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Chapter 56 – A Natural Born Supreme Being

A well-developed construct stood imposingly. Spiritual essence filled the air and splendid lights shone faintly. Large groups gathered around a palace that was like a heavenly imperial watchtower established in the human world, and auspicious animals guarded the front entrance, roaring from a crouched position.

“Dad killed a young Pi Xiu that had a very pure bloodline. This… he provoke a huge disaster!”  A young man with a heroic appearance was terrified as he paced back and forth within the hall, completely restless.

Dense fogs of light circulated within a king’s mansion, and precious birds cried above the palace skies, sketching out streaks of dazzling radiance across the sky. The lake within the mansion was clean and clear, and water drained out in all four directions. A rocky mountain sat on the side, and beautiful flowers were everywhere within the incredibly huge and elegant garden. This was a heavenly paradise filled with dense divine essence.

“I hope father can leave the hundred clan battlefield as soon as possible.” A beautiful woman was holding an infant. Her incredibly beautiful eyebrows were locked in a worrisome expression.

“No matter what you say, it’s too late. The news had already spread into the empire. Killing the Pi Xiu youth should have already happened several days ago. The things that should have happened should have most likely already happened by now.” A young man grasped his hands tightly. His eyebrows stood straight as lightning shot out of his eyes. Rumbling noises began to sound indoors.

The infant who was sound asleep opened his large clear eyes as he didn’t know what was happening.

“Don’t scare the child,” said the beautiful woman.

“These past few days have been torturous, and we even neglected little Hao. How can he keep sleeping like this and why do I feel the aura of symbols within his body?” The young man turned around.

“Ya, you sensed it too. I thought I felt something wrong. He’s so young, how can symbols already appear within his body?” The young woman doubted.

“Could it be….” The heroic suddenly widened both his eyes and two bristles of lightning shot out towards the window. He scared a bunch of birds into rapidly fleeing.

“What did you just remember?” The woman who was as beautiful as the flowers and the moon asked.

“The truly most powerful experts within mankind are ultimately be born with holy bones, and would be born with their own primitive imprints, gaining their own exclusive precious technique!” The young man’s voice resounded and then emotionally said “There are several others who are naturally born with primitive precious bones such as the Golden Winged Peng and the True Hou. The precious technique they are born with could defy the world, such that even calling it a Supreme Being Bone wouldn’t be excessive!”

Having heard that, the woman was shocked and showed an expression of disbelief. She looked towards the infant in her bosoms and was so nervous that her hands were trembling.

“Let me have a careful examination!” The young man was very decisive and walked over in large strides.

The infant was very curious because he didn’t know what they wanted to do. He blinked his large eyes and happily extended his little arms to show that he wanted the man to carry him.

After examining the infant, the man was so shocked that even his fingers were trembling. The ordinarily calm and collected man’s words were barely audible as he said, “Supreme Being Bones….naturally born!”

What did this signify? In the future, this child could stand shoulder to shoulder with the heavenly ranked Archaic Vicious Beasts. He would be engraved into the history of mankind as someone who was able to fight with the pure-blooded unrivaled Golden Winged Peng, or the True Hou who had their own primitive precious techniques that could tremble heaven and earth.

The woman held the infant and gently kissed his little red face. Her eyes glittered with radiance and said, “Whether or not he truly has the Supreme Being Bone, he is still our child. He must grow up happily.”

Several days later, news came from the hundred clan battlefield. Like snapping apart rotten twigs, that adult Pi Xiu violently swept through the vast battlefield while blood-soaked. No one was able to be its opponent.

Even though experts surrounded the fifteenth elder like clouds, they couldn’t stop it either. They were chased for over a hundred thousand li until their arms were snapped off, and practically all the bones on their bodies were broken.

Finally, he obtained the help of others. He arranged many pieces of the Archaic Descendant’s precious bones to activate a divine spell, enabling him to escape in the end. His whereabouts, however, were unknown.

His injuries were incredibly severe. Whether or not he would live was uncertain, but he did not return to the capital city.

“Not good, I have to go look for father!” After the young man received the news, he stood up and decided to leave for the southern borders.

“The tribe already sent out a large amounts of experts. The emperor even spread the news to feudal princes everywhere to aid the search. How much use would it be for you to go?” The young woman was scared that his husband would place himself in danger to look for that Pi Xiu.

“Whether father is alive or not is still unknown. No matter what, I have to try my best to look for him!” The man was very decisive and insisted on going.

The beautiful woman understood her own husband’s temperament. Whenever he had decided to do something, nothing else would change his mind. But as she was truly fearful that he would go look for that terrifying Pi Xiu, she said, “I’ll go with you. There are two precious techniques that will only reach its maximum output if we combine our powers.”

