Shi Ziling gently told him.

“Whether or not it will continue working, you don’t have to worry about it. What belong to little Hao cannot be owned by anyone else!” Shi Ziling shouted. There was a melancholic feeling within his heart. The precious bone that originally belonged to his child was taken just like that by someone else.

“No!” Shi Yuan shook his head resolutely and said, “For our tribe’s prosperity, this type of thing cannot happen. The natural born Supreme Being cannot disappear.”

“You refuse?” Shi Ziling’s imposing manner was like a rainbow. His eyes accumulated thunder and lightning. With his battle spear in hand, he began to take large steps. he looked forward and said, “Then I’ll take it myself!”

He stared at Shi Yi and pointed the golden battle spear at his chest from afar. Multicolored light began to surge, and symbols rumbled like thunder as he began to take action.

At Shi Yuan’s sides, many experts held their weapons. A furious look gathered in their eyes as they prepared to take action. They were not going to allow a natural born dual pupiled saint to die young; they wanted to fight right then and there.

“Good, good, good!” Shi Ziling said the word ‘good’ three times consecutively. His rage began to surge violently, and the golden light within his pupils flourished even more.

“Ziling, any other request is fine. You just can’t hurt little Yi.” Shi Yuan walked out with a calm and steady gait. Scarlet light surged around his body and his shocking might fluctuated up and down like an ocean. He was an absolutely top-level expert. Let alone within the tribe, his name was even reputed within the entire empire.

Shi Ziling raised his spear. What else was there to be said? The only choice now was to fight. Around his golden battle spear, divine symbol appeared one after another, and they looked like they were forged from metal. There was a cold feeling about them as they surrounded his battle spear, and they were emitting incomparable divine might.


Shi Ziling charged forward. With a shake of his battle spear, the entire sky began to shake. Those symbols, seemingly lifelike, emitted divine splendor and pressured downwards.

With a honglong sound, the ten or so experts across from him involuntarily backed off. Like the weight of ten thousand mountains crushing down, it made all of their hearts quiver, and their bodies knelt down.

This was the difference between them. Shi Ziling was a genius even recognized by the emperor, and his name was known everywhere. His strength was something that far surpassed what they could handle, and only clan leaders stood a chance against him.

Only Shi Yuan remained on the battlefield. All the others staggered away without the strength stand on their feet, otherwise, their flesh and bones would have been crushed under the pressure of his aura.

Rumbling sounds echoed as Shi Yuan’s arms shook. Like a Blood Phoenix taking off into the skies, the scarlet light around him flowed into the heavens. His imposing aura suddenly increased by tenfold in power, blocking the incoming might of the golden battle spear.


The battle spear was like a rainbow as its might pressed forward. It gathered up all the golden symbols within the air, trembling the heavens and the earth.

Symbols densely covered Shi Yuan’s right hand and transformed it into a divine wing as he struck forward. Splendid and dazzling scarlet phoenix feathers curled around him as the world-shocking cries of a phoenix were released.

The divine phoenix wing collided with the golden battle spear. Like two active volcanoes, magma flowed into the sky and flames covered the air. This entire area was glaring, and nothing else could be seen.

Both sides violently clashed. In the blink of an eye, they had over ten exchanges. One person was wrapped in golden light like a god of war, and the other was bathed in scarlet clouds like an Archaic Devil Bird, the Blood Phoenix. Both their speeds were extremely fast, and they unceasingly collided with each other, each time releasing an intense light that reached the skies.

The spectators were all shocked. Shi Ziling was too powerful; he was able to force such a powerful clan elder to fight for his life. None of them could believe it as the difference in the amount of time they had spent cultivating differed by an extremely large margin!

An shrill phoenix cry sounded, cracking open all the metal and rock in that area. Palace halls collapsed one after another, and it startled all the experts. They immediately used their symbols to protect their bodies, otherwise, they would have inevitably received injuries.

Shi Yuan’s hair and beard extended. Lightning accumulated within his eyes, and his entire body shined. An Archaic Devil Bird rushed forth from within his body, and it was scarlet red all over with pretty and colorful tail feathers. It expanded its wings, took to the sky, and aimed to kill Shi Ziling.

He utilized his most powerful precious technique. Killing intent surged, frightening the onlookers into a state of incomparable shock. The clan elder was forced into using this method.


