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Chapter 57 – Pain

“Mother…” muttered the little guy. As he began to lose consciousness, he weakly called out. Only his mother was the best and the most gentle. Only she wouldn’t harm him.

When his mother left, he was only several months old and only had a fuzzy impression of her. Now, however, her warmth was what he longed for the most, and he wanted to fall asleep within her bosom.

Tears endlessly rolled down from his small pale face, and his entire body was curled up. He was shivering and trembling as he huddled towards the corner of the ice-cold bed.

A muffled groan came from the jade bed on the other side. Although Shi Yi was young, he didn’t have any fear. His double pupils concealed a divine light, and he bit into a piece of soft wood. His body was drenched in cold sweat as he persevered through the pain.

“Good child, you will certainly be able to bear it. After today, you will soar into the heavens and no one will be able to stop your rise to the top. You will be the most prominent heavenly genius in this entire land.” The young woman nervously held the child’s hand to help him feel some warmth and resist some of the pain.

That lump of light had an uncountable number of densely-packed symbols, and those symbols circulated with complicated and heavenly mysteries. Anyone who saw this scene would immediately feel their hearts palpitating, and would immediately feel a need to worship it.

The young woman’s eyes were crazy, and she was becoming more and more certain that what she was doing was worth it. Even if she ended up being exposed, it was fine as long as the Supreme Being Bone was implanted within little Yi. This Supreme Being Bone had just begun its growth, yet it already had such power. If it were to grow in the future, it would certainly be outstanding.

The Archaic Golden-Winged Peng and the True Hou were supreme beings that dared to massacre the gods, yet naturally born Supreme Beings were able to fight with them. In the future, who would dare oppose him?

“Soon it will be finished. Little Yi, hold on!” She continuously encouraged. Her face was gentle as she helped Shi Yi relax, guiding him through this difficulty.

Brilliant light radiated everywhere, and it seemed as if a Supreme Deity lied dormant there. It released divine rings, gorgeously illuminating the entire room. The divine radiance sprinkled everywhere, and made it appear like the world of gods.

Shi Yi’s chest was fully filled with the dazzling source of light. His struggles became even more intense. He yelled out like a wild beast in unimaginable pain as his entire body was drenched with sweat.

“You be careful. Don’t hurt my little Yi!” The young woman’s face appeared evil as she shouted at the shadow. She was even more nervous and afraid of failure now.

“Although the records are detailed, this is after all a Supreme Being Bone. The transplant procedures are extremely dangerous. Even a little mistake will cause it to explode and you and I might be buried here alive.” The ghostly shadow said in a deep voice.

“I don’t care. I just need this to succeed. Since the bone book has records of this, this must have been done before. There’s no reason that we can’t succeed.” The young woman lightly shouted and her pretty face turned a bit ugly. She held Shi Yi’s hands and said, “We all belong to the Stone family bloodline, so we came from a common origin. The success rate must be high. Little Yi stay strong!”

The shadow lightly bellowed and afterwards, the entire room began to boil. Gorgeous divine radiance began to blossom into every inch of the room.

Multicolored flames exploded, thunder descended, and lightning danced around, causing divine rumbling noises. All kinds of strange sights began to emerge.

In the end, the light began to weaken and the symbols began to condense into a single Supreme Being Bone after it entered into Shi Yi’s chest. The shadow quickly moved, and various symbols rushed forth to heal the wound and staunch the bleeding.

“It’s done!”

After a deep voice, the room completely quieted down, and the strange sights began to disappear.

“Good child, you are mother’s pride. From now on, no one will be able to stop you. This entire land will tremble under your feet!” The young woman was incredibly emotional and held one of Shi Yi’s arms. Her face was full of joy and her eyes burned with incredible radiance.

She grabbed a soft blanket and very carefully covered Shi Yi who passed out. Finally, she stood up and couldn’t help but let out a loud, crazy, and maniacal laughter.

“Aunt… I’m cold.” Curled up on top of the ice cold bed, the little guy shivered. He was woken up by the laughter. His chest was in pain and his face was pale as he weakly called out.

The young woman suddenly turned and did not get a blanket, but instead stared at him with a cold and merciless gaze. She told that shadow “Extract the remaining true blood within his body to nourish the Supreme Being Bone inside of little Yi.”

Where the Supreme Being Bone grew, there was the corresponding true blood to nourish that unique and powerful primitive precious bone that had an astonishing divine nature.

“If we extract it out, this child most likely won’t survive past two.” The shadow said.

“Two? A year and a half is enough. During this time, anything can happen.” The young woman coldly said.

The shadow heard and no longer said anything. It then took out a jade jar and symbols flickered as it utilized a secret technique to extract the blood. Immediately, a hazy light began to shine and illuminate the room.

“Use the technique as soon as possible. Use the jar to store the precious blood that will nourish little Yi’s body to help him fuse with the Supreme Being Bone as quickly as possible.” The young woman urged.

“It’s best to take it one step at a time and proceed slowly.” The shadow warned.

“No harm, little Yi was born with double pupils, so how can normal children compare to him. Furthermore, the sooner he fuses, the sooner I’ll feel at ease. At the very least, even if someone discovers within half a year, they will have no way of transplanting the Supreme Being Bone. Doing that excessively will cause it to wither and die.

“So cold…” The little guy passed out again and even his mouth turned white. His little body constantly shivered as he curled up in the corner of the bed.

After everything was finished, the room became quiet again. That black shadow left and the empty underground palace seemed a bit eerie.