“No, you have to take care of little Hao!” The man refused.

“I won’t feel at ease with you like this.” The woman shook her head. With a mild expression, she said “The tribe has so many people, could it be they can’t take care of little Hao? Unless an Archaic Vicious Beast broke into empire’s capital city, otherwise, who dares to break into our king’s mansion and create chaos?”

The man thought about it and felt that it made sense.

He had already reported the news of Shi Hao being born with Supreme Being Bones to the two old Lord of Affairs. He thought that they would definitely treat this as a rare and precious baby so that nothing would happen to him.

This matter was classified as top secret since this was an extremely important matter. Publicly, one Shi Yi was enough. Since he was born with double pupils, it was easy to see just by looking at his face, however, Shi Hao would not be so easily discovered unless a close relative examined him. Thus, this news would not leak out and would not concern other people and prevented a young death.

“Eleventh brother and wife, are you really leaving for a while? You really don’t have to. The experts of the tribe were already dispatched, they will certainly bring back fifteenth elder.

“Right, you don’t need to worry. The heavens will help the worthy, fifteenth elder will certainly be okay!”

The tribesmen persuaded, but the husband and wife insisted on leaving.

“Eleventh brother, don’t worry. I’ll look after little Hao. Let him spend more time with little Yi and when they grow up, these two brothers will flatten the world and conquer ten thousand tribes!” A young married woman laughed.

Her appearance was outstanding, and she was precisely the mother of Shi Yi. The corner of her mouth bent as she laughed, and her sparkling pearl teeth shined. She was very warm and friendly, and had a heavenly gifted genius for a child. Her position within the tribe was extremely high.

“Many thanks sixth sister. It’s fine if several tribal elders look after him. It’s not good to worry you too much.” The couple thanked.

“Younger sister-in-law, you’re too courteous. We’re all from the same family, don’t say these type of things,” said the young married woman.

In the end, the couple began their travels and left the ancient country, heading for the hundred tribe battlefield.

“Little Yi, in the future you have to become more familiar with little Hao. His gifts are extraordinary. When he grows up, he will be your right hand man.” Go to the back of our palace crowd, the young married woman warned the double eyed child.

“En!” The three year-old child was unflustered. His actions far surpassed that of his age.

The tribesmen all helped look after Shi Hao together along with many servants. Naturally, there weren’t any problems. The first few days were rather noisy because he missed his parents, but he was very easy to take care of afterwards.

After many days, the young married woman took Shi Hao to her own residence. Looking at her own child who stared at that infant with a glint of divine light within his eyes without blinking, she asked in confusing, “Little Yi, why are you always staring at your younger brother.”

“He’s very complicated. There’s an unfathomably mysterious bone in his body that has a complicated symbol.” Shi Yi calmly said.

The young married woman was shocked. She knew her child was extraordinary and had the dual pupils that were of the same origin as ancient divine saints, and was able to clearly see the source of things.

Suddenly, she was frightened and suddenly thought of something. She urgently asked, “You said that there’s a bone in his body densely covered in primitive symbols?”

“Yes,” replied the young child calmly.

“Naturally born… Supreme Being Bone!” The young married woman trembled on the spot. She thought back to that ancient legend and couldn’t control her heart beat.

After a long while, she had a shady expression as she stared at that naive and pure infant. Her eyes contained a flash of evil and then turned towards her child and said, “Don’t tell this to anyone!”

The child nodded and didn’t say anything.

Instantly, several months passed and little Shi Hao grew cuter as he aged. In the blink of an eye, he was eight to nine months old. He was able to walk by himself a long time ago, and was now even able to talk. His eyes were lively and his skin was pretty like porcelain. Anyone who saw him couldn’t help but pinch his little face.

During this time, the young married woman took care of little Shi Hao meticulously, as if he was her own. In the end, she simply brought him to her own residence and cared for him along with Shi Yi.

“Aunt, I want to go to the garden to watch the Scarlet Feathered Cranes. Sister Mang said that they were very pretty. Their entire bodies are like scarlet fore, and their sounds are very pleasant to listen to.” The little guy blinked his large eyes and spoke while his long eyelashes lightly shook. His voice was very infantile, and had a lovable and soft milky sound to it.

Ordinarily, a child this young could not talk this freely and even walking was difficult, but for him, it was simple.

“Sister Mang? That’s a girl from a servant family. Don’t listen to her nonsense, aunt will take you to see a Luan, and the Five Colored Peacock King,” said the young married woman.