A dull roar sounded from where Shi Ziling stood. His entire body blossomed with golden light, and a huge vicious beast emerged as it squeezed between the heavens and the earth. Its head was held high as it roared, and it was as if a sovereign king who was served by over ten thousand creatures appeared as it overlooked the boundless earth.

The figure of this beast was fuzzy, but no matter who it was, they knew this was one of the most powerful vicious beasts. Otherwise, there was no way it could possess such a tyrannical presence.

With a rumble, the huge vicious beast’s claws descended, covering the palace halls below. Its vicious aura shook everything within ten squared meters, and everyone couldn’t help but tremble and kneel down.

The Archaic Devil Bird released a long cry. It swept with its colorful wings toward that beast’s claws and the two clashed violently.

This was a battle of precious techniques; a battle of life and death between two experts who stood at the very peak. Boundless divine light swept in all four directions, terrifying everyone.

“Grandfather, hit his left rib!” At this moment, Shi Yi suddenly opened his mouth. His eyes held two pupils flowing with divine splendor. At a very young age, he already possessed a terrifying presence. His eyes were able to see through many things in this world, and he saw an opening in Shi Ziling, directly yelling out to remind his own grandfather to attack that weakness.


Electricity shot out from Shi Yuan’s eyes. He directed his precious technique, and that Archaic Devil Bird immediately dove downwards towards the left rib of Shi Ziling to target his weakness.


Unfortunately, that huge Archaic vicious beast released a cry that shook the mountains and rivers while instantly blocking that terrifying Phoenix like vicious bird. The heavens and earths trembled with a strike of its claws.

“Grandfather, attack the left armpit of that vicious beast!” said Shi Yi once again. His eyes were incredibly profound and emitted strands of divine radiance. Incomparably frightening divine powers circulated.

With a honglong sound, the Archaic vicious bird attacked once again. Both its wings were spread out and its beak was wide open. It sprayed out endless amounts multicolored light, and a single one of those strands of light was able devastated a group of experts.


The vicious beast lifted its huge claws and directly slapped the Archaic vicious bird’s beaks to block all the multicolored light, not allowing it to attack.

“Strike its stomach!” shouted Shi Yi once again. His eyes were now like two burning divine lamps. The aura that circulated around him could make many people palpitate in fear.

With another honglong sound, the Archaic vicious bird rapidly and viciously flung its tail feathers towards the chest of the vicious beast. Unfortunately, it failed once again and was almost countered by that huge beast claw, leaving it no choice but to rapidly retreat.

“Not good, his speed is too fast!” Sweat dripped from Shi Yi’s forehead. He kept pointing out the weaknesses, however Shi Ziling was incredibly calm and incomparably indifferent. His actions were like lightning, and his control over his precious technique was nimble and masterful without any points to exploit.

Shi Yi had dual pupils and was able to see the origin of many things. He saw the weaknesses, but his the speed at which he pointed them out was fundamentally unable to compete with Shi Ziling’s speed.

“Fifth elder, you’re not enough!” Shi Ziling said. Even more splendid light exploded forth from within his body. That figure of the huge beast rapidly expanded and then exploded into the symbols of the Archaic vicious beast. They rushed in and fused with his body.

His radiance was magnificent as he walked forward with his battle spear in hand. With every step, he shook the earth. He rapidly thrusted forward with the battle spear, and golden light penetrated that Archaic vicious bird, killing it immediately.


The tip of the golden spear changed direction and struck forward once again. Shi Yuan exposed his fearful face, but it was already too late. Symbols wrapped around the spear tip and penetrated his shoulders.

Shi Yuan released a huge scream. He exhausted all the strength within his body and concentrated all the symbols toward his shoulder. It was incredibly dazzling and magnificent. He flew backwards and interweaved his mysterious symbols to stop the sound from expanding. A shining and bloody hole appeared through the front and back where the spear penetrated.

If it was anyone else, their entire body would certainly have split apart before exploding. Even if they were more powerful, that arm would most likely be completely smashed apart, however, Shi Yuan had a shocking precious technique that could freeze his wounds. Although it was half crippled, at least his arm wasn’t smashed apart.

Even so, he had already lost his fighting strength. His entire body seemed like it had aged roughly ten years. He had abruptly fallen into the realm of ordinary men, as it was tough for him to fight every again.