The young woman paced back and forth by herself. Her brows were furrowed as she pondered about how to explain herself. It was likely that no one within the clan had discovered the secret Supreme Being Bone within his body unless they had a high cultivation and carried him daily. People who met these conditions should only have been his parents, and right now he was already eight or nine months old. He had long passed the need for someone to carry him.

“Little Yi was naturally born with double pupils and can see through many origin of powers. No one else should have this kind of power, so no one else should be aware of this!” The young woman’s eyebrows relaxed after thinking about this matter.

“If that couple die under the Pi Xiu’s claws or perished out there for whatever reason, then everything will be perfect.” She lightly spoke to herself and hung a cold expression at the corners of her mouth.


Suddenly, a terrifying noise echoed through, and the underground palace collapsed. The exit was destroyed by a tremendous force. A majestic elder with a full set of white hair and beard rushed in. His entire body was covered in endless arrays of light like a burning divine flame.

The young woman was alarmed. The underground palace entrance wasn’t something that a normal person could forcefully break through. It was only something that could only be done by the clan’s supreme experts.

Divine multi-colored light gushed out into ten thousand directions. An old man broke into the secret room like an angry lion. After seeing the scene in front of his eyes, his eye sockets practically bursted out. He shouted out in a world-shaking voice “Slut, you vile and poisonous woman!”

This was one of the two lord of affairs within the clan. His seniority was well respected and his strength was extremely powerful. Usually he wouldn’t appear in public and would cultivate his body and mind within an ancient cave to gain enlightenment.

Shi Hao’s parents entrusted their child to him and one other person. Only they knew about the Supreme Being Bone within his body as this was considered classified information.

Originally, it was him and another elder who were supposed to look after Shi Hao to ensure he was protected. In the end, they were old as well as being males, so they didn’t really know how to take care of a child.  After that, they agreed to let the younger generation look after him.

The tribe was always peaceful. The wives of their grandson all tried their best these past few months to healthily raise little pretty Shi Hao to relieve them of their worries. Never did they think that such a disaster would have happened today.

This elder was always careful and dispatched experts to follow the little guy. Today, this young woman spent too long taking two children to look at the Archaic Divine Bird’s descendants. The experts who followed rushed back in confusion and reported that a few people entered the underground palace. After finding out they couldn’t open the door, they rushed back shocked.

“You vile women. I’ll kill you!” The old man’s hair and beard were all shining and a golden lion. Instantly, he pounced forth. Like squeezing a little chick, he grabbed her neck and lifted her up with one hand.

Although the young woman’s position was very high and had exceptional strength, compared to this elder, she was absolutely nothing. Her face paled on this spot, and all the symbols on her body were going to explode.

“Fourth grandfather, don’t kill my mother!” Shi Yi was woken up by the roar. He took that silver knife by the bedhead and pressed it against his own neck until a bloody scar appeared.

“You… little bastard!” The elder was angry.

“Fourth brother, let her go first.” Another elder walked in and his entire body bursted with scarlet light like an old phoenix. Although he was old, he had eyes like golden lamps and appeared spry and nimble.

“Fifth elder, what do you mean. This is one of your younger generations, so you want to selfishly forgive her?” The old man with the appearance of a golden lion shouted.

“Fourth grandfather, please don’t kill my mother!” On the other side, the double pupiled Shi Yi spoke once again. The silver knife was soaked in blood against his cut neck.

“Do you see? We lost a Supreme Being! Could it be that you want to look on helplessly as another double pupiled child dies? In the ancient era, this is a saint, a god. Let her go first and argue later.” The elder with the appearance of a phoenix said.


The golden lion elder viciously tossed the young woman against the opposite wall. A huge sound was produced as the trembling caused many stones to fall. She couldn’t stand up for a long time.

“Ziling, I’ve let you two down. I couldn’t take of little Hao and let him suffer a gargantuan amount of grievance and torment.” The elder snarled towards the sky.

“Fourth grandpa… I’m cold, it hurts.” The little guy who curled up by the corner of the bed feebly opened his mouth.

“Good child, it’s all my fault!” The elder took him into his chest and his tears almost fell down. He activated the mysterious powers of the precious symbols and wrapped him in the multi-colored light that he emitted.

“Where’s the Supreme Being Bone?” His body was scarlet red. His divine splendor surged as Blood Phoenix elder asked

The young woman’s face was pale. She stood up without a word.

“Grandfather, it’s inside my body.” Shi Yi threw down the silver knife and calmly said.

The Blood Phoenix elder heard this and an unusual light flashed in his eyes. He did not speak for a long time.

The elder who held the little guy became even angrier having hearing that. He said in a trembling voice “My Stone Tribe has ancestral rules. We cannot cause internal strife and must unite against the foreign powers. Otherwise, how can we walk out of our ancestral land and conquer this vast territory? How could we control millions and millions of people with an emperor on the throne and countless number of kings? You woman, too vile, this tribe cannot tolerate you!”

“This affair has gotten complex and now involves a Supreme Being Bone. This is the highest level of classified information within the tribe that cannot be leaked out. This isn’t a place for talking. Let’s go back first then talk.” The elder on the side said.

“Fifth elder, you think we can’t hide this anymore?!” The Golden Lion elder shouted.

“No matter what, we can’t let the naturally born Supreme Being disappear. Let’s return to the mansion then talk.” The elder who emitted scarlet light said.

“Although I’m not taking any actions now. When Ziling returns, he won’t let this slide. With his temperament, if he doesn’t destroy your family, he will wipe out a majority of it. If you treat him unfairly, he is not the type of person that will let it go!” The Golden Lion elder spoke with bold and powerful words.

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