“Sister Mang is a good older sister. She’s very kind-hearted and pretty. She tells me stories quite often.” Little Shi Hao blinked his large eyes and sincerely said.

“Okay, after dinner, we’ll go see the Scarlet Feathered Crane, and then after that, I’ll bring you to see the Luan and the Five Colored Peacock Ping.” The young married woman smiled.

“Aunt is the best!” The little guy raised his head. His two hands clasped together and his eyes shined like stars, full of hope and desires.

After that, he turned around and said, “Brother, let’s go to the backyard and play. There are many children there.”

“I’m not going!” Shi Yi declined and sat cross-legged on the ground. At a very young age, he was already steady like a boulder, silently cultivating the Bone Text.

“Eh, then I’m going to play.” The little guy ran to the backyard on his toes to find a bunch of servant children to play with. There, he happily laughed and played.

The little guy was pretty and adorable, and he was very kind-hearted. He never bullied the servant children, and often played with them. Therefore, everyone in the mansion liked him.

After a few days, the young married woman took Shi Yi and the little guy to visit the king’s mansion together. She took a chariot to another manor to look at the Luan, Five Colored Peacocks and other descendants of the Archaic Devil Bird.

“Aunt, where is the Luan?” The little guy curiously asked. At the same time, he was a bit puzzled. After arriving at the manor, they went directly into an underground palace.

“We’ll see them soon,” the young married woman expressionlessly said

After arriving at a private room, the young married woman’s fingers flashed with a string strange of symbols, and she pressed against the little guy’s body. However, the precious bones within his body directly appeared and shined. Even after that he still didn’t faint.

“Worthy of being a Supreme Being bone!” The young married woman’s eyes grew even fiercer. She knew that the precious bone just started to grow!

She clapped her hands and a figure soundlessly and breathlessly approached like a ghost from not far away. He grabbed the little guy and pressed him down on the ice cold bed.

“Aunt, what’s happening?” He bewilderedly asked. This was an eight to nine month old child. Other children were still confused and ignorant, but he was innocent and kind-hearted.

A gorgeous silver knife flowing with a fascinating luster flashed past. It sliced open the little guy’s chest and fresh blood suddenly spilled out. At the same time, a lump of hazy divine splendor circulating with heavenly mysteries containing uncountable symbols flashed there non-stop.

“It hurts!” The little guy painfully cried. His eyes were full of surprise. He never could have thought that he would be treated like this. He was still eight to nine months old, what could he have known?

“Unexpectedly, he didn’t pass out, so troublesome.” The young woman indifferently said.

At the other side, there was another child — Shi Yi. He calmly looked on in silence. It was really questionable whether or not he was actually four years old.

Fresh blood flowed and the little guy’s face paled. His big eyes were expressionless and he continually cried out in pain as his blood continued to spill out.

“Let there be no accidents! I researched the ancient bone books and remembered that this method will be successful. My child was born with double pupils, he will certainly be honored in the heavens and earths!” The young woman nervously shouted out.

“Aunt….” The little guy lifted up his little face filled with tears. He extended both his hands and wished that he could alleviate the pain.

However, the young woman was indifferent. Her face was ice-cold. She only warned that ghostly figure to be careful and not let the Supreme Being Bone lose its life force.

“It’s done!” In the end, that figure produced a muffled voice that sounded like a wild animal after cutting open a lump of light from the little guy’s chest. There was a hard to describe mystical power around it, and as soon it started growing, it became soul-shaking. It emitted endless divine radiance as it illuminated the entire room.

“Little Yi, it’s your turn. You must hold on!” The young woman nervously warned the child at her side.

The child nodded without saying a word.

He laid on a jade bed. With a streak of the silver knife, his chest split open and blood began to spill.

“Be careful, don’t make any mistakes!” The young woman’s eyes were vicious and loved her child very dearly.

On top of that ice-cold bed by the side, the little guy was withering in pain. His large eyes were full of tears. Every time his long eyelashes moved, sparkling tears rolled down. He extended his little hand with great difficulty, and he seemingly wanted to reach out to even a bit of warmth. He implored in a trembling voice “Aunt…”

The young woman coldly gave him a glance and then ignored him. She turned her head towards the other bed. With an affectionate expression and a gentle voice, she quietly asked “Little Yi, you must hold on. In the future, this entire land will be yours, because… you’re the natural born Supreme Being.

At the side, the little guy who lost his Supreme Being Bone laid on the ice-cold bed by himself. His snow white face was full of tears. He slowly lost consciousness and muttered “Mother…” At his most painful moments, he called out his true relatives in a sorrowful manner.

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