Their clan elder lost the fight. In Shi Yuan’s family, no one was a match for Shi Ziling. This was simply too mind blowing. How old was he? He was only twenty or so this year, yet he already thoroughly suppressed the strongest people within the tribe!

The scene was completely silent. Shi Yuan’s family was dreadful.

Shi Ziling walked forward one step at a time. The golden battle spear in his hand was pointed forward as he stared at Shi Yi and said, “My dear nephew, it was you that told your mother that little Hao had a Supreme Being Bone within his body right? How considerate of you.”

Shi Yi didn’t say anything and stood where he was. The divine light within his eyes dimmed.

“The tribe has to punish you mother. You’re threatening suicide so she doesn’t get killed right? I’m curious as to whether or not you really would slit a knife through your own throat if I kill her today.” Shi Ziling calmly said.

“Clan elders, why are you still not doing anything?” A few people shouted.

Shi Ziling didn’t turned around at all. He knew that the instant he made his move, the clan elder had already appeared and sealed off the entire palace with the precious bones of Archaic Descendants, preventing the sounds of shouting and battling to transmit outside.

“Ziling, thousand mistakes, ten thousand mistakes, it’s all our mistakes. This vicious woman is here, it’s up to you how you want to deal with her; however, you can’t touch little Yi.” At this moment, several clan elders appeared together.

Each of them had shockingly powerful abilities. They were all old senior elders who had lived in seclusion for many years, and they were several generations older than Shi Ziling. Their eyes were all splendid like little suns as they were the true experts of the tribe.

In front of them, there was a woman who was bound together and was currently being escorted forward.

“Sister-in-law, is your heart red or is it actually black?” Shi Ziling clenched his teeth and then shouted loudly, “Able to be so cruel and unscrupulous!”

Not far away, Shi Yi had an indifferent expression. His double pupils were shining and emitting an incomparably terrifying aura. There was unexpectedly a bone chilling wind that made everyone shiver.

Shi Ziling continued and said “I told you already. You break one of my son’s bones, I’ll break a hundred of your son’s bones. Today, not even the Sovereign from Heaven will be able to stop me!”

The young woman raised her head and held an ice-cold expression on her face. She said nothing, but her heart was indeed full of fear and regret. Their family had obviously already sent out many of their most powerful experts to kill this couple, how could they have still be alive?

“I’ll let your own eyes bear witness!” Shi Ziling shouted and then abruptly turned around to face Shi Yi. He raised his golden battle spear, and as if it was a metal rod, he prepared to throw it.

“You dare!” Some of the clan elders were furious.

“Ziling, stay your hand. You can’t hurt little Yi, anything else can be discussed!” Other clan elders also shouted.

“Shi Ziling, are you rebelling?!” The clan elders who were more partial towards Shi Yuan were shouting even louder.

All these people blocked him at the same time and immediately used their heaven-shocking precious techniques, illuminating the entire sky.

“So what if I rebel? What I say goes. No one will stop me!” Shi Ziling shouted loudly. He continued to swing the golden battle spear in his hand without changing directions, directly smashing towards where Shi Yi was.

However, the group of tribe elders stood in his way with all kinds of precious techniques were activated. Symbols sealed the direction where the spear descended.

Shi Ziling shook his arm, and incomparably complicated symbols began to interweave and descend along with the golden battle spear, emitting a strange power.

“Not good!” All the clan elders were gob smacked.

They felt a hidden force penetrate straight through their precious techniques, heading straight for Shi Yi. Although the power continuously weakened as it passed through them, it was still very frightening.

“This… what is this precious technique?” They were fearful since the tribe had no records on it. It was extremely strange, and unexpectedly passed through their bodies and precious techniques as it traveled forward. Even if they wanted to stop it, it was too late.


Shi Yi released a blood-curdling scream. His entire body flew across horizontally into a rock garden. Blood was all over his body, and the bones within his body began to crack and pop. Over a hundred of his bones were broken instantly.

“Little Yi!” The young woman was dreadful and shouted out in fear. Then, she suddenly lifted her head and released a vicious aura while staring at Shi Ziling. She coldly said “My father and the others won’t let you go!”


Golden rays of light flickered and Shi Ziling indifferently tossed out the golden battle spear in his hand. With a pu sound, it penetrated her body and sent her flying. She traveled over ten feet away, and her body was nailed onto the floor.

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